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Did you kiss me just to shoot me? (Jason Todd x Reader)

More love for Jason Todd.

Slight Nsfw mentioned.

On a particular boring day of laying in the Wayne Manor Dick burst through the door claiming that a group trip to a laser tagging place would be the best cure. You looked at Tim and shrugged. I guess that’s something to do right? Dick even managed to make Damian come along, but he didn’t understand why shooting rays of light at each other in a dark place was enjoyable.

-“Just think of it as stealth training.” You ruffled his hair after he put on his jacket.

-“I guess it could be seen that way.” Damian mumbled to himself.

Dick came back with a slight frown.

-“Jason says he doesn’t want to come.”

-“Good.” Damian replied.

You poked Damian in the cheek.

-“What no? That’s not good, Are you afraid he’ll beat you?” You teased.

-“No, I would beat him.”

-“Well lets see about that.”

You quickly jogged to were Jason was lounging on the couch. His eyes quickly met yours, but went back to the tv soon after. If you had to be honest with yourself you had an admiration towards Jason. Tim told you some things about Jason, the good and the bad. Damian told you every flaw Jason ever had. He didn’t seem that bad to you. Maybe he was considered the black sheep of the family, but ultimately he’s doing what he thinks is best. So whenever he came over the Manor you always tried to talk to him. Realizing that typical normal interactions wouldn’t work with him you tried a different approach. It was considered flirty but it always worked. Sometime you grabbed his hand out of nowhere and wouldn’t le go until he talked to you.

-“Jason.” You asked intently, both your hands holding his.


-“What’s your favorite color?”

You would be lying if you said you only touched Jason just to get questions out of him. His hand was warm and you loved the look he gave you when you touched him. It was a combination of curiosity and composure. One time he subconsciously licked his lips making direct eye contact with you. Embarrassed you awkwardly looked to his hands and continued talking. By doing this you didn’t see the smirk on his face.

You sat down on the couch next to Jason. A little too close for him Jason thought. He could feel the warmth of your body when your leaning against him.



-“You need to go Laser tagging with us.”




You dramatically sighed and laid your head on his lap. Jason tensed up when you did this. You head was lying way to close to places it shouldn’t be… yet. He noticed how your lips moved when you tried to convince him to go. He zoned out when your head tilted towards his stomach.

-“I’ll go.” Jason said suddenly.

-“Awesome!” You got up and pulled his arm to the door.

Whoever decided that laser tagging would be a fun game. It wasn’t. Jason was nowhere to be seen yet he had the highest score currently in the game. Trained vigilantes has nothing against this sharp shooter. All of you decided that whoever scored on Jason first was the winner.

It was pitch black except for the occasional neon lights and blaring music. You decided to walk on the edge of the game setup. You knew the rest of the boys were searching in the middle. You zoned out looking at the clock. 2 minutes left and still no Jason. Your head in the clocks you didn’t realize a figure crouching down until you tripped and landed on top of it. A low grunt was heard, but no reply was said. You knew who it was, his hands were on your hips.

-“I guess I fell for you Jason.”


There was a silence before Jason slowly moved one of his hands to your head. He gently pulled your head down to meet his lips halfway. After the first kiss he switched positions so that you were on the bottom The first kisses were slow and sensual, but as he continued it became more deep and passionate. You sighed into the kiss showing pleasure that Jason took really well. He slowly lead your hand under his shirt.

You see the clock it read 10 seconds. While you really enjoyed what was happening, your mind was foggy with feel good thoughts. You glanced at your laser gun near Jason’s knees.

4 seconds.

You pulled Jason into a deep kiss while you grabbed the laser gun.




You heard Dick groan in the setup and Damian yell with defeat. Your score had one red tick against it, signifying that Jason’s chest piece got shot. Jason looked down at you.

-“Did you kiss me just so you can shoot me?”

-“Well that wasn’t the plan, but the offer was to tempting.”

You quickly got up brushing the dirt from your pants. Jason followed taking your hand in his.

-“The kiss or scoring on me?”



Request: I’m always a sucker for Bucky x reader fluff so I was wondering if I could request the reader have a panic attack, and Bucky helps them with the “5 things to do during a panic attack” “Look around you. Find 5 things you can see, 4 things you can touch, 3 things you can hear, 2 things you can smell, and one thing you can taste.” thank you!

Bucky X Reader

Word Count: 1955

Warnings: Mentions of anxiety, reader having a panic attack. 

A/N: WELL. I FINALLY finished this request!! I am SO SO sorry this took so freaking long!! I really hope that it was worth the wait!! Great title I know.. Thank you for all of your patience everybody!! I started working on the next parts for Arsonist’s Lullaby and This Means War but they still may take a bit! xo

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sugar ❖ sehun (2)

The color red remembered you that your body craved for him, no matter how old and how related to your best friend he was.

admin : - velvet
genre : fluff, smut (in later parts), pretty huge age gap, kinda daddyish, ceo!sehun, angst

(gif not mine, cr to the owner)

Part 1 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Epilogue

Jump in❞ Sehun told you when you followed him out of the house and into the back garage. Outside the dark sky was already taking over everything, the lampposts outside Mina’s house were slowly switching on and your heart was beating way too fast.

Mr Oh looked heavenly while he sat in his grey 612 Scaglietti, meanwhile you salivated just watching the car. Of course you’ve seen sport cars, but this - this was you sitting inside of it, this was out of anything you dreamed about.

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pairing: Steve Rogers x reader

summary: you live across the hall from Captain America, but you never really talk to him. When you find a giant spider in the bathroom, that all changes. 

warnings: big spider

Friday had finally come to a close, and you were relieved to be able to take your shoes off by the front door of your apartment. The clock under the tv read that it was only 9:20 pm, so you decided to have a glass of wine before settling in bed. It didn’t take long for you to down the whole glass, especially since your day consisted of your boss making rude remarks and low-tipping customers. Your eyes began to droop, and you decided it was time to find your way under the sheets. But low and behold, the moment you were finally comfy your bladder decided it was party time. After a few curses, you got up from the little burrow you’d made in the bed. You flicked on the bathroom light, and squinted momentarily.

A giant black spot on the wall made you stop in your tracks. You grimaced as you recognized the spot to be a spider, and it seemed to be staring back at you with it’s many eyes. Putting a hand on your mouth, you attempted to prevent a scream from ringing out across the apartment complex.

Being an independant woman was something you were used to from living in the city for so long, but your nerves were shot as of late. There was no way you were getting close to that damn thing, not just because spiders are gross, but you didn’t know if it was venomous or how fast it would be. The idea of running to a neighbor seemed childish, however, your neighbor wasn’t just some random citizen of New York. You’d only seen him in the hall a few times, and he was nice enough to ask you how your day was going, and even bring you a few misplaced packages. Maybe he’d help you in this dire situation of getting that damn spider off the wall. Not only that, but he would probably get a kick out of it as well. After practically running out of the apartment you called home, you knocked on the door across the hall from yours.

A deep voice rumbled from behind the door with a slight accent, “Who is it?”

You coughed, trying to rid your voice of any shakiness, “It’s your neighbor, Y/n,” The man was silent behind the door, “I need some help with a slight emergency.” There was a few moments of silence, and then you heard the chain being dragged away from the lock behind your neighbors door. The man who opened the door had an unfamiliar face, and he squinted his eyes at you. You’d only ever seen Steve going into the apartment, so you were about to walk away in fear him not being home.

Then, he quickly yelled over his shoulder but still managed to keep his eyes on you, “Steve, some short girl is here!” You smiled at the light jab, since it was obvious he was playing around. While he stood in front of you waiting for Steve, he pulled his long brown hair into a loose bun.

Captain America came into view from one of the rooms down the hall, and the man with long hair moved out of the way, “Can I help you?” He looked down at you with worry, and you knew you were in good hands. Even with a look of concern on his face, Steve looked as handsome as could be.

Instead of explaining how stressful of a week you had, you cut straight to the point, “I know you don’t really know me, but I have a really big spider in my bathroom.” You pleaded, “Can you please kill it for me?” A pathetic smile lifted your cheeks. Who else could say they asked Captain America to kill a spider for them? But it’s not like you were being dramatic considering the arachnid was bigger than your fist.

Steve bit back a laugh and nodded his head, “Sure, show me the way.” He took a step out of his apartment, and then added, “Oh, and please call me Steve.” The man with long hair was right behind him the whole time Steve was speaking to you at the front door, and finally waved the two of you off as you walked back across the hall. The whole situation made you giggle, you’d never spoken to Steve before, but here you are asking him to kill a spider in your apartment. Walking into your apartment you suddenly realized that it was a hot mess, so you immediately jumped to apologize and tried to explain that you were barely ever home. Steve just laughed and said, “Don’t worry, Bucky makes more of a mess than you do.”

You pointed through your room, with a shaky grin, “Okay, the bathroom is to the left, and the spider should be on the wall straight ahead when you walk in.”

Steve took a few quick strides towards the bathroom, and not even a half of a minute later you heard the toilet flushing. He came back out of your room, and smiled as he entered the living room, “The threat is gone.” His hands rested at his hips.

With a little shake of your head, you sighed, “Thank you Steve, hopefully I can sleep tonight and then enjoy my day off Sunday from this crappy place.” You could tell Steve was trying to look you up and down with each nod of his head, so you simply explained that you were a waitress and that your boss had been a dick as of late.

“Maybe I’ll stop in one day, shake your boss up a little.” Steve charmingly smiled, “If you need anything else or want to go get coffee or something, here’s my number.” He grabbed a marker, and wrote on the mini whiteboard on your fridge. Your heart was pounding a million miles every second as he closed your apartment door on the way back to his own. It felt like you’d just been thrown for a loop, but for some reason you were undeniably excited.

This was only the beginning for you and Captain America.

Some Kagami love for study de-stress. Slight MadaTobi. Kagami is 13-14 here.


When Madara and his apprentice finishes training late, it makes sense for him to offer Kagami dinner and the spare room. This happens the next day, and the next. Until it becomes more intuitive to poke his head into the spare room than send a messenger cat off when trying to find his wayward apprentice.

He knew Kagami stayed with his cousins – he had lost his parents a long time ago, and clan members are duty-bound to adopt orphaned children. Madara also knew that Kagami was cordial, at best, with his adopted family.

Not that there was any bad blood, no. It’s hard to find anyone that dislikes Kagami. It’s just what it is; duty. And duty can be done without any deeper ties.

Madara doesn’t mind. Kagami is talkative, cheerful and eager to please. The latter is what really appeals to Madara. After years of Izuna’s affectionate insubordinance, a puppy kind of obedience makes him want to cackle with glee.

Even Izuna is happy to allow Kagami to slip into their tight knitted circle. Without hesitation, Izuna slid into the role of older-brother with an ebullience that surprises Madara.

A small part of Madara acknowledges that it’s probably because Izuna’s never had a chance to be a big brother to their own little brothers. It’s clear that Izuna enjoys making up for lost time.

Kagami is chūnin now; he works at the Police Station under Madara to clock in his community service hours, before finding Tobirama and helping him with his new band of genin. Then he usually meets up with Madara again, and they train together before crashing back home. It’s more efficient this way.

So he doesn’t really notice when extra clothes began accumulating in one of his guest rooms. Then books, and weapons. He doesn’t notice the extra pair of house slippers until he trips on them. And when he does trip over them, Madara only blinks his bleary eyes for a second, before barking at Kagami to put them at their proper place when he’s not using them.

He does notice that Kagami likes to hang out in the same room as Izuna and Madara. All three of them would do completely different things, but it never felt intrusive.

For someone who is lauded to be one of the most proficient users of the Sharingan, Madara can be pretty unobservant

There’s their household chore wheel. Normally divided in half, it disappeared one day, only to reappear divided into thirds with a new name written on it. It was also decorated with cat stickers in its new reincarnated form.

There’s his tendency to accept anything Kagami tries to hand him without looking.

One time, Kagami handed him a form instead of a police report.

“Sign, please? I want to open my own private bank account,” inform Kagami. “I’m technically still a child, since I’m under sixteen, so I need a supervisor’s signature.”

Sounds reasonable to Madara. He didn’t even blink twice before he signed the form for him.

If Madara had to peg the moment he started noticing, it would be when he realised that his lunch was edible. Actually, it was more than that. It was delicious.

“Huh.” Madara chews on his onigiri, pleasantly surprised. He offered some to Tobirama, who’s going through his own stack of papers across the expansive desk from him, to see if his tongue is playing tricks with him. Tobirama hums, and said it’s a lot better than what he usually packs.

Which is true. As siblings, Madara and Izuna can act as a study of opposites. Madara often  gets impatient and under-seasons his food. Izuna tends to get bored and starts experimenting.

No one comes out at the end of their lunch break a winner.

Then there’s the hospital incident, where Kagam broke arm badly and needed a cast on top of chakra healing. He couldn’t check out without his guardian filling in his discharge form, so a messenger was sent to Madara’s office.

When the receptionist told Madara this, he is absolutely baffled. “Guardian, as in parental guardian?” asks Madara.

“Yes, Uchiha-sama,” the receptionist replies. “He’s jotted you down as his parental guardian.”

“Huh.” Madara takes a moment for the news to register. Then he signs the discharge forms, before entering the room where Kagami sits to sort it all out.

As soon as he steps inside, Madara asks, “Do you want to be formally adopted into our family?”

“Yes!” Kagami blurts out, then flushes. “Ah, was that too desperate? I mean, yes, Shishou.” Kagami coughs and sits up straighter. “I’d very much like that.”

And it turns out, Kagami carries spare adoption papers in his flak jacket. Madara can’t help it. He chuckles before ruffling the boy’s already messy hair. “Don’t tell Izuna this,” Madara teases, “but you’re already my favourite.”


Izuna is lured in the kitchen by the delicious smell wafting from their wok. There Madara stands beside Kagami, Madara stirring the wok with his chopsticks while Kagami beside him throws in a handful of spices into the pan.

“Ooh,” Izuna sings. “That smells delicious! What’s the special occasion?”

Kagami turns around grinning. “I’m officially adopted into the family!”

Both of Izuna’s eyebrows rises up to his hairline. “You mean you weren’t before?”

“Nope,” confirms Kagami exuberantly.

Izuna laughs. “Really, brother? You adopt a stray kid by bringing him home, and you don’t even notice it until – when was it? I completely forgot. Kagami-chan, how long has it been now?”

“Four months,” informs Kagami. “Four awesome months.”

Madara grimaces. “Hush, you two. I’ve been busy, okay. And don’t look at me like that, Kagami.“

“Like what, Shishou?”

“Like there are stars trying to burst out of your eyes.” Madara narrows his eyes at him. “Like I’m your hero.”

“But you are my hero, my idol, my role model” defends Kagami. “Sensei told me it’s good to have a role model – and you’re everything I aspire to be in life. You’re even dating sensei!”

“What?” asks Madara.

“What?” asks Kagami, all doe eyes and innocence.

“Holy shit,” Madara mouths without sound.

“Rude. I am right here, you know,” Izuna reminds them. He levels a chopstick towards Kagami. “I’m much better role model material. Brother only wishes to be half as charismatic as I am, and it wouldn’t have taken me a gazillion years to notice that I’ve been dating Tobirama for these past couple of weeks.”

Madara is  mumbling quietly. “All those times we had dinner, and lunch, and the walks, and after work drinks – Tobirama and I have been dating and I haven’t noticed? How am I still alive? How has Tobirama not killed me yet?”

Helpful as ever, Kagami is elated to answer. “Oh! There’s a betting pool as to how long it’ll take you to realise and sensei himself even has money for – uh, I mean–” Kagami cuts off abruptly at Izuna’s rapid throat cutting motions, “–oh no! I think our stir fry’s burning! Better stir it very vigorously, Shishou–”

Madara flicks Kagami on the back of his head, because his apprentice is as transparent as glass. Izuna snickers madly while Kagami squawks. “Nice try. Izuna, you are such a bad influence. And you, Kagami, you’re telling me all about this betting pool after we finish. And Tobirama’s too old for you. Find someone younger to crush on.”

Kagami pokes his tongue out at him, and Madara rolls his eyes.

Now that he notices how easily Kagami fits into his family, he can’t help but smile. He could get used to this.

James x Reader / Holiday

This is just an idea for a James series, tell me if ya’ll like it and I’ll try to move it forward. Also it isn’t edited very well because I wrote it on mobile so bear with me…

You had been crying when the owl arrived, gliding to your sill and sticking out it’s leg absurdly, waiting for you to remove the coiled piece of parchment coated on all sides by the easily recognizable script of Sirius Black.

Ignoring the sounds of your parents yelling in the back garden you clumsily wipe the streaks of salt that had been subsequently corroding your cheeks, fumbling with the letter until you’ve got it unrolled.

Hey arse cheek!

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Alexander Nylander - Permission Part Three

Originally posted by nylanderhoe


Word Count: 2348

Warnings: None? Maybe. Not sure.

Part One / Part Two / Part Three / Part Four / Part Five / Part Six / Part Seven / Part Eight / Part Nine / Part Ten

Not a day passed where Alex didn’t call or text you. He was just as excited for this relationship as you were. You didn’t know if you would eventually end up dating or not, but, you enjoyed this new step you guys took. He’s always shown that he has cared. Now is different though. Now, he holds nothing back. He wants you and he lets you know it.

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Shelter From The Storm

pairing: steve rogers x reader

summary: steve is heading home from tony’s beach house and it starts to storm, so he stops at your house for the night. you’re shocked that an avenger is at your house, but you and steve have a special connection. 

warnings: none

The wind was already beginning to howl, and you peeked out the front window to catch a flash of lightning streaking across the sky. Everything on the island was temporarily illuminated by the flash, and you saw a car approaching the front of your house. There were a few other houses on the block, but they were the same size as your little beach abode. You and the house had survived a few hurricanes together already, so this was nothing. What sounded like a car door out front alerted you, but you couldn’t tell if it was something hitting the house or an actual door. Before you could wonder any longer, there were three solid raps on the wooden front door. All you could think about was the fact that no one should’ve been out in the storm, so your heart skipped a beat when you turned the knob to see who was behind the door.

A shivering Steve Rogers stood on your doorstep, “Ma'am, can I please come in?”

There wasn’t a bone in your body that could say no to this man, he’s Captain America! So you ushered him inside quickly before the storm could take anymore of a toll on him, and closed the door behind him. You were shocked more than anything, and you couldn’t keep your thoughts straight as you went over to the closet that held the towels. After retrieving some of your softer towels, you walked back over to Steve who was awkwardly standing on the mat by the front door. Never in your life did you think that you would meet any of the Avengers, let alone Captain Spangle Pants himself.

“You can take off your shoes and get comfy, you’re going to be here for a while.” You handed over the towel and introduced yourself, “I am y/n by the way, it’s nice to meet you.”

“I’m Steve, judging by the look on your face when you opened the door you already know that.” He chuckled, and explained why he was there, “I was down here for the afternoon, since Stark has a house a couple blocks down.” Steve continued on, and said that once the rain started the island became a maze. Your house was one of the few that still had lights on, so he came running to your doorstep. Out of curiosity, you asked him about where the hell Stark’s mansion was. When he explained how he normally got there from the mainland, you realized that it was on the mansion side of the island. You rarely ever ventured over there unless a friend was throwing a party, but you knew that Iron Man would fit right in over there.

Steve made himself comfortable on the couch, and he seemed to have warmed up some. The cold rain was still pouring down outside, and you did another round of the house to make sure it wasn’t coming in any of the windows. You looked at the clock under the tv, it was already 10:03 pm. Despite being as tired as a dog from working all day long, there was something inside telling you to stay up and to just have this experience.

After plopping down onto the love-seat next to the couch where Cap was seated, you leaned on your hand and smiled, “So, tell me about yourself, Mr. Rogers.”

He seemed surprised you asked him, but he looked at the ceiling as he answered, “There’s not much that isn’t on the news anymore-” His voice was a little sad as he spoke those words, but it was true to the fullest extent.

“I mean what are your interests, what are your friends like… Stuff I wouldn’t hear from a tv ‘Steve Rogers’.” You cut him off, and he smiled with intrigue. The experience of having an Avenger seeking refuge in your house wasn’t ever going to happen again, and you figured you would take advantage of it.

He wasn’t used to people genuinely seeing him and not just the hero they play him up to be on the tv. Steve pulled the towel a little tighter around his shoulders, and said softly, “I love to paint and draw, plus getting to design the new suits is always fun.” Another smile. “How about you, Y/n?” The way your name sounded on Steve’s lips was like music to your ears.

Through the next two hours, both of you talked about your pasts, and what you wanted for your futures. Steve talked a lot about his super friends, and they all seemed like amazing people. The storm was still raging on into the midnight hours, but you were so into the conversation with him that you couldn’t tear your eyes or ears away from the blonde. You had gotten up a few times to get some snacks, and another towel for Steve and then the conversations carried on. Soon enough the sun was beginning to shine through the window facing the ocean, and it caught your eye.

“Shit, I have work!” you exclaimed, the clock under the tv showed it was 6:04 AM. Immediately you were on your feet, looking out the windows on the front of the house. The storm must’ve stopped a while before, but you and Steve had been so into talking and watching tv that you didn’t notice the wind and rain stop. He was already on his feet, stretching and getting ready to leave your house. It was a shame that it was over, but your job wouldn’t allow you to take anymore time off. You scribbled your number down on a small piece of paper, and put it into Steve’s hand. “Call me if you’re ever in the area again, or just want to chat.” Steve couldn’t help but blush as you handed him your number, and the two of you quickly made your way out of the house.


Work sucked, but what sucked even more was coming home to no Steve Rogers. It was around 7pm, and you were trying to find busy work by cleaning to distract you from thinking about the super soldier. You knew that it was a once in a lifetime thing, so why were you so upset about him being gone? Although you’d given him your number, he hadn’t texted or anything, so it was just something you had decided to accept. The sun was finally all the way down past the horizon, and you decided it was time to settle in for the night. There were a few things left on your dvr and you got to work on them. About 20 minutes into your shows, there was a knock at the front door. Nobody was supposed to be dropping by, so you were on your feet and at the door in a second. You opened the door cautiously since nobody was expected that night.

Steve Rogers was standing there, hands in his pockets and a smile on his face. “I know this is sudden,” he scratched the back of his neck, “But would you like to go on a date with me? I feel like I owe you that, considering I kept you up all night and ate all your snacks.” He started to ramble on, which made him look even more cute to you in that surprising moment.

Your heart nearly leapt out of your chest, and you nodded your head as you cut him off, “I would love to.”

The Devil’s Toy Box

by reddit user MrClarenceWorley

“The Devil’s Toy Box” is an urban legend that savvier horror fans will recognize as the inspiration for the infamous Lament Configuration from Clive Barker’s seminal Hellraiser series. Though in reality the titular “box” is not a toy at all but rather a small room where the floor, the ceiling, and the walls are each composed of one giant mirror.

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Keep it or Leave it (Part 2)

Prompt: When an early bird and a womanizer are roommates, they come up with a scheme that favors both of them. But some things are not as clear as they seem

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: None that I know of…
*If you do feel triggered by something else, let me know so I can add here and warn other readers!

Word Count: 960

Author’s Note: I’m on a roll!! Part 3 will probably come soon too haha
As always, if you see any words that could/should be replaced or sentences that could be better put together please feel free to point it out! English is not my first language and this will help me improve ;)

My MasterlistPart 1 Part 2 Part 3

Originally posted by little--batman

You slowly opened your eyes, becoming familiar with your room while sleep was still overcoming you.

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My Teeth Are Like Swords

Summary: Because I like the irony of Tim Drake being a fire-breathing Drake too much…

Tim waits under the huge clock at City Hall for midnight. He doesn’t know why all city halls like to sport a giant clock like it’s all the rage, but whatever. It seems like the best place for a bit of melodrama. (Besides, he’s taken tips from the best drama queen cough starts with a ‘B’ and rhymes with juice cough). The hand strikes the top and the clock booms, each gong vibrating his body underneath the clock face and finally—finally—Tim turns eighteen.

And Tim Drake Wayne gets what he’s been waiting for.

Sparks crackle under his tongue as his pupils narrow for a moment to take in the stars through the miles of smog. His skin ripples impatiently as his mother’s magic bubbles up and wakes in his bones at last. Finally, he thinks rubbing his chest at the fire that freaking hurts thank you very much right under his sternum. That’s gonna take awhile to get used to. Finally, he smiles when he looks down his shirt to see the muted glow flickering in time with his heartbeat. Ready to burn when necessary.

It’s beyond totally rad.

Awaking his inner core is like being Robin for the first time again. Where everything is brand new: the sights, the smells, even the air tastes fresh with chemicals Tim can only begin to decipher coating his roof of his mouth. His heart beats hard at how exciting and dangerous it all is, just enough to make normal people run away screaming.

But then again when has he ever been normal?

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