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I was trying out a new background for Jules’s tank, apparently black was waaay too threatening of a color.
But I did get some good pictures of him before his fins threatened to blow.

We eventually went with a white background.


female awesome meme: relatable females [3/5]→ brooke davis 

i am who i am. no excuses.


I noticed the little house hidden under leafy growth, and though, “well, this is an unlikely place for this”. Right in town, in a heavily populated area, all houses around are well up-kept. Made me wonder the story behind this abandonment. This is one of the first times I’d noticed this familiar house being swallowed by nature. I’m not sure how long it’s been abandoned, but it has been long enough for the entire yard to be growing wildly. 

I wanted to creep around and take some photos, but it didn’t take long to realize there was no where to walk. I tried going up the front stairs, only to run into a net of Poison Ivy. Definitely not where I need to go, so I went around back. Noticed a broken gate, and made my way in. I followed what was once a short driveway and popped into an old car port. It was literally the only place that wasn’t covered in plants. Trees, vines, and weeds were everywhere. It was like entering another world. One minute you’re in the city, next you’re in a thriving jungle.

I stood there for awhile, admiring the power of nature. How quickly it can consume us. It gave me a strange sense of comfort…. that when our time is done here, nature will reclaim everything we touched.

Okay, so, in Chamber of Secrets Ginny’s pretty consistently described as “tiny”, but then again, so’s Colin, so it might just be because they’re first years.

And later, Fred and George give Ginny as an example of “size is no guarantee of power” (saying she packs a mean hex) but then again, they’re her older brothers, and gonna be used to thinking of her as little, no matter if she’s short, average, or tall (don’t remember which book, sorry).

But! In Order of the Phoenix, when it’s Harry, Hermione, Ron, Neville, Ginny, and Luna all in the Department of Mysteries, Bellatrix says “Very well- take the smallest one. Let him watch while we torture the little girl.”

And all the other kids circle protectively around Ginny. Which means out of those five kids, Ginny is the tiniest. Luna is bigger than Ginny. I dunno if she’s taller or broader or both, but you take both of them in their 4th year, Ginny’s smaller than Luna.

Granted, Luna’s about half a year older and they’re still growing, so who knows how things settle out once they’re adults but man, tiny!Ginny is important to me and it’d be awesome to see more fanart where she’s littler than Luna, at least during their school years.

Your Weekend Horoscope: A Major Ending

Making Room for New Growth:

This weekend’s lunar eclipse in dramatic Leo brings a major culmination or ending. Something will be released in order to make room for new growth. Under the shadow of an eclipse, matters are obscured; you can’t see what is happening nor understand what has transpired until after it has occurred. Here is your Weekend Horoscope.


Matters pertaining to romance, children, or creativity reach a fulfilling conclusion when you trust that it is enough to be your authentic self and share the truth of who you are. This will certainly change things, although it might be hard to determine the results. You can’t stay stuck forever.


Your Weekend Horoscope shows major transformation in your home or personal life. Therefore, you should be willing to take a chance and act on a hunch or insight. You might not be able to control the flow, but you can certainly eliminate something that you have outgrown and make room for a new foundation.


Your words have tremendous power. Therefore, what you say this weekend can have a profound effect upon a friendship or relationship. You can either lift it out of a rut or utter the words that bring it to a final close, although it might be hard to determine how what you say will be received.


Your Weekend Horoscope indicates that your financial situation might be shaky, although something that happens could clear the way for greater stability. This might be just the push you need to seek out more interesting and more stable employment. However, you should wait until the dust settles before you make your next move.


Something is changing in regard to how you express your emotions. You won’t be content to just put on your normal performance and gloss over your true feelings. You want to be more intense and more real. This comes as a result of shedding a persona that no longer fits.


Transformation is occurring at a very deep level. It might feel a bit unsettling, but do your best to ride the waves of emotional change. At the other side of this turbulence lies greater emotional stability and excitement about the gifts and opportunities coming your way. Just let go.


For better or for worse, you might find out who your friends are. The question is whether this will motivate you to forge a stronger bond or to clear the way to invite new people into your life who are on your wavelength. Therefore, you should look for the individuals who mirror your cheerfulness and joy.


When you are in the career spotlight, you have to demonstrate your worth and your ingenuity. Even if you don’t feel that you have what it takes to succeed, you will need to fake it until you make it. Stop worrying about your image, and focus on substance, not style.


Your restlessness won’t be quelled by denying your desire for change. Right now the universe is pushing you toward something different. What are you willing to do to expand your mental or physical horizons? You need to grow, but it certainly might not be in the direction you think.


Your Weekend Horoscope shows that a debt or burden might be eliminated. However, you will need to take responsibility for the choices you make. You don’t need to feel guilty about it. You just need to make sure that your actions reflect your values, especially around sex and money.


At some point, everything needs to evolve, including how you handle your most important relationships. You need to communicate more freely and find common ground around your long-term goals. If that isn’t possible, it might be time to go your own way. Life won’t let you stagnate.


What seems practical to you might prove to be busy-making tasks that aren’t really that productive. You need to push yourself to better utilize your abilities and your unique money-making skills. You should be aiming for a big accomplishment instead of being satisfied with a minor win.

Some people seems completely unable to grasp how learning can occur when you're not "measuring growth," also known as testing.

Those people don’t understand 

  1. Testing doesn’t measure anything besides someones ability to memorize facts and recall them under pressure.
  2. Growth happens not in linear, measurable ways, but in different directions at different rates, with spurts and plateaus. There’s no way to easily condense the varied and often chaotic process that is human learning!
  3. If you spend time with and have meaningful relationships with another person, you’ll SEE their growth. You’ll be a partner in their journey, so there’s no need to try and force a child to “prove” their learning. If a child is thriving, you’ll see it, and if they’re struggling, you’ll see that too, and will be able to offer (or find) assistance of whatever kind is needed.
  4. Growth isn’t really something you’re even able to measure, so why not embrace that, and just focus on supporting and encouraging learning. No attempts at measurement required!

Rick Ross riffs on the color green in the latest episode of “Over/Under”

Success Stories

I was reminded by a friend early in his medical career yesterday that we don’t always celebrate the times that things go well for patients. It sort of fits with the gratitude lists that we do to promote happiness. I think I’ll start putting mine out there on a daily basis (as I remember). If you want to join in with your stories too let’s use the tag #Patient Success 

We deserve to celebrate our professions’ awesomeness. I’ve kept the tag ambiguous to encourage all health providers to play along. Sometimes the seeds that get planted by a doc in an ER come to full growth under the eye of a social worker, and vice versa.  

just some idle musings

There is a coin in her forehead, and it burns.

It stings, tiny needles of pain radiating out from it, a little lightning storm centered above her eyebrows.  Aeveth closes her eyes and lifts her hand, touches long-nailed fingertips to her head.  They click against the coin when she tries to pull it off.

She cannot.  Aeveth frowns, metal shifting strangely across the high curve of her cheekbone.  She surrounds the edges of the coin with her nails, levers them against it, digs past the spark and flare of pain.  But to no avail.  The coin is melded to her, the ridged border partially submerged under a thick growth of skin.

She is sitting.  Black marble floor stretches away from her to meet the horizon.  Beyond that line rise spires like broken teeth.  They jut up crookedly all around in a 360-degree panorama, leaning jagged in the aftermath of some mighty blow.  Aeveth turns her head to look around, but no matter the angle the view remains the same.  She is not sure if she is the one moving, or the ground.

Around her pulses the sickening light of the Fade.  Aeveth’s chin lifts so she can see up, and crystals grind into the back of her neck, her skull.  Directly above her is a gaping rent through which a single bright beam of sunlight falls.  Clouds roil around it, and she can feel the breeze of spirits passing as they flock to the breach.  She could call them back if she so chose; within her is a newfound knowledge and power, a universe of possibilities that could become tangible and solid with just a flick of her will.  In this world or the other.  They are the same.

She smiles to herself, metal shifting over her face again.  It’s her mask, riven in two, embedded into her cheeks.  No one will find her beautiful now, she thinks. She has traded beauty for the power to reshape the world.  Power, so much power: time itself is immaterial, and Aeveth exists outside it, living her past and present and future without regard to linearity.  The confusion of her waking was then, but will also be.  The certainty of her worldview will come to pass, or has already done so.  Such is the nature of the Fade, this place of transient realities, impermanent memories.

Aeveth lifts her left arm.  Perfect, clear crystals are buried in her shoulder, dancing with refracted green fire from the growing light in her palm.  She stands, pushing her hand up into the air, her long white dress flapping and rippling in an unfelt wind.  A crack of thunder sounds; red light springs from around her eyes, beams forth from crystals studding her collarbone, her neck.  A bolt of energy spirals skyward.  

The breach widens.

Little by little the breach widens.  Little by little, she tears the Veil, shreds it to pieces, feeds visions to the living, warps their sundered existence.  Magic, everyone will have magic again, and the Circles will be unnecessary, the Chantry a relic.

There is no Maker, nor has there ever been.

A goddess, though.

Aeveth taps at her forehead again, and tries uselessly to free the coin from her flesh.

Photograph by @paulnicklen while #onassignment for @natgeo. A Kermode Bear, also known as a Spirit Bear falls into a deep sleep under an old-growth red-cedar tree in the Great Bear Rainforest of British Columbia. A Spirit Bears is actually a black bear that possesses a rare recessive gene that turns their fur completely white. They are not albino. After spending a full day of watching this large male eat salmon in a small creek and then following him through this ancient forest, the highlight of the encounter happened when he let me lean against the same tree he was under and take this portrait. Definitely an encounter that I will never forget. To see a picture of him doing serious battle with another black bear, please follow me on @paulnicklen. #gratitude #nature #bear #spiritbear #kermodebear #wildlife @natgeocreative @thephotosociety #beauty #keepexploring #letsexplore #love #follow #instagood #photooftheday #picoftheday #instagramhub #keepitwild by natgeo