under the brooklyn bridge

Literature Versus Traffic. A site intervention of 800 illuminated books was installed under the Brooklyn bridge in water street, New York. Armed with the intention that literature should seize the streets and overtake public spaces, spanish designers [luzinterruptus] randomly placed these literary objects in such a way so that people were able to walk among them easily, stop to look at them and even read them. © gustavo sanabria

Under the Brooklyn Bridge

Peter Parker x Reader

Warnings: none that I can think of

Word Count: 801

Requested by: crazyfangirl345

Author: imaginesoftheuniverse

Notes: I suck at titles so bare with me please.

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You had a pile of homework to do and you ditch it for a late night meet up underneath the Brooklyn Bridge. Smart, huh? You were really shooting for your dream college…

But how couldn’t you? As soon as Tony Stark walked into Peter’s life, that was the end of it. You could be friends and make sarcastic quips at one another at school but seeing each other? Nope, couldn’t happen. Steve told you that you had to lay low, which meant breaking things off with Peter. Or, as Sam put it, ‘stop canoodling with the enemy.’

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