under the bird feeder

The Good News Today: A few days ago there was a Cat of Unknown Origins staking out our bird feeder. It took to the woods as soon as I kitty-kittied at it out the back door, but afterwards we noticed our friendly household chipmunk was nowhere to be seen. We were really kind of sad about it, but lo! Chippy was just spotted on the back deck, and I just looked out my window and saw it hanging out under the bird feeder again.

Opinion Time!

And now, for the moment nobody has been waiting for… Sapphire shares yet more opinions on TS4!

There is always lots of talk about the big things The Sims 4 lacks; the high-on-the-wishlist items that numerous people among the TS4 fan base have been begging and pleading EA to provide for the past two years.  These are, in no particular order, pets, toddlers and weather.  Everyone knows I’m not part of the toddler-demanding masses and that I really only want them because it’s weird and disconcerting to jump straight from infant to child in a game that’s supposed to be a life simulator.  Tied for first place on my big-ticket wishlist are weather and pets.

As for the City Life rumours, I don’t believe this is even a thing, and I won’t until EA makes an official statement about it.  Even if City Life does turn out to be true, I don’t actually give a rat’s ass about basketball and food trucks, and I can already construct apartments and penthouses.  (My hotel penthouse apartments even have NPC neighbours sometimes.)

But, I am not here today to talk about big-ticket wishlist items. I want to talk about what I think TS4 really needs, even more than weather, pets, apartments and toddlers. 

“What could we possibly need more than toddlers?!” you ask.  That’s a good question, and if you’re willing to read below the cut, I’ll tell you my thoughts on the answer.  I’ve been considering it a lot lately.

@thesimsofficial feel free to read this, too, if you even check your Official Tumblr any more (I notice nothing “official” has been posted to it since April 2016).

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This fat squirrel is hanging out under the bird feeder today. The dogs sit by the window and whine. Every now and then I let them out to chase the squirrel back up the tree.

It’s raining today and what little snow we have is disappearing quickly.