under the dome

The Signs As Stephen King Novels

Aries: The Shining

Taurus: Cujo

Gemini: The Dark Half

Cancer: Misery

Leo: Bag of Bones

Virgo: Dreamcatcher

Libra: The Dead Zone

Scorpio: IT

Sagittarius: Insomnia

Capricorn: Under the Dome

Aquarius: Needful Things

Pisces: Carrie


I hate to be the person that’s like, ‘Well, if she was a man…’ Because I do think it’s important that we understand that everyone has roadblocks in the world regardless of age, gender, sexuality, whatever it is. Everyone’s got a roadblock and I think you have to barrel through it. I don’t know. It’s a good question. I think in general, when there’s a person of power or confidence or there’s a force — that person tends to absorb all the energy in the room. And that can be a little threatening to anyone, regardless of gender or age or whatever.

Naaah I don’t need help, I am just obsessed, There is no problem in that.