under stairs pet house


Doggy Lighting is here! Christams gift from me to you guys! I’m sorry for such a late but I have a lot stuff to do and that’s why it takes me so long to finish this. You can download it tomorrow on TSR! 

t’s a set of seven lights. Every single lamp is matching to single object. Here’s the list:
- Light 1 for Pet House Cheap
- Light 2 for pet House Expensive
- Light 3 for Cat Condo
- Light 4 for Cat Jungle Gym
- Light 5 for Murano’s Dog-house
- Light 6 for Lily’s Small Door (Under Stairs Pet House)

- Light 7 for Lily’s Large Door (Under Stairs Pet House)

To put lights on pet houses you need to turn on ‘moveObjects on"!
Have fun with it! :)