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Youngjae's hair isn't blond anymore :'(

My dear anon,

It’s true!!! Youngjae’s hair was colored darker before the Meet Me Under the Moonlight fanmeeting!!

To be honest, I would have liked a little bit longer with his his stunning strawberry blond hair…

Originally posted by jypnior

But the darker hair he has now looks so nice on him too!! He looks so soft and handsome and gorgeous!!! 

It also makes me happy that a lot of the pictures so far make it seem like the color still has some hints of the strawberry color because I’ve been loving those pink/peach tones on him so very much!! And he’s still over here stealing my breath with how flawless he is…

Ahh, even though I was loving the whole blond!Jae concept, this new hair is still so nice…

And Choi Youngjae is still ruining me with his perfect visuals!!!


Human SmaugLock drawing by brilcrist

Fandom: The Hobbit

Pairing: Human!Smaug x Reader


Word Count: 2,430 :*

Notes: Completed request for inner-storm :). Human!Smaug is so beautiful, like why is that not a thing? This is a little different from what I usually do, but I had fun writing it. :) I hope you guys enjoy it. <3

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the signs november aesthetic/idk

aries: the color red, bonfires, marshmallows, screaming at the top of your lungs, jumping, laughing, staying up late

taurus: coffee & ciggerettes in the early morning, swimming in a lake, walking through the forest, coming home to a fresh home cooked dinner

gemini: leaves crunching beneath toes, scarves, boots, holiday gossip, wondering what hes thinking, the color orange

cancer: thanksgiving family meal, stuffing, big eyes, happy thoughts, smiles, the smell of bonfires coming through the windows

leo: yellow apples, yellow leaves, the feeling of the warm sun beaming down on a freezing afternoon, a breeze by the fire, flowing hair, running till your lungs hurt

virgo: reading, drinking organic herbal tea by a river on a mountain, observing the birds behavior as they dart from tree to tree, being fascinated by simple things

libra: dark green, cranberries, expressing thoughts about thanksgiving and the indians, talking to younger family members, helping cook the meals

scorpio: dark red or black in color, staying up all night, sneaking out in the cold, only staying for part of the thanksgiving dinner, playing detective

sagittarius: longing to travel to a beautiful color-changing forest, staring into the sky, breathing deeply, the color dark purple

capricorn: loud and endless laughter, cold rain, leaves falling, swingsets, carnivals, the color amber

aquarius: getting lost (physically/mentally) wishing to be somewhere else, feeling numb but content, the colors purple and deep yellow, feeling out of place, hungry

pisces: tending to peoples needs during dinner, the color baby blue, being wrapped in a blanket under the moonlight, drinking spring water, eating soup, endless smiling

Wish you knew...

Prompt were Emma finds out she’s pregnant sometime in season 5. Angsty at the most part but cute and fluffy in the end. Hope you like it!!

Also on Wattpad and “Captain Swan ~ One Shots” by iwafy97


She felt the dreamcatcher burning her hands and let it fall to the floor. She shouldn’t do this. Staying hidden and crying wouldn’t help her. But she didn’t know what else to do. She was all alone, with everyone considering her as a villain and without knowing what to do. She’d thought that seeing Killian strong and alive would be enough. She’d even hoped that he would agree to be with her, no matter the darkness. But she was obviously fooling herself. Killian despised the darkness much less when it was inside the woman he loved.

You will always lose the ones you love the most.

Gold’s words came back to her mind and she waved her hand delicately. A small object appeared in her palm and for a while, she denied to look at it.

“Congratulations, dearie.”

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All Night Long [part ii]

here is part two of All Night Long. It was supposed to be the last installment, but i got carried away and lost track of how long it was. So now, yall get THREE PARTS hooo yis.

Pairing: Peter Parker x reader

Word Count: around 1.1k

Warnings: blood, mention of torture, and Peter. he is a warning. proceed at your own risk

“All Night Long” [part ii]

part i

part iii

Thankfully, Steve and Sam decided to accompany you on the trip, saying that it was dangerous to send two hormonal, impulsive teenagers to a HYDRA base alone.This wasn’t completely false: it was stupidly dangerous. But the true reason why was because of the unspoken beef between you and Peter. Steve had felt bad for you, after you spilled the beans about your tragic break-up. So he convinced Sam to come with him, on the grounds that Steve was an awful babysitter and needed Sam’s expertise. What a load of bullshit. But still, you were grateful. Now the trip there wouldn’t be agonizingly horrendous. Again, you thought it wouldn’t be bad. And again, you were proved wrong by the universe.

“Peter, I fucking told you not to eat in the plane!” you shouted, shaking off the spilled milk and cereal off your suit. “Where the hell do you even put the damn milk in this godforsaken jet?”

“Get of my back, (Y/n)! You’re just mad that you can’t even handle your own fucking emotions.” He glared back at you, but his stare faltered when he saw that he had sparked something that he should’ve left alone. “Shit.” He knew what he had started.

You let everything burst like a fucking dam. All the miserable memories of you crying over him, your furious yelling about him, and the empty moments you wished you had spent with him, all of it.

“How fucking dare you?! Who was the fucking person to go whore-ing around my back? At a party that I invited them to? Huh, Peter? How about you fucking handle that?” you spit caustically. Your eyes blurred and your head spun with adrenaline, finally feeling free of all the burdens by bellowing like an animal. But just when you were feeling strong and in control, your eyes threatened to release the tears. Pushing your hair back, you continued with an unsteady voice. “I don’t give a shit if you eat your cereal here, just don’t get it on me.” You pursed your lips and got up to leave the seat. You needed to be alone. And thank god the jet was big enough to house twenty horses.

In the midst of it all, Steve and Sam shared wide-eyed glances, exchanging words with looks.

Holy shit, did you know about this? Sam asks.

Yeah, but I didn’t know it was this bad, Steve stares back with a shrug.

Damn, thank the lord we didn’t send these two by themselves. They would’ve killed each other before HYDRA even had a chance to touch them.

Laying in the small cot in the back of the jet, you listened to the hum of the engines. The whirring acted as white noise, calming you as if you were some infant who wouldn’t fall asleep. Reflecting on your words and emotions, you let yourself be washed over with thoughts. Was Peter right? Were you still unable to organize your feelings regarding Peter? You thought you had just gotten rid of them, that there was nothing to ‘handle’, but maybe there was still some things left…maybe everything was still left. Fuck. You brained reeled back into the memory of that night. Him smiling under the midnight sky, the moonlight coloring the darkness, the tears that burned your eyes, the lies that broke your heart. Everything came flooding back and left your scar feeling fresh and re-opened. It still haunted you. He had tried to explain to you that night, but you had refused to listen. Had that been a mistake? Was there a reasonable, even a possible, explanation? Perhaps you should’ve been patient and heard him out. Perhaps letting your emotions get the better of you was a mistake. Perhaps you let yourself lose him that night.

Lost in your thoughts, you zoned out. But Sam’s voice brought you back.

“We’re landing in ten minutes. Get ready,” he alerted.

Shaken out of your mind, you nodded and hopped onto your feet, “Thanks Sam.”

Instead of leaving, Sam stepped hesitantly to your side and placed a hand on your shoulder. “If you ever need someone to talk to, I’m here for you kid. Don’t forget that. It sounded like you had a lot of stuff to steam out,” he smiled jokingly.

You chuckled and nodded, “I know right.” You looked up at him and smiled reassuring, “And thanks.”

“Eight minutes,” Steve called out from the front of the jet.

“Better get ready,” you sighed. Sam walked out, closing the door behind him.

All you could hear was your own breath, quick but steady. You had your hands up in a defensive position. The floor you were on was cleared by Peter, reporting through the coms that there was no one here. But Steve had heard footsteps and sent you to check. Energy flowed from your fingertips, crackling with a small flame in one hand and water flowing naturally in the other.


You spun around to see a man in an all-black soldier uniform, a demented grin plastered on his face. It was him. You’d recognize him anywhere.

“Vincent-Dupont,” you growled. Even saying his name sent sparks of pain through your limbs. Reliving the torture you experienced because of him, your body rushed with energy. “It’s good to see you again.”

“As am I, and I’m glad you brought your boyfriend to see you suffer.” His voice was like sour milk, curt and just straight up disgusting. “Oh, excuse me, your ex-boyfriend.”

You heaved at his taunts. He knew just how to anger you. Lifting your arms, you threw flame at him and simultaneously sent shards of ice in his direction. There was no method to your madness, just rage.

Hearing the commotion above, Steve addressed you through the com.

“Where are you? Parker is coming for you right now,” Steve shouted.

You heard The Falcon swooping in the building, searching for you, but you were too busy. Vincent-Dupont had triggered something that you had buried deep inside of your heart and you had let it take control of you. It was fear. It was the vulnerability that you had shown. Now you felt like you had to compensate for your weakness by ending Dupont. Aimlessly and recklessly firing element after element, you made a fatal mistake.

A sharp gasp escaped your lips as you fell to your knees, your hands pressing into your stomach. You felt a warm liquid gush out of you. Exhaling hurt so much that you held your breath as you looked down. A long piece of metal had embedded itself in your ribcage. White took over your vision and the last thing you heard was Peter’s voice.

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“Until we meet again… one of these days… under the pale moonlight.”

The closing illustration of Magic Kaito volume 4, colored by me and without watermark so you could enjoy it to the fullest. However, I would be grateful if you ask me permission before using this colored version in your edits and credit me. Thanks in advance.

Art by Gosho Aoyama

colors by me

Magic Kaito is property of Gosho Aoyama & Shogakukan

She was a Storm

She loves hurricanes
hosting them in her heart
where storms rage

she could peel the skin off the sun
wearing its energy
a cloak against the coldness of heartache

there are days
when her heart pounds with a clap of thunder
where war roars from her soul

like a chameleon changes color
she dances under moonlight
full of possibilities

her hope shines so brightly
not even the stars
recognize her…