under the blue arch

The Heartless Soldier

Chapter 3: Complicated Soul

Y/N’s POV:

We were so fucking close. “Hey Cal I heard ya calling my-” Pat stops as he sees our bodies close to one another not understanding what’s going on. “Everything good here?” he asks beginning to walk again. “All set here, Pat. I just..uh..needed to have my shoulder checked but Y/N here helped me out so I..uh..better be off now. Goodnight.” Calum stutters out and turns away from me not making any eye contact. He takes his shirt from the end of the bed and walks out into the cold night. So fucking close.

I was still breathless from it all. One second he is an asshole and then the next he wants to kiss me? Ugh. Men and their mind games! “You okay, Love?” Pat asks me. I shake my head slightly and tighten my ponytail. “Yeah. Just tired that’s all.” I respond giving him a soft smile. “It’s late. You should probably get some sleep. We have a busy day tomorrow.” he informs me. “Yes we do.” I answer walking past him. “Sweet dreams!” Pat shouts softly to me. “Night, Pat” I wave and walk back to my room.

I check Johnny’s room and notice he is passed out on his stomach with an open book next to his head. I chuckle lightly to myself and place his favorite blue blanket over him so he doesn’t freeze to death during the night. I shut off his lamp and exit quietly.

 When I make it back to Jen and I’s shared room, she is on the phone with her boyfriend, Greg. She gifts me a soft smile as I walk in. I kick off my shoes and enter the bathroom heading straight for the sink. Splashing cold water on my face doesn’t help the heat rushing throughout my entire body. My fingers shake slightly against the white sink. I look at myself in the mirror and notice the dark blue arched circle under my eyes. I’m so exhausted.

I pat my mouth dry after brushing my teeth and exit the bathroom. I instantly climb into bed more like cot and pull the covers up and over my bare shoulders. I prefer to sleep with a bra and underwear. Wearing clothes to bed just suffocates me and annoys me whenever I toss or turn. “Goodnight, Y/N.” Jen whispers to me still on the phone with Greg. “Night” I whisper back and shut my eyes craving for a good night sleep.

His strong hands grip my waist as he looks into my eyes deeply. “You’ve been so naughty, Princess. Tell me have you been a bad girl?” Calum growls into my ear only taking in my earlobe with his tongue a few seconds after. “Yes..yes I have” I moan out. “Do I have to put you over my knee for your punishment, Darling. Huh?” he groans leaving open mouthed kisses against my neck. “Only if you want to” I giggled pecking his lips once. “Does this feel good?” he asks me.

And that was when it ended. I gasp out sitting up as fast as I could as I hear the morning siren alerting for all the recruits that it was time to rise and shine. A thin line of sweat covered my forehead as I breathe in and out deeply. “Y/N! You okay!? Do you need your inhaler?” Jen asks me hurriedly. “No..no. I’m fine. Just a nightmare” I lie. More like wet dream.

“You sure?” Jen asks again. “Positive. Mind fetching me my scrubs?” I ask her so she can drop the topic. “Sure!” she smiles and hands me my neatly folded uniform. The door bursts open and a smiling Johnny walks in and closes the door behind him. “Johnny! Knock please!” I shout at him. “Oh stop. I’ve seen both of you naked before” he laughs sitting down on my bed as I get dressed. 

“You excited to see all the new hot fresh bait today, Ladies!?” J asks us. “I’m pretty sure you’re the only one who’s excited about that” I smile french braiding my hair in the mirror. “Maybe but aren’t you excited to see what’s his face?” Jen asks me coming out of nowhere. “How do you know about Calum?” Both J and I ask her at the same time. “Oh c’mon you two! I hear everything! I’m like a spy in the bushes and no one sees me but I consume all the information I hear.” Jen says cleaning her glasses.

“To be honest, I don’t know whether that is depressing or scary” J questions himself. “Aw, Jen. I’m sorry for not letting you in on this. I would have you know! But you have been all over the place in the past two days where almost all the drama has happened.” I frowned at her. “No worries, Y/N! It’s all good. Though, I would like to be apart of the trio if you don’t mind?” she asks looking at J and I. “Of course you can! You have been here with us and we were idiots for excluding you” Johnny says getting up to form a group hug. “I’m like James Bond and you two hot foxes are my Bond girls” J says smirking. “Yeah..um..it’s time for breakfast.” I scoff as I pull Jen’s hand behind me as we walk out together in a fit of laughter.

After Breakfast..

Johnny, Jen, Pat, and I were all assigned to be in attendance while some of the units are on their third day of trying to properly run through the obstacle course within a time limit. We literally just stand there and watch but it’s all amusing at the same time. The only thing about this station is that Calum and Michael are assigned here. Of course. It’s only around 7 in the morning and it’s pretty chilly. I wrap my jacket around me as tight as I could and blow air into my cupped hands as I lean against a log post.

I roll my eyes as the only words I can hear is Calum shouting at his men like they were dogs. He is the rudest man I have ever met. I mentally slap myself for almost falling into his trap last night. I knew he didn’t mean any of that. He was just playing his fuck boy game. That is childish to me. Why can’t he be like Michael or Alex? Sweet and caring. Yet, they are strong and brave. They want to watch their men strive and finish strong while Calum wants to watch them trip and fall. I shouldn’t fall for someone like that.

My blood boils of anger as I watch this happen. I can’t take it. My head is pounding and I have to stand up for them. So I do. “Hey!” I shout speed walking towards Calum. His head shoots towards mine. “Stop treating your men like they’re dogs! They are human beings who deserve to be treated with respect! Yes, they are training to become a soldier. Yes, the process is cruel but that doesn’t mean you have to spit and stomp all over them. You are their role model! So act like one!” I let it all out as the frosty air from my mouth floats away.

I could see Calum’s face become red not of embarrassment but anger. The veins in his neck are popping out one by one as his eyes grow dark like they always do. “You have no right to talk to someone like me in that tone of voice, woman!” he growls at me. “Don’t tell me how to do my job and I won’t tell you how to do yours, capeesh?” he adds on. “I told you to stay away from me and now look where you are. Right in front me. Wrong choice, Sweetheart. Now take your fragile body back to where you were standing and glue your ass to the seat before I break you” Calum threatens me as my eye stay wide open.

“Hood! You do not speak to a lady like that ever! Do you understand!? She was giving you god damn good advice yet you threaten her! You asshole! Who do you think you are? Huh!?” Michael yells at him gripping to his shirt. I stand there frozen, shaking in fear. Before I break you..break you…break you. “Y/N you should go inside. I’ll take care of him.” Michael says softly to me. I nod and grab my medical bag and run towards the main base. He is an abusive man. I can tell. Who knows he probably who have hit me back there. I must stay away from him. I can’t deal with someone like that.

I take two pumps of my inhaler as I breathe it into my lungs. Maybe I am fragile. Maybe he has been waiting to pick on someone weak. Maybe just maybe he needs someone to be his punching bag. Stop Y/N! Stop thinking like this! You are strong! You are brave! Don’t let someone bully and walk all over you! Get your head out of the gutter! You’re better than him and you know it.

My tears have stained my face as I sit down in the cafeteria alone. I want to leave. I can’t stay here with him around. But at the same time, I can’t leave Johnny and Jen. They mean too much to me. I just have to do a better job at staying away like he asked me to. I can’t interfere. I won’t. I gradually get up and saunter back to my room. I’m going to try my best to sleep this off and start fresh once I wake up.

4:39 PM

I slept way longer than I thought. Why didn’t anyone wake me up? I slowly rise and use the bathroom. Around this time, the men are usually enjoying their free time. Free time away from that penny-pinching man whore. My head hurts just thinking about him. I change my thoughts from him to thinking about doing some laundry. So, I gather some of Jen and I’s dirty clothing and toss it into our hamper. I walk out into a silent hallway and make my way to the laundry room.

Tossing shirt after shirt into the wash, I didn’t notice the door closing since my back was to it. All I heard was the door shutting and being locked. My heart stops when he’s the one doing it. “Stay away from me!” I whisper dropping the hamper onto the ground. Calum’s eyes were swollen red and tears stained his cheeks just like mine did earlier. He was drunk.

 “Y/N please..li..ste..n” he struggles to say. “You have said enough to me, Cal. There is nothing to say so please turn around and leave before I scream” I say backing away from him. My back hits the hall and I knew I was doomed.

“I’m not going to hurt you. I wouldn’t…I wouldn’t do that to you” he whispers holding out a steady palm. “Why are you in here?” I ask watching his every move. “I’m sorry” he breathes out in such a soft voice I could barely hear it. “You’re sorry!? Bullshit. You are a mean person, Calum. You treat people like shit!” I hiss as he comes even closer. “I didn’t mean anything I said. Please. I’m sorry. I’m so sorry” is all he could say. Tears were now pouring from his eyes and he looks like he is going to collapse. I don’t know if he is telling the truth or not. Drunk thoughts sober feelings right? I can’t tell from him. He’s just too confusing.

“If you don’t mean anything, why do you say the things you say?” I ask my voice calm because I’ve never had to deal with a drunk person before. “Because..because I have to be tough. To make unit…strong. To make-” Calum falls on the floor and instantly I fly towards him, catching his head in my hands. He’s sweating and his forehead is very warm. Thank goodness there is a sink in here. I prop Calum up against the wall and folded a thick towel together and ran some cold water on it. I move back down to him and have him lay his head on my lap. Why are you dealing with his lazy drunk Y/N?

He starts to shiver against my legs and my heart feels like it’s breaking. “Shh. It’s okay” I whisper dabbing the towel against his forehead while my other hand wants to run through his hair but I keep control. “I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry.” he whines crying even more. “Calum why are you crying so much?” I ask pleasingly. “I’m an asshole” he cries looking at the ceiling. Hell yeah you are. But I don’t tell him that. I mentally ask myself why I am helping him right now. Why aren’t I asking for help from Alex or someone? A part of me wants to just leave and hand him over so someone else can take care or him but the other part wants to stay and heal him from this state he’s in. 

“Can I ask you something?” I whisper after a few minutes and he nods. “Why are you so mean to me?” I ask afraid of his answer. “I don’t mean it. I don’t like being mean towards you at all, Y/N. I don’t know why I’m like this towards you and I’m so incredibly sorry. I don’t have a good reason for my behavior.” Cal replies turning his head to the side. 

“You’re the only one, Y/N” he murmurs.

“Only one who can what?” I ask.

“Who can save me”

Fic:  Pisces

I’m always here to support birthdays, so here’s something that was too late for @txf-fic-chicks‘ challenge but hopefully still before @piecesofscully‘s birthday.  Set in S7 pre-”all things”.  Makes reference to the baby arc.  ETA: Turns out Le Caprice didn’t open until 2012, so how Mulder got cake from there is an X-File, but I put it in for @scienceandmysticism anyway. <3

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32. Euphoria

members: Jung Hoseok

content: Post-concert sex in the dressing room au

length: 3316 words

rating: L for Lord have Mercy on my soul (smut if you haven’t guessed)

The moment Hoseok walked off stage, a swagger in his steps and his eyes frantically searching for you, that he had worked himself up into a state. His hands subconsciously re-arranged his pants and the moment he saw you leaning against a wall a smirk wound it’s way onto his lips. It happened often when he performed on stage, he would get too lost in the moment and would find himself in an uncomfortable position once the music had stopped, the house lights rose and the crowd stopped roaring. He ignored everyone as he made a beeline for you, his left eye dropping into a wink as he brushed past you, his hand reaching out to touch your arm. You watched with a smirk as lust clouded the usual happy-go-lucky sparkle.

You watched in amusement as he disappeared into his dressing room, his hands once again fiddling with the tight material of his jeans where you could see the tell tale sign of his excitement. If it weren’t for the determined and hooded look on his face it would have been highly humorous. You pushed off the wall and followed him, also highly aroused from his performance antics. You had watched the way he had moved about on stage, the casual hip sways, the powerful hip thrusts and the teasing way he had gyrated his hips, the familiar coil in your lower stomach tightening.

You had barely stepped into the dressing room when you felt his body pressed flush against yours, pinning you to the wooden door you had just come through. You chuckled as you felt his urgent wet lips on your neck, sucking on the sweet skin and nibbling urgently. His hands rested on your hips as yours wound around his neck, his fingertips pressing firmly into your skin.

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You, whose seed grows in the shade of those proud and tall
A forest steeped in tradition, steadfast in its ways
Yet, you dream of wild berries peeled under open skies
Free to follow the sun arching against the blue

What will you do to become you
What roots will be severed
Whose voice will soon fade
What new world will be yours to create