under sarthaal

  • Tolfdir: Amazing! A secret door in an ancient nordic excavation site! I've never seen anything like it!
  • Tolfdir: Dragur trying to kill us! How fascinating!
  • Tolfdir: Wow! I've never seen so many coffins in a place that is clearly a tomb before!
  • Tolfdir: This is incredible! It's just like every other ancient Nordic burial site in Skyrim that you've seen before!
  • Tolfdir: Go on without me, student. I'm sure it's not academic irresponsibility to let you venture further into this crumbling ruin without supervision after a lecture on magical safety. Feel free to steal and destroy everything and take relics for your own personal use!
  • Tolfdir: I'm going to study this room that has nothing in it. :)