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Okay, because I'm a sucker for top ten lists and future Viktuuri sex, so thanks to your post on Chris' best man speech: where are the top 10 most memorable places that they've had sex? I totally HC that now that they're public, they're less reserved about more public locations!

The Top 10 Most Memorable Places That Yuuri and Viktor Have Had Sex:

10) In a limo – they had to go to some Big Important Event and Yuuri finally let Viktor buy a new suit for him after months of protesting that it was unnecessary which backfired on Viktor because Yuuri looked hot as fuck and Viktor couldn’t keep his hands off on the journey there. Everyone ended up sort of side-eyeing them once they arrived at the party because they were all like ‘Nikiforov and Katsuki are looking very stylish tonight but also kind of…dishevelled?’

9) On Yuuri’s kitchen counter in Detroit – theoretically they were supposed to be in his bedroom but they didn’t quite make it. Phichit took one look at them when he got back a few hours later and was like ‘seriously guys? I eat there! And Yuuri your bedroom is like thirty seconds from here you couldn’t keep it in your pants for that long?’ Yuuri couldn’t look him in the eye for like a week afterwards. Viktor had no regrets.

8) On the beach at Hasetsu – they were out on a morning run with Vicchan and Makkachin and Viktor convinced Yuuri it was a good idea and that the beach was deserted so no-one would know. He was wrong but the old couple who saw them were just like ‘ah yes it’s just our Yuuri and his attractive foreign boyfriend, better to walk away before they know we’re here’ and Yuuri and Viktor never knew they’d been seen which was a good thing for Yuuri’s blood pressure  

7) On a plane – they both joined the mile high club after Yuuri won gold at the Four Continents and Viktor convinced him that celebratory sex in the plane bathroom was a good idea. Which it was but the air hostess gave them very knowing looks when they both finally left the room five minutes apart with lovebites covering their necks and their clothes all skewed

6) At a club – Even though Viktor likes the fact that he’s Yuuri’s one and only he also feels a little guilty that he had his wild younger years in his early twenties and got a fair bit of experience while Yuuri never did and he doesn’t ever want Yuuri to end up resenting him for that. But Yuuri was like ‘I don’t care, you were the only person I wanted to sleep with anyway I was never interested in random hook-ups with anyone else’ so Viktor was like ‘why don’t you have a random hookup with me instead then?’ So they ended up doing that thing that some couples do when they pretend not to know each other and chat each other up in a club for fun except Yuuri got really nervous beforehand, took several shots to loosen up, got an unexpected rush of confidence that was partially alcohol  related and partially the anonymity of the club they were in letting him get properly into Eros mode and the night ended with him completely seducing a very willing Viktor, a lapdance and them both screwing in the back of the club because they couldn’t keep their hands off each other.

5) In a lift – They were both trapped in a lift in a hotel that broke down for a while and when they were finally rescued everyone was like ‘oh my god are you ok, it must have been so scary being stuck in there alone for like two hours’ and Viktor was like ‘oh. Yeah. Terrifying.’ *shifty eyes* while Yuuri went bright red. Then after when they thought they’d gotten away with it Yuuri was suddenly like ‘Viktor…lifts have cameras in them don’t they?’ and that was the moment they realised they both fucked up. (It was fine though because no footage could ever be released because of the hotel privacy policy. But one security guard certainly got a show)

4) At a restaurant – Viktor did that thing at a fancy restaurant they were at for Yuuri’s birthday where he’s like ‘oh no I dropped my fork *disappears under the table for fifteen minutes*’ and Yuuri nearly bit through his lip trying to keep a straight face and not let on to anyone around them what was happening  

3) In the showers at Viktor’s home rink in St Petersburg – Yuuri decided to surprise Viktor after practice and it all went downhill from there. Yurio once overheard Viktor mentioning it while flirting with Yuuri at the rinkside and has never used any of the showers at the rink again

2) In a cabin in the woods – About a year into their relationship Yuuri started to get really self-conscious and anxious about all the media attention and the obsessed fans and how there was always paparazzi hanging around them and so Viktor rented out a completely secluded cabin in the woods as far away from civilisation as he could find on an impulse to try and give Yuuri a relaxing break. Since neither of them knew literally anything about outdoor survival they just stockpiled it with food and wood for the fire and disappeared for a week. They spent most of that week hiking (mainly consisting of them both getting lost and Viktor nearly dying multiple times), cuddling up together to watch the sunrise and sunset and having sex marathons on the fur rug in front of the fire a la every romance film ever. Viktor still considers it one of the best decisions he’s ever made and now has a yearly reservation.

1) In a bathroom at the European Championships – Yuuri promised to give Viktor a ‘reward’ if he won the Euros which lead to them having sex in the skater’s bathroom after the medal ceremony. Chris happened to walk in on them halfway and because Chris is Chris when they noticed him he was just like ‘don’t let me stop you’ and smirked. Viktor was 100% ready to ignore him and continue but Yuuri, unfortunately, was not. Viktor ended up getting his reward that night in the hotel room instead.

Klaus M. – Long Time No See

Words count: 1960? maybe less maybe more 

Warning: None


Requested by @mikki-hear

Hello! I love your Klaus one shots and was wondering if you would take my request? The reader was once married to Klaus but she fakes her death and leaves the Mikaelson’s when she finds out that Dahlia is comming after her child. Centuries later she runs into them in New Orleans. She also only refers to him as “Nik”.

then I asked

Hey, I have a question. In your request. When the reader leaves does she take their daughter with her or no?

Then she/he said

She takes her daughter with her and makes sure that she has a normal human life (as normal as having an immortal non-aging mother could be) so when she returns centuries later the daughter has long since died.

And then I felt as i was stupid for some reason.

You’re a vampire, have been one for a long time. You’ve met Niklaus long before you turned, you met him when you were in high school. A few years of dating and being love, he proposed. You weren’t a vampire then and he didn’t want to turn you into one, unless he desperately needed to. And you never had to turn, even if you were surrounded by the supernatural. He was always there to protect you, not long after you got married, you got pregnant. Klaus having broken the curse was able to procreate and you being a human also meant that you could procreate. It came as surprise to both of you, but you were beyond happy. You were having a child with the man you love, what more could you need?

You gave birth to a beautiful daughter, after you gave birth Niklaus changed you. You became a vampire. A happy one. Your daughter was a beautiful mix of both Klaus and yourself. She was the jewel of the family. Everyone loved and adored her.

But as always being a Mikaelson meant not everything lasts forever. Happiness is included. A few months after you gave birth to your daughter, (y/d/n). Dahlia came into the equation threatening the lives of everyone and threatening to take your daughter from you. You knew that there was no way Klaus would be able to protect the both of you, so you did the only thing you knew you could do. That is to fake your death. You faked your and your daughter’s death and fled the city, leaving no trace of you or her being alive. Your daughter grew as a normal girl, well as normal as having an immortal mother that is. She understood what you were and as she had more wolf and human in her than a vampire, she grew and never stopped growing and eventually she dies. You mourned her for a long time, but never once did you return to your husband and his family.

A few centuries later, you found yourself wondering around New Orleans. You heard about a part in the French Quarter you and one of our friends were going to. It was close to seven when you arrived at a house called the Abattoir.

“This place is amazing.” You nodded your head in agreement. “Maybe you can find someone tonight.”

“(Y/F/N) you know I don’t want to be in a relationship.” You sighed, even though she knows about you and Klaus, she still insists that you should move on and fined another guy.

“(Y/n) you have to move on, I mean what are the chances of you two meeting again?” You just shook your head and mumbled ‘I’m going to the bar.’ Before you left her. You easily found the makeshift bar, and ordered a martini (A/N I’m almost 18 I’ve never drank alcohol before so I don’t know if it’s good.). You leaned on the bar as you waited for your drink.

“What is a lovely girl as yourself doing here all alone, love?” You heard a familiar voice say from behind you, it sent shivers down your spine, if he was here that means… you shook your head, and decided to just ignore him. “Oh playing hard to get are we?” you moved your hair so it was covering your face. But unintentionally you showed him your left hand, where your wedding ring still sits. “Where did you get that?” 

Kol said harshly as he took your hand and pulled you so you were facing him, his eyes went wide his mouth dropped. You looked at him scared and nervous. Kol looked around for a second, before he vamp speed you both into an abandoned room.

Kol stated pacing back and force, you fidget with your hands not knowing what to say.

“Kol.” You said with a shaky voice. Kol stopped pacing and looked at you, he looked betrayed. If he looked like that you couldn’t even begin to think what Klaus would look like.

“How? How are you alive?” He asked you frowning. “We all saw your body and-and (Y/D/N)’s as well.”

“I faked it.” You whispered knowing that he heard you clearly with his vampire hearing.

“You faked it?” He laughed dryly. “Why the hell would you do that?”

“Because it was the only way to give (y/d/n) her best chance.” You said tearing up. “Dahlia was planning on taking her and killing everyone to do so, I couldn’t make my daughter live a life where she is enslaved.”

“We could’ve stopped her.” Kol said calmly.

“And then what? This family has more enemies than anyone else on this planet.”

“Klaus will be mad when he finds out.”

“Is-is he here?” You said stuttering a bit and once again playing with your hands.

“Yes, he is.” Kol said kindly once he saw how scared you were. “He’ll be mad for a while but he’ll get over it, he loves you too much to be mad at you for long.”

“Kol, what are you-“ You both turned to the door way to see Rebekah who was just as shocked to see you as Kol. “Oh god (y/n)?”

You gave her a small smile and a nod, in a second she was hugging you tightly.

“I- we thought you were dead.” She said still hugging you.

“I-I faked it.” And you told her what you told Kol.

“I have an idea.” She said and disappeared from the room. A few minutes later the music outside died down and you hear Rebekah say. “I’m so sorry everyone, but I’m going to have to ask you to leave, we have a family emergency that need our attention immediately. So if you could all kindly leave, that would be great.”

You closed your eyes, knowing what was coming, in under fifteen minutes the place was empty, only the Mikaelson and yourself still in the house, you quickly texted your friend and told her to leave, and that you were fine.

“Rebekah, mind tell me what the ‘family emergency’ is?” Your heart beat became frantic when you heard his voice. Kol laid a hand on your shoulder in comfort.

“Just stay calm no matter what.” Rebekah said her voice near the door you and Kol stood behind.

“Just tell us Rebekah.” Klaus said meaning himself and an equally confused Elijah, Freya and Finn. Rebekah hesitated before she opened the door. Kol was standing in front of you he was hiding you, only the side of your dress was showing. “Who is this?” Klaus demanded.

Kol stepped aside, and you were met with Niklaus in a tux looked at you with his wide blue eyes.

“Hello Nik.” You said softly. In a second you were harshly pressed to the wall, with his hands on your neck.

“Who are you? And how can you possess her body?” Nik asked you through his teeth, you choked as you tried to push him off you, but you didn’t need to as Elijah pushed him off you.

“Calm down, Niklaus.” Elijah said as he helped you up. “We wouldn’t find anything out by you choking her.”

“HOW DARE YOU COME HERE AND LOOK LIKE HER?” Nik shouted hurt and pissed at you.

“It is really me.” You said tears gathering in your eyes.

“NO! She dies, she died and so did our child.” Nik said walking towards you before being stopped by Kol.

“Nik just listen to her.” Rebekah said as she stood by your way.

“Sorry, who are you all talking about?” Freya asked confused.

“My wife (y/n).” Klaus said his voice broken and full of sadness.

“Nik you have to listen, please.” You said practically begging. “It really is me, I swear to you.” When he didn’t say anything you took that as your cue to continue. “When Dahlia threatened us and threatened (Y/D/N) I knew that she wasn’t safe, especially not after she killed all of those people and vampires and even witches. She wasn’t safe. Dahlia wasn’t baking down so I faked our death and ran as far as I could.”

“You took her from me, you took MY DAUGHTER FROM ME!” He shouted making you flinch as for the tears to run wild.

“I had to, it was the only way she would’ve been safe.” You said trying not so sob.

“We could’ve defeated her, we’ve always killed anyone who stood in our way.” He said moving his hand around gesturing to his sibling that were standing around us ready to stop any physical fight from breaking.

“And happens after that? We live a happy ever after?” You asked him getting mad at him for not understanding. “Nik, you and everyone here have a long, long list of enemies that isn’t getting shorter by time, I couldn’t live with myself knowing that I condemned an innocent child to this life. I could take it, but she couldn’t.”

“Where is she?” Nik asked the question that you were waiting for yet dreading. You didn’t know what to say, everyone here wanted the answer to that question yet you didn’t know what to say.

“She live a long happy life, she got married but had no kids, she became an alpha of her own pack and-and she died at the age of-of hundred and twenty seven (A/N she lived this long because she still had vampire blood in her system).” You sobbed, Rebekah gasped and covered her mouth, and the room was silent except your sobs. Rebekah made a move to hug you, but Nik grabbed you and vamp speed out of the room, out of the house and out of the city. You were all alone in a clearing in the woods. You didn’t know why he got you here, maybe to kill you, you didn’t know. But you really didn’t care. “If you want to kill me, then kill me. I no longer wish to live. It has been hard for me since the moment I left you and after (Y/D/N)’s death I only wished for death.”

“I’m not going to kill you.” Nik said shakily, moved your head so you were looking at him, you saw tears running down his face. He was heartbroken and you felt as if everything was your fault.

“I’m sorry, I’m so, so sorry.” You sobbed and Nik pulled you into his arms and hugged you tightly.

“Was she happy?” Nik asked you and you nodded.

“She was.” Nik moved his head on top of yours, you were pressed against him. “That’s all I ever wanted.”

“Nik, I really am sorry, I never meant to hurt you.” You said as silent tears ran down your face. “She love you, you know?”

“She did?” Nik asked his hands tightening around you.

“Yeah, I told her all about you, showed her a few of your paintings and she really did love you.” You said and wiped your tears away. You looked up at Nik who was still crying silently. You moved your hands to his face, swiping the tears off his cheek as his blue eyes stared at you. His eyes were like home, they were familiar something you can always look at and feel loved. “I love you so much Niklaus.”

“And I love you too.” Nik said and he pulled you back into a hug, and vamp speed back to the Abattoir, where everyone was waiting, when they saw you alive and well they all relaxed. Everyone decided to call it a night and talk about everything the day after. When emotions are calm and mind clear and ready. And after that everyone went to their room including you. You were obviously sharing with Nik. You wouldn’t let him out of your sight after spending so many years apart.

Red Lipstick and Leather Jackets

I haven’t had the chance to read it over so I apologise for any mistakes!

In the middle of the room, there’s a desk ringing around in a circle. It’s made of marble and shaking vines of grey stone runs through the beige. The lights dangle from the high ceiling and they cast a yellow glow over every inch of the room.

People are standing around, leaning against tables, sitting on chairs. They hand over cheques and withdraw money, their hearts beating at a regular pace, much to Justin’s disappointment.

He can see Y/N standing just outside the double doors. Her hands are drumming against the side of her thigh while she looks from left to right. He can see she has her leather jacket wrapped tightly around her body and he knows it’s because her weapon is being held within.

Justin let’s his eyes linger on her for a few seconds longer than he should. As though she can feel his blazing eyes burning into her back, Y/N turns and glances in through the doors. She can see him watching her and she sends him a wink, followed by her blood-red lipstick sending him a kiss. He grins evilly with both lust and adoration for his girlfriend-stroke-sidekick and winks back in her direction, hoping no one catches on to dishonest scheme the man and woman in the matching leather jackets are preparing for.

In the small pocket of his jacket, the 44 Magnum gun sits quietly, it’s cool exterior burning his hand. The pad of his thumb tapped the side of it continuously as he awaited the perfect victim.

A well-built man walks by and Justin is far too experienced to know it would be a mistake to attack someone of that size, so he shifts his gaze away and manages to clock a man who seems to be trembling as he walks. Draped in a fancy suit with spectacles on the bridge of his crooked nose, the hair on the bank manager’s head is thinning and it’s clear to Justin that he’s the one he needs.

In two seconds Justin manages to turn swiftly and pull the man into a headlock so that his arm is digging into his Adam’s Apple. A shriek emits from the dry lips of Justin’s helpless prey and fingernails as sharp as pins dig into his arm. As a result, Justin presses the head of the gun against the shining temple of the man.

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you,” Justin whispers before pointing the gun back to the crowd of cowering people. “Now, listen up! Things are about to get interesting!” Justin lets out a sharp laugh with a huge grin on his face. There’s a mad look in his eye.

No one dares to move with the barrel of the gun staring at them, instead they raise their hands in the air or curl in up in a ball on the marble floor.

“I want all of you to sit pretty for a little while, I don’t really want to hurt any of you but if you move even a muscle, I won’t hesitate to blow your brains out and paint a picture on these lovely marble walls with your innards.” He walks slowly into the middle of the room - the manager now sweating heavily under Justin’s grip - and still wears a devilish grin on his lips. “Now, come on Mr. Bank Manager. You’re gonna show me where you keep your treasure.”

“W-what do you want?” the shaking mess asks hesitantly.

“Have you not caught on yet? I want all of your money. D’you think you’ll be able to show me where you keep it?”

“We, we don’t keep it all here, on-only a percentage-“

“And that percentage is what I’m after. Lead the way, Sir,” Justin chuckles roughly into the manager’s ear and it sends a shiver down his spine. His feet threaten to give way beneath him but Justin’s grip forces him to stay on the balls of his feet.

The two men walk slowly around the room, Justin’s gun glares at anyone that makes the slightest movement or the slightest whimper of panic.

“There’s s-some in there.” A shaking finger points towards the cash register behind the high marble desk. “We have tills to-“

“I don’t need to know the bank’s fucking history,” Justin hisses and begins to stride towards the till. He frees the man of his strong hold and points the gun towards his head. “Open it.”

While Justin is busy making his way around the machines and the hidden safes throughout the bank, Y/N hangs around outside under the warm sun. There’s a gun hidden in the depth of her jacket and she can feel its figure against the palm of her hand. She can feel the high levels of power she has with such an object and it sends a wave of recklessness through her entire being.

She risks a glance inside every now and then and she’s able to see Justin pacing around. His hair falls in his face and every now and then, he’ll bother to swipe it back. She remembers the feeling of each strand passing her fingers when she does it for him.

He doesn’t have the slightest look of doubt or fear in the way the way he presents himself and she licks her lips with lust for him.

She realises she’s distracted herself and she quickly shifts her attention back to her surroundings. There’s men and women going about their day, oblivious to what they’d witness if they just turned their attention to anything but their phones or the pavement passing under their feet.

It takes at least another ten minutes before her phone buzzes in her pocket. Not wanting to look too suspicious, she takes her time pulling it out and answering it.

“Get in here, babygirl,” Justin’s deep voice rasps through her ear as though he was stood directly beside here. “I have some friends I want you to meet.” A throaty chuckle chases his words before the line cuts off. I turn on my heels and push open the double doors.

“There she is!” Justin grins madly while holding a gun to the man’s temple. “Mr. Bank Manager, you guys,” he says, waving the gun effortlessly towards the group of flinching men and women, “this is my sweetheart. Isn’t she a beauty?”

Y/N comes to Justin’s side, resting her arm on his shoulder. A small smile plays on her lips but she says nothing.

Robbing the banks and keeping watch is the part she loves; taking money from those who had too much, but frightening the victims and playing with their lives is Justin’s strong point.

“You know,” Justin starts, as though it was the first time he had spoken in a while. “This has been fun. We should do this again.”

The panic on the people’s faces doesn’t seem to disappear but instead, they seem to worsen.

“Princess.” Justin turns to look at Y/N. “After you,” he says and licks his lips when his eyes latch onto the bright red lipstick.

Y/N stares back, a subtle smirk now playing on her lips as she realises her favourite part is coming up; the part where the pair of them because insanely rich in a matter of seconds. She sways her hips because she knows Justin is watching, and her eyes shine onto the sacks that having kindly been filled to the brim with wads of money. She guessed it was Justin’s way of keeping the group busy. 

“Well,” Justin announces. “We’ll be getting off.” Y/N can almost hear the relief setting into everyone’s bodies at Justin’s words. “Is the van outside?” he mutters into her ear. It startles her because she isn’t aware he’d moved across the room. Turning to look at him, she can see him watching her with a hungry look. She nods. “Grab a bag, baby, this is all yours.”

She’s unable to let the idea of it have an affect on her because his lips come in contact with hers and she’s taken under. They’re hot, harsh and hungry for her, and she’s more than happy to give they what they want. Justin growls against her lips in the way he knows she loves, a wave of affection washes over her.

All the while, the gun in Justin’s hand has lowered and Y/N thought it was lucky that no one in the room had the confidence to strike while Justin was distracted.

She watches for a moment as he while his phone out of his pocket to call the few men they had dragged along to help them at this time. Y/N can’t help but notice how the roughness of his face makes him look so attractive. He has a slight mad look in his eyes and she adores it. She remembers a few nights ago when she told him she thought a beard would suit him, and she notices he’s now a few days unshaven.

He turns back to the crowd and continues watching guard, the gun was now in full force. She has to shake her head from left to right to bring herself out of the trance she’d fallen into before grabbing a few of the hefty bags and heading for the door. It opens as her fingers are about to wrap around it, and three familiar faces appear.

She doesn’t have to speak to them; they merely nod at her before silently making their way towards the heap of bags of money. Y/N can hear Justin entertaining the group as they load the van.

Because they’re eager to escape with success, it takes just under fifteen minutes for all the bags to be transferred. Once they’re ready, Justin begins to retreat for the door, making sure the group of - still - shaking men and women don’t move a muscle.

“If you’re going to call the police, please refrain from doing so until we’ve managed to get within a decent radius,” Justin chuckles and the hard grin makes another appearance. “Pleasant day to you all.”

He makes an effort to get to the door as quick as his feet can take him, and once the door is slammed shut and the cool wind is stroking his skin, he lets out a breath before jumping into the front seat of the van. It feels heavy with success.

“Get out,” he says to the three men hunched over in the back. He speaks again before they can protest. “You’ll get your share soon, just get out, and I’d run if I were you.”

A few incoherent curse words are thrown into the air but Justin doesn’t seem to care. The door is slammed shut and not even a second later, Justin and Y/N are gliding around the back of the building at full speed.

“We did it again, babydoll,” Justin grins with triumph, it seems to get bigger when his foot steps harder against the pedal. The engine roars like a riled lion.

“When do we ever fail?” She returns the grin and a familiar look washes across his face like a mask.

“You can have anything you want. What do you want, baby? Anything in your wildest dreams, it can be yours.”

“Just you.”

Justin loves her response, and he has to refrain from growling. A hot rush blinds his sight and he presses his foot down even further, the outside world is one big blur as they speed down the highway.

“Yeah?” he replies before throwing his head back and laughing. “That’s a very dangerous thing to say, babydoll. You know damn well if you play with fire, you get burned.”

His hair is wild and ruffled and she decides he looks beautiful.

“I could snap you like a twig, I could cut you like a rope.” He takes his eyes off of the road to look at her, and all he can see is affection. He’s overcome with adoration and is almost unable to control the hand that reaches across to touch her throat. “And you’d let me, wouldn’t you?”

The two of them are hurtling at full speed, and Justin shows now signs in slowing down. His fingers tickle her throat, but make her skin burn, too. He pressed them in deep for only a few seconds before retracting them suddenly.

“I adore you,” Justin licks his lips and Y/N feels a strong desire to bite down on the bottom one. “I very much want you to play with me, I want you to play with me, even if you know you have a relatively high chance of being burned to death.”

Justin takes Y/N’s hand in his own. His grip is strong and dominant around her small and fragile one. His hot lips drop the psychotic smirk to kiss the top of her hand, it leaves a burning sensation.

Paris When it Sizzles

by: mldrgrl
Rated: NC-17
Summary: Stella and Hank get off to a bad start on a weekend trip to Paris.  This is a full story that covers several Hank/Stella drabble requests, but I’m not going to tell you which ones.

Special thanks to @a-january-girl for fixing my French and going over all the little nuances to get the proper tone.  Also, her handwriting is really good, y’all!

Their weekend getaway had not started on a good foot.  Really, they had been fighting all week.  A series of little spats that finally gave way to a real argument the night before they left for Paris.  Needless to say, the train ride was uncomfortably silent.

In almost two years of living together, they’d had moments of getting on each others’ nerves.  Stella, who had always lived alone, found it quite difficult, at first, to find someone in the same space every time she turned around.  It was unfathomable to look at two toothbrushes in the holder at the sink or find strange things in the cupboards that she would never eat.  Little things like finding his underwear on the floor in the morning or spots of shaving cream in the sink or his scraps of paper with fragmented sentences lying about the house had aggravated her more than she’d originally let on.

Hank, on the other hand, found it harder to integrate himself into London than he did integrating himself with Stella.  The city bothered him more than she did, but sometimes it manifested itself into being annoyed with her.  If it was too cold during the day, he might pout about how she refused to put the thermostat past 18 celsius, making sure to be very condescending about about his use of celsius as though learning the conversion from fahrenheit earned him superiority.

They had been able to work their way past these small things.  Stella grew accustomed to his toiletries crowding hers in the medicine cabinet and Hank found a quiet, cozy pub to spend rainy days writing in, making friends with a few locals that he went out with on occasion.  

The one hurdle they’d never truly gotten over was their different views on acceptable displays of affection in public.  Stella was against them entirely, Hank was entirely for them.  They’d never found it possible to even meet in the middle.  Hank had to keep a lot of restraint most of the time and Stella had to try not to tense up so much when he put his arm around her when they went for a walk.

The spat that had caused the ripple effect through the rest of the week happened at Sunday brunch when Hank tried to take Stella’s hand while they were waiting for their table and she pulled it away from him.  He’d looked at her with an expression she’d never seen before, but that she’d read as ‘hold my hand, bitch,’ and folded her arms across her chest instead.  Brunch was very quiet.

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hiiiii darlign! last time i checked on Tumblr i could SWEAR that your blog was deleted. But, I'm not going to question it . Thanks for coming back/still being here. Are you taking requests ? Its that time of the month & I've been binging Say yes to the dress. Soo i cant help but wonder what it would be like dreaming of laying with niall and discussing the style/kind of wedding he'd want/you'd plan together. He'd probably be all about making your dreams come true. sigh i hurt me.

Hi there! I did leave. Then I came back under a different name. Then I went back to my original name. I have issues. Anyway - here ya go. I haven’t done fluff in AGES. Lol.

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Niall Horan Blurb Request - The Wedding Discussion

Niall came through the bedroom door to find me sitting cross-legged on the floor, knee deep in wedding magazines.

“Babe, whaterya doin’?” He asked, slightly alarmed at the look of utter confusion and frustration on my face.

“Planning a wedding, Niall.” I snapped, the frustration spilling over into my words, making them sharper than I’d intended.

“You look more like yer swimmin’ in magazines than plannin’ a wedding,” he joked with a smile, trying (and failing) to lighten the mood.

“Yes. I see that. Thanks.” I tossed one of the magazines off to the side while digging through to find another one.

“Babe, babe……” Niall walked towards me and held his hand out for me. “Come ‘ere.”

I sighed as I reached up and grabbed his hand, allowing him to pull me up and away from the mountain of wedding magazines towards our bed. He wrapped his arms around me and sent us both tumbling sideways onto the bed. “Ni, what the hell?” I started to sit back up, “I don’t have time for this right now, I have to work on the wedding stuff – our wedding planner is expecting everything in the next few days and I don’t have anything rea-”

“Stop, Syd. Just. Stop.” Niall cut me off mid-rant knowing that I was *thisclose* to hysterics. He pulled me back down towards him, draping his arm over my waist and letting his fingertips rest lightly I’m my backside as I settled back onto the bed with him. “This is supposed to be fun, not stressful. You don’t look like you’re havin’ any fun.”

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Closer Together (Home Part 2)[Luke Skywalker x Reader]

Part 1

Summary: The reader, now a nurse in the Rebellion, reunites with Luke and joins him as he leads a small group of freedom fighters to the ice planet Hoth.

Warnings: Canonical Character Death, Peril, Minor Blood

Word Count: 6000+

“Y/N!” Biggs Darklighter, who had become one of your closest friends, called you from the doorway of the infirmary on Yavin 4 where you worked. “They rescued the princess!”

You heaved a sigh of relief. Rescuing Leia had been on the front of everyone’s minds. “Who did?” you questioned.

“That’s just it,” Biggs announced, walking over to you. “It was Luke.”

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Surf n Turf

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5a
Part 5b

Summary: you’re heart was on the brink of breaking, having been stood up for an important date at a fancy restaurant. When you were just about to take the walk of shame, a dashing knight showed up and he instantly turned your night around.
Pairing: Bucky x Reader

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The ultimate revenge against a bully.

So, this will be a wall of text, so be warned, but the story works best if you read it all the way through.

When I was fifteen or so, a girl, Georgia, started picking on a friend and I. It started out with taunting, teasing and insults, but when we failed to react, it escalated. She eventually resorted to punching us, kicking us, slapping us, slamming our heads down on desks every time she walked past us in lessons, jabbing us with sharpened pencils from behind, and once or twice she even got her posse to help out with a beating or two.

We were shy girls, who often attracted bullies because we were introverted and could come across as aloof because socialising wasn’t our strong suit. My friend and I usually had lessons apart from each other, so when Georgia went for us we were usually separated, and she wouldn’t take us on together, even though we never fought back.

However, one day, my friend had enough, and said that she’d be leaving school before the next term. She said she couldn’t take it any more and wanted to leave. I was really upset by this, because with my best friend leaving, being left alone with my bully and teenage angst all adding up, I ended up with depression.

My friend confirmed not long after that that her parents had agreed, and she would be leaving. But, she said, she had a plan to “go out with a bang”.

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Wedding Date

Requested by anonymous: Hi!! Can i request one where you’re going to a wedding and shawn is your best friend so you bring him as your date and all your family members are thinking he’s your boyfriend and it makes you guys question your relationship thaaaanks   

Note: This one is a little longer, but I had fun writing this and hope you guys enjoy :)


You roll your  eyes for what feels like the hundred time in the past twenty minutes. You, your mother and your sister were gathered together at your dining table arranging centerpieces for the tables at your sister’s wedding. They constantly asked you if you were going to have a date to the wedding since you were the Maid of Honor and apparently that meant you had to have a date.

“Y/N, we just think it would be nice of you to bring someone, that’s all.” Your sister Emma simply shrugs, tying some twine around some flowers.

“Em, your wedding is tomorrow, who am I going to take?” You ask her, hostility evident in your voice.

“I don’t know, jeez, I’m just saying. You’ll probably be grateful that you brought one.” Emma says, her eyes widening at your tone.

“Y/N, please be nice to your sister. She’s simply trying to help you.” Your mother defended Emma, raising an eyebrow at you.

You scoff, not retaliating any comments to them and continued to tie flowers together. An hour passed and you had still not said anything, making your sister and mom uncomfortable. But, you didn’t care. Let them be uncomfortable.

Your phone buzzed, indicating you had an incoming text and you stop what you’re doing to look at it.

Shawnie boy:  hey, you up for a little study group at my house? we have that huge chem test on Monday and you’re a genius at chem, pls help? I want to pass lol

You  laugh at your best friend’s low confidence in himself and start to get up, telling him you’ll be there in ten minutes. 

It takes you a second to find your chem textbook, but when you do, you get everything ready to head over to Shawn’s.

“Where are you headed off to?” You mom asks, noticing that you’ve put your shoes and puffy jacket on, as well as gathered your schoolwork.

“Shawn’s,” you reply, grabbing your car keys. “He needs help with some chem homework.”

“Oh my god, Y/N!” Emma shouts, startling you. “You could take Shawn to the wedding with you! Why didn’t I think of that sooner?”

You shake your head, “I’ll be home before nine.”

“Wait, you won’t be coming home for dinner?” You mom asks you.

“Nope, the Mendes household is having tacos tonight, I think I’ll stay over there. See you guys later!” You say, not waiting for an answer as you shut the front door behind you and drive off in your car.

You arrive at the Mendes house in a little under fifteen minutes, making your way to the front door. You knock, knowing you can’t open it with all this work in your hands.

Manny opens the door, smiling as he sees you.

“Very nice to see you Y/N! Come on in, it’s cold out tonight.”

You thank him, entering the warm house.

“Shawn’s in his room and dinner will be ready in forty minutes if you’re staying.”

“Sounds perfect, thank you Manny!” You smile at Shawn’s father and make your way up to Shawn’s room. There, you can see him visibly struggling with whatever problem has been presented to him.

“Ah, thank god you’re here Y/N, I think I’m starting to get an aneurysm.” He ruffles his dark brown hair with his hands and you laugh.

“You can’t get an aneurysm from that, Shawn.”

You plop all of your stuff on Shawn’s bed and he then becomes extremely alarmed.

“Why’d you bring all this shit?” He asks, looking even more stressed out.

“To help you, Shawn, calm down, drama queen.”

You take a seat on his bed and let the studying begin. About ten minutes in to trying to match formulas to compounds, he practically begs you for a break.

Granted, you’re not a complete monster, so you allow him to have one, but he wants to talk about things you don’t.

“How’s the wedding going, Maid of Honor?” He smirks, knowing it’ll piss you off.

You groan, shoving your face into a pillow on his bed, not wanting to answer the question or talk about the god forsaken wedding.

“Oh come on, it can’t be that bad.” Shawn rolls over onto his stomach, looking at you seriously.

You sit up suddenly, because, yes, it is that bad.

“Shawn, Emma is one second away from turning into a freaking bridezilla.” You’re about ready to tell him all about how your mom and sister won’t stop asking you about a date, but you stop. Maybe, it’s not such a bad idea to ask Shawn. I mean, he is your best friend, right? The worst he could do is say no.

He laughs at your comment about your sister becoming a bridezilla, but looks a little confused when you seem like you want to say something but don’t.

“What, Y/N?” He smiles.

“Do you…uh,” you stop, not looking at him in the eye. Maybe this was a bad idea? Yeah, bad idea, forget about it.

“Do I what?” He pushes, making you rethink very quickly about your decision.

“Do you maybe want to be my date? I know it’s last minute and all so you don’t have to, it was just a question. You totally can turn it down if you want to, it was just a question so no hard feelin-”

“Y/N.” Shawn interrupts you. “I would love to be your date, jeez. You don’t have to blow chunks by asking me that.” He chuckles.

Your skin heats up as you’re slightly embarrassed, but he said yes.

“Good, so do you have a suit?” You ask him, knowing that the wedding is tomorrow.

“Do I have a suit? Seriously? You are talking to the king of suits.”

You laugh at how weird he’s being and smile, thankful for your best friend.


It was finally your sister’s wedding and let’s just say - she made this so much more difficult than it actually had to be. When you, Emma and your mom arrived at the venue, your sister almost started crying because they put up black balloons by the front doors instead of gray ones. You told her that they were just balloons and she responded with an icy glare, stating that they were “not. just. balloons.”  

However, things mellowed down as she began to get ready, knowing that after today, she’s not going to care what color the balloons were.

Emma had requested the help of a professional “beautification squad,” who were doing the bride’s, bridesmaids and your hair.

After they had gotten finished with your makeup, they did your hair, leaving it in a half up -half down curled bun. You actually thought you looked pretty damn good for having your makeup and hair done by your sister’s “beautification squad.”

The bridesmaid and Maid of Honor dresses were the same, except instead of your dress being a dusty grey, it was a pastel pink. You did think that your sister had very good taste in what she picked for everyone.

As everyone was almost done, you received a text from Shawn, letting you know that he was here.

You left the room where everyone was getting ready and noticed him standing by the foyer. And - holy crap, did he look good.

He was dressed in a full black suit, which in your opinion, was going to make him upstage the groom. His brown eyes glistened under the fairy lights that hang from the ceiling and as he caught sight of you, his jaw practically dropped.

For some reason, you felt extremely self conscious and nervous and you cared about his opinion on if you looked good or not.

Judging by the way he looked at you, you were either so hideous that he couldn’t look away, or you looked better than you thought you did.

The thing about you and Shawn’s friendship is that you never lied to each other, you could always count on him giving it straight to you.

You walked towards him and when you stopped, he finally spoke.

“God, Y/N, you look stunning.”

A huge smile erupted on your face as you hugged him.

“You clean up very well, yourself.” You tell him. “Come on,” you link arms with him. “The ceremony is about to start which means you’re sitting by yourself or next to my crazy family members.”

He just laughs, following your lead.

You weren’t going to lie, seeing your sister walk down the aisle and recite her vows and then well - get married, made you tear up. She is your sister after all, you two grew up together and are the best friends that you wish every sibling had.

The reception started slowly after, Shawn never leaving your side and thankfully, had his seat next to you as well.

“It was a beautiful ceremony.” Shawn commented, taking a sip of the sparkling cider in his crystal glass.

“It was.” You smile, doing the same as you two ate the food provided.

“Do you know where the bathroom is? A guy can only take so much cider.” You laugh, pointing him in the direction of the restrooms before he places a hand on your shoulder and gets up, leaving the room.

“Y/N!” You hear from across the room and you look up, noticing your some of your aunts and cousins, headed your way.

You stood, excited to talk to them after not being able to see them in so long.

“So, uh, who’s the boy?” Your aunt asks you, wiggling her eyebrows. “He’s cute.”

You just smirk, silently agreeing that he was.

“What’s your boyfriend’s name?” One of your cousins ask and you have a weird sensation in your gut, almost as if you weren’t supposed to tell them that he wasn’t your boyfriend.

“Shawn.” You respond, receiving ‘ooh’s’ from your family.

“You two are so cute together, I mean the way he looks at you makes me want to die!”

You’re slightly confused, not knowing what way Shawn looks at you like, but ignore it.

“You two do make a very good couple. Perhaps the next Y/L/N wedding?”

You almost choke on air.

“No, no. Shawn and I aren’t actually-”

“Hello, ladies.”

You look up, seeing Shawn enter the circle your cousins and aunts have made by you and you see some cousins look him up and down, smiling to themselves.

“Shawn right? We were just telling your girlfriend how cute you are together! And why we didn’t hear about you two sooner is honestly a shame. A great shame!”

Shawn scrunches his eyebrows together in a confused manner and looks at you while somehow, your family members disappear around you. 

It was awkward for a second between you two and you knew you had to clear it up.

“I tried to tell them that we weren’t together-” you rushed out, not wanting Shawn to think you were telling people that you two were together.

“Maybe we should be.”

To that, you were surprised and didn’t know what to say. Was he being serious? Your skin suddenly felt as if it were on fire and you’d be lying if you said the thought hadn’t crossed your mind a couple times. But then Lauren came along and you thought you had lost all chances with him.

“What- what do you mean?” You stutter.

“I mean,” Shawn sighed, taking your hands in his before continuing his sentence. “Maybe we should be. Together, I mean. I thought I was making it obvious that I like you?”

Oh god, he likes you and you feel as if you were dreaming.

“You could’ve made it a little more obvious.” You chuckle, trying to act as if your thoughts weren’t all jumbled up in your head.

“Well,” he paused. “Then let me make it more obvious. Y/N Y/L/N, I like you and would love if you went out on a date with me.” He smiled cutely, not showing his teeth and you could tell that he was trying to keep it together.

“I would also love that.” You smiled as he embraced you.

You sister had been right all along, you were thankful you had brought a date tonight.          

anonymous asked:

i need some fluff Sinbad please! love your blog by the way my love ^.^

thank you! hope you like it (´ ▽`).。o♡

“Sinbad.” You said as you sent a stern glare in the purple haired kings directions. “Stop hiding under my bed.”

“I’ll only be a minute dear.” Sinbad said as he quickly poked his head out and sent you a sweet smile. “I’m just doing some cleaning down here.”

“Sinbad.” You said with a groan and a roll of your eyes. “That is nog going to work on me. Just get up and stop hiding from Ja’far.”

“I’m not hiding from Ja’far!” He replied before letting out an obnoxious laugh. “I’ve done all of my work!”

So it was going to be one of those days. One of the days where Sindria’s king would refuse to do his work, actually, refuse wasn’t the right word. A better word would be to avoid his work and you always seemed to find yourself getting dragged down with him. Whenever this happened, which was a lot, Sinbad seemed to distract you, most of the time without even meaning to. 

“I’m going to go and get Ja’far.” You said as you knelt down in front of your bed and peered under it. “You’re going to have about five minutes to run. You sho-”

Your sentence was cut short as two arms wrapped around your waist and dragged you under the bed and against a warm chest. With a sigh, you sent a glare in Sinbad’s direction before doing your best to get out of his arms and out from under the bed.

“Lets stay down here.” He said as he held you close to him and nuzzled his face into the crook of your neck. “We haven’t spent time together in ages.”

“I have work to do!” You said as you continued to struggle to get out of his grip. 

“Not today. We’re taking a day off.” Sinbad said before continuing after noticing you begin to protest. “King’s orders.”

“Sinbad…” You said as you sent him a flat stare. “You know Ja’far won’t be happy.” 

Ignoring your statement, Sinbad proceeded to move the two of you out from under the bed to the top of it, his arms staying tightly wrapped around your waist. As he lay the two of you down, you felt your resolve weakening as you felt the warmth of his arms around your waist and the soft pillow under your head.

“Fifteen minutes.” Was all you said as you closed your eyes.

“Sweet dreams!” Sinbad replied, with what you knew was a smug grin, before placing a kiss on your forhead

Sorry Ja’far.

Sterek + Halloween Fic Recs

Happy Halloween guys! 

Here’s a list of some Halloween themed fics posted within the past year, (in no particular order) 

Also, this list got kind of long so the majority was put under a read more. 


This Isn’t Real by littlefrog1025 (1/1 | 3,634 | R)

A well-meaning witch causes a bit of angst between Stiles and Derek with a love spell on Halloween.

Something Spooky, Something Blue by crossroadswrite (1/1 | 2,483 | G)

Derek sighs and boredly stuffs a handful of gummi bears in his mouth, straight out of a Halloween candy bowl Aunt Olivia insists in buying every year even if they never get trick or treaters this far into the woods.

He tilts his head and tunes back into the boys’ conversation, which has been the prime time entertainment of the Hales for the past ten minutes or so.

“It’s dark,” one of the boys whines.

“Don’t be a baby, Scott,” the second chastises.

“But, I don’t wanna,” Scott whines, like a baby.

Imagine Me And You by callunavulgari (6/6 | 16,080 | G)

“My name,” the kid tells Derek, sounding amused. “It’s Stiles. I figure if I’m going to wrestle a complete stranger for a pumpkin the least I can do is offer my name afterwards.”

“Stiles,” Derek tries, testing the way the name sits on his tongue. “I’m Derek.”

“Derek,” Stiles breathes, like he’s testing the weight of the name too. He grins, bright and blinding, which Derek guesses means that he likes the sound of it. “I’d offer to shake your hand, but since we almost got to second base a minute ago, I’d say we’re past that point.”

reason to stay by bleep0bleep (7/7 | 12,564 | PG13)

Life is cruel. Derek Hale is only going to be here in Beacon Hills for a week. Sundays Fun Days is a lie. It was not fun, getting a bit of hope and having it torn away.

How much wooing can Stiles do in a week, anyway?

It’s the last week of October, and a small town baker has run into his first crush again. Fate might have other ideas. Stiles tries for romance with a little help from what Beacon Hills does best— Halloween.

The power of Superman by mildmanneredmissy (1/1 | 2,566 | PG13)

Derek’s Superman outfit breaks Stiles.

Marked for Later by hazelNuts (1/1 | 5,005 | R)

The Hale and the McCall pack have an uneasy truce. Now, when a witch has been killing people in both their territories, Derek and Stiles have to go undercover and actually work together to stop her.

‘We’ll go as a couple, of course. Then we either ask her if she wants a threesome, or I complain to her about my dick of a boyfriend. That role shouldn’t be too hard for you,’ Stiles grins, delighted at Derek’s horrified expression. ‘Now all we need are costumes.’

Little Red Riding Hoodie and the Sourwolf by SourWolfie (pieprincess_andthe_fallenangel) (1/1 | 7,233 | NC17)

It had seemed like a good idea when Stiles had first thought of it… it was funny… would make everyone laugh despite all the recent deaths in their pack.

Or the one where Stiles wears a revealing little red riding hood costume to Lydia’s Halloween party.

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anonymous asked:

EXO as people stranded on an island 🌴

  • Xiumin: The guy who’s a little too quick to jump to suggesting cannibalism.
  • Suho: The guy who’s suddenly remembering everything he ever learned as a boy scout and is tying ropes and starting fires and shit.
  • Yixing: The guy who figures out how to purify and drink his own urine.
  • Baekhyun: The guy who learns to communicate with the monkeys.
  • Jongdae: The guy who cries himself to sleep under a coconut tree every night.
  • Chanyeol: The guy who rips the sleeves off his shirt, straps on a Rambo headband and rubs crushed berries under his eyes like fifteen minutes into being sttranded.
  • Kyungsoo: The guy who’s actually out there building a boat to get them off the damn island.
  • Jongin: The guy who dies by ingesting poisonous berries because he didn’t believe Suho when he told him they were poisonous.
  • Sehun: The guy who’s accepted his fate and knows he’s going to die so he lays out and gets a tan and waits for death.
Ricky Horror: You Said Let’s Dance


Warnings: Family, Vegas whoooo

Word Count: 1027

Band: Ricky Horror of Motionless In White

Your name: submit [Insert your name here to change the fic!]

A/N: I’m just finishing up my current requests before I start the 1k contest. Sorry this took so long to get out, I just started school so I’ve had less writing time, but I’m getting back on top of things. Hope you enjoy this one. I’ve stayed at my fair share of hotels in Vegas, but Mandalay was my favorite because of the beach omfg. Luxor is a close second, and Excalibur is third. Y’all should let me know which Vegas hotel is your favorite.

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Newtmas smut whoopsies. Possessive Thomas and temporary slutty Newt ;) 

If someone were to describe Thomas’s mood as ‘angry’, he would consider it as an absolute understatement. 

The first thing he sees walking out of the maze is Newt leaning against a vine fence with his hip cocked to the right. The blonde was staring at Zart while flirtatiously biting the side of his finger like the boy was saying the most interesting thing in the world. Thomas’s jaw tenses when Newt takes a glance at him and then looks back at Zart taking a step closer to him. Thomas watches as Zart freezes when Newt runs a finger down his arm delicately while looking longingly at him.

Thomas’s blood began to boil. 

He had no idea what happened. He had no idea what made Newt act this way. It all started this morning when Thomas had woken up to the sight of Newt gone from the sleeping bag beside him. It was a little alarming, considering Newt somehow always found his way on top of the brunet every morning. 

Though, Thomas had ignored it. 

He had walked to the eating area. Minho and Frypan were always there alone in order for Frypan to feed him and the other runners since they were the first ones to be up. Thomas had gone around the corner into the kitchen only to find the blonde sitting on one of the table tops close to where Frypan was cooking some eggs. The moment Newt had seen him, he had spread his legs flickering his eyes between Thomas and Frypan. He had smiled at the cook suggestively and leaned in close to his personal space. 

Thomas had stormed off.

He regrets leaving without a droplet of food, but he couldn’t look at the scene any longer. He had to share sandwiches all day with Minho, who had been irritated. 

Now, Thomas watches as Newt collects the other gladers’ attention one by one. In under fifteen minutes, Newt had gotten six boys surrounding him still standing in that racy stance. Thomas grits his teeth when he sees Newt obviously pretend to get hot and proceed to remove his over jacket. He decides to stomp his way to the eating area to maybe get something to eat to divert his attention away.

Thomas thought that he was just overreacting, but Newt only continued. 

In the last hour, Newt had managed to flirt with every boy in the glade excluding him. Every time Newt sees him, Newt just gives him a smirk and looks back at his current victim. 

Thomas was livid now. 

Newt has gripped Minho’s biceps saying how he was impressed with the muscle, has leaned down intriguingly in front of six boys, has played with four boys’ hair with a great, big smirk on his face, and he has strutted his way everywhere he goes. He hasn’t even said one word to Thomas since he woke up. 

“Hey Thomas, you gonna eat that?" 

Thomas bites back a cutting remark and just slides his plate to Minho to let him take whatever he wants. He was far too busy watching Newt flirt with the builders just a few yards away. He had decided to eat against a tree in hopes that he wouldn’t see Newt act this way while he ate, but the blonde seemed relentless into getting under Thomas’s skin.

"What’s been buggin’ you all day shank? You went from entering the maze without food, and then it seems like you’re dreading everything you see. What’s going on?” Minho interrupts his thoughts, and he again tries not to respond rudely. He begins to shake his head no, but one look from Minho meant that he wasn’t taking that as an answer. He huffs and leans back into the tree. 

“It’s Newt,” he sighs pointing up at the blonde without a glance. He forces himself not to look. He looks at Minho, who was grinning at him. Thomas tries not to yell at him. He was far too aggravated to handle this.

“What?” he barks, but Minho doesn’t seem effected. The runner begins to laugh and puts his plate of food on the ground. 

“You really are a dumb shank aren’t you?” he chuckles with his eyes scrunched up and his arms crossed in front of his chest. Thomas gapes at him.


“Nothing,” Minho says suddenly changing his tone confusing Thomas. Minho picks at his fingernails mindlessly like he was thinking about laws of nature or the meaning of life. Thomas only hits his head bringing his head back against the tree. He takes a chance to look in the direction of the blonde.

The sight makes his snap.

Thomas throws his plate on the ground causing what little food was left to hit the dirt. He hears Minho retort, but he ignores in favor of stalking his way to Newt. His face and ears are inflamed as he watches Newt talk one on one with Gally.

Gally of all people.

Thomas storms faster when he sees Newt get way too close to the taller boy. Newt caresses the stunned boy’s face and runs a finger along his lips. Thomas can see a smirk on the blonde’s face. 

Something in his mind snaps and he doesn’t even realize what he’s doing. All he hears is a shriek of surprise and suddenly Newt was hanging over his shoulder. The blonde was banging on his back and his legs were waving in the air in front of him. Thomas grunts at one hard hit.

“Thomas what the bloody hell do you think-Ah!” Thomas stops the boy’s rant once he is satisfied with where they were at. Thomas easily throws the boy onto a sleeping bag directly under a light and brings his own body down to hover over the distressed boy. He uses one hand to hold Newt’s hands up above his head and uses his other hand to grip his blonde hair to move his head to the side to bite at Newt’s soft skin on his neck. 

“You don’t call me Thomas,” he hisses into the boy’s ear. Newt tries to push him off of him, but Thomas grabs his legs in order to wrap them around his own waist. He surges down and smashes their lips together stopping a yelp from exiting Newt’s mouth. The short moment of Newt frozen underneath him kissing him back made him think that maybe Newt had done this all on purpose. He only tightens his grip on Newt’s thighs and pushes the blonde down to hover completely over him. He moves Newt’s head to the side by the hair to nip at his skin and grins knowing that his neck would have marks all over. Newt was now lazily trying to push him off like he was indecisive of what he wanted to do. 

“T-Tommy Tommy what are you-” Newt gasps out in between breaths. Thomas makes his way down Newt’s neck to his upper chest leaving a trail of angry red marks. He brings his head back up when he feels Newt’s legs widen and then tighten around his waist. The sight of Newt’s flustered look and red cheeks made him crave the taste of his lips. He leans down and aggressively bites at the blonde’s lips and then sucks on his bottom lip. Newt arches his back into Thomas. 

Thomas brings his hips down to press himself against Newt, who gasps and whimpers at the action. Thomas chuckles and leans down to Newt’s ear. 

“You’re mine. Sauntering around everyone today like a total whore..Unacceptable,” he lowly growls into the blonde’s ear, and he really doesn’t know where those words came from. It just came out, but Newt seemed even more flustered and was beginning to moan. He’s captivated with Newt moving his body to get closer. 

How could he be real? 

Thomas brings one hand around to take Newt’s shirt off swiftly. He bites at the new exposed skin as he also brings the boy’s pants and boxers down to remove them. The beautiful moans and groans was music to his ears, and he decides to give Newt mercy by letting his hands free. Newt instantly grabs for his head bringing their mouths together, and Thomas cooperates easily by running his tongue along Newt’s lips asking for entrance. 

Newt lets him in and Thomas sighs at the feeling of the blonde’s hot breath on his face. He reaches down to remove his own pants and boxers. He tries to not laugh when Newt bites his lip when he leans away. He moves away though, and he brings his body down to where his chest laid on the ground. His mind spins as he physically moves Newt’s legs apart and leans up to run his tongue along his hole. 

The jolt of Newt’s body makes him break out in thrill and delight, but he pulls away to bring two fingers in his mouth. He leans back over Newt, and he’s welcomed with Newt’s lips eagerly meeting with his. His hair is grabbed and his face is caressed; he barely remembers what he was about to do. He reaches down and enters one slick finger into Newt, who tenses. He leans down and sucks at his pale skin to soothe the boy. He waits a few seconds to enter the other finger. Thomas hisses at the hard grip on his hair, but he only finds it intriguing. 

He scissors his fingers and waits for Newt to adjust to them. He only needs to wait for a minute before Newt starts to grind down on the fingers, and Thomas couldn’t think of anything hotter to watch. 

Thomas eagerly moves fully on top of Newt slotting between his legs. He groans at the friction, and he reaches down to guide himself in slowly. The hitch of Newt’s breath as he enters his body causes him to freeze what he’s doing to look at the blonde’s hot face. He reaches down to grab for Newt’s right leg to raise it in order to bring himself deeper. He inhales loudly at the heat and sleekness of Newt around him. 

He admires the way Newt looks with his eyes closed tightly, his mouth releasing loud, lovely moans, his eyebrows furrowed, and his cheeks reddened. Possessiveness runs through his body knowing that no one has ever seen the second in command like this. He’s the only one to ever see Newt so bothered and vulnerable. 

He thrusts out and back in slowly making the boy hiccup at the sudden action. The response makes him start to thrust in continuously wanting to see Newt unwaver under his touch. He leans down close to his ear and he thrusts in hard at the sound of Newt’s quiet whimpers. 

“Say you’re mine. Say you’re mine and no one else can ever have or touch you like I do,” Thomas says out of breath when Newt clenches around him and yanks at his hair. He thrusts in faster and deeper when he sees that Newt was going to answer him. He wanted to see him work to say it. 

“I-Ah!” Newt gasps out of breath when the brunet enters him deeper. Thomas straightens his body and plants his hands near both sides of Newt’s head. The beauty of Newt’s moans and arch of his back has him captivated. 

“I-I’m yours-yours yours. I’m yours. I’m yours!” the blonde cries out and Thomas stops his movements making Newt groan in disappointment and open his eyes. Thomas takes his time to caress Newt’s face. Newt looks at him with wide eyes and reaches up to bring him down closer. 

“I’m yours. No one-one can have me or touch me like you do,” Newt rambles quietly and Thomas found his voice enthralling. His begins his movements again, and he goes faster now. He knew Newt was right on the edge by the way he goes to grip his shirt instead of his hair. Pleasure erupted inside of him as he comes inside the boy ignoring the pain of his nails digging into the ground underneath the sleeping bag. The outcry of the blonde captures his attention and he watches as Newt jolts and trembles as he reaches the edge finally. Thomas weakly turns his head to kiss the crook of Newt’s neck. He pulls out shushing the weak whimper of sensitivity from Newt. Thomas brings his body to the side, but still hovers over the blonde. 

He runs his thumb along Newt’s forehead to his chin gracefully and he’s surprised his thumb is kissed. He’s confused when Newt is suddenly smiling like he’s just won the lottery.

“What?” he asks hoarsely. Newt breathes in before reaching up to place a kiss on his lips. Thomas almost follows him down. 

“My plan was very much successful,” Newt sighs and Thomas tenses up, but Newt takes his hand. 

“I only like you, you bloody shank,” Newt grunts out and places his head against Thomas’s shoulder. Thomas gapes at him. He was speechless. The sound of Newt’s laughter brings him back though, and Thomas decides that they’ll definitely talk about it later, and he’d much rather cuddle with the boy. 

Newt was his and he couldn’t be happier. 


Even though it had been over fifteen minutes, Arabella refused to leave. She refused to get into the ambulance before she knew for sure, even though she already knew. No one could survive under water for fifteen minutes, especially not a baby. When the divers came up after two terrifying minutes of having been under water, Arabella got on her feet, making her way over to the river besides the road. They were holding her. They tried to hide her lifeless and painfully blue body from her sight, but Arabella had to see for herself. She had to.

She had been ignoring everyone. All of the bystanders who had gathered at the side of the road after seeing the incident. All of the medics who had arrived to the scene. And most importantly, she had been ignoring him. Crashing the car into the lake had not been his fault, but the fault of the truckdriver who had driven through a red light. What had been his fault, was letting their baby die. He had chosen to help Arabella and not their baby. Their baby could have been safely on her way to the hospital. But no, he had chosen her. He had chosen the wrong person to save.

A scream escaped her lips when she saw her poor little face, all blue from the cold water. She began to ran to the water, even though there was no point. But she had to hold her baby. Had to see her. Her dead baby.


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Aerron was seriously reconsidering this. He knew that Lewis had booked an appointment for them to see a therapist, but he still didn’t want to go. He was nervously chewing the side of his finger as he held one of his stuffed animals against his chest.

The day had arrived, and he was hiding from Lewis. It was something he’d do whilst with Damien if his ex tried to make him to do something he didn’t want to do - sure, hiding never worked but maybe this time… He stayed under the bed for fifteen minutes, hiding.