under siege live in barcelona



Under Siege - Live in Barcelona (1991)

Under Siege (Live in Barcelona) is the first live home video by Sepultura, released in 1991. It was recorded during their mid-1991 European Arise tour. Interspersed between the songs are interviews with the band members in which they discuss their religious views, how they got together and growing up in Belo Horizonte. The video was later remastered and released as part of Chaos DVD.

Watch the entire show below.

Sepultura Under Siege - Live Barcelona 1991


01. Intro
02. Arise
03. Desperate Cry
04. Dead Embryonic Cells
05. Mass Hypnosis
06. Altered State
07. Inner Self
08. Escape to the Void
09. Troops Of Doom
10. Beneath The Remains
11. Orgasmatron