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Taeyong ; Redemancy

because sometimes the ones who’ve got the 
most to give are the ones most afraid to love

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request : heyyyyy. can you make a scenario of the oc (who is also and idol) likes NCT taeyong but then he rejects her but soon comes to realise that he likes her too. sorry if this is gonna be a bother but thank you!! :) Goodluck for this new blog!! thanks again xxx
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THE DAY YOU fell in love the sky was painted blue, spring breeze tingling what skin was left exposed, the stars especially evident on this night.

It wasn’t something special.

He was laughing, eyes into crescents as he hid his grin behind the sleeves of his sweater, the action enough to spread the blush throughout your cheeks. There was something about him then, something about the simplicity in the way you were simply together; existing together, as if the stars and moon aligned just for this cause.

It had to be some sort of luck, because it’s not just some everyday thing to be side by side with Lee Taeyong, the boy whose smile had the power to light your entire being.

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