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Hey Kat, where can I find these vampires you complain so much about?

xD Currently in my WIP folder and lurking like the 12k beast of pure ridiculousness it is. Have a snippet: 

Rin manages to make it to the safehouse before their takeout can, and Kakashi isn’t sure whether that says more about her or his favorite restaurant, since she lives on the other side of the city and the burger place he ordered from is just down the block.

When he opens the door for her, she’s glowing faintly in the way that says she’s just come from a major working, a light beneath her skin and a universe in her eyes. Kakashi looks at her and wonders how the hell she could walk through the streets, past thousands of regular people, and have them entirely fail to see the magic in her. It’s…bewildering.

Then again, Kakashi has never quite understood how most people manage to miss the supernatural even when it’s blatantly shoved in their faces, so.

“In the bedroom,” he says, even as she breezes past him, dumping her umbrella on the chair beside the door.

“Hello to you too,” Rin says cheerfully, already pushing up her sleeves and digging through her satchel. “I’m fine, thanks. Oh, no, I wasn’t doing anything important, but thanks for asking. Yes, the weather is lovely, but I think it’s going to end up storming tomorrow. No refreshments at the moment, I’m all right.”

“I love that you can take care of the small talk for both of us,” Kakashi tells her. “It must save us so much time.”

Rin rolls her eyes at him. “Aoba was telling me that you don’t even go to Hunter meetings anymore unless they drag you. Are you getting out at all?”

“Aoba spends half his time as high as a kite under the downtown bridge,” Kakashi says dryly, “and the other half hunting.”

“Everyone needs a hobby,” Rin tells him sweetly.

This conversation isn’t going anywhere Kakashi is comfortable with. “I take my dogs out,” he says. “Three times a day.”

“No one is going to approach you when you’re leading eight dogs, Kakashi,” Rin retorts.

That’s kind of the point, Kakashi thinks, but he’s smart enough not to say it. “Vampire victim,” he reminds Rin, and if she doesn’t get off this subject he’s going to throw himself out the window. Rin will probably catch him, but he feels like the action itself will say plenty.

By the look she gives him, Rin can see he’s approaching critical mass, so she rolls her eyes again, dusts off her hands, and says smartly, “Well?”

Kakashi steps over Guruko as he leads her down the hall, squeezes past Bull, and whistles softly to stir Ūhei, who picks up his head and pricks his ears, but doesn’t move from where he’s completely blocking the bedroom door. He took it as a personal slight when Kakashi dragged him out to let Obito rest, and it looks like he’s just waiting for the moment Kakashi glances away for long enough to try the latch.

Sometimes, Kakashi deeply regrets teaching his dogs how to open doors. More often than he doesn’t, really.

Rin, of course, either doesn’t notice or doesn’t care about the sulking basenji in front of the door. She pushes it open, and before Kakashi can say anything Ūhei eels through the gap. He takes a flying leap towards the bed the moment he’s over the threshold, and Kakashi winces in anticipation of the yell.

Instead, there’s a low groan, and a pale hand reaches up, stroking Ūhei’s ears. “You’re a menace,” Obito says, but he sounds amused more than anything. Ūhei whuffs happily like the traitor he is, tail thumping the mattress, and very pointedly doesn’t look back at Kakashi as he burrows closer to Obito.

Well, Kakashi wasn’t talking to him anyway, so there.

Nick and Judy Go to the Club Ch.1

The time is 6pm and the sun is beginning to set over Zootopia. Officer Judy Hopps is sat at her desk finishing up some paper work, ears drooped back from boredom. It had been a few months since the Night howler incident and she was now a well-respected officer in the ZPD with several medals and commendations for her tireless efforts both in the community and the academy. However, what she was most proud of was her partner. Nicholas P. Wilde, the fox who had helped her on the missing mammal case and Night howler incident.  Nick was intelligent, brave, and excelled at thinking on his paws. He was also a gifted speaker, born with a silver tongue. It was rare that he couldn’t talk himself out of a sticky situation if all else failed.

Judy suddenly realized she had been staring at a picture of Nick she had on her desk. “How long have I been staring at this?” she thought to herself. “He looks so handsome in that officer’s uniform. It defines his body so well, wait! What am I saying?” she snapped herself from her thoughts of Nick. “I really shouldn’t be thinking like that.”  Just then she noticed Nick leaning against the doorframe of her office. “Hey Carrots, thinking like what?”

“Oh Nick!” Judy half yelled as she jumped up in her seat her ears shot straight up now. “It’s nothing, just having some trouble focusing on my paper work is all” she stated with a light chuckle. Nick gave her a slightly confused look. “Well, I have an idea for something to help take your mind off work.” he said. “Oh yeah, and what’s that?” Judy asked. Nick looked at Judy and gave her a playful smirk “Now that would ruin the surprise.” He turned away and looked over his shoulder “Just be ready for me to pick you up by 10 o’clock tonight and wear something comfortable.” he said with that famous sly smile. “Nick!” Judy yelled, but he had already disappeared down the hallway. “What could he have planned for us so late?” she thought to herself before looking back over at the picture of him on her desk. “Sly fox.”  

It was now 9:30pm and night had fallen over Zootopia. Downtown Zootopia which was known for its amazing architecture, takes on a completely new form of beauty once the lights begin to shine. The nocturnal animals are out in this city that never sleeps and now Judy was going to join them. Judy had moved into a slightly larger apartment since her time joining the ZPD, though this did not help her escape her crazy neighbors “Bucky and Pronk” who only a week after her move were now living next to her again. It seems their financial status was like her own. This didn’t bother her though as she didn’t move to escape their racket. She just wanted a roomier place with a private bathroom and that’s what she had now.

Judy stepped out of the shower and grabbed her towel and began to dry herself off. It was white with carrots printed on it. She stepped out of the bathroom and over to the dresser thinking about what to wear. “What should I wear? He told me to dress comfortable but didn’t tell me where we were going, dang it Nick. You also have to try and be so cool and mysterious.” Judy decided to go with a pair of jeans and a black t-shirt that had pink text on it that read, “Don’t call me Cute or else!” Nick had gotten her this shirt as a gift after he joined the academy. It was the first thing he had bought for her and it made her smile. She rarely got an opportunity to wear it so she figured now would be as good a time as any.

Judy looked over at the clock and it was nearly 10 on the dot when she heard a knock at her door. When she opened the door, she was frozen for a moment admiring the fox standing before her. Nick was wearing tight black jeans and a black satin button up shirt that shined like his coat accented with a red tie. Judy had never seen Nick dress this way and was transfixed by how amazing he looked. She heard a faint voice calling her name before snapping out of her stupor and realizing it was Nick. “Hey Carrots you in there?” Nick asked. “Yeah, sorry.” Judy muttered. “So where are we going anyway? You seem to have dressed up quite nicely.” Nick smiled looking down at himself, “Oh this, well for the nightlife I figured a Hawaiian shirt might not be the most appropriate thing to wear.” “Have you considered that it might not ever be an appropriate thing to wear?” Judy scoffed playful as they walked to the taxi waiting outside. “You know I look good in those shirts.” Nick exclaimed as he held the taxi door open for Judy. “Do I know that? Yes, yes I do.”

Nick got into the taxi and looked at the driver, “We’re ready now.” The taxi took off clearly already aware of the destination. Judy looked over at Nick “So you’re still not gunna tell me where we’re going?” Nick looked down at Judy with that sly smile, “Don’t worry Carrots, you’ll find out when we get there. Besides I don’t want to spoil the surprise.” Judy looked out the taxi window admiring the city lights as she was rarely out this late and typically went straight to bed when she got home. “It really is something, isn’t it?” Nick said softly. “Being a nocturnal animal I don’t sleep much so I get to see the city lit up like this every night. That’s why my eyes get so dark sometimes.” Nick pointed at one closed eye that had a slightly purple tint to the lid. “Oh yeah? I always thought you just wore eyeshadow.” Judy said as she playfully elbowed Nick in the side. “Ha ha ha.” Laughed Nick sarcastically. “Very funny Carrots, but this fox doesn’t need makeup. He has an abundance of natural beauty.” Judy couldn’t help but agree with that statement in her head, but said nothing out loud.

Judy watched out the window as the taxi pulled under a bridge on the outskirts of Downtown Zootopia and stopped. “Here ya go fox, that’ll be 15 dollas.” said the taxi driver. Nick handed the driver a 20 and told him to keep the change. Nick got out and once again held the door open for Judy and as the taxi drove away it revealed their destination across the street. A building tucked under the bridge with a line of animals waiting outside and loud music that could clearly be heard from outside. This was obviously a nightclub, but what stood out to Judy was the name of the club in glowing neon lights above the double doors that read “Wilde Times.”

Judy pointed up at the sign, “Nick is that?” “Yup! This is a nightclub that Finnick and I have had planned for years.” Nick interrupted. “And you my dear Carrots get to be my guest of honor at our grand opening.” Nick said as he wrapped his arm around Judy’s. “Nick I’m not really much for the club scene.” Ignoring her protest Nick dragged Judy across the street and into the club waving at the patrons as he entered proudly with his bunny companion. “So how about we have a few drinks first?” Nick suggested as he walked Judy to the bar where Finnick was serving drinks.

“Finnick my main fox mammal!” Nick exclaimed as he walked up to the bar with Judy before taking a seat. “How are ya buddy?” Finnick smiled at Nick “Good, I’m happy we finally got this place up and running after all these years of planning and hard work.” “You mean hustling?” Judy said with a smirk. Finnick stared down Judy “Hmph, so how’d you get fluff butt down here?” Nick smiled and laughed, “Easy Finnick, I actually didn’t tell her where we were going. It was a surprise.” Finnick chuckled at this and asked them what’ll they have? “I’ll just have carrot juice please.” said Judy. “Gimmie a glass of our finest bourbon my dear Finnick!” shouted Nick. Finnick brought them their drinks and then poured himself a shot. The three toasted to a successful business and the start of an exciting night!     

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Since this guy wasn’t wearing a polo or a scarf, I’mma just assume it was one of those drug dealers who live under 8th St. Bridge downtown and move on with my life. You people get way too freaked out over nothin’.

Now that my favorite holiday is over (Cinco De Drinko), I gotta look forward to the next best one coming up: 4th of July. AKA: Day you get to blow shit up and the cops can’t get mad ‘cos it’s for America. Who’s in on pitching in for fireworks this year? I already talked the guy who owns the lot for the big field on West Main and he said we could totally set some off there this year.

Norman Reedus interview for Hobo Magazine by Shawn Dogimont

“My buddy Norman Reedus makes his show The Walking Dead in the woods of Georgia, away from Hollywood. He’s had a unique career path and life in general. With his son Mingus, he sometimes makes me think of Ugami Itto in the manga The Lone Wolf and Cub. If you look, there’s even a theme of apocalyptic justice running through his work. He’s a longtime cult favourite, a really nice guy, and you just root for him in life and on screen. He’s poised for a massive breakout now but still lives in Chinatown. As he says here : « if it’s ever slow acting I’ll just do more art shows. » At the moment he’s doing less.”

Photography & Interview by Shawn Dogimont

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Percy Lyons headed northeast along Main Street. A pair of fishing poles in his grip rattled as a Metro train ran by in the opposite direction. 

As tall buildings eventually gave way to open sky, he began his descent toward the banks of Buffalo Bayou. 

First stop that Saturday morning was to a shaded area under the Milam Street bridge on the outer edge of Downtown Houston’s Historic District. The sound of Lyons’ voice was greeted by the appearance of a tabby cat – then two more.

Jennifer, Pocahontas and Tom are survivors of a pride of feral cats that was culled by flash-floods over the past year. The cats kept Lyons company at a time, not that long ago, when he was homeless. Lyons spent nights on a cot than now lays abandoned under the bridge, where the cats continue to find shelter. 

Lyons makes it a habit to check in whenever he can. The cats recognize his fishing poles – a hearty meal is coming. 

Known in the area as The Fisherman, Lyons grew up in Louisiana. He learned to fish at the age of 5 by his grandmother’s side. After high school, he made his way to Arizona State University, where Lyons studied photojournalism. He later found work in his field. 

Eventually, he ended up in Houston. Then lost his home. Able to draw on his past fishing expertise, he managed to regularly feed both himself and his feline friends. 

Lyons learned that the best fishing after a heavy rain can be found at the confluence of Buffalo Bayou and White Oak Bayou. Situated between the Harris County Jail Facility on N. San Jacinto Street and University of Houston-Downtown, the spot offers an ample supply of catfish and the occasional gar. 

In his homeless days, Lyons used scraps of Popeye’s fried chicken to lure his catch. Wheaties breakfast cereal also worked well. Now, he baits his hooks with bits of hotdog, dipped in fish-fry grease. He stores the latter in an old grape jelly jar. The hotdogs are left out in the sun for a while, which hardens their casing and allows them to stay longer on the hook.

Despite being left-handed, Lyons casts with his right.

He easily fishes two rods at a time. The reels are placed on the ground at Lyons’ feet and watched closely for vibrations and movement. It only takes one cast to pull in the first catfish of the day. The best are about a foot long, Lyons said, calling them “sandwich size.” Those get battered and fired whole, fitting perfectly into a po’boy. 

After reeling in a catch, Lyons grabs the catfish behind the head, careful not to get stung by its whiskers, and dislodges the hook in a single motion. The creature is tossed onto the concrete behind. It flaps around for less than a minute as water drains from its gills, forming a small dark puddle. 

The Fisherman reappears with a yellow nylon rope. He feeds it into the fish’s mouth with the aid of a large rusty nail. An index finger thrust into the gill helps guide the rope through, with a wet gurgle, leaking from the fish.

With the catch now attached to the rope, one end of the line is tied to an anchor in the concrete wall and the fish and the rest of the rope are flung back into the water where they stay, secure, until eating time. 

Every so often, a cast goes to waste by hooking debris that collects in the urban bayou. Lyons cuts his losses and draws a spare hook and lead weigh from a little tin box, then drops in a new line. 

A few cigarettes pulled from a mix-matched pack are consumed in about an hour. Smaller catch will become cat food. 

Jennifer, Pocahontas and Tom know it’s coming. 

 ~Michael Duke, May 21, 2016


One of my mom’s favorites. Lol. I just love Flea :-)