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An AU where HArry can hear the Horcruxes like he did in movies 6-8, but not just with the last Horcruxes. Like he hears the diary when he was 12 and the locket when he was in sirius' house.

- So Harry finds the diary when he’s 12, and he can kinda hear it whispering things. He then finds out it can write back so he like ‘hey diary, why can I hear you too?’ which makes diary!Tom suspicious because nobody was supposed to be able to hear him

- As a result diary!Tom changes his plans and instead of trying to lure Harry to the Chamber he makes a bigger effort to befriend him instead, trying to question him to find out just why Harry can hear the Horcrux 

- Because Tom’s nicer and charming to Harry he’s a lot safer with the diary, Ginny never realises Harry has it so she never steals it back, and Tom calls it quit on the Basilisk attack because he has a bigger interest in Harry now. He’s already spent fifty years in the diary so he can wait just a little bit longer

- Seeing as the attacks stopped Harry has no reason to suspect Tom of anything bad, and he basically sees Tom as a friend but somehow he knows he needs to keep it secret. He feels drawn to the diary, which Tom sees as a sign that his theories about Harry being a Hocrux are true

- When Voldemort returns Tom asks Harry for every detail and concludes that Voldemort can’t know the truth about Harry which gives Tom the upper hand–he can keep Harry on his side and use him to bring down Voldemort which would then leave room for Tom to take over

- A bit later in Grimmauld Place, they’re cleaning out the rooms and when the discover a mysterious, unopening locket Harry hears it whispering, just like the diary. Harry asks if he can have the locket, saying it looks cool, and nobody thinks anything of it because the locket isn’t cursed and they can’t hear the whispering. When Harry wears the locket at night locket!Tom comes into his dreams and they talk and Harry mentions the diary…locket!Tom advises Harry not to mention the locket to diary!Tom just yet but says they’re linked together. Locket!Tom soon realises Harry is a Horcrux, too

- Locket!Tom figures out how to use Harry to communicate with Diary!Tom, and together they plan a way to free themselves without killing Harry, and to take down Voldemort together (and individually they’ll figure out whether to kill the other or carry on working together later). But in the meantime they basically convince Harry that the Dark Arts aren’t all that bad and he’ll probably need to know them to defeat Voldemort, trying to mould him into a Dark wizard

- By the time sixth year comes, Harry has spent 3 ½ years under Tom’s influence, a year or so being influenced by two Toms, which is why when Dumbledore finally reveals that Voldemort was once Tom Riddle (he had no reason to tell Harry before because the diary never came up) Harry doesn’t try and get rid of the diary or the locket and talks to them instead. Locket!Tom takes the opportunity to possess Harry because he can now and could have done for a long time, release diary!Tom, and then they effectively kidnap him and take Harry to a safehouse

- They promise they aren’t going to hurt Harry and tell him not to freak out, and say they couldn’t have told Harry the truth in case he panicked but they’re totally on his side and they want to kill Voldemort because who needs an insane version of themselves running around? Harry believes them because he’s been charmed by Tom for so long

- Harry and diary!Tom strike up a relationship of sorts because they’re the same age, and both Toms train Harry in Dark Arts and train him up further. As time passes they hunt down the other Horcruxes using Harry’s ability to hear them to their advantage and destroy them (because as long as Harry lives so will they, and they already have two Toms so they really don’t need any more)

- Once Harry and diary!Tom are 18, diary!Tom proposed that Harry brings locket!Tom into their relationship because he doesn’t mind ‘sharing’ Harry. Locket!Tom and diary!Tom finally decide the two of them can live side-by-side, and now the other Horcruxes are gone they just need to dispose of Voldemort in a way that convinces his followers he’s completely dead so they won’t try and resurrect him. 

- Harry eventually finds a curse like a Dementors Kiss that will trap Voldemort’s soul, and after a long battle they use it on him. Locket!Tom soon takes Voldemort’s place in leading the Death Eaters, and at this point now Harry has been so twisted by both Toms that he doesn’t even feel betrayed and basically lets them do what they want…no killing or torturing Muggles or Muggle-borns, Harry says, but their actual enemies are fair game

- After Dumbledore and the other enemies are dead Harry and both Toms end up ruling the Wizarding World together, and Harry basically has an extreme case of Stockholm Syndrome but he doesn’t realsie and he’s happy 

I could write a whole fic of this tbh. I don’t know if you wanted Dark!Harry but it kinda fell that way xD


I: when I was almost three years old my Baby Brother was born. He was sick, not expected to live past the first year, if he even made it that long. While he did, and then some, his life created an absence in mine. Mama stayed with him those first three years of his life, over the course of 20+ hospital admissions. Daddy had to work to pay the bills. I was shuffled. Various homes of family and family friends were second, third, fourth, fifth homes to me. I was always second best.

II: it didn’t hit me until years later. Maybe it shouldn’t matter to me, but it does. We moved down south, my Mama, Brother and me. Daddy was supposed to join us. I only really remember him visiting once, maybe twice. I suppose it could have happened more. I do remember how excited I was. I learned the reason we moved was because Daddy’s job at the mill didn’t look so stable and Mama found work three states away, and he was supposed to look down there too. I don’t think he did. We moved back half a year later. When I think back, I can’t help but feel like I wasn’t enough to make Dad stay. I wasn’t enough to make him follow.

III: parents announce their separation after bringing me home early from my best friend’s 9th birthday party. I am outraged, but deep inside, not surprised. Their anger always did hang heavy in the air. The holes in the kitchen walls said a lot. I blamed myself. If I had been a better kid. If I had been happier. If I had been more, more anything Good… I know now that that doesn’t matter. I felt better when Dad rented a house 4 houses down, as opposed to a few towns away, like later on. It always felt safer with him around even when looking back, it seemed like he hardly ever was.

IV: Dad gets hurt at work. He gets laid off. He moves back in with Mom, has surgery, has a place to stay and recover. He gets better. Finds a job. Mom moves to another state. Takes Baby Brother with her. Better services there. I was already angry from years before. She left me for him those first few years. I never realized how angry I was until I was an adult. I tried my best not to see her for years. Avoidance at almost all costs. She left me again. I’m still second best.

V: Boy tells me he loves me. Boy fills my head with lies. Tells me he loves me. Tells me he lied. Lied. Lied. Lied. Leaves. Comes back. Tells me he loves me. Promises me the world. Lies. All lies. Loves me. Loves me. Explodes. Tells me he doesn’t love me, never did. Leaves. He’s not even dust in the wind. I think he was a ghost. I don’t think I ever really knew him. I don’t think the Boy I knew was real. But he took so much of me with him.

VI: different Boy. Warms my heart. Makes me feel something. Made me think I mattered. Boy’s mother loves me. Boy tells me he loves me. I believe him. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. Wanting to feel wanted. Wanting to matter for once. Boy leaves bruises. Boy scares me. Boy makes me feel trapped. I am nothing. Nothing. Nothing. I need to be Something. Boy is always mad. Always accusing. I can’t look anyone in the eye. I don’t exist in just a few short months. Boy gives me a split lip. Apologizes. Tells me it was my fault. I now Know. It is Time. It takes time. All the courage I ever had. I look Boy in the eyes. Tell him I am Done. I walk away shaking. Boy finds new Girl a week later. I unravel.

VII: I have moved houses, not Home. With Mama and Brother, with Help I desperately needed. I cannot handle myself. I cannot breathe. I am Too Much. I have always been. I left myself somewhere. I don’t know where to find Her. Can I ever find Her? Can I ever be Whole?

VIII: another Boy, months and months later. Looks at me like I hung the stars in the sky. Like a blind man seeing the sun. Like I meant something. Boy remembers how many freckles I had in kindergarten. Boy opens up to me. Kisses me so hard I forget how to breathe. So different than Boy I dated last. Didn’t leave bruises. Didn’t leave blood. I didn’t flinch when he touched me. I blink. Boy is gone. Bridge is burned. I’m left wondering what it is about me that makes everyone leave so quickly. Why am I never enough?

IX: graduated. Adult. College in the fall, part time. Faking ‘til I make it. Hometown for the summer. Reconnect with a different Boy. Drive around all night, footprints and tire treads all over the city limits.  Kiss him by the creek and almost fall, I’m so scared. I’ve been shaking. I don’t think I ever stopped. So scared of Touch. Scared of Everything. I’m always flinching. Afraid to keep it moving. Boy stops talking to me. I knew it was done the last time I kissed Him. I was Too Much. I will always be. Too Damaged. Never had a chance. I can’t be Something.

X: I am angry. Angry at everything I Was, everything I Could Be. I am hollow and on fire at all times. Seen too many hospital walls. Felt too much. Felt nothing. Felt everything. Upside down. Stalled out on a racing freeway. I do not know anything. Nothing but Destruction. I will burn Me to the ground.

XI: another reconnection. Nice Boy. Leaves. I should have known. Sleep with Hometown Boy because I’m angry. I want to Feel something. Anything. I want to be Useful. What does mattering feel like? Nice Boy comes back. Leaves. Enter Hometown Boy. Fuck. Here comes Nice Boy. I am safe with him under the stars. I can breathe. I am free. God, I’m so In Love. Safe. Safe. Safe. I’m not holding my breath, but I should. Nice Boy leaves, for good. A month late. Near asphyxiated. It was not positive. He doesn’t care that I loved him. He never told me what went wrong. I know I was the Problem. I always am. I always am.

XII: cue Hometown Boy. Let me fuck my sorrows away. I’m under the influence nearly every day for 3 straight months. I am Empty and I am Blank. Only good for being used. It is better than nothing. I cannot let myself Feel. I cannot Fall again. I faltered. Hometown Boy sometimes looked at me like I meant something to him. Said things that made me wonder. Kissed me softly some days. I lost myself again. More hospital walls. One month behind them. Venture out into the world. Hometown Boy is married now. I didn’t know… He never said a thing. I was a Fool.

XIII: I am drunk. I am A Drunk. I am swallowing sadness by the bottle. Trying to find meaning. Trying to hold onto something. Trying to pretend I am something besides miserable. Let me feel. Let me feel. Let me self-destruct some more. I don’t want to exist. It hurts. All I know how to do is hurt and I don’t know why. I cannot get my act together. I cannot give up the only thing I know how to be. I don’t know how to be anything but Nothing.

XIV: I’m seeking something in all the wrong ways. I am drinking. I am smoking. I am in the woods. With Him. Danger Boy. Red hot, flashing light, warnings, NO NO NO, but I go anyway. I am fine. I am laughing. I am spinning. Oh my god my head, my body. Danger Boy is above me, lips touching me. I am Scared. What is happening? Everything is black. There is a Void. I am in Dad’s living room. I do not know how I got there. Mama walks through the door. She looks tired. Dad looks angry. I am scared. I look at the clock. How many hours can pass without memory? I have never blacked out like this, no. I am standing upright and suddenly I can See. I can’t bring myself to say that four letter word.

XV: I can say it now. It is a word that tastes like fear. Like 4:36 pm panic attacks in the sun. Like blood from a wound. Like smoke. I shake. I am a Watcher. I can never stop. Can never be vulnerable. Can never let my guard down. Can never be made a Fool again. Can’t drive certain streets without holding my breath. Can’t stop at hometown stoplights without waiting for the Grim Reaper. Trying to find hope. Trying to be Something. I cannot be Nothing. I was born to Live and that I must do. I cannot be held down. The world cannot drown me. I will prevail. I must. I can be Everything. I at least have to try.

—  THE TRAUMA OF LIVING- Michelle Bishop

Name: Lindsay Lohan

Crimes: 1) DUI 2) possession of cocaine, driving under the influence and driving with a suspended license 3)  DUI 4) failure to appear in court, probation violation.

Sentences: 1) 45 days in rehab  2) an alcohol education program, community service, one day in jail, and three years probation 3) 90 days in jail and 90 days of inpatient rehab treatment.


-extremely bored, so here’s my full Jeff Rosenstock collection. I got the majority of those Worry.’s by accident I swear. I have everything except the Scott & Aubrey wedding 7″, if you have any idea on how i can get that, please hmu. I don’t think I left anything out in these pics, but maybe I did. Excuse the really weird lighting in all of these pics. This list is a nightmare to look at so apologies in advance.

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The new ambassador for Germany

Hello dear community.
My name is Nathalie-Victoria, NIkki for short, and I will, from now on, act as the passive ambassador for Germany in the Hetalia community.
Hobbies include writing, languages, rp and taking notes to just about everything. My second account is @ask-the-icelandic-little

As already implied, I am from Germany, was born and live here, and since Hetalia I got way more interested in my country as well and now love to research about the different cultures from Hamburg to Bavaria and would be happy to share.

I would be happy to teach more about my nation then just the World War 2 part of history everyone already knows, about our history before and after and, if interest is there, also a bit about the germanic tribes if you would like. About our culture as well, food, drinks and more! 
One of my main goals will also be to teach everyone interested a bit of german, since I have often enough seen wrong use or slightly messed up words in fanart and fanfiction already.
I wont blame you for that, “German language, difficult language” is even a figure of speech here in Germany, but we can always do better!
I have already translated some phrases for the writer @worldcakecakecake and plan to do so in the future as well, whenever a question should arise!
Whenever you need an accurate translation of every so small word, I would be happy to help!
With that, at the end of my introduction, I will leave you with some small facts about Germany for now.

1.) The in America known “german” tradition of the Chirstmas pickle actually isnt german at all! It was made up by german settlers when they first arrived in America, that may be, but nobody in Germany will have an idea what you are talking about when you ask them about it!
2.) Bavaria = Germany. In most cases, even here, the first things people think about when Germany is mentioned are Lederhosen, Oktoberfest, Weißwurst beer in one liter glasses.
That, though, are only the most common Bavarian things! You will never see anyone in Hamburg celebrating Oktoberfest, or, for that matter, seeing Bavaria as part of Germany in the first place.
The north is very different from the south and was way more under Prussian influence, while Bavaria is, culture wise, closer to Austria actually.
3.) A short fact, but Hamburg is the city (/state) with the most bridges in all of Europe, topping even Amsterdam and Venice!

I hope with that I could give you all a small look into Germany already and hope for good work together!

Best wishes,

Under The Influence, Scene 3

Here is Scene 3 of the drunk (possibly drugged) Emma story.  And it is not over!

Click here for Scene 1

Click here for Scene 2

Click here for Scene 4


Scene 3:  Mary Margaret’s Apartment / Emma’s bedroom

EMMA:  (unbuttons second button on her sweater and walks right up to Regina)  Regina…

REGINA:  (raises eyebrow)  Yes, Miss Swan.

EMMA:  Nice shoes.

REGINA:  Well, thank yo…

EMMA:  (interrupts Regina by winding her arms around her)  Let’s get naked.

REGINA:  (chuckling, doesn’t struggle when Emma’s arms go around her waist but does try and hold her back a little)  Emma…

EMMA:  Yes? I love it when you call me Emma.

REGINA:  I thought you liked it when I called you “Miss Swan”.

EMMA:  I like it when you call me “you idiot”, though if you ask me again later, I’ll deny it. The way you talk, period, is sexy.  Your voice is like velvet and chocolate and silk.  

REGINA:  (amused smile)  Velvet and chocolate and silk, hmmm?

EMMA:  Regina, come here, I want to ask you something. (Regina lets her come closer to whisper in her ear)  Mmmmm, velvet and chocolate and silk.  Can I wrap you around me and taste you?

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You’re like the Taco Bell of relationships
You’re only appealing when under the influence
A 3 am stoned craving for something so revolting it’s addictive.
You have the same initial appeal of a quesorito, the same dubious smell of a crunch wrap supreme, and all the novelty of Baja blast.
You come with all of the after affects of self loathing and indigestion and embarrassing stains on my shirt with none of satisfaction.

Bastille Vevo Masterpost

 Music Videos:

Vevo Lift UK:

Vevo - Summer Six live at Isle Of Wight Festival:

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Music Midtown - Live From The Honda Stage:








5/30: Contrary to what law enforcement sources told us Monday, according to the police report Tiger did not have alcohol in his system and did not refuse a breathalyzer. He also was found stopped on the side of the road and not weaving.

And, according to the police report, Tiger was cooperative

5:22 PM PT: Tiger just released a statement … “I understand the severity of what I did and I take full responsibility for my actions.  I want the public to know that alcohol was not involved.  What happened was an unexpected reaction to prescribed medications. 

 I didn’t realize the mix of medications affected me so strongly."Woods goes on … "I would like to apologize with all my heart to my family, friends, and the fans.  I expect more from myself, too.  I will do everything in my power to ensure this never happens again.

I fully cooperated with law enforcement, and I would like to personally thank the representatives of the Jupiter Police Dept. and the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office for their professionalism.”

1:14 PM PT: We just found out Tiger’s girlfriend, Kristin Smith, learned about the arrest while shopping at a Neiman Marcus store in Dallas. Someone called her and, according to several eyewitnesses, “she went crazy” and said “I knew it, I knew it.” We’re told she began crying, then bought $5k worth of merchandise and left.

Getty Tiger’s girlfriend Kristen Smith.

10:37 AM PT: Law enforcement sources tell DJ David Newsroom cops spotted Woods “driving erratically, all over the road” when they pulled him over.  We’re told the officer smelled alcohol on Woods’ breath and at that point Woods became “arrogant.”  

We’re told the officer asked him to blow into a breathalyzer but he refused.  In Florida that means automatic arrest and license suspension.  
Our sources say Woods’ people have been calling the police all morning asking if the cop had a body cam. 

9:55 AM PT: DDN Sports has learned Woods was driving a 2015 Mercedes.  Cops called a tow yard to store the vehicle but then cancelled the call.  Someone involved tells us a person in Woods’ camp retrieved the vehicle. 

As you recalled but Tiger had back surgery last month.  As we reported, cops have not specified whether the DUI was for drugs, alcohol or both.


Tiger Woods has been arrested on DUI charges in Jupiter, Florida.

The golfer was stopped by cops early Monday morning for driving under the influence of alcohol. He was taken in around 3 AM and released from Palm Beach County Jail at 10:50 AM.

You’ll recall … when Tiger and then wife Elin Noiedegren got into their blowout fight back in 2009, he hit a tree while driving under the influence of Ambien.  He was not charged with DUI at the time.


1. He did it to try and save his girlfriend Hayden, who he had only been dating for like two whole seconds and who hated him prior to all this.

2. He tried to kill Scott to take his power, Scott was the one who saved Liam’s punk ass when he was about to die.

3. Scott had already explained to Liam that Hayden most likely would’ve of died if he bit her, so there was no point on making Hayden go through the pain of her body rejecting the bite.

3. I know Liam was under the influence of the Super Moon (THAT REALLY IS A STUPID NAME FOR IT) but he didn’t have to try and kill Scott, even before the moon took effect Liam was already planning on killing Scott to get his powers anyway, so my ass it was all the stupid moons fault.

4. After Mason came in and told Liam Hayden was dead, did he look remorseful for what he did to Scott, even for a second. NO HE DID NOT! No instead he ran off without another look at a bleeding Scott.

5. Who wants to bet that Liam won’t even apologise to Scott, and if he does he won’t mean it. And seeing as though Scott is so sweet he probably won’t go looking for an apology, another reason why Scott didn’t deserve that, especially from one of his Beta’s.


I was tagged by @maydeathneverstopmcr (ty ✨) to list 10 songs im into and tag 10 people (i think)

1) cardinals- the wonder years

2) hypnotic spells- death spells

3) music box- thrice

4) a decade under the influence - taking back Sunday

5) end of life- death spells

6) stained glass ceilings- the wonder years

7) empty glass - thursday

8) it remembers- every time i die

9) salt and shadow- thrice

10) the lovesong writer- thursday

(i really love Thursday and the wonder years atm)

I tag: @neenzyjf, @guiltripiero, @sameoldsamecold uuhhh thats all ig

“Under The Influence” - Scene 8

Read Scene 1  |  Read Scene 2  |  Read Scene 3  |  Read Scene 4   | Read Scene 5  |  Read Scene 6  |  Read Scene 7

May be NSFW, but maybe depending where you work.  I don’t think there is anything explicit in here, but Emma and Regina are naked.  :)


Scene 8: Regina’s Study

EMMA:  (panting in a post orgasmic haze)  It’s a good thing you’re such a stickler for cleanliness and that I’m not a germophobe.

REGINA:  (panting, switches positions, lays down beside Emma)  I can safely say that I have never done that on the floor before.

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some things we know about the Graz attack:

-the attacker is a 26 year old Austrian man

-he is married, a father of two children and works as a driver

-his roots are Bosnian

-the police ruled out political or religious reasons for his actions

-the police chief said it was NOT a terrorist attack

-he wasn’t under the influence of alcohol or drugs during the attack

-3 people have died, including a 4 year old boy and a man and a woman in their twenties

-34 people are injured, including 3 children

-6 adults are in critical condition

-the killer drove into a crowd of shoppers and ran over as much people as he could

-when he was done, he pulled out a knife and started stabbing them

-the killer was a war refugee

Unconfirmed information:

-the killer had a history of family violence

-Twitter folk are reporting he is a Muslim 

-they also claim he is an immigrant

-one of the fatalities is a young Bosnian Muslim whose wife of one week is still fighting for her life

Sleep Ciel, sleep... (Kuro113 thoughts 1/2)

As always, only my thoughts part 1 on 2 (so I can get them out of my head) so you don’t have to read and even less to agree. :) There might be a little of chemical/medical stuff so I’ll try to stay simple, but as always feel free to ask for explanations.

Spoilers for ch113 and below is a little TL;DR/summary in case you want to be sure you won’t waste time reading something completely uninteresting lol (nah because it turned out to be long and I don’t want to bore you with everything, so pick up your favorite subjects and read what you like):

  1. “Too lovely corpses” -> D’aww, thanks UT!

  2. “Please join Bravat’s blue sect! We’ll make sure to intoxicate your body with chloroform to the point you’ll never wake up.”

  3. Violet aka the MVP of this chapter, a new candidate for the place as Ciel’s best friend

  4. The end with a small parallel to ch108

Now that it’s been proved I am actually not funny, here’s the actual post under read more for the interested ;)

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anonymous asked:

I would love dark!Bonnie because I've been wanting her to slap Elena across the face since Season 3. That sounds terrible because I hate seeing girls fight but Elena needs to be either punched or read for filth for being so unappreciative of Bonnie.

lol omg

I understand the Elena hate, I really do.

It’s frustrating because she was so much more likeable for the 2-3 episodes this season when she wasn’t under Damon’s influence. She just loses herself in the possibility of him, loses touch with all the qualities that once made her the heroine of the show.

The fact that the contrast is so stark is interesting, though, because it definitely makes you feel like it’s completely intentional.

That’s also part of why I’m not sure I buy into the idea that the writers “ship” DE. I feel like they know how to present DE in a way that will make some segments of the fandom swoon, but everything about what they’re writing is so blatantly pointing to the fact that throwing away your assured happiness, safety and success is a stunningly SELFISH and tbh stupid thing to do. That it sounds romantic and the for that reason the temptation is real, but losing yourself in that way is not something that actually benefits you or the people who love you.

If they wanted us to believe it was actually a GOOD thing for Damon and Elena to be together, they could have shown us that underneath that drama something solid and healthy was being built.That if you give Damon a new perspective by pulling him away for 4 months, and you peel away all of the confusion that came for Elena because of the sire bond and her transition, there was something left of DE that was different, healthier.

But that’s not what’s happened. The moment they’re in each other’s sphere of influence, Damon becomes the insecure, controlling wreck he’s always been with her, and Elena becomes the wishy-washy, self-centered shell of a girl, floating along on the highs and lows that come with his obsession with her.

And all that is portrayed very obviously. These characters enhance each other’s insecurities, not their strengths, and we are meant to see that.

I’m realizing now that this has very little to do with your message about dark!Bonnie, lol. Sorry, apparently I had some pent up feelings <3

A dark!Bonnie arc seems like it would be more and more satisfying with each episode we get now. The way Elena took the news of that Bonnie was alive was just so spectacularly self-absorbed… the first thing she does (hours after finding out) is track down Damon and harangue him for not taking her with? And then rather than asking how her friend is doing, she asks about Damon’s time over there with Bonnie, wanting to know what they did.

To reiterate: Bonnie is all alone in a time loop, with no magic, and stuck with a known sociopath. And not once does Elena demonstrate any level of worry for her friend.

Can you imagine if Elena was stuck in an alternate dimension with a monster and no supernatural abilities, what Bonnie’s reaction would be? Bonnie would not focus on ANYTHING ELSE until she got Elena out of there (most likely by killing herself, lets just be honest).

Just once I want Bonnie to question that blind adoration she has of Elena. Just ONCE.

Also apparently Elena doesn’t even think to tell Jeremy that Bonnie’s alive until the next episode. How does that work?

Special talk session: Alejandro Jodorowsky & Kyo, Rolling Stones June

Alejandro Jodorowsky, who is currently 85, came to Japan to promote his documentary “Jodorowsky’s Dune” and his first new release since 23 years “The dance of reality”. We present you an interview in the form of a conversation between Jodorowsky and Kyo (DIR EN GREY/sukekiyo), who declared himself a big fan of a director. It became a precious talk session between a superior/isolated master and heretic musician.

Kyo: About 10 years ago I found a black video in my house that had no label. I was cleaning my room at the time, I thought “What the?” - I played the video and that way I saw for the first time your “Holy Mountain”. I was already drawn into it since the opening, I thought “what’s …?!” and was really shocked, before I noticed the movie was finished, my head became a total mess (laugh). Since then I’m a huge fan. I only learnt after a while that it’s a work made before I was even born… that  was another shock.

Alejandro Jodorowsky: Even thought I was involved as a producer with “Holy Mountain”, for about 30 years there were some problems and this film couldn’t be screened. Other producers than me didn’t want to show it to anyone, didn’t want to watch it. Then, I had a video, so I had it dubbed and distributed it as a bootleg. That’s why you also could watch it. It’s good that I did it (laugh).

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If you’re out partying tonight, make sure to call a cab or a friend or something to take you home if you’re drunk! Don’t endanger others and drive under the influence<3

You know who does drive under the influence?

Justin Beiber.

You’re better than that, friend.