under fifteen minutes!

Nice Chaps

Derek Hale/Stiles Stilinski
Rating: T, Word Count: 1005
Halloween, Costumes, Human AU, Deputy Derek, POV Stiles

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(For Day 5 of my 13 Days of Halloween & for @sterekweek2016​ Day 1: Scene Stealer (very loosely inspired by the costume part in Bridget Jones’ Diary))


This cannot be happening to him.

Of course it’s happening to him. Who else could this possibly happen to?

Stiles consider ducking into the bathroom or finding a supply closet, hide there for the rest of the night. He could also run back to his car and drive back home. His apartment is only a couple blocks away from the recreation centre where the Sheriff’s Department is holding its Halloween party, he could be hiding under the covers within fifteen minutes.

Technically, only employees and their partners are invited to this, but Stiles has been helping with organizing the Halloween party since he was eighteen. And with the hours he spends at the station, he likes to consider himself an honorary deputy. Even if his dad disagrees.

A sharp whistle sounds through the air, quickly followed by others. Well, they’ve seen him. If he runs now, he’ll be branded a coward, which will invite far worse jokes than if he stays.

‘Stiles,’ his dad says, breaking loose from the small crowd that has gathered to watch Stiles’ entrance. Stiles has only been here ten seconds and his dad already looks like he wants to bang his head against the wall. ‘Please tell me you didn’t get my message.’

‘Obviously,’ Stiles hisses. ‘I thought there was supposed to be a theme.’

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( @blaneoftheseas )

as soon as she had sent that last text, keiran had jumped out the window of her dorm, making a run for the university. any other fairy would have flown, but she still didn’t have control over her wings ( it wasn’t her fault they were three times her size!! ). she made it to the university’s library in just under fifteen minutes, and so she leaned against the wall, taking the remaining five minutes to catch her breath. “come on, jizz-canoe, where you at??” she called out, looking around for the eprson she had been texting.

Reason why Reylo is abusive #88

Ben and Finn compete in everything. 

Rey says they can’t possibly clean toilets in under ten minutes, without using the Force. 

Ben cleans his in nine point five. 

Finn cleans his in under nine. 

Finn wins! 

Then Rey says they can’t wipe all the windows in under fifteen minutes. 

Rey repeats this until her whole house is clean. 

Finn and Ben drop to the floor in exhaustion. 

Rey wins!