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I imagine death so much it feels more like a memory,
Is this where it gets me? In space, 60000 feet above the Earth…

Modern AU featuring TJeffs as local human disaster, Jmads as #givemeabreak2k17 and A.Ham as your obedient gremlin

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Fall Out Boy Vinyl Discography

Take This To Your Grave (2nd Press Blue Vinyl)
From Under the Cork Tree (2nd Press 2xLP Maroon Splatter Vinyl)
Infinity On High (2nd Press 2xLP Blue & White Splatter Vinyl)
Folie à Deux (1st Press 2xLP Red & Orange Vinyl)
Save Rock and Roll (1st Press 2xLP Red Vinyl)
American Beauty / American Psycho (1st Press Ice Blue Vinyl)

Also ok Garnet’s backstory is lovely and romantic and exciting. But I want to know Rhodonite’s story. The tale of these two star-crossed lovers, a lowly servant and a mere pawn in Homeworld’s intergalactic chessmatch. I want to see them. The sidelong glances, snuck in here and there. The brief quiet times they were able to share. The first time they fused. Ruby’s anxiousness. Not that she’d get in trouble, but that she’d get her dearest in trouble. What could happen to a Pearl who strayed from her owner. Pearl manipulating schedules to try and give them time to be alone together.

When they were found out. The fear. The pain of being cast aside from the only social structure they knew, as awful as it was. Rhodonite finding her way to the Kindergarten, meeting others like her. Another fusion, she’s not alone. Even the Rutile twins are a fusion, in a way. It’s not a perfect existence, and there’s always worry of what might happen if the group is found. But in a way even that’s freeing. She’s in danger, but she’s complete. She’s made of love. Isn’t that what matters in the end?

(So I’m finally watching Criminal Minds and I just watched the episodes in Season 6 with Prentiss and her undercover story and needless to say my brain took off with it)

Hold On You

Is there a Bratva AU where CIA agent Felicity goes undercover to gain access to the brotherhood? Where Felicity’s goal is to take down the notorious Solntsevskaya Bratva Kapitan Oliver Queen, the American man who not only quickly climbed the ranks of the brotherhood and is considered the right hand of the Pakhan, but has also taken the world by storm, elevating the Russian mob’s international influence in every arena he sets his sights on? Where Felicity Smoak targets Oliver Queen, her only goal to get into his life in any and every way possible, to find out everything she can about him in order to bring him to justice? Where she starts small and smart, posing as an arms dealer who works her way through bigger and bigger circles with her amazing weapons connections, until she reaches him? Where her mission instructions include doing whatever is necessary to earn his trust, including killing someone (she doesn’t really, come on, her handler John Diggle helps stage it) and even entering into a relationship with him?

(In this AU, Oliver really is a bad guy. He’s not a good man… until he meets Felicity Smoak.)

(In this AU, Felicity really is a good guy who wants to put a criminal behind bars for the rest of his life… until she meets the real Oliver Queen.)

Is there a Bratva AU where undercover agent Felicity Smoak and Bratva Captain Oliver Queen start a relationship - both business and personal? Where it slowly morphs into something more over the years? Where passionate fucking starts turning into lovemaking? Where they fall in love - real love? Where they both know it’s different, but they only talk about it in whispered voices deep in the night? Where they’re just Felicity and Oliver, two people in love, two people who connect on such a deep level that life without each other starts to sound foreign? Where Felicity starts questioning her mission, where Oliver starts wondering if his future could be different?

Is there a Bratva AU where Oliver’s second-in-command suspects Felicity is too good to be true, so he starts his own investigation on the side? Where he tells Oliver that Felicity isn’t who she claims to be? Where he has hard cold evidence showing her meeting with John Diggle, with another operative, with representatives of Interpol…

Is there a Bratva AU where she’s extracted before he can confront her? Where Felicity nearly loses everything because her entire world is tied up in Oliver Queen?

Is there a Bratva AU where Oliver Queen is sent to a prison that is so completely off the grid that nobody but a select few people in high places know about it? Where Felicity Smoak goes back to her job, pretending like she didn’t fall in love with this man, that she didn’t fall in love with a murderer, a criminal, someone who flooded the world with darkness? Where Oliver spends the next seven years in absolute hell, using his love for a woman who betrayed him to get through all of it? Where all he thinks about is her… finding her…

(To bring her back to him, or to kill her? The answer changes every day, every hour, every minute.)

Is there a Bratva AU where one night he escapes? Where Felicity’s old handler finds her, where he tells her that Oliver Queen has escaped, that Interpol can’t find him, that he’s simply vanished? Where she feels real fear, but even worse… anticipation? Where she asks, “Am I in danger?” and Diggle tells her, “Yes. You need to disappear. Now.” Where she’s reminded that he’s a very, very dangerous man who knows her role in his capture? Where she finds herself caught between wanting him to find her, and wanting to run, not just for her life, but for her emotional sanity? Where she goes home, grabbing her go bag and a few items she keeps secure in a safe (including the ring Oliver gave her, the one belonging to his mother, the one he wasn’t supposed to have because he was the illegitimate son of a Russian mobster who wasn’t supposed to exist), where she’s leaving…

Except he’s already there.

He’s found her.

And he takes her.

Is there a Bratva AU where Oliver Queen kidnaps Felicity Smoak and they find out in the worst ways possible just how far they’re willing to go for the one they love?

If there isn’t, there should be, because I really want to know what happens in this story.

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Ichiruki fans aka the progressive disease that ruins Bleach, I'm surprised that they don't accept most of their fans are whiny, annoying, liars and suck it up and drag their trash into their own garbage

What ever do you mean~?

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Oh, you can’t mean the ichiruki fandom?

You mean the nice, graceful, respectful fandom of ichiruki~?

The one’s that don’t hate, bash, insult innocent characters because they don’t bend to their will?

The sweet fans that don’t follow Orihime hate blogs and like their bullshit?

The fans that keep to their own lane and don’t crosstag?

The same one’s that didn’t care if Kubo didn’t make ichiruki canon?

The one’s that said that ichigo proposed to rukia on the musical?

Or that Kubo called their relationship “more than friends but less than lovers”?

The fans that didn’t call Kazui “retarded” and make fun of him?

The one’s that called Rukia and Orihime friends, but when they get moments they twist Orihime’s character into being a rude bitch?

Aka the one’s that don’t jump into other people’s conversations like stalkers?

Man I have so many good things to add to this list, but for another time lol.

Ichiruki will never be the pretty label they try to be paint over their two-faced fandom~

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  • psychic: *reads my mind*
  • me: I hope Patrick Stump is doing okay. I hope he's hydrated and happy. I wonder if he's smiled today. I hope his skin is moisturized and he has enough battery on his phone. Has he pet any dogs today? Has he spent time with his family? Has Pete made him laugh today? If he's cold, I hope he drinks a warm beverage. I just hope he's doing okay.
  • psychic: what the fuck


(yoi/anime blog: @viktorkatsuki)

Yuri Plisetsky steps off the ice and immediately turns to Otabek, chest still heaving with exertion. He’s standing there in that leather jacket Yuri had helped him pick out, his outfit (which matches Yuri’s) still looking unbelievably perfect. Nope, Yuri is never going to get over how his broad shoulders look in that jacket. It probably should be a crime.

“That went well,” Otabek comments with a nod and small smile at Yuri. He reaches over and squeezes Yuri’s shoulder, before taking the bottle of water his coach passes him, “you were great Yura.”

“Thanks,” Yuri mumbles, heart still hammering in his chest (because of the skating, of course), eyes sliding away quickly, and turns to Yakov, who has a bottle of water and a congratulatory grunt waiting for him. “You too.”


Yuri’s back stiffens immediately at the sound of his (awful, horrible, annoying) nickname coming from a familiar voice, with far too many syllables added for Yuri’s liking.

“Oh no,” Yuri groans.

Otabek’s mouth twitches with amusement. “Here they come.”

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On the Steve Agee podcast last week, Michael talked about how Tom helped him get through the underwater scene in the pilot.

Michael: “I remember we were in this tank where Clark saves me at the end of the episode, he dives under the water and saves me in this car. I had to be in this 12 foot tank, submerged, with this big weight on me to hold me in the car and we had to take this snorkeling class and I get down there (makes Darth Vader noises) I’m not Darth Vader. I’m under the water and could hear “Michael? Are you ready, Michael?” faintly and I was supposed to give the thumbs up…and the thumbs up quickly went to thumbs down. I Michael-bolted right out of there… I swam up to the top (heavy breathing) “I can’t do this, man, I’m 12 feet under water. I can’t do this. I’m freaking out.

And Welling’s looking at me, Superman. “Supes, I can’t do this!” And he’s like “Listen, dude, you’re fine. We can do this. Just take your time.