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Are you guys excited for Christmas?!?!🎄

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🍀 🍄A summary of the Sabbats 🍄🍀

When I was a baby witch, it was really difficult for me to understand the Sabbats and the wheel of the year. To help all my baby witches, I made a short summary to make it easier. 

🎄 Yule (Date: on the winter solstice, dec. 20-23) 🎄

This is the Sabbat for celebrating rebirth. Many people celebrate it similarly to Christmas, with gift giving, feasting, and wreath making. People will often kiss a consenting partner under a sprig of mistletoe for good luck.

🐏  Imbolc (Date: feb. 2) 🐏 

This Sabbat celebrates the return of spring. People make corn dollies and set them in a basket next to a symbol of masculinity. Many Witches will clean out their homes during Imbolc.

🐣 Ostara (Date: on the vernal equinox, Mar. 20-23) 🐣 

This Sabbat celebrates the coming time of fertility. Egg decorating is common during this time.

🔥 Beltane (Date: May 1) 🔥

This Sabbat focuses on fertility. Many Pagans choose to conceive children at this time (or just to enjoy themselves sexually with a partner). Beltane festivals are often high energy, with plenty of dancing and bonfires. 

☀️ Litha (Date: on the summer solstice, Jun 20-23) ☀️

A Sabbat for celebrating the longest day of the year, as well as for mourning the shortening days after. Some Witches burn bonfires or light candles to represent the Sun.

🌾 Lughnasadh (Date: Aug 1 -> 1 day before my birthday!) 🌾

I love this Sabbat but I’m not able to pronounce this name :). This is the first of the three harvesting Sabbats. There are festivals of grain and bread. People make gingerbread men during this time.

🍁 Mabon (Date: on the autumnal equinox, sep. 20-23) 🍁

This is the second of the three harvesting Sabbats. Witches give thanks to the Earth and the harvest. Celebraters will make and drink wine at this time.

⛄️ Samhain (Date: nov. 1) ⛄️

This is the last of the three harvesting Sabbats. It is also the festival of the dead. The veil is at its thinnest at this time. Witches will sometimes hold a big feast during Samhain.

Feel free to contact me if you have more questions!



Sabbat Altar and Celebration Ideas for the Solitary Witch

Altar ideas: Put mistletoe and pine on your altar; put a candle up there to represent the Sun; keep your Yule log on your altar; use symbols of the Sun; decorate with red, green, white, blue, and yellow (red and green for holly, white and blue for snow and wintery colors, yellow for the Sun).
Celebration ideas: Kiss a consenting person under the mistletoe for luck; give gifts; have a feast; make magickal wreaths with herbs corresponding to the spell intent (you might use lilac, lavender, and camomile for a wreath that brings peace into your home).

Altar ideas: Use candles to represent the return of spring; make a cute little corn dolly; put a Brigid’s cross on there to honor her; decorate with yellow and green to represent the Sun and return of spring.
Celebration ideas: Clean your house; have a self-dedication ritual (to a particular path, deity, philosophy, standard of life, etc.); clean off your working altar and redo it; cleanse and charge any tools or crystals you need to.

Altar ideas: Use fake eggs, rabbits, and other symbols of fertility or spring; put some potted plants on the altar; place some packets of seeds you might be planning on growing; decorate with purple, yellow, green, white, and other spring, pastel colors.
Celebration ideas: Paint and blow eggs (take proper precautions when handling raw eggs, obviously, especially if you’re putting your mouth on them); if you have a greenhouse, want a potted plant, or it’s warm enough where you live to plant outside, plant some seeds; buy a potted plant; organize your herb shelf.

Altar ideas: Make a mini Maypole for your centerpiece; smack some candles up in there, especially beeswax, if that’s in your budget; put some faery symbols, like little statues or bells or something like that; a jar of honey or some beeswax is always dope; if you’re comfortable with it, some people like to put representations of genatalia on their altar.
Celebration ideas: Light an awesome bonfire (also be very cautious with this because fire can quickly turn dangerous); leave offerings to the faeries; have a dance outside; this is a good time to plan to have a handfasting ceremony or wedding; cast any love workings you’ve been meaning to do; if you’re an adult and have a person/people who consent to it, you could choose to have sex during this time (but do be safe!); many people try to conceive children during Beltaine.

Altar ideas: Symbols of the Sun and the Moon, feminine and masculine symbols if that’s a thing in your tradition; decorate with black and white to symbolize the night and day.
Celebration ideas: Get up before the Sun rises and go to sleep after it sets, so you can experience the day and night; have a bonfire (again, safety is important); have a picnic; just spend a lot of time outside.

Altar ideas: Put bread and grain on the altar; maybe some apples and other autumn fruits; pinecones and leaves are fall symbols; decorate with red, orange, yellow, brown, and other colors of the season.
Celebration ideas: Bake (especially make the cute little bread men); give an offering to the Earth; go to an apple orchard and pick some apples; share a feast with the family or your friends.

Altar ideas: Wine, or grape juice if alcohol is unavailable for any reason; leaves and pinecones; apples; a money jar (see first celebration suggestion below).
Celebration ideas: For a week or two before Mabon, put money you can afford to give up in a jar, and donate it to charity or a cause you support on Mabon; have another apple harvest; have another feast; do a ritual to honor the Earth.

Altar ideas: Pop a few gourds in there, more apples if you want; pictures of the deceased; tools for divination and spirit contact; decorate with black, white, and orange.
Celebration ideas: Divination, spirit communication (obviously only if you know what you’re doing); hold a seance or a dumb supper if that’s more comfortable for you; light a candle in the window for spirits (use a fake one if you want it lit all night); leave some milk and honey for the Fair Folk; give offerings to the dead; put up wards and shields if you’re one of the people who would prefer to avoid spirit activity.

the signs hanging out on christmas eve

aries: *on leo’s shoulders, attempting to place the star on top of the tree* FUCKING GO HIGHER, DAMMIT I NEED TO GET THIS BITCH UP THERE

taurus: *eating the cookies pisces baked for Santa* what? he could afford to shed a few pounds…

gemini: guuuuys……… the elf on the shelf jUST FUCKING MOVED

cancer: *wrapping presents* aaow you guys i think i got a paper cut : (

leo: *crumbling under the weight of aries* cAnt we jUsT gET a laddeR??!?!?!?!!

virgo: so according to this graph i made, we are approximately 2.45732788 minutes away from ruining Christmas, congratulations you guys

libra: *under the mistletoe smirking at literally everybody in the room*

scorpio: * “accidentally” hung himself with the Christmas lights*

sagittarius: hey y'all Santa isn’t real

capricorn: *cheers to sagittarius with his cup of coffee* amen to that bro

aquarius: *pulls lighter out of pocket and gradually approaches the elf on the shelf*



This is a complete Masterlist of all of our headcanon/scenario posts. Updated regularly


RFA + V + Saeran making chocolates with MC *Favourite*

RFA + V + Saeran reacting to MC cosplaying as them

RFA + Saeran and helping MC babysit *Favourite*

RFA + Saeran at the Zoo

RFA + Unknown on “Boyfriend Duty”

RFA+V and Saeran being college classmates with MC

RFA +V + Saeran reacting to MC who is a Physics/Engineering Major

RFA reacting to MC  falling asleep on them

Saeran reacts to MC falling asleep on him

Zen, Jumin, and Saeyoung Crushing on MC *Favourite*

RFA + V + Saeran with an Energetic MC

RFA + Saeran go make-up shopping with MC

RFA + Saeran + V with Black belt MC

RFA + V + Saeran reacting to MC’s old bullies

RFA + Saeran + V know MC before the RFA

RFA reacting to MC giving them a Massage *Favourite*

Saeran, V, and Vanderwood react to MC giving them a Massage

RFA remembering MC after a Reset

RFA + V + Saeran with MC who loves anime *Favourite*

RFA + Saeran Kissing MC Beginning vs Dating for awhile *Favourite*

RFA + V + Saeran with an MC with back pain and a scar

RFA+Saeran+V with MC who is getting famous for singing

RFA with a Curvy MC who wears a tight black dress

RFA + Saeran + V meeting MC’s parents for the first time *Favourite*

RFA with an MC who gets gradually more affectionate

RFA + Saeran teaching MC how to drive *Favourite*

V reacting to seeing MC for the first time after eye surgery *Favourite*

RFA react to MC having a celebrity crush

RFA + V + Saeran play Spin the Bottle

RFA reacting to MC’s parents wanting her to have an arranged marriage

RFA + Saeran take care of sick MC

MC takes care of a sick RFA + Saeran*Favourite*

MC takes care of Sick V

RFA thinks MC is crushing on them

RFA + Saeran + V React to really short MC

RFA + Saeran go prom shopping with their daughter

RFA + Saeran + V +Vanderwood react to Mute MC

RFA + Saeran +V get jealous

RFA runs into MC’s ex who’s a good guy

RFA + Saeran + V react to MC dying in childbirth  *Favourite*

Saeran, Yoosung, Jumin, and Seven have trouble crushing on MC *Favourite*

RFA + Saeran + V react to MC who overcame cancer as a kid

MC finds the RFA + Saeran +V’s secret hobby/collection

RFA + Saeran, V, and Vanderwood react to Magician MC

RFA + Saeran + V finding MC’s antidepressants

RFA + Saeran + V play the Pocky Game with the MC

RFA + Saeran + V react to MC with lots of tattoos

RFA + Saeran + V react to MC after her wisdom teeth are pulled *Favourite*

RFA + Saeran waiting for college acceptance letters

Zen, Yoosung, Jumin, Seven, and Saeran when they feel cuddly *Favourite*

RFA + Saeran + V get nervous on their wedding day

RFA finds MC’s old fanfiction *Favourite*

RFA + Saeran + V react to MC holding their pinky

RFA + Saeran +V react to MC who’s insecure about her crooked teeth

RFA react to MC playing a dating sim *Favourite*

RFA + Saeran + V react to MC who can’t cook well

Jaehee and MC doing yoga together *Favourite*

RFA reacts to a tall MC

RFA + Saeran + V react to an MC is obsessed with a stuffed animal

RFA + Saeran + V react to MC who is afraid of the dark

RFA + Saeran react to Mermaid!MC

MC snaps at the RFA + Saeran + V *Favourite*

RFA + Saeran reacting to MC insecure after seeing her ex

RFA + Saeran + V reacting to Vampire!MC

RFA + Saeran + V taking MC on a picnic

RFA + Saeran + V comforting Dancer!MC who messed up on stage

RFA + Saeran + V as MC’s college professors

MC is a cousin/sibling of the RFA + Saeran + V + Vanderwood

RFA + Saeran + V + Vanderwood react to an alcoholic MC

Beach day with the RFA + Saeran *Favourite*

RFA + V meet MC on the bus

MC hires an actor to prank the RFA

RFA + Saeran react to a suddenly affectionate MC

RFA reacting to American MC who’s into politics

RFA + Saeran + V meet and crush on MC before the party

RFA + Saeran + V react to an Alternative MC

RFA + Saeran + V react to MC getting into a bad car crash

RFA + Saeran + V find out MC was their childhood friend

RFA + Saeran are caught making out with MC *Favourite*

RFA + Saeran + V comfort an MC who’s scared of thunder/lightning

RFA + Saeran with MC after the RFA party *Favourite*

Songs that represent the RFA + Saeran + V

RFA + Saeran + V react to finding out MC is pregnant

RFA react to MC competing in horse jumping competitions

RFA + Saeran + V react to Nurse!MC who has late shifts

How the RFA comfort MC

RFA + Saeran + V and their Nicknames for MC *Favourite*

RFA + Saeran + V return from a long trip abroad

RFA + Saeran + V with MC who’d been cheated on

MC Serenades the RFA + Saeran + V

RFA + Saeran + V steal/accidentally eat MC’s candy *Favourite*

RFA reacts to MC who left because of Rika

MC finds the RFA listening to Kpop

RFA reacts to MC who’s an art school student

RFA react to MC who is cyberbullied

RFA + Saeran + V react to MC who sleeps with no clothes

RFA reacts to Yandere MC

MC allergic to Zen’s smoking

High School!RFA + Saeran + V takes MC through a test of courage *Favourite*

RFA + Saeran + V watch their favourite romantic movies with MC *Favourite*

RFA + Saeran are rivals with MC

RFA + Saeran + V get into an argument with MC and make it up to her

Yoosung, Saeyoung, and Saeran get locked in a closet with MC *Favourite*

RFA + Saeran + V with a ticklish MC

RFA + Saeran cuddle with MC *Favourite*

RFA + Saeran react to MC who is an identical triplet

RFA comfort MC whose cat died

RFA boys + Saeran + V’s first kiss with MC

Zen, Jumin, and Saeyoung react to MC who starts dancing in the rain

RFA + Saeran + V have their first slow dance with MC

RFA react to MC’s plane crashing

MC dreams about the RFA + Saeran + V as attractive monsters

RFA + Saeran + V + Vanderwood Genderbent

RFA + Saeran + V react to MC with a Strange Addiction

RFA react to highschool!MC getting straight A’s

RFA + Saeran + V realize they’re in love with MC

RFA + Saeran + V in a Disney AU

RFA + Saeran + V getting their first pets with MC

RFA + Saeran + V react to MC being bad at what they’re best at

RFA + Saeran + V react to MC being half-cat

RFA + Saeran comforting their crying MC

RFA reacts to yodeling MC

RFA + Saeran + V react to MC with heart disease

RFA + Saeran react to shy MC

RFA + Saeran + V with MC who sees Thread of Fate (Soulmate AU)

RFA + Saeran + V+ Vanderwood with Smoking MC

RFA + Saeran + V spending time with their kid

RFA + Saeran + V reacts to MC who does ASMR videos

RFA + Saeran comforting MC who doesn’t like herself

RFA + Saeran + V and their favorite places to kiss and be kissed

Saeyoung and MC trapped in elevator together  

RFA react to MC wearing their hoodie

RFA + Saeran + V and hugging and being hugged by MC  

RFA + Saeran + V try out birth simulator *Favourite*

RFA Boys react to bold MC giving them affection *Favourite*

RFA react to drunk MC at nightclub  

RFA walking in on MC wearing a face mask

RFA + Saeran + V react to MC treating them for a whole day

RFA + Saeran + V react to MC in onesie *Favourite*

RFA + Saeran + V try to get MC’s attention *Favourite*

RFA react to MC who’s into Mythology

RFA and MC’s honeymoon

RFA + Saeran + V turn into MC’s pet  

RFA + Saeran + V find MC sleeping on the floor

Blanket fort with Jumin

First kiss with Seven  

RFA + Saeran + V wake up next to MC Beginning of relationship vs awhile

RFA + Saeran + V + Vandewood react to chubby MC

RFA + Saeran + V + Vanderwood react to MC with a prosthetic limb

RFA + Saeran + V and their favorite things to do with you

RFA + Saeran + V being accidentally hit in the crotch by MC

RFA + Saeran + V being teased by MC after a fight

RFA + Saeran + V accidentally hits MC’s boobs

RFA + Saeran kissing MC and falling onto the floor

Yoosung, Jumin, and Seven catch bug for MC

General Saeran Headcanons

RFA + Saeran + V help MC down a tree

RFA + Saeran accidentally read MC’s diary

RFA with Hannah Montana style MC

Rainy Days with RFA + Saeran + V  

RFA + Minor Trio and MC showing PDA to each other

MC helps RFA + Saeran + V fall asleep

RFA Boys react to MC’s lipstick mark after a smooch

RFA + Saeran + V react to MC who bites her lip a lot

MC dances with RFA + Saeran + V who has a bad day

Domestic fights with RFA + Saeran  

Headcanons for Jumin

RFA + Saeran + V discuss kids in the future  

RFA + Saeran + V take a bath with MC

RFA + Saeran react to MC losing her glasses

RFA + Saeran + V reacting to MC who makes puns *Favorite*

RFA + Saeran doing dominant actions *Favorite*

RFA + Saeran + V finding MC’s spicy drawings of them

RFA + Saeran confessing on a snowy night

RFA + Minor Trio getting their wisdom teeth removed *Favorite*

RFA + Saeran reacting to MC sneaking videos of them

RFA + Saeran + V scared of strange things

RFA + Saeran react to something falling into MC’s shirt  *Favorite*

RFA react to their kid clinging on to their leg *Favorite*

RFA + Saeran in Halloween costumes

Celebrating Zen’s Birthday

RFA + Saeran getting caught making out by kid *Favorite*

RFA + Ray + V having a spicy competition with MC

RFA accidentaly hitting MC while winning a prize

RFA + Saeran reacts to MC’s pet tarantula

MC moving in with the RFA

RFA + Saeran + V planning their wedding with MC

RFA react to a protective/aggressive MC

RFA + Saeran react to pregnant MC’s weird cravings

RFA + Saeran react to Dancer!MC’s partner

RFA + V forget to pick up their child from pre-school

RFA + V decorating the house with MC for Christmas

MC getting the RFA Boys Christmas Presents

RFA Boys + Saeran + V get caught under the mistletoe with MC

RFA Texts:

FA + Saeran: MC has a bug problem

RFA + V: Domestic Accidents

RFA + Saeran: Watching Shows/Dramas

RFA + V: Pick-up Lines *Favourite*

RFA + Saeran: Accidentally Texting the Wrong Person

RFA + V: April Fools’ Edition

RFA + Saeran: They Want to Cuddle *Favourite*

RFA + V tease MC about crushing on another member

RFA + Saeran + V as texts we’ve sent each other *Favourite*

Drunk!RFA + Saeran texts MC


Seven x MC: MC Left the RFA (Part 1)

Seven x MC: MC Left the RFA (Part 2)

Jumin x MC: Cruel Fate (Part 1)

Jumin x MC: Cruel Fate (Part 2)

Seven talks to MC’s Mom

Seven x MC: The Eye-Contact Incident

Seven x MC: Fix Things

Jumin x MC x V: This was for them (Love Triangle)

EnChoi Your Friday:

The Chois go Camping (Saeyoung x MC)

Making Breakfast for Dinner (Saeran x MC)

Tom and the Twins

Car Wash Day (Saeyoung x MC)

Saeran finds a puppy (Saeran x MC)

Roadtrip (Saeyoung x MC)

Bro Night *Favourite*

Cleaning Mode Activated

Babysitting Shenanigans *Favourite*

Enchoi your Birthday *Favourite*

A Day to the Aquarium (Saeran x MC)

Pool Day with the RFA (Saeyoung x MC)

Movie Night (Saeran x MC)

Ikea with the Choi Boys (Saeyoung x MC)

Enchoi Your Wisdom Tooth (Saeran x MC)

Can You Escape?

Choi-men in the farm (Saeyoung x MC)

Bro Night 2.0 *Favourite*


Merry Christmysme

RFA Take-Over

Fanfiction reading challenge

I have seen a lot of “book challenge for 2017″ and I thought “Hey, why we don’t have this with fanfiction???” and here we are with 101 points.

High School AU

Hogwarts AU

First Kiss  

First Time

Secret Relationship AU

Roommate AU

More than 30 chapters ff

More than 60 chapters ff

Fake relationship

A is famous, B is a fan  

Both A and B are famous  

Teacher/student AU

Stripper AU

Pure smut ff

Smut with some kinks in it (wink wink)

Jock and Nerd AU

Dancer AU (includes cheerleaders, but not strippers)

Cheating (A with B, not A on B)

Christmas ff

Kiss under mistletoe  

Summer Love  

Bad boy/girl and good student AU

Dating show  

New Years Kiss  


Making out (the one that does not lead to smut tho)

Slow burn

Sloweeeeeeest burn ever (you will know the difference)

Soulmates AU – colours

Soulmates AU – tattoos/marks/names

Soulmate AU – others  

A has terrible pick up lines, B finds it annoying/adorable

Sexting/phone sex

Birthday Party

Meet Cute  

Drunk Meeting

Drunk!A had a crush on B for a long time and now alcohol is involved  

Vampires or other supernatural AU (except werewolf)

Alpha/Beta/Omega dynamics AU

Alpha/Beta/Omega dynamics – omega is pregnant AU

Coffeeshop AU (it just had to be here, we all know it xD)

‘We were supposed to be just fuckbuddies but feeling happened’ AU

Forced to sleep in one bed

Camping (bonus for sleeping in one tent/sleeping bag, because B forgot his/hers)

A taking care of sick B


Fluffiest fluffy fluff that ever fluff (again: you will know the difference)

'Our friends tried to set us up, may give it a go when we are here’  

‘I thought I wasn’t gay, but hello there I may be bi now’

Teasing – like a lot of this one

Wearing each other clothes  

Competing sport teams/schools  

Competing CEO’s

Crossover ff

Blind date AU


Heavy angst  

Cheating (not A with B, but A on B)

Break up fic

*Major character Death* - although I would recommend to avoid this one  


Childhood friends  

A is in a toxic relationship/after break up and B helps to heal broken heart  

One of them is a Doctor/Police Officer/Lawyer and that’s how they met  

Crack fic

'I thought feelings are long gone but then I saw you again after years, and yep, its still here’

Assassin/Murderer/Criminal AU

A is a Demon/ghost/vampire and B is not amused  

Disney AU

Song fic


Forced to work together

Foster siblings AU

A and B are soldiers and met at war/training  

A is afraid of something (probably storm) and B calms them down

'5 times when… and 1 when…’

Superheroes AU  

Superpowers AU (different than superheroes)

'So you are my best friend’s date? Shit’

'We had sex before and now we are forced to work together/be around each other’

Soulmates AU Angst

Boss/employee situation

'I accidently found/text wrong number and its you and oh we know each other in real life’

Genderswap AU

Best friends to lovers  

Different Era AU  

A has a obvious crush on B and B is clueless

Co-workers AU



Kids – expecting/adopting

Kids – toddlers problems  

Kids – first date and 'what if he will hurt our daughter?!’

Telling to kids how they met  

Coming out to families  

Space AU  

DRAGONS AU (im sorry)

Kings/Queens AU

Fic that had amazing description but is shitty as hell  

Total multifandom fic with this couple in it

A and B are old and together and looking at their past with nostalgia

I want you to want me

“Wait, no, let’s take the other corridor.”

“But that will take so much longer!”

“I don’t care. Come on!”

Draco ignored Pansy’s pouting and dragged her along. What were the teachers thinking, hanging up all these mistletoes around the castle? There were so many, it was so hard to avoid them all. Also, it was only November 17th! Couldn’t they at least have waited until December?

Cursing under his breath, Draco turned to the corridor that was still mistletoe-free. Well, at least it had been this morning.

“Oh, come on,” Draco groaned as he suddenly found himself and Pansy standing beneath a gigantic ladder. Filch was on top of it, fumbling with the fateful plant Draco had come to loathe.

Since he was a child, he had been very superstitious. Ignoring the mistletoe wouldn’t do it. It was bad luck. And Pansy knew this very well, judging from her smug expression. She had been taught the same by her parents, but, unlike Draco, she chose to try her luck. At least she usually did.

“Well, go on,” she said, grinning at him. Exhaling loudly, Draco pinched the bridge of his nose.

“This is ridiculous,” he grumbled.

“I’m waiting.” Pansy’s grin only widened when Draco huffed and blew his hair out of his face.

“Alright, alright.” He leaned over to her reluctantly, but panicked, when she suddenly closed her eyes. She couldn’t be serious! Dear Merlin! Hastily, he planted his lips on her left cheek and immediately started walking again. There! Surely that would count!

“Hey! Draco,” he heard Pansy call after him. Nope, he would keep walking! He would keep walking and avoid these bloody mistletoes this time! Getting back to the Slytherin common room couldn’t be that impossible!

“… no, I remember you specifically told me- Ouch!”

“Hey, watch where you’re going!” Rubbing his nose, Draco glowered at the person he had just collided with. The Weasel. With Granger in tow. Magnificent!

You bumped into me,” Weasley said in an accusing tone.

“Whatever, Weasel! Now get out of my-”

“Oh, mistletoe,” Granger interrupted him, pointing at the ceiling.

You’ve got to be kidding me!

Draco looked up, then back at the other two standing in front of him. Oh, damn it!

“Come on, let’s just go,” Granger said, taking Weasley’s hand.

“We can’t,” he whispered. “We have to kiss.” Granger rolled her eyes at him, but Weasley’s face turned serious. “No, we really have to kiss. It’s bad luck if we don’t.”

Huh. Weasley wasn’t as dumb as he looked after all. With an exasperated sigh, Granger pulled him down and kissed him for much longer than was necessary. When Draco cleared his throat, they finally stopped.

“What, you want one, too?” Weasley asked, arching his eyebrows.

“Well, I was standing under the damn thing, too, wasn’t I?”

Understanding hit Weasley’s face and Draco would have loved to take a step forward and slap him. His dumb face was just so infuriating. Before Draco could do anything, however, Granger shoved her boyfriend and he stumbled forward.

“Hey, what are you doing?” Weasley asked, turning his head.

“Well, obviously, you two are the ones with the superstitions. And I already kissed you, so you can go and kiss him.” The way she said it was so nonchalant, it made Draco gape at ther. Okay, so he definitely didn’t want to kiss her. But did she understand how revolting it would be to kiss the Weasel? Well, of course not. She did it willingly. On a regular basis. Yuck!

When Weasley turned back around to Draco, his face was so pale, Draco thought he might faint.

“Ugh, let’s just get this over with,” Draco murmured.

“No, please, Hermione, no, please don’t make me do this!”

“I’m not making you do anything! You were the one who said you have to kiss under the mistletoe.”

“She’s right,” Draco said through gritted teeth. He closed the gap between them and wrinkled his nose. “Just… hold still.” Draco placed both his hands on Weasley’s shoulders and tried to ignore the way his bottom lip was quivering. His lips looked very chapped.This was going to be worse than he had thought!

If he hadn’t already cheated when he had kissed Pansy on the cheek, Draco would have done the same with Weasley. But he couldn’t cheat fate twice in one day! Ugh!

Just a quick peck. Light. Very light. Lips barely touching. Yeah, that wouldn’t be so bad, right? Ugh, if only it weren’t Weasley!

“Merlin, Malfoy, just do it already,” Weasley groaned. Clicking his tongue once, Draco stood up on his toes and gave Weasley the quickest kiss in history of all kisses.

“Ugh! Now excuse me, I need to go wash my mouth,” Draco declared and started hurrying off.

“Ron. Ron? Are you okay? Are you crying? Oh, you’re gagging. Come on, stop it!” Granger’s voice slowly died down behind him as Draco ran down the stairs to the Dungeons. No, wait, he couldn’t walk down that corridor. There were at least three bunches of mistletoe down there. The one on the left had only one. That he knew of. And he’d have to walk through half the castle again. But one was still better than three. Okay then.

As he walked, Draco kept his eyes to the ceiling. He wouldn’t let himself get into another situation like that. Yuck! Weasley! Disgusting! He’d probably never forget it. November 17th, the day he had kissed Ron Weasley. Why? Why??

He wiped his lips with the back of his hand and began running when he spied the bunch of mistletoe he had been dreading. Luckily, no one else was in the corridor. Heaving a sigh of relief, Draco slowed down when he suddenly heard footsteps approaching.

“Potter!” Draco narrowed his eyes. “Wandering the corridors all alone?”

Why couldn’t it have been Potter? Why couldn’t he have bumped into him under the mistletoe? This really wasn’t fair! Draco was doing everything, but still he had the worst luck! This was just infuriating! And honestly, it was kind of Potter’s fault he’d had to endure kissing Weasley. If Potter had been with his stupid friends, it might have gone very differently.

“Why aren’t you with the rest of your little trio? Tired of being the third wheel?”

Potter blinked.

“I am, actually.”


This was no fun when Potter was being honest.

“What about you? You look a bit ill. Are you okay?”

Draco tried very hard not to think about his lips touching Weasley’s. This would probably haunt him for a very long time. Instead, he rolled his eyes.

“How sweet. Nice to know the Saviour cares.”

Potter was about to respond, when his gaze fell to the ground.

“What’s that?”

Draco followed Potter’s gaze and almost choked. Was that mistletoe? Growing, actually growing out of the cobblestone while they were standing there? But mistletoe usually grew on trees!

“You can’t be serious,” Draco muttered. This was insane. But… he was with Potter. This would be the perfect opportunity to steal a kiss without having to reveal his feelings for the stupid git. “Ugh, can this day get any worse?” Draco moaned. Yes, yes, act like this is the worst thing that could have happened right now! He watched as Potter slowly examined the plant.

“Is that…”

“Yeah,” Draco said, trying to sound as displeased as possible.


There was a brief silence, in which they both avoided the other’s eyes.

“Well, since we’re not exactly standing under it… Let’s just ignore it,” Potter babbled. Draco’s heart fell. This was his opportunity! Why was Potter being so difficult?

“We can’t just ignore it. It’s bad luck,” he mumbled. He felt so stupid. Potter was probably seeing right through him. From the corner of his eyes he saw the Gryffindor shuffling his feet, while his eyes were still glued to the ground.

“That’s just some stupid superstition, isn’t it?” Potter said with an arched brow.

“It’s not,” Draco insisted. “People… people have died after ignoring it.” It was utter bollocks. And Potter probably knew it. Draco considered just walking away. Potter was right, they weren’t standing under the mistletoe, so the rules probably didn’t apply here.

“Oh.” Potter paused while Draco suppressed the urge to kick the mistletoe.  “Well, if it’s that serious… we better not risk it.”

Draco’s head snapped up. What? Had Potter just… What?

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lance and keith ending up under the mistletoe together and lance pestering him going ‘it’s tradition keith we’ve gotta kiss!’ and keith, red-faced and initially refusing but eventually giving in and sharing a quick, awkward, heart-flipping kiss is all good and well but consider,

lance and keith ending up under the mistletoe and lance jokingly trying to annoy keith with ‘hey looks like we’ve gotta kiss!’ but keith grinning like the devil on earth and lowering his voice and going ‘sure, okay. kiss me then’ and lance turning red and thinking holy fuck i didn’t think this was gonna work before they share a kiss that’s got the rest of the team groaning and telling them to get a room

Festive Prompt List
  1. “Is that mistletoe?”
  2. “Are you- are you pulling down mistletoe?”
  3. “I don’t care about tradition, you try and get me to kiss you under the mistletoe and I will punch you”
  4. “If I hear one more Mariah Carey song I will riot”
  5. “Remind me why I can’t kill the carolers?”
  6. “Hum one more note of that carol and I will stab you”
  7. “My house, my rules. The Christmas music stays on” 
  8. “If you throw that snowball you’re declaring war”
  9. “You’re kidding, right? I’m not going out in that snow storm!”
  10. “I don’t care what you say, The Nightmare Before Christmas works for Christmas and Halloween”
  11. “I can’t believe you did all this, for me”
  12. “You don’t have to go to all this trouble, you know”
  13. “You didn’t really think I’d let you spend Christmas alone, did you?”
  14. “You’d make a really terrible Santa”
  15. “It’s a time of good will, not whatever the hell you’re doing”
  16. “Aren’t you just Santa’s Little Helper?”
  17. “You call this decorated?”
  18. “How on earth did you get tinsel there?”
  19. “Wow, you really go overboard with decorations, don’t you?”
  20. “It looks like Santa threw up here”
  21. “What are you doing to that poor wrapping paper?”
  22. “Exactly how much more hinting do I have to do?” 
  23.  “Have I told you how much I hate Christmas shopping?”
  24. “Secret Santa is bullshit”
  25. “Tell me what you want for Christmas”
  26. “Why are you so impossible to shop for?”
  27. “Can’t I just give you $20 and you can buy something for yourself?”
  28. “Please tell me you aren’t searching my room for where I’ve hidden the presents”
  29. “I thought we weren’t doing gifts!”
  30. “I got you a Christmas sweater!”
  31. “How many Christmas sweaters do you own?”
  32. “You’re wearing the Santa hat, whether you like it or not”
  33. “One normal Christmas, that’s all I wanted”
  34. “I’m sure what ever threat is out there can wait until after Christmas dinner”
  35. “You invited how many people over for Christmas dinner??”
  36. "You really can’t cook, can you?”
  37. “Who the hell turned off the oven?!” 
  38. “This calls for eggnog” 
  39. “I can’t believe no one has spiked the eggnog yet”
  40. “Just how much eggnog have you had?”
  41. “I’m starting to regret having taught you about gluhwein”
  42. “Oi! That’s my hot chocolate”
  43. “Spam is not a suitable replacement for turkey”
  44. “No offence meant, but I do not trust you to carve the turkey”
  45. “I don’t care about anything else, the pudding is all that matters”
  46. “Hey, binge eating at Christmas is totally justified!”
  47. “You made gingerbread zombies?”
  48. “Step away from the cookies.”
  49. “Who ate all the advent calendar chocolates?!”
  50. “Normally I’d say no, but I’m on my 14th candy cane, so why not?” 

I like to think there came a point that Harry and Draco got stuck under the mistletoe together on purpose. 


Someone take photoshop away from me I have been sitting on my ass all day but I am having a FUCKING GOOD TIME even though I have literally no idea what I’m doing ok

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Cat Got Your Tongue Pt. 1 (M)

Word Count: 5,463

Pairing: Taehyung x Reader

Genre: catboy!tae, comedy, fluff, eventual smut

Summary: When your boyfriend cheats on you you’re left heartbroken and lost all hope in relationships. Santa says you’ll find love soon, but what do you do when you’re beloved cat turns into a beautiful grown man?

Part 2 here

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The Power Of Plants

1. Mistletoe 

A sacred plant of pre-Christian religions, the parasitic mistletoe was believed to hold the life of the host tree when the tree appeared to be dead in winter. It had an even greater significance when it grew on the oak which the Druids worshipped. Apparently the viscous, pearly berries were regarded as the seminal fluid of the oak and therefore of the oak-tree god or spirit. For this reason, it was held to be a charm to to induce fertility, and the present-day custom of kissing under a sprig of mistletoe probably derives from this. White-robed Druids ceremoniously cut mistletoe with a golden sickle on the sixth day of the moon. The mistletoe was then divided among the people who fastened it above their doorways to protect their houses from thunder, lightning and all evil. The sprigs were regarded as a symbol of hospitality, and the plant was the base of so many remedies that for centuries it was known by the alternative name of all-heal.

2. Primrose 

A primrose blooming in winter augured death; so did a single primrose bought into a house. If fewer than 13 were gathered in the first spring posy, the number picked would equal the chickens each hen would hatch that year.

 3. Chicory

The leaf was believed to give the bearer the power of invisibility. The plant also had the ability to open locked chests, though this could only be done on St James’s Day (25th of July). It was essential to use a golden knife while holding a chicory leaf against the lock. The lockpicker had to work in silence, however; if he spoke, he would surely die. 

4. Valerian

In one account, the Pied Piper lured the rats from Hamelin with a pocketful of valerian. Rats and cats are attracted to the plant, which is also thought to arouse love in humans.

5. Foxglove

The name of this flower derives from ‘folk’s-glove’, because foxgloves were believed to have been worn by fairies.

6. Parsley

A mass of superstitions were associated with parsley, most of them concerned with death and disaster. It should never be transplanted, or given away, or cut by a person in love.

7. Fennel

An old belief was that snakes ate fennel to help them slough their skins and to improve their short sight. It was said that an unwilling horse could be caught if it were offered fennel-flavoured gingerbread.

8. Vervain

In the Fens, vervain oil was used to locate drowned bodies. It was believed to attract eels to the spot in the stream were the body lay. Vervain was supposed to have been used to staunch Christ’s wounds on Calvary, and it was never gathered without first making the sign of the Cross.

9. Rosemary

It was believed the plant grew only where the woman ruled the house.

10. St John’s worst

Midsummer was celebrated as a festival of the sun by our pagan ancestors, and this golden flower was an emblem of the sun god. Later, Christians dedicated Midsummer Day to St John the Baptist, and the sun-god’s flower became St John’s wort. Bunches of the flower were hung over doors to ward off evil spirits. The plant was believed to be able to move about to avoid having its flowers picked.

all extracts taken from Folklore Myths and Legends of Britain published by Reader’s Digest.