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Modern Pagan Ways to Worship

I’ve been thinking a lot about the ways I worship the gods, and watching my other Pagan friends to see how different our styles are. I thought I might list some of the ways I’ve noticed. Feel free to add anything you think is worth mentioning!

Learning about the gods: This is always the first thing I tell people to do when they decide to work with a new god. Read the stories we do have about them, even if there’s only one. What are scholars saying about the story/ies? What can we learn from knowing about the culture of the time? Is there any crossover from other cultures and mythologies?

Prayer: The obvious one, but perhaps not one that all Pagans engage in for fear of feeling ‘too Christian.’ Ceiswir Serith has a great guide, “A Book of Pagan Prayer,” if you want to take a look at new ways to pray. 

Offering food/drink: Whether you’re offering a separate meal to the goddesses or sharing a part of your plate, this is a very old tradition. Some gods prefer you partake of the meal, and others don’t. Whatever is best for you, offering a glass of wine or a portion of your lunch to the gods also makes you more conscious of the food you’re ingesting.

Building/maintaining an altar: Another very common one under the Pagan umbrella. We dedicate a space to a deity or deities, and decorate it as a workspace for spells, a welcome mat for the god(s)/ess(es) we worship.

Donning a deities’ associations: If yours is a sea goddess, it is likely she’ll prefer you wearing shells, pearls, or colors that remind her of her home. By contrast, a fire god might like to see you sporting some carnelian or even lava rock. Wearing their colors, crystals/stones, scents, animal representations, symbols (either overt or covert), etc., is a way to remind yourself of them throughout the day.

Writing: Some Pagans keep journals, a Book of Shadows, and blogs to write to and about the gods. If you’re a verbal learner, this can be a great way to figure out your feelings if you’re working through new concepts, or to tell stories about your deities if they like to hear you talk about them.

Art: Other Pagans like to draw, paint, or otherwise decorate parts of their world with a visual representation of their god(s)/ess(es), their associations, or experiences they’ve had with their deity.

Music: Writing a chant, alternative Christmas carol lyrics, or compositions can be a great way to worship! Don’t forget drum circles and jam sessions.

Meditation: One of my personal favorites, guiding yourself (or having them guide you) through a visual meditation to show them more of their world. You can learn a lot about a god this way.

Crafty hobbies: Making jewelery, fetishes, or other gifts for the gods can be a relaxing and informative way to learn about how you see your goddesses compared to how other people do.

Volunteer work: Many goddesses and gods require their followers to flow good energy back into the world, whether that’s by volunteering at a women’s shelter, running a recycling campaign in your neighborhood, or counselling LGBTQ+ youth, this is a rewarding way to prove you can put your money where your mouth is, spiritually speaking.

Academic work: Particularly for knowledge/wisdom deities, this can be a good one for students. Silently dedicating your homework assignments to your gods can boost the quality of the work you turn in–it’s going to someone a little higher than your professor, after all!

Designing sigils and symbols: A lot of people are starting to take up the sigil-making hobby, which is great! Making a unique symbol for your deities lets them know you’re thinking of them, without necessarily letting other people know. Particularly good for people in non-Pagan-friendly households.

Rebelcaptain // You’ve Got Mail AU

Jyn Erso runs Partisan Books, an independent communist bookstore in New York’s Lower East Side, a shop that her mother Lyra ran before her. At night, Jyn’s guilty pleasure is chatting online. Over the past few months, under the handle “Stardust,” she’s started chatting and exclusively emailing “a friend” who she’s met online who calls himself “Fulcrum.” There’s a hitch, though. There are boundaries to their online relationship: no specifics, including no names, careers, class information, or family details.

It turns out that “Fulcrum” is Cassian Andor, a VP at Rebellion Books, an online book sales juggernaut that specializes in leftist literature, and whose parent company, Alliance LLC, wants to buy out small bookshops like Jyn’s in order to bring together like-minded booksellers under one umbrella in order to fight the creep of fascism.

At a reading by the up-and-coming nonfiction memoirist, Bodhi Rook, Jyn and Cassian finally meet in person. They take an immediate liking to one another, until Jyn finds out who Cassian works for and what they are trying to do to her bookstore. Then it’s nothing but hate.

They continue to email each other anonymously, falling in love slowly, and not knowing the other’s identity until one day Jyn decides that “Stardust” and “Fulcrum” should finally meet. On a rainy evening, they are supposed to finally meet at Kyber Coffee in Soho. While they wait to meet each other, they clash, and Cassian slowly realizes that Jyn and Stardust are one in the same.

How will they overcome their conflicts? Can they be friends or more than friends if Jyn finds out the truth?

Rain prompts 🌧
  • “I’m drying off your hair with a towel and I’m concentrating so hard until I look down and see you looking up at me with raindrops still clinging to your lashes and freckling your cheeks. your hair’s all mussed and I’m still rubbing the towel over your head and ajshajaklalala” AU
  • “I don’t know why you thought a dumpster would be a good place to take shelter from the rain but here we are I guess” au
  • “There’s only room under this umbrella for one. Oh fine, get under here I guess we’ll both be partially soaked.” AU
  • “kISSING?? IN THE RAIN??? siGn Me tHe FUCK UP” AU

1111uck  asked:

The complete dismissal of critiques of antifa that I see on this site is very worrying. I wanted to get your thoughts on this. "They're fighting Nazis" should not excuse all actions. Soldiers who fight for a good cause do terrible things all the time, after all. And we cannot ignore the people who burned cars outside of Trump's inauguration even when there were no Nazi flags. I don't believe we can condone the actions of anarchists just because they claim to fight for our side.

I’ve been pretty unequivocal around these parts about my desires for the left to avoid the same tendencies that lead to authoritarianism and I’m 100% with you on the soviet symbols and general use of revolutionary aesthetics, it’s a problem. If only that it leads people to question the legitimate motives of the people flying the banner which might be perfectly good and (mostly) reasonable. At the margins though those symbols and the cult of personalities they have inspired are no better than the far right authoritarians they came on the scene to stop.

All of that said, I think it’s kind of important to tease out the differences in the far left groups that make up what has recently been branded by Trump as the “alt-left” (antifa being one group under that umbrella), their organizing styles, their goals, and the methods they’ll resort to in order to accomplish those goals.

There is a huge difference between the Democratic Socialists of America and far left anarcho communists who come to brawl in the streets with neo nazis, but both generally show up in these political places where shit hits the fan. Both are grouped under the same umbrella and held equally responsible when things go wrong. The same could be said about Black Lives Matter and maybe strands of black nationalism that are more willing to resort to political violence to achieve their goals.

So I’m with you on not blindly forgetting critiques of the left, especially given the legitimate atrocities that leftist regimes have carried out. It’s also necessary to push back against the forces bubbling up in this political moment so it’s kind of a balancing act and it’s definitely not an easy one.

That said, we need to make room for DSA to do their thing, we need to make room for BLM to do their thing, and honestly, in today’s political climate, if the more violent parts of those political movements come to protect the other peaceful protestors from far right provocateurs, I think that might be something worth supporting.  (the aforementioned anarcho communists and black nationalists being “the more violent parts of those movements”).

I know a lot of people who still think punching Nazis is counter productive, I’m not there, I’m all for punching Nazis. Especially if those Nazis are going to make themselves a presence at a political rally where their only real purpose is to cause trouble and well, be punched. But if you’re going to be a far left street fighter just go read Eugene V. Debs and put the Hegel and Lenin away.

There’s a big difference between protecting free speech and freedom of assembly in the face of fascism and resorting to political violence to accomplish your political goals because you’ve decided the ends justify the means. Make sure when you’re punching Nazis it’s always in the first category and not the second.

You need to understand that bi erasure is real and does occur. Not only does it lead to internalization of biphobia - bi people questioning whether they “belong” in the community and whether their identity is real or not - but it also obscures proper ways to address violence against bi people that require specific handling (such as addressing the high rates of IPV that bi women face in m/f relationships, or the high rates of mental illness and suicidality that bi people report). 

However, to articulate all of this, and to make the point that bisexuality is not just defined by its relation to being gay (that it is its own unique orientation), you need to stop blaming lesbian/gay people for our erasure and you need to stop blaming them for our invisibility. I’ve said this a million times, but the problem is derived from heteropatriarchy and heteronormativity. It’s straight people that pushed gay/lesbian people into hypervisibility in the first place; it’s straight people who routinely erase bisexuality; it’s straight people who have constructed the straight/gay binary; and it’s straight people who are enacting material violence against us. LGBT people who inflict horizontal aggression against each other have learned it from straight people. We see and learn and then reflect what we’ve learned onto each other and blame it on ourselves rather than on the structure that’s caused the problem. 

Certainly there are some lesbian/gay people who continue to engage in bi erasure, who flatly refuse to acknowledge or share a community with bisexuals, who reject potential romantic/sexual partners that are bisexual, who have told bisexuals that they aren’t “gay” enough for the community, who make bisexuals feel unwelcome, who blame bisexuals for societal homophobia, who lump bisexuals in with straight people, who call us annoying and obnoxious for wanting to be heard and validated. I have acknowledged all of this. But addressing those instances of horizontal aggression by claiming that this gives lesbian/gay people “material” privilege over bi/pan people, or acting like they’re oppressing us, or using a framework that posits lesbian/gay people as equivalent to straight people in terms of the marginalization that bi people face, is egregiously homophobic. 

Not to mention that it does nothing to solve bi erasure or combat bi people’s issues. 

That bi people had to, at many points in history, refer to themselves as “gay” is not the fault of ~the cis LG’s~ as some of you deign to call them. It’s not just bi people who had to do that. Lesbians and even trans women were all lumped under the “gay” mantle during the earliest stages of LGBT activism. Straight people weren’t going around distinguishing between every specific subset of the community, hence why they’d call any LGBT person “gay” (and use gay as a pejorative term). They still do this! Heteropatriarchy still recognizes and lumps all LGBT people together under one term/one umbrella! Thus LGBT people themselves took up the mantle of “gay” (which they then extended to “gay/lesbian”). Obviously this has partially contributed to bi and trans erasure, but modern LGBT organizations have taken steps to fix this and most of them have either changed their names to encompass the entire community or they’ve changed their agendas to encompass the entire community. Either way, these organizations and community spaces have recognized that the way we conceptualize our identities has changed. In the West, people are beginning to realize that there are specific identities that require specific attention & action - but it’s only the beginning. And like I said, regardless of how we specifically identify, if we are visibly not-straight or not-cis, we’re going to marked and targeted under one label whether we like it or not. Such is the problem with heteronormativity. 

But let’s not blame lesbian/gay people for this. When we ask not to be lumped in with our oppressors, doing the same thing to lesbian/gay people - lumping them in with straight people - is just as disgusting. It is hypocritical. We ask to be listened to. We need to listen as well. You’re only going to go in circles if you act so self-righteously and indignantly. 

Finally, let’s remember that this argument is very Western-specific. I do believe that the lumping of all LGBT people under one term happens in non-Western countries as well, but different cultures have different languages & thus different terms altogether that apply to not-cis and not-straight people. What I have learned from them is that sitting around debating amongst ourselves and attempting to push each other out of our spaces does nothing to address the roots of our problems or eradicate the violence we’re exposed to. Learn how to use nuance in this conversations. Learn not to pit marginalized groups from the same community against each other and instead remember that genuine solidarity comes about from accountability, dialogue, and conversation. 

Headcanons for the children of Nyx since there isn’t enough to satisfy my soul:

-Being children of the goddess everybody feared, even Zeus; the mother of Death and Deceit and Revenge and Distress and whatnot, they were usually feared and avoided. It just took people some time to realize they’re total cinnamon rolls (most of them).

-Their eyes would glow softly during the night.

-They’re most energetic during the night; most of their activities are during that time, which is why the other cabins can’t sleep properly, and they’d want to go and Nyx Cabin to complain or tell them off or something, but then they remember the harpies and decide to just use earplugs (the Hypnos Cabin doesn’t have a problem tho).

-They usually look like a bunch of Shadowhunters.

-They use shadow travel, but unlike children of Hades, whose shadow travel is full of crying ghosts and stuff, children of Nyx’s shadow travel is basically waves of the color midnight blue swirl around them with constellation shining all over the place.

-They’re good at using stars as navigation maps.

-They have night-vision.

-Their skin is really sensitive to the sun, which is why whenever a child of Nyx arrives at Camp, they’re provided with one.

-Children of Hermes, in fact, used this as a prank, sneaking stealthily into the Nyx Cabin and stealing all of their umbrellas and left one while the night demigods themselves have shadow traveled to the forest at night so that they wouldn’t be seen by the harpies. In the morning, the entire Nyx Cain had to huddle under one umbrella to reach the Dining Pavilion for breakfast, each one of them fighting the other for space.

-After hearing about Annabeth’s encounter with her cousin Magnus and his story, they decide they want to meet the guy called Blitzen and ask him for fashion advice so they can look stylish and avoid sunlight during the day.

-They mostly use Stygian iron swords, and sometimes silver ones.

-Their powers include umbrakinesis and lunakinesis.

-Besides manipulating darkness, Nyx’s children are capable of creating miniature stars with their fingertips (you need to be an older, more experinced demigod).

-Their cabin’s design is a small replica of the mansion of their mother, made out of black marble and encrusted all over the outer walls and the ceiling with white diamonds to represent constellations of stars that would glow whenever the moon’s light reflected off them.

-They have the ability to control dreams and enter other people’s dreams.

-They use this to try and make the demigods’ nightmares more tolerable.

-They also can explain complicated dreams and have a better understanding of the Oracle’s prophecies due to Nyx’s prophetic powers.

-They. Freaking. Hate. Hemera’s. Cabin.

-They’d always avoid them.

-But sometimes Nyx’s children would help a Hemera’s child who’s scared from the darkness of night or somehow got lost in the forest during the night and doesn’t want to get eaten by harpies.

-Also Hemera’s children would sometimes help a Nyx’s child who lost their umbrella.

-^both of these can be the beginning of a new realtionship between a child of Hemera and a child of Nyx, which would bewilder everyone, given the unstable relationship between Nyx and her daughter^

-Some of Nyx’s children would be able to merge into shadows, This power is usually discovered accidentally. Sometimes, the little kids who have this ability would panic and freak out when their hand or foot slowly becomes a shadow, but the older ones with the same ability would calm them down and help them get used to this power.

-Total fans of The House of Night series.

-Their motto/ favorite quotes: “Darkness does not always equate to evil, just as light does not always equate to good.” (basically their reply to whomever even tries to bullies them about being children of the goddess of “night and darkness representing evil” and stuff)+”Stars can’t shine without darkness.”

-Older demigods would sing a soothing lullaby for the younger children who can’t sleep during the night since they’re fully awake and energetic. Sometimes a child of Aphrodite will help to charm-speak them into sleep. (At some point they’ll need to sleep so they can survive the day)

-They grew poppies in front of their cabin with the help of the Demeter cabin.

-Demigod children of Nyx usually have very dark black hair and silver eyes that often look intimidating.

writing-in-the-wings  asked:

ATM I'm writing a story (w/ magic/energy) that I can see having 3 major conflicts 1) man v environment-energy turning on itself and destroying humanity through the env 2) man v man-dif factions of energy fighting each other 3) man v self-main characters-twins finding place in the world as anomalies that can create and destroy raw energy. I feel like it might be too much but I also feel like all three conflicts are integral to the plot. Any advice on cutting a conflict or fitting them all in?

Originally posted by sp00oo0ky

Ah, the age old question of conflicts. In order to make this a learning lesson for the whole class, I’ll answer your question directly after I explain a little. So, take a seat dearies and let us begin.

Long Answer: In literature, there are 3 major conflict groups which are used when analyzing a piece of work. Each individual conflict will vary from plot to plot, but they all tend to fall under one of the three umbrellas.

  1.  Man vs. Nature- This one can also be explained as Man vs. Society or Man vs. God. This conflict is your main character or group of characters, against something larger than themselves. Man vs Nature tends to be man struggling against, say weather elements in a forest or on the high seas. Man vs Society is man against his town, city, family circle etc. Man vs God is man against a higher power who is not considered human.
  2. Man vs. Man- This one is what it sounds like. Your main character is directly facing another man in his conflict. Think of this one as being the boss battle where it is more of a one on one rather than fighting a cause, which would be considered a Society.
  3. Man vs. Self- This is your main character’s inner conflict. Man is struggling with what is right and wrong, Man is conflicted with what he thought was right and what Society tells him is right, etc. Though this one is considered “inner conflict”, it can cause your character’s outward actions to be different than anticipated causing a chain reaction of problems.

All three conflicts can be in a plotline. It makes a plot and writing more complicated, but it is possible to use all three. Think of it like a braid where you have three strands woven together. Your character can have an internal struggle about facing a man which would result in also being cast out by his home town. It’s complicated but, they all play off of each other. Or you could use only one and have a man marching out to fight another man. It would greatly simplify your plot but, you could still have an amazing story.

If a plot does use more than one conflict, usually one is the main conflict while the other(s) are sub-conflicts. Sub-conflicts are underlying conflicts that carry through the whole or part of the plot, depending upon when your character overcomes the conflict. These help add another layer to your conflict as they usually play off of your main conflict.

Short Answer: Each option is interesting especially with your use of magic and energy. Like I mentioned above, conflicts are like a braid. You can use all three of your ideas but, like you mentioned, this may be too much conflict and not enough story. Since each of these conflicts are so detailed and could stand alone, I suggest only using one or two. You could blend say, option 2 and 3, using the Man vs. Man and Man vs Self to create an inner struggle for your main character of fighting their opponent because of X reason. By doing this, you would be creating a sub-conflict which you could either carry throughout the plot or bring up in the first half, only to have the main character overcome it in his journey to overcome the main conflict.

Also, in your third option of Man vs. Self, you mentioned that your main character has a twin that is part of the conflict. The twin would not be considered Self since the twin is his or her own person. This conflict would be considered Man vs. Man even though the twin is not necessarily evil or in the wrong. You could however, use the twin to create Man vs. Self by having him or her point out a problem that becomes an inner conflict for the main character.

I suggest playing around with your plotline a bit to see which works best for your desired outcome. All three would create an interesting and complicated plot, but if you are going for more of a simpler plot and more story, perhaps you should only use one or two. Remember, sub-conflicts are always a great way to use more than one conflict to complicate your story.

Happy writing!


Talking bodies/Victor Zsasz

Name: Talking bodies.

Author: Aya-Fay

Fandom: Gotham

Pairing: Victor Zsasz x Reader

Warning: Smut and everything that goes with it. Lots of smut. You’ve been warned.

Summary: Victor has always been the one. Teasing your love was just too much fun.

First of all, i want to dedicate this one for @under-oswalds-umbrella, because i promised her a gift for her birthday and i do feel like this one would be good for it. So Honey, one more time - happy birthday.
Second. I want to thank @gotham-city-tales, because if it wasn’t for our conversation with her, i would not write this one.
Third, but nonetheless importand is i want to Thank my lovely @queencobblefreezestuff and @mistressofcobblepot, @rawrcoptergaming because really, you make me so happy and your comments give me life and inspiration. I love you all and so happy i’ve met you.

I also wanna thank my dearest ​ @myregardstothereader @jokesterwrites @minpov  @luciebell-writes @just-a-little-crazy @taintedmarker @thequeenofgothamxo @emberandshadow @cobblehearts for being there for me.

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DeLiteful rain

(the file name for this was “rooni dazlib btw)

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Hi, dear! Since it's still summer, how about some beach headcanons for Bakugou, Todoroki, Uraraka and Mina? Thanks in advance! <3

(A great ask!)

Bakugou Katsuki:

  • Bakugou will fight the sun itself if he could. Due to his quirk, he gets hot quite fast, so that’s why he dislike summer days and being in direct contact with the sun. He might disagree going to the beach at first, but would give in eventually.
  • Just because the two of them are on a date, he won’t back down so easily and would challenge them at a swimming contest, or a fight between the sea waves, doing his best to win and laugh in their face.
  • His partner would get their revenge by dragging him under the water and tickling him, knowing he cannot laugh underneath the sea. That would piss him off so much and he’d start chasing after them.
  • In exchange, Bakugou would spin them and throw them in the sea (like dads do with their children) and laugh at their annoyed face.

Todoroki Shouto:

  • Shouto is not the biggest fan of hot weather and sun, but if he would accompany his significant other at the beach if that was their wish. He can reglate his body temperature anyways.
  • He doesn’t fancy much going for a swim, but he’d like to walk along the shore and pick various pretty sea shells to later gift to his partner. They could actually walk together, hand in hand and water splashing their feet.
  • Todoroki prefers staying more in the shadow, since he gets easily sun burnt. He won’t comply if his significant other will offer to apply sun scream on his back though.
  • He finds it relaxing to build sand castles, even if it sounds childish. He and his partner would do their best to make the fanciest castle possible.

Uraraka Ochako:

  • She loves spending time with her partner, no matter the place they go together to. Spending a day at the beach is a perfect date idea as they can both relax and have fun together.
  • Ochako prepares a picnic basket for them two, filled with sandwiches, some rice cakes, refreshments and a blanket. She is also prepared with sun cream for protection, but also for a perfect bronze.
  • Doing the canonball into the sea is way more fun when your girlfriend can float the two of you above the sea and then drop you from there. More adrenaline and more splashing.
  • When they feel tired, the couple would take a break under one of the beach umbrellas and fall asleep next to each other.

Mina Ashido:

  • She absolutely loves going to the beach, especially if it is in the company of her sweet significant other. She is prepared for a day filled with fun and activities!
  • She brings a lot of soda cans with her, because staying hydrated is important, but also one of those inflatable volley balls so she and her partner can play out in the sea.
  • Mina loves swimming low enough under the sea level and grab her significant other’s ankles to tickle their feet. When she arises from the water, she would just giggle and swim away from them.
  • She lives for the fun! Mina finds it so cute when her partner finally catches her under the water and kisses her as revenge.

“I’ll keep you safe and dry under my umbrella.”

Random sketch I made while thinking random thoughts to myself. Then randomly slapped ink on it. I like the messy look. It gives it character.

For @eustasskid-redhairedbastard. *hugs and cuddles*

(Kid is totally too shy too admit his feelings for Law in this.)

Here’s another update for the Arrhythmia AU. Finally the boys get a little downtime during their vacation. :)

The sight of the ocean was enough to take his breath away. The roaring sound of the tide, the scent of salt heavy in the air, and his first glimpse of sunlight in days was like something from a movie, and it gave Nico the vague sense of freedom. “Let’s definitely go to the beach first.”

Will nodded, looking more energized just by being in the sun. His smile widened, and he turned to Nico. “Yeah, how far is the rental place? If it’s right here, we can walk and we’ll get a cab on the way to the hotel then to the airport.” He said, taking Nico’s hand and squeezing. “I mean, well. You won’t walk, you can’t be on your feet too long.”

Clearly, Will was getting a little excited, his smile excited. “It’s a beautiful day. Isn’t it nice out?”

“Um…,” Nico looked out over the beach, shielding his eyes with his hand. “The nurse said it was just across the street—oh! Over there. Look, they even have those giant umbrellas stuck in the sand.”

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There’s something about the smell of rain in the city, how it makes oil on the roads turn into rainbows and makes happy little splashes underfoot. Plus, it gives an excuse to lean close together under one umbrella, laughing and talking quietly under the sound of rain pattering on the umbrella above them. Joonmyun wraps a friendly arm around Luhan, seemingly casual, though his pulse is racing. Luhan pretends he doesn’t notice, though he remembers perfectly that Joonmyun once said that he had a crush on Luhan. Knowing that Joonmyun liked him that way when he already knew that beneath his delicate features was a boy determined to seem manly and not that Joonmyun would like a girl that looked like him has his cheeks flaming up as he looks down at the wet sidewalk and their feet walking in tandem through the rain.

- Admin J