under the ancient oak

You, Me and a Quiet Moment

This is for one of the greatest friends a girl could ever ask for @enchanteddiana. It took forever to write but I hope you enjoy it. 

Summary: Trying to escape the darkness Emma takes time to herself but it quickly found by Killian. The two are caught in a rainstorm and must find something to do to past the time. 

Rating: S for smutty smut smutness

It can also be found on FF.net and AO3

Feeling the darkness stir inside of her, Emma found it almost impossible to focus during the day and worse trying to sleep at night and even though she was happy having Killian and Henry with her in Camelot to help she hated placing so much burden on them. She needed a way to fight the darkness on her own, at least the little battles that went on in her mind. found refuge under an ancient oak tree in the far corner of the castle grounds. In the few days she had been in Camelot she had made it her own little sanctuary, a place where she could calm the voice of Dark One Rumple, as he screamed for her to embrace the darkness that was waging war inside her heart and soul with her light.

Needing some time to herself one afternoon, Emma attempted to slip out the castle through the kitchen.  Briefly, she was stopped by one of the young daughters of the kitchen staff, whose tiny fingers she held out a flower crown and motioned to place it on Emma’s head. At first Emma was hesitant to wear the crown as the echo of Rumple mocking her choice of Dark One attire rang in her head. She quickly pushed that voice aside, though, in favor of the hope she saw on Henry’s face when he thought she might put it on. As she bent down to let the little girl place the crown on her head, Henry’s smile stretched from ear to ear. Kissing her son on the top of his head, she left and continued on her way out of the castle.

Pushing through the violent summer breeze, Emma walked through the tiny path she had carved out on her various trips. Beams of sunlight danced all around her and illuminated her flower crown, making it appear as if she has a halo upon her head. Emma wished that the sunlight would smother the cold darkness inside her but it was too strong. Emma, like an ethereal creature nestled herself between two protruding roots as she watched the wildflowers dance to the rhythm of the wind. Deep purple flowers twirled with the tall green grass while yellow and blue petals began to intrude. Emma took a deep breath and inhaled the perfume of the flowers, escaping into the air as she slowly closed her eyes.

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