under the gum tree

Today I felt..Peace
We drove to a beach with our coffee’s and stood on the Jetty watching as people walked by and played games on the grass. The atmosphere was good and it might have been perfect if I was there camping with friends. In my heart i felt at peace and i wanted to stay longer as the soft sky fell in line with my pink cheeks. The wind blew past as if it was playing tag with the leaves in the trees or laughing husky laughter. I wanted to walk for ages but the person i was with didn’t want that sort of roaming desire as I. So we stayed put under the gum trees with the Ibis birds stalking around eyeing us. Today i felt.. Beautiful. I didn’t feel like a nervous wreck worrying about what i looked like or if my hair was messy. I just felt beautiful and last of all. I felt carefree and tired.


To Feel. ©

capsbabygirl-deactivated2016051  asked:

Today I discovered the impossible, I was cleaning out my great grandmothers fridge and found moldy vegemite. I thought vegemite lived forever, what about you ???

Well shit.

Check your dates guys, apparently Vegemite isn’t immortal.

We hope you had a little funeral for that honourable Vegemite. Bury it under a gum tree. Make a little wattle wreath or something else disgustingly Australian.

RIP, Vegemite.