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Both of You

No pun intended but I really feel like I gave birth to this one, lol. Anyhow, this is a bit different than what I usually do. I think best friend Harry is very underrated. Enjoy, and I’d love if you would let me know what you thought. I worked super hard on this one! x

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You pad your way across the wood floors of your home, shuffling into the kitchen and towards the far right of the room. After a long, long day of meetings at work you’re more than happy to finally be home. You had hoped that a long, hot shower would be the cure all for the tension coursing through every muscle in your body, but apparently not. You bite your bottom lip as you reach the refrigerator and pull on the handle, the light from within illuminating your otherwise dark kitchen. Hoping to find a well past midnight snack, you squint into the fridge and bend down as far as you can to peer into it. The contents inside the fridge isn’t sparse in the slightest, but as your tired eyes look through it, nothing seems appetizing. While you’re debating between the  plethora of flavors of fruit smoothies Harry had stocked your fridge with, you let out a sudden gasp. Your hand on the fridge curls tightly around the cold metal, while the other one flies on instinct to the middle of your tummy. Your brows furrow together as you stare down in shock at your ever growing stomach. The feeling was one you haven’t felt before through the course of your pregnancy and it makes you pause for a second. You’re so exhausted, you aren’t sure if it was painful or if the baby had just kicked. 

 “S’going on down there, little one?” You whisper softly, pushing the fabric of the long sleeved, oversized shirt you’re wearing up to snake your hand onto your bare skin. You rub it in soothing circles, and then the three rather annoying beeps of the refrigerator steal your attention. You shut the door of the fridge and settle for grabbing the near empty pack of Chips Ahoy cookies from the counter before making your way up the stairs and to your room.

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Contains : bestfriend!jungkook, SMUT !  

Group : BTS  

Member : Jungkook/Jeon Jungkook

Words : + 2,7k

Summary : It started out innocent, little dares here and there to entertain each other. From a young age, you and Jungkook would give each other challenges, in order to see who was the bravest. But things get a little less innocent when your best friend dares you to give him a lap dance for his birthday.

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A/N : “Nae mameul jeoksyeojwo bi naeryeojwo
memareuji anhge apeuji anhge.”, lyrics from Wet by JooYoung, translated in “Wet my heart, make it rain. So it won’t dry, so it won’t hurt.”

Feedback or a request, everything is here ! I didn’t proof read.

The music was still buzzing in your ears, a thin layer of sweat on your forehead from all the dancing, all you wanted to do was to get rid of all your makeup and your dress.

Jungkook signed beside you, he was still amazed by the party and all you organised for his day. Even though he was tired, he had told you he wanted to spend the entire night awake, even if he had to sleep for a whole week after.

“Jungkook, can we go to sleep ?”, you whined, taking your shoes off. A wave of relief taking over your body when your bare foot touched the floor.

“What ? No !”, he said, smacking your shoudler. He bent down to take your shoes.

“But I’m so tired.”, you whined, your finger touching the tip of his nose to get his attention.
“Hey, Y/N, it’s my birthday, we do what I want to do.”, he playfully said, getting up.

You sighed, trying to act annoyed even though Jungkook could see a clear smile on your face.
Your best friend walked towards his bedroom, leaving the lights off in his apartment, and you followed him, curious to know what he had planned for his birthday night.

The apartment was left silente as the two of you started to get comfortable. Jungkook’s place was like a second home to you, and when you stayed to sleep, it was like you lived together, having a specific routine.

The routine included borrowing one of his shirt and his bathroom to take your makeup off while he waited or prepared what he wanted to do.

You quickly got rid of the tight fabric hugging your body, before taking your makeup off.
Carefully rubbing your eye makeup, you sighed when you saw that all you makeup up was gone.

Walking out of his bathroom, you catched your best friend’s attention. He was sitting, still in his white button up and black jean, on his bed.

“You didn’t get changed ?”, you asked, sitting in front of him.
“I’ll get changed after.”, he simply said. He threw his phone somewhere, his head falling in his hand, elbow resting on his knee.

“Thank you for the party.”, he breathed. You smiled, rolling your eyes. “That’s what best friends are for !”, you chuckled.

You streched, your arms above your head. It was a stressful day, the party was a surprise, and you were afraid that something would go wrong. But thankfully, everything was perfect. Jungkook was happy, and it’s all that mattered.

You started to lay down, Jungkook’s shirt riding up, revealing your underwear.
Jungkook’s back leaned agaisnt the headboard, looking at you.

“So, do you have plans on what you want to do ?”, you asked, getting comfortable on his bed.

“I actually do.”, he said, raising an eyebrow.

And you knew this expression, by heart. Whenever Jungkook had an idea, a dare for you, he would raise his eyebrow, a malicious glint in his eyes.
You and Jungkook would give each other dares since the beginning of your friendship, it’s started simple, but sometimes would get one of you in serious trouble.
Like that time when Jungkook stole a lipstick, and almost got caught.

You two were really competitive, neither of you liked to lose. Both of you also hated admiting that you couldn’t do something, and Jungkook knew it.

“I’m all ears.”, you said, getting up on your elbow.

Jungkook sighed, getting up of his bed, “Nevermind, I don’t think you’ll be able to do it.”, he said.
He back was facing you, and you knew he had his stupid little smirk on his face when you jumped up, “Excuse me ?”

He fully got up, rolling his sleeves, “I had an idea, but I think it’s too much for you. I’ll get my computer so we can watch a movie.”

Your mouth dropped, eyebrows raised. He knew how to push your buttons, but you couldn’t help it, grabbing his shirt before he could exit his bedroom.
He turned around, trying to hide his obvious smile under a surprised look.

“Is it a dare ?”, you asked. He looked down at you, lightly biting his lips, nodding. “Bring it on.”, you said confident.

Jungkook chuckled, taking his desk chair, sitting in front of you.
“I wanted to give you this dare last year, since it was my 18th birthday, but I wasn’t there and-”

“Okay Jungkook, just tell me.”, you said, playfully pushing the chair with your foot, but before you knew, Jungkook grabbed your ankle, bringing you closer to him.

The boy started to unbutton the top of his shirt, as you unconsciously pressed your thighs together.

“Give me a lapdance.”, he breathed.

And you stopped breathing for a second, looking at Jungkook’s devilish smile.
So that’s what he wanted, you thought. On one hand, you didn’t know if it was better to refuse, and be the target of his jokes for a week or so. But on the other, you didn’t want to give him this satisfaction, you wanted to erase his smirk. And odly enough, the idea of giving him a lap dance didn’t repulse you, rather, you wanted him to moan and brag about it for weeks.

You snapped when he got up of his chair, he got caught off garde when you pushed him, hand flat on his torso.
His smirk made its way back, streching his lips, his tongue on his canine tooth.

It’s just for the dare, that’s what you were repeating again and again, but you both knew that you wouldn’t do it if you didn’t want to. You placed your knees on each side of his hips, “At least give me some music.”, you whispered, as if you were afraid to talk.

Jungkook nodded, leaning forward to take his phone in his bed. His arm locked behind your back as he was also forcing you to lean backwards. His breath was ghosting over your hair, and somehow, his smirk was already fading.

He quickly unlocked his phone, his arm still around you, starting the music. The song started, and something immediatly changed in the air, you knew the song, the lyrics by heart and all the meaning behind it.
Butterflies in your stomach, you started moving when you heard the voice of the singer.
Your hips started slow movements over Jungkook’s crotch, your breath inching. You were focused on your best friend’s reaction, his eyes following your hips, lower lip caught between his teeth.

Your hands leaned on each side of Jungkook’s head, your head coming closer. Jungkook’s hand grabbed your hips, before you whispered, “I never said you were allowed to touch.”

He whined, fingers grabbing the arm rest. He was craving to feel your skin under his fingers tips, and guide your hips to move lower on his crotch.
Unconsciously, you started humming the song, your lips dangerously close to his own.

Your hips started moving lower and lower, your closed heat lightly rubbing his jean. Your breath quicken as you slowly moved your hips back and forth.
A smirk streching your lips when you saw Jungkook’s expression, digits still tightly grabbing the fabric of the chair, biting his lips, his eyes clouded with lust looking at you through his hair.

“How you feel about that ?”, you breathed, alongside the singer, before softly singing the beginning of the chorus, “Nae mameul jeoksyeojwo bi naeryeojwo memareuji anhge apeuji anhge.*”

Jungkook moaned, his chest falling and rising with every irregular breath. “Take it off.”, he asked, and he sounded wrecked.
Continuing your movements, you grabbed his hands, placing them on your hips.
You were expecting him to immidiatly take your shirt off, but his hands traveled under your shirt, feeling your skin and your following your movements.
His fingers dragging along your side, making goosebumps rise, before he grabbed the end of the fabric.

The shirt was thrown somewhere on the floor, revealing your panties and bra. Jungkook’s hands went back on your hips, running up and down your sides.
You were pressing your heat more and more on the obvious bulge forming underneath the boy’s jean, a shaky breath leaving his lips.

His arms locked behind your back, bringing you closer to his torso, his head dropping in the crook of your neck.
His lips started leaving a trail of kisses on the side of your neck as the second song started. You paused to catch your breath, Jungkook’s head rising to look into your eyes at Jay Park’s first lines.

His hands forced you down, making you fully grind on him, a moan coming from your lips.
One of his hand grabbed the back of your head, lips crashing on yours. His lips were soft, contrasting with how aggresively he was kissing you. His teeth captured your lower lip, tugging at it before letting it snap back. He wanted to beat you at your own game, his lips ghosting over your ear while he sang along, “What I wanna do yeah.”

Your body reacted, hips bucking, a broken moan tumbling from his lips. His hands grabbed the hem of your panties, making you more harder on him, “Just like that.”, he breathed.

Biting your lips, heart pounding, your shaky hands grabbed the buttons of his shirt, hastily opening them. You were craving to feel his skin against your palms, a shaky breath leaving your lips when Jungkook took the fabric off his shoulders.

The music was just a background noise, a blur, alongside everything that wasn’t Jungkook. Your hips were still moving, not following the song anymore, only following the moans of Jungkook, soon interrupted when his lips met yours again.

The song stopped, maybe another one started, but neither of you cared. Without breaking the kiss, Jungkook wrapped his arms in your back, getting up. You whined at the lost of friction, your hand tugging back your best friend’s fringe.

His head dropped back in the crook of your neck as the layed you down on his bed, teeth biting on your skin, making sure to leave a mark for you to remind for the days after.

The wetness between your legs was starting to feel uncomfortable but you punched the thought away, another part of you wanted to do something else.
Jungkook was sucking on the skin of your collarbone, a moan escaping your lips, his body reacted, bucking his hips into yours with a groan.

All his torture and moans were making you dizzy, and you wanted him to feel as wrecked as you, your fingers quickly unbutonning his pants.
Jungkook chuckled, his hand grabbing a jaw to make you look at him.
“What are you doing ?”, he asked, clearly wanting to hear those filthy words coming out of your pretty mouth.
You entered his game, looking at him dead in the eyes, “Let me suck you off.”
He groaned, closing his eyes, before releasing your jaw.

He moved, letting you get up of the bed.

“Fuck, you’re such a good girl for me.”, he breathed, watching you drop on you, getting up on his feets to be in front of you. You whimpered, his words making your head spin, not helping your ruined panties.

You swiftly took off his pants, licking your lips at the sight. The tip was as red as his swollen lips, pre-cum leaking from it. Jungkook’s hand, wrapped around his base, pumping up and down.

His was looking at you through his fringe before his other hand pushed his hair back, lips parted. “Suck.”, he breathed.

Your hand wrapped around his base, as his grabbed your hair. Your lips wrapped around his tip, humming at he salty taste of his pre-cum. A moan tumbled from Jungkook’s lips, trying not to buck his hips. Coating his tip with saliva, sucking on it, you carefully watched as Jungkook threw his head back, his chest falling and rising at an irregular pace.
His throat was exposed, revealing his Adam’s apple, bobbing up and down.

“Take all of it.”, he said through gritted teeth. You obliged, replacing your hand with your mouth.
Breathing through your nose, you started bobbing your head up and down. You focused on Jungkook’s moans, filling the room.

Keeping your tongue flat against your best friend’s dick, you tried to relax your jaw as the boy’s hand left your hair to caress your cheek.
His moans were growing louder as he was getting closer, accidently bucking his hips a few times.

You knew that he was getting closer to his high, and all you wanted to see was his face as he came, but he stopped you when you started moving your head faster.

“Stop, I don’t want to come now.”, he said, helping you get up.

He hand went back to your jaw, his lips crashing once again on yours. Both of you were fighting for dominance, before his hand cupped your closed heat, a gasp leaving your lips.

“Fuck, babygirl, you’re so wet.”, he groaned, tugging at you earlobe. You sighed, arms wrapping around his neck.

“Did I make you that wet ?”, he asked, digits tracing your closed folds.

You nodded, eyes closed, unable to talk.

“Words.”, he said, stopping his movements for a brief moments.

Yes.”, you whimpered, legs trembling.

Jungkook chuckled, an arm supporting you. His lips ghosted over yours, and with a low voice, he asked. “You’re going to let me have my way, aren’t you ?”

You nodded, eyes as dark as his, before he continued, “Get on your hands and knees for me kitten.”
And your breath got caught in your throat, skin burning, heat aching, you got on Jungkook’s bed.
He didn’t move, watching in awe as you waited for him.

“Jungkook.”, you whined, getting his attention. He got behind you, hands grabbing your hips.
“Yes babygirl ?”, he asked, playing with the hem of your panties.

“Do something.”, you begged, and you could hear the boy’s smirk as he spoke, “So impatient.”

His hands caressed your skin, before continuing, “You’ve been such a good girl for me, I guess I want make you beg for this time.”

Finally, he took your panties off, placing himself behind you, you could feel his dick rubbing between your folds.

“So, so wet.”, he whimpered to himself, looking down. You lost the feeling of his skin, hearing him open his drawer to get a condom.

Soon enough, his digits dugged back into the skin of your hips, sucking a breath he asked, “What do you want, say it and I’ll give it to you.”

“Fuck me.”, you said, bluntly, and that’s all he needed, pushing himself into you.
You moaned at the feeling, craving to get your release. On the other hand, Jungkook kept his eyes closed, mind fogged with the feeling of your walls around him.

He started slowly, trying to contain himself, he hips rolling against yours. You needed more, backing against his hips, Jungkook groaned, his fingers probably leaving bruises on the soft skin of your hips.

He chuckled, breathlessly, “So earger.”

You only moaned, your hands giving up when the boy started slamming in and out. Moans filling the room, you had to grip something, taking a fist full of the sheets.
You were moaning into the matress, trying to muffle them, but Jungkook wasn’t having it.

One of hand traveled up your back, fingertips tracing your arched spine, before grabbing your hair.
Pulling you into him, his arm arm wrapped around your stomach, his head droppping in the crook of your neck.

“I want everyone to hear who’s making you feel so good.”, he groaned, his finger drawing fingers on your clint.
Eyes closed, the feeling was overwhelming, taking over all your senses. Mouth agape, you couldn’t care less, letting the moans tumbling from your lips.

Jungkook was a mess, moaning and groaning near your ear, he was getting closer, his breath short and uneven.

“Are you gonna cum for me ?”
he asked, and you moaned, fingers intertwining with his hair. “So close.”, you breathed.

His thrusts grew harder, hitting a particular spot, and soon enough, your body gave up, a loud moan escaping your lips. Closing your eyes, your fingers probably leaving scratch marks in the back of Jungkook’s neck, you came around him.

“I’m gonna cum, so hard.”, he whined.

You knew he was holding himself, and he came in the condom right after, a loud moan filling the room as he fucked you through your orgasm, his breath heavy.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck.”, he cried out, his forehead on your shoulder.
You collapsed on the bed, Jungkook following beside you, a layer of sweat clear on each other’s skin.

“Well, happy birthday.”, you said, making Jungkook chuckle, playfully hiting your arm before hugging you from behind.

Sade Smols

I always scoffed at the local legend about the tiny people who lived in our town. That’s what the adults talked about when we were growing up - the little helpers who lived in the cracks and crevices of homes who scared away bugs and cleaned up crumbs. I never saw one. No one I knew did. But still, people talked about them as if they were there, like modern fairies.

This morning, I woke up to one sitting on my pillow, deftly cleaning a puddle of drool off my pillowcase.

He seemed as startled as I was.

“It’s okay,” he assured me.

I was surprised how loud and clear his voice was, as he was only four inches tall.

“I’m Sade Smols,” he said. “I’ve been cleaning here for the last six months.”

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Pairing: Lin x Reader

Requested?: Yep! Taylor requested this quite a while ago and I finally finished it! (you dug your own grave, twin)

Prompt: “This is my official request for you to write a fic based on those tags.” aka Lin takes you out to the Opera for date night but, he looks ridiculously good in a tuxedo and it’s all you can think about.

Warnings: public sex, biting, unprotected sex, Lin in a suit

Words: 2.9k+ (literally like 20 words from 3,000; holy shit)

A/N: Welp, my first Lin imagine and it is smut. Oh well! Thank you again to @helplesslylins , @diggs4life and @tempfixeliza for reading this damn thing like 3 times and encouraging me to post! Enjoy it you sinners!

Tags: @linsnavi  @alexanderhamllton @secretschuylersister @fragmentofmymind

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It was one of those rare times when Lin was not running from country to country working on projects. He was there when you woke up in the morning and actually listened when you asked him to stay in bed for a few more minutes. You learned to cherish these times and take advantage of it, so when you suggested a “night on the town” Lin was on a mission to find the best thing out there.

“Do you mean casual dress? Or an all out black tie affair?” Lin asked, looking up from his computer as you entered the bedroom.

“Uh, well, black tie! It’s been awhile since we got all fancy.” You replied after some thought, laying next to him and raising a brow as he quickly minimized his window.

“It’s a surprise.” He stressed, kissing your forehead. “Don’t give me that lip.”

You sighed, getting off the bed and heading to the door.

“Fine, fine! Get to planning, I expect to be dazzled!”

And a week later, Lin told you to clear your schedule for Friday night.

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You make me crazy - Zach Dempsey

Enjoy xx

“(Y/N) it’s time to go! Otherwise you’ll miss the game!” your mom shouted from down the stairs. Your boyfriend had an important basketball game and you had to be there. Your Boyfriend was the tall and handsome Zachary Dempsey, number one star player of the basketball team. Zach trained almost every day in the school’s gym, he was very determined when it came to basketball.

You put on your converse and make your way down school. You were wearing one of Zach’s old basketball shirts. He loved it when you wore those, he liked the idea of everybody knowing you were his. It was 10 minutes before the game begun so you ran to the gym almost tripping over a stupid stone. You found your friends on the bleachers already shouting at the team.

“ Hey guys!”

“ You made it! Zach asked us 5 times where you were, I think he was close to having a panic attack.” Clay told you

You looked at your boyfriend a threw him a kiss so he knew everything was alright. It just took you so long because tonight was a big game. If our team won they won the championship and you were planning a special night with your boy if he played good, and if they won of course. You did your hair, put on a little extra make-up and last but not least you were wearing a new lace bodysuit.

Zach scored point after point after point, he really was on fire today. You were supporting your boyfriend more than anyone.


The team won, we’re champions! Everybody ran on the field celebrating with the players, you were searching for Zach in the crowd when you suddenly got picked up an turned around.

“Babe we won, I was on fire!” he screamed while putting you back on the ground and kissing you passionately immediately after. “And you look incredible tonight, is that special for me?” he said with a wink

“You were so good Z, I’m so happy for you! But go shower cause your sweating is out of control.”

He gave you a last kiss and went to the showers as you told him.

You were waiting outside the boys locker room. Zach came out and picked you up again kissing you.  “So babe what do you want to do right now?”

“Well since you played so well I have a little surprise for you, but you have to put me down first.”

Zach put you on the ground, right in the moment you wanted to show him a piece of the lace covering your body you were interrupted by Bryce Walker

“Hey guys! Party at my place to celebrate the championship”

Zach answered immediately “We’ll be there!”

You looked up at Zach “Oh are we?”

Zach looked confused. “You always love parties, I didn’t think it was a problem”

You got on your toes, mostly because Zach was pretty tall, and whispered in his ear:

“Your babygirl is wearing brand new lacy underwear for her starplayer, to give him a treat tonight but a party is fine, I guess.”

Zach looked at you with big eyes, and started looking around. He pulled you with him to an empty classroom and started kissing you, one hand on your butt, one hand under your shirt, feeling the lace. He lifted you up and you wrapped your legs around his waist. He started kissing your neck.

“You make me crazy babygirl, the shirt and the lace i can’t resist you like that” Zach whispered in your ear.

You pulled away. “Well I guess you have too because we have a party to go to, I’ll see you in 5 at your car, so you have time to let that bulge go away.” You said with a wink.

“No please y/n don’t tease me like that!”

“Too late daddy.” You said while leaving the room hearing Zach sigh.

As said Zach arrived at the car 5 minutes later. “Never ever do that again y/n” he said lightly frustrated.

“Are you sure you don’t just want to go home?” Zach askes when you arrived at the party.

You give him a sweet smile and start walking to Bryce’s house.

After 3 cups of vodka you started to get light in your head and you started to search for your boyfriend.

You saw him standing with his friend, it seemed like they had a serious conversation so you decided to listen for a while.

“It was a lace  bodysuit dude, lace, black lace. I have no idea how to control this girl, she can make want her in less than a second, no one had that effect on me ever before.”

Zach was talking about you, even tho you didn’t like the thought of Bryce knowing what you were wearing he said some positive things.

“Dude that’s so hot, how can you even stand here like you don’t want to pin her down.” Bryce said

You felt a little disgusted by Bryce saying that so you felt like it was time to intervene.

You jumped on his back and hugged him thightly. “Hey babe, I already started to miss you.”

You saw all the guys scanning your body but you just ignored it.

“Daddy, are you into your treat? Bryce must have some empty rooms” you whispered in his ear.

Without telling Zach just started to walk into Bryce’s house with you on his back. This night was going to be great, and you were so happy with the things you heard him say about you so you decided you were going to treat your boy extra good tonight.

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+ sorry if I make too much mistakes

Where Soul Meets Body- 14

Summary: Soulmate AU. Some people went their entire lives without ever meeting their soulmates. You were one of the lucky ones, to have found and fallen in love with the owner of the initials tattooed on your hip. When your soulmate’s best friend struggles to deal with a tragedy in his own life, you discover that you might not have been as lucky as you thought.

Steve Rogers x Reader; Bucky Barnes x Reader (Not MMF)

Warnings: (Series, not specifically this chapter: bad language, unprotected sex or sexual situations, drinking/alcoholism, drug use, violence, cheating, references to death, mutilation and trauma, maybe more.)

Words: ~1900

Tags at End

Master   Part 13

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Christmas morning was not the way it should have been.

So many of them, you had waken up to the sound of Steve coming in the door from his morning run, or to him kissing your cheeks and gently nudging you awake. The house would smell of pine and cinnamon and, soon, coffee, as the two of you sank into the couch together and unwrapped gifts in your pajamas. The television would play It’s a Wonderful Life or Miracle on whatever street, and you and Steve would laugh and spend the morning wrapped in one another before heading to your parents’ house for the day.

This year was different. You woke up cold, alone, eyes barely able to open. They’d been sealed shut with dried up tears, and it took you several moments to remember how you’d gotten to bed last night. Bucky, refusing to come inside after you started to cry for him, promising that he’d come in, that he just needed a minute to himself. You obliged, climbed into bed, and cried until you fell asleep. Alone.

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anonymous asked:

Could you do a fic where will is nervous about sex (first time) with Nico? But Nico is the mlreconfident one this time, being comforting and reassuring with will? (When guy get the chance. I know you're busy. And I love to read your writing :))

Thank you anon! Also, smut will happen after the “Read More”.

  • Will felt Nico’s hands got under his shirt. Something familiar to him when their make out sessions got heated. His rough hands were gently running down Will’s chest and stomach before going back up to his chest.
  • It gave Will the chills. But he loved every second of it. Nico’s lips on his lips and neck. He was in a little heaven.
  • He felt his shirt lift up and he raised his arms up to help Nico get his shirt off. This also didn’t bother Will. They sometimes did take off their shirts and unbuttons pants.
  • But the urgency in Nico’s movements made Will a bit nervous. It wasn’t until Nico’s hands went to the growing bulge in Will’s pants and rubbed it. 
  • Will broke the kiss and looked at Nico. Nico’s brown eyes were full of lust and love at the same time. It wasn’t something Will has seen before. It made him nervous and excited.
  • “Are you okay?” Nico breathed. “Do you want me to stop?”
  • Nico always asked when Will suddenly stiffened. He wasn’t afraid to keep going, he was in a relationship before and did have sex. But the relationship he had with Will was different. It was loving and caring and he didn’t want to mess it up. 
  • “No.” Will was surprised when the word came out of his mouth. “I’m just nervous and scared. I haven’t really done this before.”
  • Nico smiled gently at Will. “We can go slow and we don’t have to do anything if you don’t want to.”
  • Will nodded before Nico gently kissed him again. Their clothes were slowly shed as they were melting into one.

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Fanfiction doodle request!

Art by: @anakito

Fandom: Mystic messenger 

Fanfic: Impossible Year by Ely
Pairing: Yoosung x Saeran


“Can I kiss you now?” Yoosung asked again a little frustratedly.
“Why not?” Yoosung all but whined.
“Because,” Saeran reached up and placed his hand under Yoosung’s chin, tilting his head upwards. Saeran wasn’t sure where this sudden burst of confidence had come from, but he rolled with it. “I want to kiss you.”
Yoosung’s eyes widened as Saeran leaned in and pressed his lips against Yoosung’s.“ - Cap 18

After some really busy times, I’m back with the doodle request :D
This request made me really happy because was one of the first Yooran fanfic that I read… and at that time I was surprised that other people ship Yoosung and Saeran as well! So YES! love it!
A lot of love to you @mysticmessengervibes ! :D

If you are a Fanfiction Author and want a draw of your fanfiction too, send me a request! Maybe will take me some time, but I will try to make a gift based on your work! :)
The fanfic writers deserve some recognition! :D
and yes..it’s free xD

ravenshadows08  asked:

In The Moment Kiss, Breathtaking kiss. (Yes I will take two please. In Fenhawk.)

She lies on a bed not her own. On her side, hand under her pillow, the other playing with the loose threads of the blanket. It’s the third night in a row she’s turned down Varric’s offer of drinks. Did you think you mattered, Hawke? She sits up in the bed, runs a hand through her hair. She rests her elbow on a raised knee. She reaches out, over the nightstand, and the candle flickers to life underneath her palm. She rolls her hand back forth, lighting the candle and snuffing it out, lighting the candle and snuffing it out. Did you think anything you ever did mattered?

Carver was getting anxious, itchy, restless to be back with the Wardens. It had taken so much convincing to get him to leave in the first place. Aveline had practically thrown him over her shoulder. You couldn’t even save your city. She chews at her thumb, biting the loose skin. Lit, unlit. She tastes iron, looks at the blood pooling around her nail. Lit, unlit. How could you expect to strike down a god? She’d need to get to Adamant quickly, make sure that those Wardens were safe from Corypheus’s influence. Make sure that they could never fall prey to such a thing again.

Her hands drop to her lap as she crosses her legs, leans against the headboard. The candle stays lit this time. She’d have to write home, and soon – before leaving Skyhold. Fenris is going to die, just like your family, and everyone you ever cared about. Her hands fist in the blanket around her ankles. She bites at her bottom lip and straightens her back. She’d need to be away from him for longer. She slips from the bed, wraps arms around herself as she begins to pace. You’re a failure, and your family died knowing it.

She leans against the wall, cold stone at her back, sinks to the floor. Pulling her knees to her chest, wrapping her arms around her legs. One foot over the other, making herself as small as possible. Her chin rests in the space between her knees, her fingers pull at her tunic. Almost ten years without having not been without him for more than a day or two. Even after… after – they had done their best to see each other. Awkward and fumbling, but still wanting. Still needing.

That feeling has never left. It’s a void in her chest, an ache where her heart should be. Anxious, itchy, restless to be back at his side. Carver’s letters sit on the desk, still waiting for her reply. She’d have to find more parchment, their fastest runner. Not to where she’s hidden Carver in Antiva, but to Fenris in Kirkwall. She stretches out her legs as far as they’ll go, slumps where she sits, palms against the floor. She can picture his face. His reaction to her letter.

He would have that knot between his brows, the one that tells her he’s thinking. His nose would scrunch together as he makes up his mind. His mouth souring downwards as he finishes it. His ears would twitch in his anger, go flat in sadness. She jumps to her feet at the knock at her door. Panicked and hurried things, “I know you’re not sleeping,” Varric’s muffled voice says, “open up!”

Hawke hurries to the door, undoes the latch, pulls it open. Varric immediately doubles, his hands on his knees, panting as he catches his breath. “Tavern, Hawke. Time to go to the tavern!” Hawke shakes her head.

“I already told you Varric, I’m not in the mood –”

“Not up for debate,” he says as he grabs her hand, tugs her forward. In naught but an old tunic and leggings with hole at the knees, Hawke’s bare feet pad along cold stone. Skyhold wind sweeps around her, unleashes a rash of gooseflesh on her skin. Her breath fogs in the air and she races to keep up with Varric. Only at the door of the tavern does he let go of her hand. With a flourishing sweep, he pushes it open.

It’s what she expects. Loud laughter, people talking over one another, the band in the background. Drink upon drink, spilling on the floor. Brightly lit, warm and cozy. Varric has to practically push her in. “I found her!” He calls out. The tavern goes silent as people look over their shoulders, looking at her. She shrinks under her gaze, and only Varric’s hand on her back keeps her from turning and running.

A chair creaks as it moves backwards, sliding against the floor as he stands. “They didn’t know what room you were in,” Varric says, “I found him wandering the grounds. It’s all the yelling guards that got my attention.” He’s wide-eyed and staring at her, just as she is frozen to the spot she stands. He needs a haircut. Did he buy a new cloak? Where did the cut on his chin come from?

“Fenris,” she says. They both move at the same time. The chair clatters backwards as it falls, pushed away from him, rounding the table, running towards each other with arms outstretched. She practically leaps into him, winding her legs around his waist, her arms around his neck. He catches her, hands splayed on her back, spinning her around with him. They have their eyes closed as they cling to each other amongst whoops and yells, the sound of tankards hitting wood, cheering from the crowd.

Fenris squeezes her tightly. “I couldn’t wait,” he whispers to her, “I had to see you.” She sinks back slowly to her feet, her fists still wound in his cloak. Looking at him, she finds all her breath is snatched away. He reaches upwards, wipes the tears from her face as she breaks into a smile, and begins to laugh. Bouncing on her feet, shaking him with her. He’s swept up in the laughter as he cups her face in his hands, plants a messy kiss against her lips. Again and again, noses pressed together, catching laughter in each other’s mouths.

The others are hollering, Sera cupping her hands to shout, “get a room!” Hawke is instantly turning, pulling him along with her as she runs towards the door. She doesn’t need to be told twice. They spill out into the night, the tavern door closing behind them, leaving the fires and people behind. She stumbles in her steps, takes him down with her into a snow bank. Laughing as he pushes himself up, white hair like snowfall around him.

She looks at him, the green that shines. She reaches up with cold fingers, with that fogged breath between them, brushes thumbs against his cheeks. “It’s really you,” she says. He smiles as he leans down, forehead touching against forehead. He settles his weight against her, and she doesn’t even feel the snow. Underneath all those stars he kisses her, steals her breath away for the second time that night.

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Weird question: what's a "tumblr crush"?

Hey lovely nonny! 

There are two trains of thought on this:

1) If you look at the people you’re following, there will be 9 blogs to the side labelled “tumblr crushes”- these are the people you reblog and like from the most… hence tumblr crush :) 

2) You feel such an affinity with the person running a particular blog or love a blog so much you develop a type of affection for them/the blog. Hence… tumblr crush. 

3) extra: You literally take your device with tumblr running on it and smash said device with your hands or under your foot or with a hydraulic press… hence… tumblr crush *puny tumblr* 

I hope I’ve managed to help darling- hope you have a lovely day ahead!!!

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DRAUTYX (u knew this would happen) and "leather" @_@

Send me a pairing and a word and I’ll write you a five sentence fic.

           Drautos’ coat slid off his shoulders as Nyx ran his hands under it in almost reverence of his form. The aged red leather fell to the floor in a rustle of fabric and the clink of decorative adornments and medals scattering across the floor.

God, Drautos was beautiful like this, beautiful and haunted, marred with dirt and blood and battle written into the lines of his face. Battle chased them all, and here they were with aches and pains and burdens that would never find words.

“I said I would come back” Nyx murmured, pulling Drautos down to press their foreheads together.

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Keith for the first 3 things?

I’m just gonna fill out all of them aaaa I’m excited about this, thank u cara!

  • What they smell like: vanilla + cinnamon!
  • How they sleep (sleeping position, schedule, etc): keith always tries to sleep on his stomach or on his side facing where he gets off the bed in case he needs to get up quickly, and has a hand under his pillow to grab his blade thats hidden there ghfdsjf
  • What music they enjoy: @life-death-thepursuitofhappiness​ definitely has me loving the idea that Keith is an avid fan of Selena and her music, so I definitely think that, but also enjoys some indie stuff too because he used to do that back on earth I bet in his free time
  • How much time they spend getting ready every morning: run a comb thru that hair and shower and boom he DONE
  • Their favorite thing to collect: personally I think he would collect plants if he could? low maintenance stuff like succulents. but he can’t have those out in space so he just dreams of it for now ghjsghfs
  • Left or right-handed: I think he’s more ambidextrous tbh
  • Religion (if any): uhhh idk omg
  • Favorite sport: I picture Keith being good at volleyball. he’s got a killer serve and spike
  • Favorite touristy thing to do when traveling (museums, local food, sightseeing, etc): Keith really loves finding odd little shops and nice restaurants with not too many people around. He likes experiencing things on his own pace without too much of a crowd
  • Favorite kind of weather: a nice cool day without clouds but it’s still sunny
  • A weird/obscure fear they have: he’s awfully afraid of bugs
  • The carnival/arcade game they always win without fail: basketball ones where you shoot for the hoop to get prizes and stuff

send me a character and I’ll do this headcanon thing!


There’s a lot of emotion behind their skating outfits/// ❤️️


favorite sh moments 5/?royalty™