under someone else

the signs as I've known them
  • Aries: they love deeply but don't necessarily want to admit it. enjoys scarier/darker stuff. introverted. wannabe rebel. communicating/ conveying feelings isn't very easy for them. passionate. have some kind of edge/darkness to them. ambitious. restless. watch out when they're pissed.
  • Taurus: stubborn. logical and practical. wants to talk about feelings. can be insensitive but loyal. intelligent af. adores music. grammar, punctuation, spelling freaks. for some reason does goofy voices and makes weird noises a lot. lives on the computer. hilariously clever.
  • Gemini: probably won't hesitate to throw someone else under the bus to succeed, but is friendly and nice. soft spoken, quiet. intimidatingly smart. athletic as hell. cute sense of style.
  • Cancer: soft squishy lil lovebugs. when they find their passion they go and do it. will love you forever. struggles with self love/respect. makes very good points in arguments. really likes food. odd obsession with animals.
  • Leo: egotistical and self-glorifying, but owns up to mistakes and apologizes for them. though if they're embarrassed by it they tell you to shut up. likes to be the center of attention. honesty about feelings is not their forte. just wants to be loved. hugs and cuddles are their fave, any kind of touching really. suck at texting. commitment issues.
  • Virgo: pretentious. super smart, probably in a lot of advanced classes. struggles with depression and self-image. looks to make deep connections. insightful. always knows obscure facts. really likes video games. awkward.
  • Libra: super understanding. on your side 100% of the time. amazing listeners. artsy. good with their hands. deep problems at home. gets annoyed pretty easily. puts on a mask a lot. trust issues. creative. rants for hours. twinge of sadness about them. can be really negative. has great hair.
  • Scorpio: kinky. excellent huggers. wants to help but kinda sucks at it. arrogant. great friends. saying "I love you" isn't natural for them. smart. tries. knows they've fucked up but doesn't do much to stop or fix it. a mysterious heaviness to them. abhors ignorance/stupidity. doesn't know how to handle breakups.
  • Sagittarius: boss ass bitch. motivated. intelligent. works hard. very understanding. cares about you. flips out at little things. wants fulfilling relationships. artist. listens well. family issues. not always honest about how they feel. strong. confident. full package.
  • Capricorn: quiet. judgey. soft and gentle huggers. aren't very concerned with relationships. hard to talk to, but want you to talk to them. will probably make it in business. articulate with feelings.
  • Aquarius: kind. hot as hell. craves physical contact. easy to befriend. fun to spend time with. honor roll af. manages emotions healthily. well-rounded individual. points out interesting things. stimulating conversation. there for you.
  • Pisces: innocent and doe-eyed. super cute. in advanced classes, as they should be. empathetic. caring. defensive of their friends. will always love that one person. easy to talk to. fully immerses themselves in their music genre. tries to be threatening but isn't. avoids conflict. bubbly. can miss the point a lot.
  • Yurio [after he heard about Yuuri wanting to end things with Victor after the GPF]: It's his loss. There are a ton of guys out there that would be lucky to have you.
  • Victor: I'll make sure to tell them my protege said so.
  • Yurio: I'm serious. You know someone once told me that the best way to get over someone was to get under someone else.
  • Victor: ...
  • Yurio: I just realized what that meant! I-I thought it was more philosophical, you know get to know them... not get under them.
romeo and juliet: aesthetics
  • romeo: a disassembled jigsaw, bright pieces spread colourfully over a green blanket; lipstick marks from a good friend's mouth on one's cheek and brow; the heat of your own flushed cheeks; streaks of strawberry sauce in a banana milkshake, bright pink cutting through the yellow; a drop of sugar, sweet on the tongue and not yet dissolved into a sloppily made builder's tea; warm hands sliding under someone else's shirt; laughter heard on the wind, warm despite the chill of the breeze; the snag of his woollen scarf on her coat button in the midst of a kiss, followed by giggles and awkward shuffling; soft gasps in the dead of night; whimsical tales bound in high-brow black leather.
  • juliet: a white dress laid on a newly made bed; fresh-picked lavender and heather in a vase upon the sill, reflecting lilac against the windowpane; the warmth of a new fireplace; the scent of a summer breeze; a piano heard in the next room, fingers smooth against the clean keys; a series of cloth-bound books in every hue, clean of dust and shelved colourfully along the wall; drops of blue and pink dye into cake mix, showing swirls of colour in thick white with each shift of the spoon; baked biscuits, pressed flowers, the texture of parchment and the satisfying, smooth roll of a new pen over a blank page.
  • benvolio: the sensation of sliding into a hot bath after a long day; soft sighs into cups of steaming cocoa; shared smiles in the dark, laughter muffled by someone else's shoulder; the smell of old books and baking bread, clinging to a broad-shouldered jacket; a grip slightly too tight on your wrist, firm but not sadistic; a thick, red blanket laid over the back of a comfortable chair; gold braid in places gold braid doesn't need to be; a proffered piece of sweet chocolate that melts on the fingertips.
  • mercutio: glitter smeared on someone else's bedroom door; loud laughter heard just over a song's bass line; an affectionate hand sliding over a good friend's shoulders; freshly cooked lamb laid to rest on the kitchen side; bruises and scuffs that ache on the knees; a white shirt cut so low it might as well be an open vest; a stack of CDs and dog-eared books on a bedside table; an unmade bed with three people sleeping in a row, the cat laid over three feet and purring; a hot shower after coming in from the pouring rain; wide grins shared over good beer.
  • tybalt: the drag of eyeliner over sensitive skin; a bed made tightly with black shining sheets and a half-dozen pillows stacked neatly at its head; a bloody fingerprint on the spine of a well-loved book; the metallic hiss of a blade through the hair; dead flowers tied with ribbon in an antique vase; new shoes settled on a chair awaiting polish; a wardrobe full of crisply ironed, clean shirts; black hair, long and sleek and tied back at the neck; an empty photograph frame hung on a plain wall; a red ribbon curled around the stem of a champagne flute.

Imagine catching Sam staring

You sighed, your head falling backwards to rest on the back of the couch, your eyes closing firmly shut as the curls in your hair brushed against your neck.

The blanket you’d pulled over yourself hung loosely around the bare skin your dressed left revealed, the heels you’d kicked off now lay at your feet. You hadn’t bothered to get changed, you didn’t see the point. Your mission for the night had been simple. Dress nice, head to the nearest bar and find yourself a guy that could take away any left over tension you had from the case that day. It was your normal routine after a partially hard day but this time it hadn’t worked. The bar had been practically empty, no men had caught your eye and you’d left empty handed.

You’d been sitting there a while before you suddenly felt the prickly heat rise on your skin, your body becoming heavy under someone else’s gaze. You opened your eyes instantly, slightly relaxing when you realised the younger Winchester was in the room.

He was watching you, his eyes glued. A small smirk played on his lips as he eyes roamed every inch of your body, taking the sight in. You couldn’t help but laugh causing him to snap out of it and clear his throat in embarrassment.

“See something you like?” You don’t know why the words had come from your lips, but there was something about the way he was looking at you that gave you some new found confidence.

“Definitely.” He was strong as he stood up straighter, his shoulders looking more broader now.

The moments that followed were silent, neither of you saying a word but both your bodied screamed for each other.

Then something clicked.

Sam was the first to make a move, his long legs bringing him next to you with three strides. You opened your arms, reaching out to him in a silent invitation, giving him the permission you knew he wanted.

And then he was on top of you, his weight pinning your back flat against the couch, a moan escaping your mouth as his lips attacked yours.

Maybe tonight hadn’t been a total fail after all.


People have already started comparing this to the “I want to live!” moment, and while they are similar, there is a huge key difference I want to acknowledge.  When Robin made her declaration, she was in the presence of the whole crew, giving them the “ok” to finally come rescue her.  She had absolutely no way of freeing herself and she needed their help to save her life so she could live on. 

Here, Sanji finally says he wants to return to the Sunny and, in a sense, he is already free to do so.  He could literally leave right now if he wanted to.  Of course, he isn’t going to, and he knows that staying to help his awful  family is stupid and probably a terrible decision, and after all the times he was acting under someone else’s orders and doing things against his will, he is finally being selfish and doing what he wants, which is to save the people who brought him to this hell in the first place.  Here, instead of asking for Luffy’s help to live and save himself like Robin does in Enies Lobby, Sanji asks for Luffy’s help to save others, and I think that’s pretty great

Just gotta say that it sort of bothers me how everyone talks about and writes about and draws about Paul as the more submissive person in his relationship with john just because paul has more feminine physical features and presence. Like let’s not push heteronormativity on them okay? I’m so tired of it. Logically, john would be the more submissive one because he had a fear of abandonment, was very much depressed throughout the span of the beatles and was an extremely unstable person (which is all telltale signs of bpd but that’s another story for another time). Paul has always been more of an optimist, and is way more stable. John would be more dependent on paul to balance out his mental and emotional shortcomings that way. Plus paul is known to have an issue with always needing to be in control. And based on john’s relationship with yoko, he thrived when he was under someone else’s control. So paul would’ve played the role of the provider, and the “rescuer” in their relationship, while john would’ve played the role of the receiver and the “rescued”. Their relationship dynamic (and anybody’s really) has less to do with (the traditional, patriarchal view of) feminine vs (the traditional, patriarchal view of) masculine and more to do with personality.

“Louis!” Harry gasps as something small but dense rocks into his side. Louis is festooned in tinsel, glittery gold wrapped around his head like a halo, but somehow his grin is still the brightest thing on him, even outshining the red glowing nose of the reindeer on his jumper.

“Hazza!” he shouts. “Christmas!”

“Yeah, it is,” Harry agrees. He grabs Louis’ wrists to hold him still. “Liss’n, I ‘ve to tell you something.”

Louis’ eyes go wide. “What?”

“I,” Harry says, placing a hand over his heart to show he’s really, really sorry, “kissed someone else under th’ mistletoe.”

Louis stares at him for a second, eyes wide and reflective, throwing the party back at Harry as he watches him for a reaction. Then he turns, just as slowly, to the napkins on the wall, reads for a long few seconds, then gasps.

“You broke a rule,” he accuses.

“I know!” Harry wails, grabbing Louis’ wrists again. “I’m sorry, I’m s’sorry.”

“S’okay,” Louis says, and Harry stops his wailing.


“Yeah. ‘sides, I kissed someone under it too.”

“Oh,” Harry says, frowning. “You did? Who? Who’d you kiss?”

“Who,” Louis repeats, laughing. He taps Harry’s nose, and says, “Little owl. Who, who.”

“Louiiiis,” Harry complains. “Who wassit?”

“I dunno,” Louis shrugs.

“Oh,” Harry says again. Then, “Was it me?”

Louis stares at him for a long time again, but this time his eyes are narrowed like he’s reading Harry’s bones through his skin. Harry lets him look, because he doesn’t really have another option. Walk away? Not likely. “No…” Louis says finally. “No, it wasn’t you.”

“How d’you know?” Harry’s sure that Louis’ had more to drink than him, because he’s got a tolerance like a racehorse, or something else with a really high alcohol tolerance. Either way, if Harry’s not had as much to drink as Louis and he can’t remember who he snogged in the doorway to the living room, he doubts Louis knows either.

But Louis just says, “It didn’t feel like you,” the words said simply, laid out in front of Harry matter-of-factly.

Harry’s about to say oh for the third time, this time taken from his mouth by surprise. He’s about to say that he’s sad that it wasn’t Louis that he kissed, because they’ve had over three hundred of those now and each one is different but also the same, like coming home to find everything moved slightly to the left, and discovering that you like it better that way anyway. And after that maybe he’ll say that the strand of green twinkle lights overhead make Louis’ eyes look like oceans, and that he smells like peppermint and all Harry’s best childhood memories.

He says, “Oh,” and he’s about to say all that or maybe something else, some of the other words caught in the stalagmites of his chest. He’s about to say that maybe Niall and Liam were right, and this bet did change everything but he can’t point towards a single demonstrative thing that is different, except maybe that way Louis looks like how coming home feels. He’s going to say that starlight burns hot in his chest now and it flares when Louis touches him, but then a not-Louis hand yanks on his arm.

For heaven’s sake.

It isn’t that we Rip fans are trying to downplay or dismiss what happened to Sara.  Sara’s experience was horrible.  She was hurt, killed even, by someone wearing the face of a friend.  That’s tremendously traumatizing.

The fact that she can look past that and understand that Rip is under someone else’s control, and is a victim too, speaks to her strength, resilience and compassion.  And I hope that the show doesn’t handwave away what happened to her.

The reason why we are so focused on Rip now instead of Sara is simply because Sara is safe and among friends who love her and will do anything to protect her.

Rip, on the other hand, is not safe.  He is among enemies who are still, at this moment in the storyline, continuing to hurt and violate him.

… Be very careful @slendersummerseve. Very careful. You will open the floodgates. At least for me (Sol) you will. It’s my OTP for RB too. Besides Soriel obviously. I drive Poisond nuts with it constantly. I yelled at Poisond in call caps on skype when I saw this message. That’s how much I love Rivster. Plus look.

These are just two out of many doodles/drawings I have done of these two in my free time. I have waaaaaaay too many and some I can’t even share yet because we haven’t reached that arc in royalblue. I love them. They have such a cute and tragic love story we are dying to share and hopefully will be able to share soon. For now enjoy these nerds. 

~ Sol

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anonymous asked:

whats this about the suzumu drama being brought up again? whats going on? (´;ω;`)

Hello anon! 
Ah, perhaps you haven’t heard, but Soraru and Mafumafu talked about him in a livestream a few nights ago. It was the first time they’ve mentioned Suzumu by name since he quit over a year ago ;;
Well you probably know the reason he gave for his sudden retirement, that he admitted to claiming credit for work that wasn’t his?
It’s long been speculated that Suzumu was the person that Mafumafu was referring to when he talked about having a song stolen and become popular on Niconico under someone else’s name. He finally confirmed that this was true the other night. Mafu didn’t say which song it was, he just made it clear that Suzumu had stolen one of his songs :( 
Other details they mentioned were that Mafu wasn’t the only victim of his, that he suffered from depression during this time, and that the two of them are not in contact anymore, but he says he’d still like to go out to eat with Suzumu again sometime.

I connected the dots a while ago that something like this had probably happened between the two of them (I won’t go into it unless you’re curious but a fair amount of hints were dropped) but I was really surprised to hear them actually mention Suzumu by name while describing this incident. They’ve always kinda tip-toed around the subject, and this admission really took a lot of people by surprise.
Anyway, they said all this stuff in the context of “Things aren’t always perfect, but compared to our pasts, we’re doing way, way better.” So I know it’s depressing and negative to hear that stuff like this happened, but it’s a very personal subject for them that they chose to share with us despite having no obligation to do so. They wanted to be honest with us so that they could show how much better they’re doing now ;; 
Sorry if that was depressing or anything! Hope it was a bit helpful at least! 

Why in 2017 are we still having to say this?

Some pagans DO worship Satan. Some pagans DO worship him. Some pagans ARE Satan Worshipers. 

And there’s nothing wrong with that.

Instead of throwing someone else under the bus, learn how to explain your practices and your beliefs instead of degrading someone else’s path because it’s not your own. You don’t like it when the Christians do it to you, so why do it to someone else?

I’ve gotten far enough into Duolingo for it to teach me how to say I’m taking my clothes off in Swedish.
Sweden here I come.

anonymous asked:

You said hints were dropped when it came to Suzumu and Mafumafu? Can you share what you mean by that? ;; I didn't understand.

Ah perhaps “dropping hints” was the wrong phrasing on my part, since that makes it sound like he was intentionally leading people to try to figure out the truth. I don’t know if that was ever his intention and I can’t speak for him on that subject~
Better phrasing would be like… people were able to put the pieces together from things that he’d said? The fact that he explicitly said that Berserk was written about a time when he’d had a song stolen from him, and later said that the song was posted on NND under someone else’s name and had gotten pretty popular. The description, or “tagline” for Berserk was “Goodnight to the ‘other me’” and of course the song is about there being “two versions” of Mafumafu. When Suzumu retired, Mafu’s comments were “Goodnight, Suzumu-kun. Despite ‘those things,’ I still loved you a lot.” So this phrasing seems intentional on his part and was pretty clearly connecting Suzumu to Berserk (with the use of “Goodnight ___”). 
It was stuff like that combined with smaller things that had a lot of people convinced, including me. Things like how shaken Mafu seemed on the day Suzumu retired, the fact that Soramafu is “After the Rain” which they say means “we’re past the painful stuff” and Suzumu has a song with “Before the Rain Stops” in the title, some people think lyrics in certain songs of Suzumu’s sound like Mafu’s, etc. etc.
 Again, I don’t mean to make it sound like he was intentionally trying to lead fans to the truth, because he might not have been and people just figured it out anyway.
Sorry to type so much. I hope that was helpful and let me know if you have any more questions! :)