under rage


@philkas-forever not sure if this is what you wanted, but this is what happened! Hope you like it!

They feel the electricity like the ground is made of it, like every turn
Lukas makes is a bolt of lightning, every photo Philip takes
is wired, making his hair stand on end.

They both want the same thing.

Have been wanting it for weeks, since the first moment,
since wanna take some shots for me?
since yeah, I’m into motocross

and Lukas doesn’t understand
can wring his hands until he doesn’t have hands anymore
but every time he looks at Philip he’s looking at his mouth,
looking at his neck,
and maybe Lukas is buried alive under all this, raging against
a ragged coffin mangled from all the things he can’t say
but Philip Shea—
maybe he can tear him from the ground—

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Thank you for your lovely comments, darlings!!! I hope you like what I did with your prompts!! Enjoy!!! <3

Warning: Hot make-outs, smutty mentions, cute Bughead galore and just me fawning over the bae that is Cole Sprouse. 

“We have to go.” Kiss

“Hmm, in a second.” Kiss

“One day – kiss – we’ll get caught – kiss – and they’ll definitely expel us.” Hard Kiss.

“Oh, I’d love to see you, Betty Cooper – kiss – getting expelled over a steamy make out.” Bite.

Betty just let a breathless laugh, alternating the angle of her head and dropped her arms to his shoulders, crossing them by the wrists behind his head. Jughead’s smile grew more in delight against her lips and he dove in again, pecking her lips hard. They were in one of the dusty storage rooms of their high school, the smallest one and the one with no windows, exploring this new-found feeling of being in love and being a couple, mist old broken chairs and random school supplies. Betty was perched up on an unused desk that lay against the wall, dressed for her cheerleading practice in her usual white and yellow t-shirt and dark blue shorts, while her boyfriend was standing deliciously between her gorgeous legs, school bag, denim jacket and beanie abandoned somewhere on the floor, kissing her like there was no tomorrow for God knows how long now.

That was basically they daily routine. Ever since the two of them overcame their irrational fears of rejection and possible heartbreak and talked with each other about that kiss that held all of Jughead’s suppressed emotions all those years, they couldn’t overlook their mutual feeling of desiring to be together. Three weeks had passed since that day and, despite of the new challenges they were faced with every day, regarding their unconventional families and the amorality that seemed to emerge every once in a while of the core of their small town, the two teens were basking in the afterglow of their romance with affectionate gestures and heated make outs. The only cloud shading their Romeo and Juliet fairytale was that everything was being done in shadows, like a good, concealed secret.

They wanted to tell people; and they would do it. They weren’t afraid or ashamed, both emotions equally unfair to the wonderful union that it was them. They just wanted to do it in their own terms, without excited friends or controlling parents getting in their way, without having to explain themselves or put labels and boundaries in something that came and kept growing natural to them. So, janitor’s closets and storage rooms it was.

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neiljoseten  asked:

i can't do emojis rip but magic AU w/ neil n andrew!!!!

When Nathaniel is six years old, he sets his bed on fire. The smell of smoke and his mother’s screams wake him, but the flames lick gently at his skin like an affectionate pet. Nathaniel, six years old and sleepy, doesn’t understand why his mother clutches him to her chest and whispers harshly in his ear to never, never let the fire loose again. “Don’t let your father see,” she says, and clutches at his shoulders so hard he’ll have bruises the next morning and shakes him until Nathaniel promises.

They’re called powers, he learns later, or gifts, or blessings. At thirteen percent of the population, powered people are too common to be rare but too strange to be trusted. Most go to special schools to train their abilities, but Nathaniel doesn’t because he isn’t powered.

“You’re cursed,” his mother tells him. “Fire is dangerous, deadly. You must never use it, and you must never tell anyone.”

It’s his cardinal rule, though it’s joined, over the years, by others. Don’t disobey your father. Don’t tell anyone how you got injured. Play Exy like your life depends on it.

But always, always, hide your fire.

When Nathaniel is ten years old, he plays Exy with Riko Moriyama and Kevin Day. They’re good, better than him, and Nathaniel has gotten used to being the best in his little league team. He struggles against them, struggles against Kevin’s height and Riko’s brutality, and it’s fun but he’s frustrated. His fire has become more wild lately, burning under his skin, angry at being chained, and it burns higher and hotter inside him every time they score a goal against him, until finally he clashes against Riko and fire races along Nathaniel’s racquet as he slams it against Riko’s in an attempt to steal the ball.

They freeze, staring as one as the net of Nathaniel’s racquet turns to ash.

Finally, Riko says, “my uncle didn’t say you were powered.”

Nathaniel pulls the fire back into himself and it simmers under his skin as he shakes his head in denial or disbelief or regret.

Riko laughs, and Nathaniel turns to see him grinning. “This is good, Nathaniel! All the Ravens are powered, it’s what makes them the best team in the world.” Behind him, Kevin nods but stays quiet. Riko’s expression turns contemplative. “You need to be trained. If you come live here, I can train you.”

The chance to play Exy and use his power everyday. It’s everything Nathaniel’s mother has warned him against, but everything Nathaniel has ever wanted. “I’d like that,” he says, hoarse, and Riko’s grin thins to a smirk, triumphant.

But then Nathaniel’s father carves a man into bits in the lushly carpeted conference room, and Nathaniel’s mother takes him in the dead of night. Nathaniel leaves behind his name and his Exy racquet and his fire.

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Drabble- Before I realised I had begun

In which Klaus writes a letter to Caroline after hearing about recent events in Mystic Falls.

AN: The piece of writing in quotation marks is not my own, but is an absolutely beautiful quote written by the wonderful Jane Austen. 

Let’s see if this one gets plagiarised as well ;)


I’m not sure if this letter will make it into your hands, or if you’ll tear this up before even reading it. I would hope that the familiar handwriting would pique that ever present curiosity that made you such a delight to be around.

I was sorry to hear about the recent events in Mystic Falls. I received scattered reports from my hybrids, one of whom reported a disturbance of some sort while he was just passing through some time ago.

I had no need to keep tabs on you, especially after seeing Stefan in New Orleans and recognising that the depth of his affection for you went far deeper than I had ever realised. I could accept that you had moved on from our perfect afternoon in the woods, that you had found someone to love and respect you and put you first like you had always hoped for.

I had my reservations, but I also hoped. For you. That Stefan could be that person for you.

Stefan and I have a long and at times complicated history. I’d be acquiescent to telling you everything you’d like to know, especially now with the memory of his passing still so fresh, the wounds still deep.

People grieve in different ways Caroline, and I would never begrudge you yours.

I was surprised to learn that Stefan had been given the cure. Although it might not seem like it, the Bennett witch made the right choice. Her life in danger, her partner dead, it was the only option that she had, especially with her magic gone.

Self preservation is one of our most base instincts, both as a human and as a supernatural.

Don’t blame your friend, Caroline. You’ll want her around in the coming years and ensuing decades, especially when she starts to age and grow.

I’m sorry that you never got to have your June Wedding. I’m sorry that you lost Stefan in such a tragic way. I’m sorry.

If you are concerned that my feelings and desires for you have changed, they have not. I know the enormity of my affection and respect for you is a scary thing, and I understand the reservations that you may have had all those years ago when we first crossed paths.

And permit me to borrow a quote from one of my favourite writers, because sometimes I realise that my own words are never enough. But you are. You always have been enough, and more for me.

“I cannot fix on the hour, or the spot, or the look or the words, which laid the foundation. It is too long ago. I was in the middle before I knew that I had begun.”

I made an offer to you years ago to show you what the world had to offer. You weren’t ready then, and I suspect that you still aren’t ready for that. And that is okay.

Our time apart has changed us both, and you may not recognise certain parts of me, things that have come about only through hard times and a steep learning curve.

But I think that I would keep you safe. Keep you happy. Keep you loved.

You always have, and always will have a place in my home, my bed, and my life should you choose it.

Yours, Klaus

anonymous asked:

Hey Matthew and Edward, do people sometimes find it hard to understand ur English accents/slang? Or the other way around?

edward: i picked up on thompson’s odd sayings fairly quickly, as he doesn’t use very many in the first place, but he seems to be struggling with our slang a bit. 

The softest IwaOi fluff I could produce, for @notallballs’ birthday (´・ω・)っ由

Oikawa has a lot of good features. There are plenty of things Hajime could look at and say, yes, this is attractive. The warm brown of his perfectly shaped eyes. The soft sweep of his hair. The pale line of his neck. Hajime is aware of these things, appreciative of them, certainly, but they aren’t his favorite parts of Oikawa. (Nothing on the outside of him is Hajime’s favorite part, but that is beside the point at the moment.)

Were someone to ask Hajime what his favorite physical part of Oikawa is, the answer would be his knees (specifically his right knee, though Hajime does love them both.) That would have been his answer when he was six, and it’s his answer now, at twenty-three.

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Facetime Healing

So I’m having kind of a really crappy day… Can you make a one-shot with lots of fluff where Alex or Maggie are out of town or something like that, and the people around them are being terrible, so they call the other or they tell the other about it when they are together again? I understand that you’re busy but I would love to see this… Thanks 

^^ prompt from LittleSanvers over at Ao3

She’s never really used facetime.

Kara would just fly over when they wanted to see each other, and whenever she called Eliza, it was better for everyone involved that they couldn’t see each other (Eliza seeing Alex’s eye rolls and tightening lips and – pre-Maggie – chugging of bourbon to get through the conversation wouldn’t exactly help matters).

But with Maggie?

Now, facetime is the only way either of them get through their respective trips for work, because now? Now, going an entire day without seeing the other’s face would be cruel and unusual punishment.

Especially when one of them had had a day like Maggie’d just had, alone at a specialized training conference with a bunch of cishet white dude cops who weren’t even a little bit interested in listening to the small brown woman giving them a workshop on addressing the needs of – rather than punishing – queer youth who live on the streets.

Alex knows the moment the calls connect, the moment Maggie’s slightly pixelated face pops up on her phone’s screen, and her smile of anticipation fades into a look of cautious concern.

“What’s wrong?” she asks instead of her usual greeting, and she watches Maggie stiffen, watches Maggie work harder to arrange her face into something that’s not exhausted, something that’s not defeated, something that’s not rage boiling under resignation, under determination, under self-hate and under hopeful hopelessness.

“What? Nothing, it’s whatever, Danvers – how was your day? I heard Supergirl – “

“Yes, Kara had an eventful day, and yes, Kara is fine, but you, Maggie? You’re not. Talk to me,” she insists gently, she insists firmly, she insists steadily.

And it’s that steadiness – Alex’s steadiness – that makes Maggie gulp, that makes Maggie talk.

“Whatever, just… some assholes pulling some all lives matter shit, making a joke out of the kids I work with, and they don’t…” Maggie’s face swoops out of Alex’s view for a moment as Maggie shifts on her hotel bed. “They don’t get it, or care, I don’t know, who they’re hurting. How violent they’re being. Whatever, it’s whatever, I – “

“No, no, Maggie, it’s not whatever. You’re not whatever. I… Maggie, I’m sorry. I’m sorry you have to hear all that nonsense. I… what do you need? What can I do? I can get Vasquez to come out there with me and we can kick some ass with you.”

That gets Maggie’s lips to turn upward, and she shakes her head before staring deeply at the screen for the first time this call, at Alex’s face, her eyes, for the first time this call.

“You’re beautiful, Danvers, you know that?”

“So are you, Maggie. So are you.”

A long pause. A lot of staring at each other. A lot of silent wishing that their hands could touch everything their eyes were feasting on.

“Why do they have so much hate in them? I mean, them, my… my father, hell, Lena’s mother, it… why – do you get it? Because I don’t.”

Her voice is small and her eyes are liquid and Alex’s heart breaks as she shakes her head slow, soft, somehow reassuring.

“I wish I could hold you right now, babe.”

Maggie’s breath comes out in a ragged exhale, and the static from it grates Alex’s ears, making her wish even more she were actually with her instead of just Facetiming her.

But they both have good imaginations. So Alex smiles faintly at Maggie’s trembling jaw.

“Close your eyes, babe.”

“So the yoga has been catching on after all, ey, Danvers?” Maggie tries, and Alex hears the sadness, the defeat, roiling underneath Maggie’s attempt at levity, but she lets it go.

“Hush up and close your eyes, Sawyer,” she teases right back, and she’s almost surprised when Maggie complies immediately.

A stray few strands of hair fall over her face, and Alex itches to tuck it behind Maggie’s ear.

A few days. She’ll be home in a few days.

Until then…

“Okay, so,” Alex starts, and she’s awkward, because she’s not good at this kind of intimate, emotional thing.

Or, rather, she never used to be. Because she never used to like it. But now? With Maggie? She’s miles away and she’s in pain and she doesn’t want to talk and it’s unfair to try to get her to when she’s all alone, and Alex just wants to help her.

So she’s awkward, but she tries.

“So,” she repeats, “imagine where you want my hands. I want… I want to smooth your hair out of your face…” Maggie smiles faintly with her eyes closed, and she pushes her own hair out of her face.

“Like that?” she whispers, eyes still closed.

Alex nods before realizing Maggie can’t see her.

“That’s right, babe. Except… except I’d kiss you, too. Your cheeks, your temples, your forehead. The bridge of your nose. And um… and I’d hold you. If I were there. I’d pull you close to me and kiss the back of your neck and let you listen to my heartbeat and I’d… I’d tell you I love you, and I’d tell you that you’re worth it, and that your feelings are real, and that I know you did an amazing job today, no matter what those assholes said. I’d tell you you’re perfect and I’d give you a backrub and I wouldn’t let you go until you fell asleep in my arms and had the sweetest dreams. Okay?”

Another long silence. So long Alex is mildly concerned that Maggie’s fallen asleep sitting up.

“You love me?”

Her voice is so soft, so low, that if Alex hadn’t watched her lips move, she wouldn’t have realized she’d said anything at all.

“I love you more than I ever thought it was possible to love anyone, Maggie,” she says, and her voice shakes, and Maggie’s lower lip quivers, and her eyes open, and they’re full of tears, and they’re full of something Alex swears means I love you too.

And she’s absolutely right.


735 // Stuck on something

Okay guys. Help. Like i need some serious help. I don’t know what’s going on lately. I’m so lutang and very unproductive, truth be told. I can’t remember half of the things that i did this week that made me super happy though. Most of it i did only because it is something i needed be doing. And that sucks right? Ugh.

You know i can notice too that some of you here might be bored reading the usual stuff and me ranting about how i’ve been trying to drag my ass survive this lifetime and well i would be tired hearing (reading in this case) them too. But what can i do? I really don’t have that someone whom i can talk to with some of the weird things that goes through my mind every now and then. Like, i wanted to hang around with my closest friends buuut i don’t think i could ever have the guts to tell them what is, esp if you know… they aren’t too interested hearing depressing stuff. Sigh. I don’t know… sometimes, it would be fun to have someone whom you can have this certain connection too right? It doesn’t need to be someone you are attracted to in an intimate possible way (so it doesn’t need to be a boyfriend), but someone who’s you know genuinely wants to be with you and hear your mournings and whatnot.

K. I am boring people out. Sigh. Maybe i just have to get used to the fact that i have to keep things for myself. God, i think i just hate that i might depress everybody if i do so. Ugh.

Goon- Andre Burakovsky

Originally posted by th3littlemermaid14

Ok so lately the Caps have turned into an angry bunch of fighting loons… I love it! (Most of the time. Ovi needs to stay away from Mitch though XD) So this fits well right now! Enjoy guys!

Warning: fight, cuss word

@laura-smith9 Request: I had a weird day so I will drop a request hehe 😉 About Andre ofc haha ehm and it’s that the girl doesn’t like when he gets into fights on the ice (but ofc that’s hockey). And so at a game he fights and she is scared because she doesn’t want him to get hurt but she shows that she is worried through angriness and so she is mad and idk what else but it’s all fluffy and cute 🙈


              You were going to kill him.

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shipping aesthetic masterpost :)

aries ships

aries x aries: warm red; hungry first kisses; mini-dress wedding; taking shots together; childish arguments; playing video games

aries x taurus: luscious magenta; passionate make outs; personified vows; sexy dancing; unnecessary jealousy; days out at the fair

aries x gemini: bright orange; love bites; outdoor marriage ceremonies; drunk laughter; sassing each other; buying a pet dog together

aries x cancer: deep peach; caresses edged with yearning; crying over the vows; brutal advice; make-up sex; over-the-top snuggling

aries x leo: shiny gold; teasing kisses; massive wedding cakes; wild nights out; angry social media posts; competitive sports

aries x virgo: elegant black; tender make-outs; the first dance; yelling silly things and drunk-laughing; calming massages; little contests

aries x libra: lurid pink; lip biting; massive wedding dresses; amazing dancing; passionate apologies; bouquets of roses

aries x scorpio: intense crimson; dirty talk; tango music; really skimpy clothes; crying-shouting; cuddles that turn into make outs

aries x sagittarius: glittering bronze; second base; laughing through vows; silly dancing; poke wars; spontaneous adventures

aries x capricorn: rich maroon; impassioned disrobing; bows and curtsies; tugging at ties; let’s-calm-down-faces; tipping the chess board

aries x aquarius: sunny yellow; neck kisses; really weird music; making cocktails; hand-holding; under table kicks

aries x pisces: pale rose; playing with hair; tears of joy; “YES LET’S DO THAT OMFG”; arguing over who’s hotter; swimming

taurus ships

taurus x taurus: seaweed gold; yearning make outs; weddings; sneaking out to meet each other; ‘you’re all mine’; lots of pets

taurus x gemini: baby yellow; butterfly kisses; running around outside; fingernails scraping down backs; tongues sticking out; petting random dogs

taurus x cancer: pure white; the first time; romantic proposals; making out in school; crying all over each other; chocolate

taurus x leo: shining copper; third base; over-the-top weddings; drunk dancing; ‘no I’ll pay!’; Valentine’s Day

taurus x virgo: delicate green, respectful kisses; tea parties; giggling way too much during sex; wiping each other’s eyes; reading together

taurus x libra: warm pink; quick hugs; sentimental declarations of love; foot massages; yelling then cuddling; dinners out

taurus x scorpio: wine red; sex; vows of forever; highly sexually flirtatious dancing; screaming; champagne

taurus x sagittarius: soft khaki; trails of love bites; dancing in the rain; doing drugs together; ‘i still love you’; festivals

taurus x capricorn: elegant bronze; gently grazing teeth; hands squeezing tight; late night walks home; passionate anger; movie fests

taurus x aquarius: lurid aqua; biting; laughing so hard you can’t breathe; taking shots together; angry tweets; video games

taurus x pisces: powder blue; excessive cuddling; twirls; giggling; sobbing in each other’s arms; buying a puppy

gemini ships

gemini x gemini: bright orange; lip biting; killer high heels; sexy dancing whilst very drunk; inventive insults; reading magazines

gemini x cancer: pale tan; butterfly kisses; laughing-crying; sneaking out at midnight to meet each other; over-dramatic arguments; playing with hair

gemini x leo: shimmering gold; showing-off make-outs; socialites; mixing drinks; arguments that turn into sex; rolling in the grass

gemini x virgo: satin grey; holding hands; 20th century style wedding clothes; sexy dancing; snapping; cats

gemini x libra: hot pink; kink; old-fashioned girl band music; dancing the night away; sassy insults; extravagant, flamboyant gifts

gemini x scorpio: shocking black; love bites; intense eye contact; vodka; secrets; writing together

gemini x sagittarius: warm peach; hugs that turn into kissing; the first dance at a wedding; taking shots together; crying; walking the dog

gemini x capricorn: steely grey; lips brushing fingers; the MPDG archetype; laughter; ‘no, I’ll pay’; reading together

gemini x aquarius: lurid turquoise; hand-holding; adventures; weird drinks; ‘i do SO love you’; conspiracy theories

gemini x pisces: candyfloss violet; sweet, tiny kisses; cropped pannier skirts; stamping on cigarettes in high-heels; red eyes; flowers

cancer ships

cancer x cancer: rainy blue; lovingly tender make-outs; wedding dresses; long, sensual baths; ‘it’s gonna be okay’; dancing together to ‘our song’

cancer x leo: breath-taking gold; slow sex; laughter; music; shouting that becomes crying; cheating at Scrabble

cancer x virgo: elegant grey; hand kisses; bows and curtsies; long-term relationships; love letters; walks in the snow

cancer x libra: peachy pink; soft cuddles; strawberries; helping each other with appearance; cloud watching; the first day of spring

cancer x scorpio: deep maroon; hands clawing at each other; heels; taking drugs; passion in love and anger; rain

cancer x sagittarius: honey bronze; light make-outs that become more intense; road trips in a storm; smoking and dancing; tears; ‘forever’

cancer x capricorn: stunning white; hungry kisses; ‘unconditional’; walks in the woods; little white lies; help with homework

cancer x aquarius: lurid aquamarine; hand-holding; skipping; mixing drinks; bitch slaps; playing video games together

cancer x pisces: sweet silver; Valentine’s Day poetry; dancing in the rain; tripping for the first time; playing the victim; endless cuddles

leo ships

leo x leo: marigold yellow; tiny, gentle kisses; the sun; really loud music; unnecessary jealousy; walking the dog

leo x virgo: fresh green; ‘can I kiss you now?’; tea dresses; amazing dancing; telling jokes to stop them crying, cassettes

leo x libra: pop pink; PDA; weddings; pink champagne; really terrible insults; slow-to-fast dancing

leo x scorpio: burned bronze; sexy time; vodka; cigarettes; deep and laboured breathing; running really fast

leo x sagittarius: vibrant orange; love bites; dancing and skipping; high-heeled shoes; red faces; travelling the world

leo x capricorn: golden brown; passionate make-outs; warm, rich, slow laughter; slow breathing in darkness; shouting; painfully wide smiles

leo x aquarius: vivid indigo; scratching fingernails; raised eyebrows; drugs; excessive hiccups due to inebriation; giggles

leo x pisces: pretty peach; hair-twirling; full, lacy skirts; walking home late at night; wiping away the tears; just snuggling together

virgo ships

virgo x virgo: soft ivory; light kisses; wedding clothes; bright light; insults that make you go ‘ouch’; constructive criticism

virgo x libra: pastel cream; caressing hands; veils; carefully mixing drinks with exactly the right amounts; apologies; flowers

virgo x scorpio: classic black; biting; elegant outfits; cigarette smoke; viciousness; meaningful eye contact

virgo x sagittarius: rich tan; romantic make-outs; bouncy clothes; flat shoes; really terrible insults; buying a dog together

virgo x capricorn: honey gold; single passionate kisses; formalities; ‘oh my god this is so BAD of us’; arguing then make-up sex; homework help

virgo x aquarius: pastel green; finger-drumming; nail polish; really weird drugs; intellectual debates; ‘ewwwww’

virgo x pisces: delicate pink; the tiniest of kisses; flower posies; staying in; ‘I will never, ever, ever, ever hurt you’; teddies

libra ships

libra x libra: soft gold; sensual hugs; baths with rose petals in them; sexy dancing; passive aggressiveness; listening to music

libra x scorpio: deep rose; sex; lipstick; lots and lots of alcohol; trying really hard not to cry; very sexual flirtation

libra x sagittarius: pastel yellow; unexpected kisses; eye shadow; high heels; ‘we’re not fighting are we?? are we???’; silly dancing

libra x capricorn: pure white; massages; neat bedrooms; everyone’s looking at them; well crafted debate points; going to art galleries together

libra x aquarius: baby blue; fiddling with hair; bright lights; taking shots; ‘you did NOT just say that’; shitty video games

libra x pisces: warm peach; kisses that leave lip gloss stains; ducklings; being good; sniffling; cuddling with pets involved

scorpio ships

scorpio x scorpio: intense scarlet; unexpected sex; black satin; nights out at clubs; the silent treatment; making out to loud music

scorpio x sagittarius: rich gold; hickeys; steam-punk; sneaking out; distracting the other from anger with kissing; exercising together

scorpio x capricorn: classic tan; dishevelled chaise lounges; wood; grinding cigarettes under high-heels; rage; good food

scorpio x aquarius: shocking ebony; biting; metal furnishings; mixing drinks; amazing insults; take-outs

scorpio x pisces: deep navy; warm, soft kisses; a single flower; drugs; trying really, really hard not to get angry; nervous PDA

sagittarius ships

sagittarius x sagittarius: orange tan; just making out in general; fabric; elopement; excessive swearing; dancing to amazing music

sagittarius x capricorn: golden bronze; familiar yet intense kisses; vases; alcohol; ‘no I’M right’; watching TV

sagittarius x aquarius: bright purple; lipstick marks in weird colours + places; not getting married; shitty insults; poke wars

sagittarius x pisces: gentle violet; the first kiss; brightly coloured fish; weird drinks; third base; walks with the dog in the park

capricorn ships

capricorn x capricorn: coffee chocolate; sensuality; correcting one another’s formal outfits; cigarette smoke; ‘oh, really’; brilliant cakes

capricorn x aquarius: royal blue; small hickeys; going bird-watching; shitty old video games; heated debates; ‘we’re never bad’

capricorn x pisces: dolphin grey; second base; marriages; ‘you love me right?’; comforting each other; cuddling

aquarius ships

aquarius x aquarius: shocking orange; messy first kisses; building things together; taking shots; endless hypothesising; being way too competitive

aquarius x pisces: neon blue; laughing sex; original wedding ideas; cocktails; ‘this isn’t arguing’; old music players

pisces ships

pisces x pisces: delicate turquoise; third base; aquariums; tripping in heels; silly arguments that end in crying and cuddling; teddies


For anon…enjoy!

Luke knit his brows in growing confusion. Luke was careful to cover his tracks. No one should’ve been able to find him, especially not Percy, Annabeth, and Percy’s half-brother. Regardless, he attempted to keep his voice steady.

“So, it seems you’ve caught up,” he told them with a smile, “But, I’m curious. How?”

Percy and Annabeth’s eyes shifted from Luke to you, who was standing right next to him. Slowly, the son of Hermes shifted his gaze from his prisoners to you. You swallowed the lump in your throat, eyes conveying sorrow. Luke could no longer contain his anger.

“Y/N?” he whispered, “You told them?”
“I had to,” you squeaked.
“We were in this together,” Luke yelled with growing hurt, “You said you’d never leave my side!”
“Before you let Kronos in!” you retorted loudly, “How can you not see what he’s doing to you? Luke, I did this for you. I’m trying to help!”
“You betrayed me!”

You closed your mouth. The Luke you once knew, the one you loved, was nowhere in the angry expression facing you. If anything, he was hiding under the rage, but you weren’t sure anymore. Gradually, you walked next to Annabeth, Percy, and Tyson. Willingly, you turned, hands behind your back, and faced Luke with a grim expression.

In the lowliest whisper, you muttered, “I can’t watch you destroy yourself.”

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I’ve seen several people discuss how they felt Eurus was inconsistent as a character and the show fails to truly explain what she is up to in TLD. Here I will give a break down of Eurus, her motives in TLD and TFP, as well as how she fits within the larger theme of the show. For this meta, I am going entirely by the show and what we are told in it. I am not including what the writers have said in commentary or in interviews; instead I am trying to reason her character by what is shown to us in the aired episodes, with the assumption that we–as the audience– are to believe that she existed this entire time and therefore had a hand in what has happened not just in s4, but throughout the show. 

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Hoi! can you help me find a fic where dan had fire powers that flared up with his emotions and when he was a kid the curtains caught on fire, and then his girlfriend broke up with him so a plant at the mall caught on fire, then his parents called somebody to take him to a special school where he woke up in some room where a girl took him and showed him around? That was as far as i remember reading. Thanks!

Hawk and Dove: In a world where powers plague people everywhere, Dan Howell fights to keep his emotions and pyrokinesis under control. After years of hiding, Dan is outed and whisked away to a school to learn to use his abilities safely. Still unable to control the fire that seems to rage under his skin, Dan’s only solace is in his roommate Phil, who can’t seem to stop turning things to ice. 



Today, I overcame most of my insecurities.

I’m sharing these two (and more) photos of my biggest flaws to help instill confidence within the next person to see it. 

I have acne. Blackheads, awful pores, I have a faint but still there uni brow, and a raging pimple under my eyelid. I often wonder what it’d be like if I had clear skin or something, but regardless, i’m a warrior.

So are you.

Skin pt.1

Paying the price

Chapter 20

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I was sitting in the uncomfortable office chair in front of the sturdy desk, anxiously twiddling my fingers while my father’s gaze burned a hole through me. He was leaning back in his much larger chair, arms crossed over his chest. He ran the fingers of his left hand over his mouth while narrowing his eyes at me. He was lost deep in thought while Dante and Amar stood to the side watching this obvious display of power.

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