under moon

i didn’t make a mixtape in time for my birthday so here are some of my current favorite songs for my birthday
  1. Gorillaz ft. Vince Staples - Ascension
  2. Kendrick Lamar - i 
  3. Tim Maia - All I Want
  4. Boris Gardiner - Every Nigger is a Star
  5. Angela Bofill - Under the Moon and Over the Sky
  6. Aalon - Rock ‘N Roll Gangsta
  7. Brockhampton - FIGHT
  8. Cashmere Cat ft. Francis & The Lights and The Weeknd - Wild Love
  9. Taylor McFerrin - Postpartum
  10. Cake - Bound Away 
  11. Funkadelic - Good Thoughts, Bad Thoughts
  12. Oshi - I Love You
  13. Lucy Pearl - Dance Tonight 
  14. Baby Boy Da Prince ft. P Town Moe - The Way I Live
  15. DJ Khaled & Chance the Rapper - I Love You so Much 
  16. Flying Lotus - The Protest
  17. I Monster - Everyone’s a Loser 
  18. Travis Greene - You Got Up
  19. Jack Johnson - Upside Down 
  20. Queen - I Want to Break Free
  21. Thundercat - A Fan’s Mail (Tron Song Suite II)
  22. John Coltrane & Duke Ellington - My Little Brown Book 
  23. Frank Ocean - Chanel 
  24. Alice Coltrane - Ghana Nila 
  25. Stevie Wonder - Ebony Eyes

the full youtube playlist is here because spotify is a hater

Zhīzhū bǎihé and Chat Noir in a deadly dance under the Parisian moon. She’s the epitome of being beautiful but deadly

anonymous asked:

Hey so I recently started asking people to refer to me as Shane instead of my dead name but its been hard to talk about it... could you please do a mini spell for confidence or something? Thanks in advance

hi shane!! 

first of all, i would def recommend writing your dead name on a bay leaf and burning it under the new moon aka rn. just this act in itself will reduce the influence of your dead name and make you feel more confident. 

🌻 now, a general mini confidence spell 🌻

we’re going to be harnessing the power of the sun so if you can do this outside & on a sunday, it’ll be more powerful!

you will need 

  • a yellow candle 
  • citrine 
  • your beautiful self

firstly cast a circle however you like. this can be as simple or complex as you wish. then, light your yellow candle. if you don’t have a yellow candle, light a candle colour that calls to you. now sit before the candle, and imagine the light and energy from it coming over you & covering you like a lil blanket. whilst doing this, hold your citrine in your hands and imagine the energy from that curling in with the candle energy. think about the specific confident aspects you want for as long as you need to, and absorb the energy from the crystal and candle! i usually take about 5-10 minutes and focus on my breathing and i always find myself smiling after. i hope this helps!!


57th Annual Academy Awards, 1985

Prince performing at Wembley Arena, 1986