under the gun: guns in america

Let’s get one thing fucking straight

The Las Vegas shooter was not mentally ill

He planned this out

Picked the weapon

Picked the event

Picked the hotel

Picked the room

He knew damn well what he was doing

He is sane

And he is a fucking monster

Stop trying to humanize him

Stop dragging those that actually suffer with mental illness under the bus

Stop acting like we’re the problem with gun violence

Stop IGNORING how this monster LEGALLY got his hands on 17 semi automatic rifles –modified them to make them automatic– then got enough ammo to kill 59 people and injure over 510 more

Stop letting people say that this isn’t about gun control

Stop tolerating the bullshit because it’s the easier thing to do

Start speaking the fuck up because you don’t know when you’ll end up watching people die around you just because you went out to have some fun

*The nations playing Risk.* 

America: You’re only winning because you CHOOSE MY COUNTRY!! MY AREA!! YOU CHEATED FROM THE START!!

Russia: We will see.*Wins his attack.* 

America: Don’t you dare!! Don’t you dare!!! ARTHUR!! You said you’d back me up!!

England: That deal is off. 

America: YOU– *Pulls a gun from under the table.* 

*Russia pulls a gun. England pulls a gun. Everyone else at the table is armed.*

Canada: *Sigh This was never a good idea….

Silver Storm ( 1/?)

Summary: While on trip out of state, you were taken by Hydra. You were barely 21 at the time. Hydra took you and turned you into another asset, matching the Winter Soldier’s abilities. They injected you with a serum similar to his, wiped you,  and instructed the soldier himself to train you. He was hard on you, but when it was just the two of you he let his walls down. You were each other’s comfort, until the events of D.C when he was sent to kill Captain America. After that day, you never saw him again. You were told he abandoned you, that he was on the other side now. It’s been years since you’ve seen him, but what happens when he comes bursting through the doors of your facility?

Memories are in Italics, bold is readers thoughts *

Pairing: none so far, but Bucky x reader (eventually) , reader x avengers

Warnings: swearing, torture, violence, sadness

                                                     Chapter one

   Your life consists of three things now: killing, obeying, and training. When you don’t do one of those things, or when you show hesitation, your mind is wiped clean by your handlers. You don’t know how long it’s been since you’ve been with Hydra. How could you? You’ve been wiped so many times you’re surprised you still know how to fight. Killing, Russian, and taking orders are now burned deeply into your system. Over the last few months, memories have been slipping through the cracks of your mind. You’ve  managed to hide your reaction when they appear, not wanting to lose them again from being wiped. With the memories though comes a sharp pain, as if they are forcing their way into your mind. They aren’t ever in order; you’ll remember things from when you were a child and were with your siblings, and the next minute you’ll be reminded of the parties you attended with friends in high school. Having your memories back isn’t all good though; it means your humanity is seeping back in play, making it that much harder when your superiors send you on a kill mission. Sometimes you consider asking to be wiped to make things easier since it doesn’t seem like you’ll ever be free again.  Since Winter escaped, the security around you has been tighter. Hydra is too afraid to lose another asset.

Today, a particular memory stands out to you: a memory of the Soldier.

Your body slammed to the ground, as your superiors watched their agents punish you for being hesitant on a training set. If it wasn’t for the super soldier serum swimming in your veins, you’d most likely be dead by now. No human body could or should endure this much pain. By the time they’d finished with you, you were in the fetal position. You could feel that your ribs were cracked, your nose was broken, your arm may have been broken, and your eye was beginning to swell shut. They left you there, laughing as they exited the room. You didn’t know how long it had been, but Winter finally made his way into the room. He gently lifted you into his arms, not saying a word.

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You finally ended up in the cell where they kept the both of you. They forced you two to sleep on the concrete floor, supplying an itchy, thin blanket for each of you, and a bucket. Winter was in cryo more than you were, but when he wasn’t, you’d sleep curled into his body with his arms wrapping around you tightly.   

He laid you down over one of your spread out blankets. Whimpers left your lips at the hard ground underneath your broken body.

“Shhhhh, you’ll heal soon. Just give it a day or two, Doll.” He moved a piece of hair out of your face and left the room. He managed to come back with a makeshift icepack and towel to clean you up. He stayed with you for hours, trying to distract you from the pain, promising one day you would both be free.

   The memories of Winter always hurt you. Neither of you knew much about each other, just whatever he remembers (which wasn’t much). He repeated the name Steve a lot in his sleep, and he remembered that he fought in a war, but not which one or how old he was. He remembered falling off a train, and that’s how he lost his arm and gained his metal one. At night, when the nightmares of his memories from before Hydra and after hit him, you would pull him to you, trying to calm him. You never had memory slips when he was around; they didn’t start happening until after he left you.

  You request a training session from your superior. Maybe it’ll ease the pain of the memory away. He agrees, no questions asked. You make your way to the designated gym. It was small but held the proper equipment you need. You go straight for the punching bag. It takes a total of five punches before it flings off the chain and smacks into the wall. Anger is all you feel; the memory of the soldier just makes you feel alone, miserable, and hostile towards Hydra. Overtime you’ve realized Hydra isn’t who they claim to be while they tortured and morphed you into this soldier. They claim to be doing the world a favor, that they were the ‘good guys’. Maybe from their standpoint they are, but from yours? Hell no. You believed in freedom and justice before all this. Well at least you think you did, based on your memories. You still weren’t clear on who you were; you just knew names of people in your memories. The name they used when referring to you still felt odd to you. You only ever remember being called Silver Storm ,which, once you started being able to think for yourself again, sounded so fucking dumb. As you move to hang a new bag from the ceiling, the red alarm lights start blinking along with the shrill sound of the alarm. What the hell?

  Your handler burst into the training room. “Silver, the Avengers are breaching our system, suit up.”

At the sound of his voice, you snap into mission mode. You sprint to the gear room, pulling on your tactical black suit. It matches the one Winter use to wear, including the red star on the arm. You pull your hair into the standard braid you wear on missions, and place your mask over your mouth. As soon as you finish filling all your holsters with the proper guns and knives, you slip your comm into your ear.

“Silver Storm, ready to comply,” You announce coldly.

“The Avengers are infiltrating your home, soldier. Show them what they’re dealing with, take them all out.”

“Yes sir.”

You move swiftly through the halls, while you’re told of the Avengers locations through your comms. The closest one to you is Captain America who’s on the roof taking out agents.

“тут ничего не происходит (here goes nothing),” you mumble under your breath. You haven’t had to deal with the Avengers, so you’re not sure what to expect.

You slink your way up the stairs to the roof, readying your gun. You kick down the door, and immediately see your target. You take aim and begin shooting. He deflects the bullets with his shield, then throws it towards you. You tuck and roll, dodging his shield. Why the hell does he have a giant Frisbee?! You switch out your gun for another from one of you holsters. You take aim again, except before you shoot, your gun is shot out of your hand by an arrow. What the hell kinds of weapons do this people have? An arrow, really? You train your focus and leap straight towards Captain America. You start throwing punches, and he barely deflects them. You land four good hits to his abdomen. While he stumbles back, you whip yourself around and wrap your thighs around his neck. You take him down, cutting off his oxygen with the pressure from your thighs. You don’t hold him there long before he manages to flip you off him. You land on your back with a thud.

“Сукин сын (son of a bitch)!”

You pick yourself back up, only to be thrown backward again by him. You reach for your knives then whip them quickly at him. Two of them manage to stick, one in his shoulder and one grazing his side.

 It slows him down momentarily. You hear steps behind you, causing you to pull your gun and turn. You’re facing your superior. Oh Shit.

“I see you need help, Soldier. Your training will be changed accordingly after we finish this.” I can feel the pain already. The rest of the Avengers seem to appear out of thin air. You notice it’s not the entire team, only the Captain, Hawkeye, and Falcon. You begin shooting at the Falcon, successfully grounding him. Your superior seems to be in a hand to hand with the Captain, and the other agents are after Hawkeye. You have your target pinned to the ground wrapped between your thighs. As you begin applying more pressure around his neck, you hear a voice that wrecks your concentration.

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“Steve, duck!” Winter? You watch as he throws the Frisbee to the Captain, aiding his fight against your superior.

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“Well, Winter. Welcome home.”  You hear your handle say. In your moment of distraction, Falcon gets the upper hand, knocking you off him, and landing a hard punch to your stomach. You fumble back, mind still in overdrive at the fact he is here. He finally made it out of here, and he’s still fighting?   

You abandon Falcon as your target, letting the lower level agents go for him. You move to help against the Captain and Winter. A plan starts swirling around your mind. When you approach the three, you see your superior losing.

“Asset, finish them. Winter is against you now,” he says as he battles Captain America. You turn your gaze to the soldier. A look of recognition and sadness flashing through his eyes. You turn away, glancing back at your handler. The same handler that beat you, abused you, wiped your memory, forced you to kill, and took you away from your family. This is it. He gains the upper hand in his fight, and you pull out your last gun from it’s holster. You turn your gaze back to Winter for a second. If I fail, they will kill me. Is this worth it? Where would I go if I actually succeed? It’s now or never. You take the comm from your ear, smashing it under your boot. Then, before he can move from his spot on top of the man in red, white and blue, you spin yourself over, taking aim and shooting your superior in the back of his head. His body falls limp over the captain.

There is no going back now.

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Ok so I’m watching TLD cuz Sherlock is freaking adorable and I’m just now realizing how many plot holes there are. I know everyone has been pointing these out, but this is just insane

  • why does everyone keep thinking it’s Sherlock’s blog? It’s very obviously from John’s POV, and this has never happened before. It doesn’t make sense
  • Why bring in H H Holmes for absolutely no reason other than to serve as Smith’s inspiration? Why do we need a serial killer to have a mentor?
  • why have both John and Sherlock talking to people who supposedly aren’t there, only to make one actually having been there? Why do we need that mirror then?
  • who the hell is John? seriously. If he needs to have a serial killer tell him to see that his friend is suffering and in pain, question him on whether he’s actually a doctor, because seriously anyone could see that he needed help. The John we’ve seen until now, in fact any medical professional, would not wait and stand guard while his friend shoots up in the bathroom.
  • why did Sherlock say Smith had the scalpel when he in fact had the scalpel???
  • why blame Sherlock for Mary’s death? I get the whole grief, anger, and need to blame someone, but like. Really. It’s so obvious that Sherlock didn’t do anything
  • how did Sherlock manage to notice that she was suicidal and alone and has a small kitchen but fails to notice that sHE ISN’T THE WOMAN FROM THE PICTURE HE REFERENCED. RIGHT IN FRONT OF HER
  • why the random shot of people dressed up as aliens, right before Smith filming the commercial?
  • ok this is random, but at 1:09:58, there’s a reflection of the bed in the window, but it looks like in the reflection there’s no one in the bed.
  • why does Smith say that after he’s confessed he can break America? where did America come from??
  • also, when did mycroft’s office go from a huge room, well-lit with comfortable chairs, to what looks like a prison cell, grid on the ceiling, grey metal everywhere, tiny room
  • why did the change lady smallwoods name?
  • also – if the gun Eurus shot John with was a tranquilizer gun, why did it smoke? I do not believe tranquilizer guns smoke. this one is, as we say, the smoking gun that something is up *fingers guns*

anyone wanna add or answer or just freak out with me?

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Ingram MAC M-10 submachine gun

Designed by Gordon B. Ingram c.1964 and manufactured in Stephenville, Texas for the Military Armament Corporation c.1970-73 - serial number A604801.
.45ACP 30-round M3 Grease Gun detachable box magazine, open bolt blowback full automatic, folding skeleton stock.

For all your deadly phone booth shootouts.
The MAC-10 had a short barrel and an even shorter effective range, less than an a hundred meter - that’s usually a good standard for barrels but not so much for range.
 Part of this was due to the difficulty of keeping the gun stable under the intense recoil of its blazing 1000+ rounds per minute fire rate, which was made easier when fitted with its partner Sionics two-stage suppressor.

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The right to own guns =/= a 'right' to commit mass murder. I'm a young college-aged female who carries a gun. Can't say its every spontaneously killed people before. There are way, way more gun owners than mass murderers in the US, and for us it's a matter of leveling the playing field. I hope I never have to use my gun in self-defense, but it's there if I need it. You need for realize that most people with guns use them for protection. Why not ban cars instead and reduce traffic accidents?

cars are for going from place to place.

guns are literally made to be weapons.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t solely have my car so I can kill anti-fascist protesters. 

you pro-gun shits have the stupidest analogies. 

as for owning a gun for protection, are you kidding me?

you’d really prefer all of us carry guns everywhere we go just in case everyone else has a gun?

you want to live in a country where we’re all positive that strangers are armed, dangerous, and capable of murdering us?

you want to send fucking kids to school in bulletproof vests? 

how about going to the mall?

better make sure my glock’s on me for that black friday. 

fuck off with your bullshit. 

america’s gun problem is a huge one. 

i can’t believe that after las vegas, after pulse, after every fucking school shooting that occurs, on an almost monthly if not daily basis, ya’ll are still hocking:

“guns are just weapons.”

I could maybe slice someone’s cheek with a knife. 

Maybe injure one or two people. 

But how many people can I mow down with a gun, even just a handgun? 

Even if everyone has a fucking gun, we’re both still going to be injured. 

even if you want to give a toddler a gun, since public schools aren’t safe anymore, how the hell could you see “more guns” as a fucking solution? 

guns are weapons of mass destruction, in a public space anyway. 

the simple fact of the matter is that criminals and assholes will illegally obtain guns.

but the fact that they’re legal and very easy to obtain in this fucking country just means they don’t even have to try. 

“good people buy guns too” so? 

so everyone has a gun now and you feel safer? 

I don’t feel safer, gun or not. 

I don’t feel safe knowing that crackpots like you feel safe cuz they can blow anyone’s brains out, as is their god-given American right. 

they should be fucking banned. 

hunters, fine.

people who live out in the country with wild animals, ok. 

but anywhere else, fuck off. 

take karate. 

buy a taser. 

Home Alone the fuck out of your house. 

There a million ways you can take care of yourself.

None of which include keeping a gun under your pillow. 

stop being such a weak piece of shit and learn how to fight. 

these goddamn american millenials don’t know how to fist-fight anymore, what a pussy generation. 

and might i add, college-aged female moron who thinks guns are toys that everyone should have because she thinks america is an active warzone in which it’s all against all. 

not only are you an idiot and a weakling, but you have no class whatsoever, coming onto my blog, to tell me, after a MASS SHOOTING in which an asshole shot into a crowd of fucking concert goers, that you love guns cuz they make you feel safe. 

safe, huh?

i wonder how those concert goers felt before they got gunned down. 

fuck you. 

America has always had guns. It has not always had mass shootings. And I find it mighty interesting that all the liberals screaming that conservatives and legal gunowners are somehow responsible for the rise in gun crime fail to mention that some of the deadliest mass shootings in our nation’s history have occurred under the current liberal administration. You would think that evil Republican George W. Bush would’ve seen several massacres under his administration if that were really the case.

Guns Aren’t A Right

It’s absolutely psychotic to think that guns are fully allowed to be purchased by ANYONE over 18 years of age in the United States, in America you are allowed to buy a gun before you are legally allowed to consume alcohol, yet you can freely go out, buy a gun with no background check and potentially harm hundreds of people with a few rounds of ammunition. It’s June of 2016, just over halfway through the year and there have been 5,873 deaths from gun violence in the United States yet it’s still their “right to bear arms” - which was notably enforced in 1791… 1791, that’s 225 years ago, Australia was colonized by the English 3 years before that. 225 years of gun violence and terror has reigned over the United States with 12,000 on average a year, 7 children murdered a day from firearms, 91 people killed a day, 51 women are shot a month from an abusive partner/ex partner and yet you are still letting these people hold the cold and dead metal of that gun, let them feel the power they need to take someone’s last breath, to be selfish and murder someone, your husband, your wife, your child. With 12000 deaths a year this means on average, the last hundred years there have been approximately 1200000, give or take. Australia’s gun policies were once like America’s, anyone could buy a firearm, but when a psychotic man walked through a town in Tasmania in Port Arthur killing 35 people in less than 2 minutes our Prime Minister had made it his mission to abolish all guns. Ok America. I am not saying to ban your “beloved” guns which you seem to love more than your own children, but without background checks, without proper laws to stop these massacres from happening you will end up knowing someone murdered from someone a gun. A girl was murdered yesterday, a musician, a person who gave so much light to the world was murdered in front of a group of hundreds of young girls and boys but you STILL make it your “right” to be able to stash a gun under your mattress for “your protection” and just remember, when you pull that trigger you’ve ended someone’s life, protection does not equal murder. Guns do not equal a right. 

NEW: Maryland’s ban on 45 kinds of assault weapons, and its 10-round limit on gun magazines, has been upheld by a federal appeals court. http://nbcnews.to/2kZYH2t

“Put simply, we have no power to extend Second Amendment protections to weapons of war,” Judge Robert King wrote for the court, adding that the Supreme Court’s decision in District of Columbia v. Heller explicitly excluded such coverage.

“It is absurd to hold that the most popular rifle in America is not a protected ‘arm’ under the Second Amendment,” the NRA says.

resistance_85  Sen. Linda Stewart and Rep. Carlos Guillermo-Smith from Orlando unveiled a bill Wednesday to ban assault-style weapons, specific models and high-capacity magazines. Patti Brigham of the Florida Coalition to Prevent Gun Violence spoke in front of the Orange County Courthouse Wednesday, pushing the bill. “America has become a battlefield. It does not have to be this way,“ Brigham said.

The gun used in the Pulse attack is one of almost two-dozen that would be banned under the bill. “We are refiling that legislation banning assault weapons and large capacity magazines,” Guillermo-Smith said.

Pulse survivor Angel Santiago, and the mother of a Pulse victim, Amanda Alvear, talked about why they think the bill is important, and what they went through as a result of someone using those types of weapons.

Santiago and Alvear said they believe the mass shooting in Las Vegas proves an assault weapons ban is needed. “I’m not against the 2nd Amendment. I believe it is our individual right to protect ourselves,” said Santiago Jr.

Is There Somewhere (prologue)

Summary: When you were 8 years old when a man with a metal arm killed your parents, and let scientists experiment on you. In 2005 you escaped their control and you’ve been running since, always looking over your shoulder for the man with the metal arm. Then one day he and the Avengers show up at your door, asking you to join the team.

Bucky X Reader

Words: 1204

Authors note: Bucky is not in this chapter. It just sets up the main character.

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June 1995

Your mother was beautiful; you remember the black hair that hung low on her back and the way she spoke her language. You remember how your father would put you on his shoulders as he navigated his way through the busy streets of Manila. You remember him telling you about his country, the tall buildings of New York City and how the people there were always in such a hurry. You had it good, your parents loved each other and you got everything you ever wanted. Until one day you has nothing. 

It was a beautiful warm evening in the Philippines, you had just gone to bed and you could hear your parents laughing in their balcony. You were suddenly woken up by a loud crashing coming from your bedroom window. Your dad barged into your room and the man wearing black clothes and a mask that covered most of his face shot your father between the eyes. He put you over his right shoulder as he pulled your father’s lifeless body into the kitchen. Your mother stepped in front of him with a gun in her hand, pleading the man to leave you alone. You saw as the man grabbed your mother by the throat and throw her across the room, she slid down, blood coming out from her head and leaving a streak on the wall.

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England vs America

I am British and let me fucking tell you, if I went to America I would be royally fucked. Things I would get yelled at for pronouncing ‘wrong’:

- plaid 'played’
- capri sun 'cappery sun’
- saying 'trolley’ instead of 'shopping cart’
- saying 'full stop’ instead of 'period’
- I would be fucked on the grading system, where are the numbers? What the hell is a Freshman?
- mom 'mum’
- If I call you babe or love I’m not coming onto you I swear it’s just a nickname
- parking lot 'car park’
- aeroplane 'airplane’
- The fucks an eggplant? 'Aubergine’
- counterclockwise 'anticlockwise’
- I don’t know the queen she’s just this really cool chick that runs our country and owns a shit load of Corgi’s
-Ya’ll giving your babies pacifiers, we call em’ dummies
-Why you putting z’s on everything?
-British people love American accents just as much as you love British ones.
-We never have guns, they’re all illegal unless you go through hell trying to get a license. You pulling guns and shit out from under your bed I will probably pass out.
-football means soccer
-You call a 'fringe’ 'bangs’ ??
-the word popsicle terrifies me because of herbert from family guy (ice lolly/ice pop)
-popping to the loo, hitting the john

I just want you to know I bloody love America, you are the most laid back kids ever I’m just scared of my illiteracy ♡

Bloody Hell (Steve Rogers x Reader)

I used a vast amount of british phrases in this just because extra britishness


Request; Hey! I absolutely love your imagines, they make me laugh and give me feels and I wish they were real. I was wondering if I could request a Steve imagine where he’s dating the reader who’s from Britain and the Avengers keep joking that America’s under British control again. Thank you so much xxxxx

Other characters featured; sam, bucky 


Y/N - Your name

Y/L/N - Your Last Name

Warnings; language 

Word count; 396 

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Fewer things are more pathetic than watching the NRA and people on Fox News giving Australia shit for having the audacity to introduce guns laws that 100% worked.

It drives them crazy. So now they all have to make out folks down under as ignorant morons as living in some desolate police state run by fringe nutjobs where the next Hitler is always two steps away from taking over. 

Even though this is a perfectly democratic and peaceful country we’re taking about here.  

It takes a lot of nerve, arrogance and sheer idiocy, to say to people “See, these horrific weekly mass shootings we have? You are totally missing out by not having them!”

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#3 or #21 with stony for the ask meme pretty please? :)

I already completed #3, here’s 21! There is a cut

Steve crouched next to the corner, holding his makeshift shield at the ready. The floor had been polished to a mirror finish, and Steve used it to his advantage. He tipped his head just enough to see the enemy creeping through the living room. A little closer, four more meters… three…. Two… Steve leapt from his position, holding the serving tray up to shield his head.

His opponent let out a startled noise and fired his weapon, the discharge making a sharp fwapfwapfwap noise as it hit the serving try and ricocheted off in bursts of cold droplets. Steve hit him in the chest, tray first, and bowled him over the coffee table. They landed on the shaggy white carpet with a mutual oof. Steve pressed down on the serving tray and reared up to his knees, drawing his pistol and firing into the other man’s face.

“Cheat!” Tony sputtered, twisting his head to avoid the streams of water, “You are cheater, Steve, such a cheater!” He pushed against the serving tray and tried to shove Steve off. He managed to get one hand up Steve’s shirt, fingers scrabbling like insect legs on Steve’s side. Jolting and suppressing a laugh, Steve twisted to the side to trap Tony’s hand against his ribs.

“Wow,” Tony said, looking up at him, wide-eyed. “I did not know you had a weak spot like that. Captain America is ticklish!”

“I am not,” Steve tried, but jumped again when Tony managed to get just enough wiggle room to tickle at his ribs.

“You are! Does Coulson even know about this? Am I the sole possessor of this diabolic knowledge?”

Laughing, Steve aimed the water gun for Tony’s goatee and then gasped as a sharp stream of water hit him right between the legs. He looked down to see that Tony had wedged his water gun under Steve’s knee and fired up at his crotch. Cackling, he fired again, fwipfwipfwip.

“Oh, now who’s the cheater?” Steve asked, prying his gun away.

“You’re holding me down!” Tony gasped out between wracking waves of giggles.

“You literally hit me below the belt, Tony.”

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American Horror Story: America

Toddlers are finding guns at home and shooting themselves, teens result to killing each other to dispute arguments, mass murder sprees are a just norm, suicide by guns are the most common and I’ve even read where a dog found it’s owners gun and accidentally blew the dude’s foot off…
It’s like guns are more common than sewer rats in NYC. Everytime there’s a shooting in America there’s immediate talks about gun control regs and nothing happens afterwards. Buying a gun is like buying skittles in certain states it’s that easy, no licenses, no permits and kids under 18 just require their parents permission to carry a gun. WTF America enough is enough.


UTD Alphabet Meme:
  ↳ G | Guns » “I’ve been thinking… a lot of folks have guns in our town.”

“So what are you saying, we collect all the guns?”
“We might want to think about it.”
“Jim, people have a Constitutional right to bear arms.”
“If we’re still a part of America.”
“Of course we are.”
“Really? With that dome cutting us off, I’d say we’re looking more like our own country every day.”

51 Hetalia Headcanons

Hetalia headcanons:

1. All countries normally dress up for world meetings.

2. America owns a Harley and a Ford pickup and loves them both.

3. America does NOT have 50 children representing the states. He is all of his states united. 

4. Countries with hair curls (e.g. Canada, Italy north and south, etc.) do have those curls fall out, though it takes longer than normal hair. When they show up to meetings, others barely recognize them. Countries such as America and Austria, who have cowlicks with multiple hairs, rarely have this happen to them, but when all of their hairs fall out and form nothing at all, people freak out.

5. Ukraine can play the Бандура very well. Both she and her male version have been in various bandurist groups under various fake names.

6. Liechtenstein is starting a gun collection of her own. Switzerland has no objection to this, and shows her how to care for her guns properly. 

7. America is a total space and aliens geek. He always makes sure to be the first to know about anything outside of our atmosphere.

8. Russia, having two sisters, knows full well how touchy and moody some girls get on their period, and is actually very sensitive and touchy around the female countries during theirs. 

9. Canada is an avid fan of A Dose of Buckley, and he’s gotten most of the nations to watch him too. 

10. When the nations hear patriotic music, they get a slight ego boost, but more than that, they get proud of their people. 

11. Austria, despite his formal speech and attitude, is quite a prankster. Only Hungary knows about this, and they have been known to prank the Beilschmidt household, as well as many former Soviet Union members.

12. Many of the older female nations tend to treat the younger ones as little sisters/daughters by giving them advice and taking them out.

13. All countries have one or two (depending on the size–some have more) towns or cities that know that they’re countries and they don’t have to hide it from anyone.

14. N. Italy, when he has to kill somebody, makes it personal, has them know that he killed them. For this reason, he prefers a blade and is only okay with guns. He doesn’t like weapons of mass distraction, such as bombs or grenades. 

15. China is not an uber uke. He is as strong, powerful country.

16. All countries can speak the languages they were raised on, their official language(s) and (in some cases) border country languages, at the least.

17. Every country has had their badass moments throughout history.

18. Lovino plays the viola and Feliciano plays the violin.

19. Canada and America have a great brotherly relationship. They like to play hockey and baseball together.

20. Estonia is in the process of rick rolling every country.

21. America’s has a mermaid tatoo on his foot that represents key west.

22. When countries fall in love, it normally ends badly for both parties emotionally, whether it be country x country or country x human.

23. (active) volcanoes are zits, mountains are freckles, and canyons are small scars or wrinkles.

24. Every country has had their jerk moments as well. Some countries have had these worse than others.

25. The countries with ero-zones could not feel the effects of it being pulled/touched until their hormones are released and they’re sexually attracted to others.

26. America does not have rock hard abs. He isn’t huge, but he’s squishy. However, his arm and leg muscles are very toned.

27. Hungary, even now, has a more boyishly built body.

28. Ukraine’s pitchfork is reminiscent of a tryzub.

29. America ships Uncle Sam and Lady Liberty and pictured them having a pet eagle.

30. Ukraine’s a virlycha in Plast

31. England has the collection of Sherlock Holmes stories as well as the novels.

32. Poland pretended to be a girl for a day for the kicks and giggles and nobody could tell he was actually male.

33. Feliciano is a tenor and is rather obnoxious about practicing loudly, with the window open.

34. Every country has one outfit in their closet per era of architecture.

35. America is a closet lover of musicals and theater.

36. Russia, despite the fact that he is okay with cuddling in a relationship, he is uncomfortable initiating or talking about anything beyond that.

37. Italy has a ridiculously fast metabolism, causing him to barely gain any weight despite eating as much pasta as he does.

38. America is both a Star Wars fan and a Trekkie, and he honestly can’t pick his favorite.

39. America was very proud of jazz because it was the first style he could really claim as his. He’s still a fan and follows the jazz scene.

40. Germany and Prussia were nazis and they won’t deny it, but they feel extraordinarily guilty about it now and try their best to make up for it.

41. Occasionally, after meetings, the countries redo the Epic Rap Battles of History. 

42. America is an Eagle Scout.

43. Ukraine is a fan of Verka Serduchka

44. After the Maidan, Russia and Ukriane had a huge fight, fists and everything. 

45. After the fight, Russia stopped wearing Ukraine’s scarf.

46. Sometimes, Germany, Italy, and Japan go out to sleep under the stars.

47. Japan and America like to watch anime and cartoons together.

48. Germany and Prussia make a point to support small bars and taverns in their country.

49. When Italy lifts weights, he can lift an inordinate amount of weight, but only if it’s pasta.

50. During the Eurovision Song Contest, America throws a karaoke party for those who aren’t eligible.

51. America plays all brass instruments well

If you want any of them as an individual post, just ask.