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My little tease

Requested: Hello love, can you do an imagine where the reader is dating scott and she wears clothing that he doesn’t approve and if yiu can, can you put smut. Thisismyfirstsmut….

I sat in math staring blankly at the board as the teacher taught. She was doing a review for tomorrows test but I really wasn’t able to focus, all I could think about was tonights date night with scott. Latley we haven’t been able to go on any dates due to the Dread Doctors problem. Math was my last class of the day and it couldn’t go by any slower. I was brought out of my daze when my phone buzzed.

-Schools over in 10 :) meet you at yours at 7?? -Little Alpha

-Longest 10 mins, see you then ;)-Y/N I smiled and put down my phone and began doing the problems on the board.

-6:30 at Y/NS house-

I rooted through my closet wishing I had gotten ready faster.“maybe watching Netflix till 6 wasn’t a good idea” I mummer to myself and keep searching for something. It was a simple dinner date but simple was the best with scott, it meant alot more. I decided to look in the back corner where lydia had stashed all of my ‘new cloths’. Really she forced some of her things she likes on me in my closet claiming ‘i’ll thank her one day’. I looked through all the items before pulling out three dresses. I tried on them all and one stood out the most to me. A dark maroon one, it was short but classy. The dress flared out like a skater skirt and the top part was a pattern of sheer then a stripe of fabric. The bust was out lined in a sweat heart style and above it was sheer, the sheer fabric covered and yet exsposed my back. I smiled and quickly did my hair in loose curls and did my eyes with a hint of black eye shadow. I pulled on my black wedges and slide on my cropped black leather jacket. “wow” I said “I looked hot”. My phone went off with a text.

-Can we meet at the restraunt?-Scott

-Sure, headed there now-Y/N

I grabbed my keys and headed to meet scott. I saw scott waiting at the front of the restraunt. I giggled at his lost puppy look and walked towards him. “Hey cutie” I said with a smile. Scott turned smiling but it dropped. “Y/N uh, hey, you uh you look great, wow” He stuttered and looked up at me smiling. “Thanks babe, you too” I leaned forward and gave him a kiss. He smirked and said “Ready to be wined and dined?” I laughed and nodded my head. We went inside and the waiter seated us. While we looked at the menus, I saw scotts jaw become tense. I croaked my eyebrow in confusion. “Seen anything good yet?” I said. “Nope” he huffed back and seemed to almost dive deeper into his menu. “Right” I mutter and go back to looking. The waiter came back and we order, scott’s order just being 'whatevers on the specials’. After the waiter leaves I looked at scott and smile “sooo, stiles told me when you were little you’d dress up like superman” Scotts jaw untensed and looked up at me smiling “Did he?” he said laughing slightly. “he didn’t say anything else did he?” He chuckled nevously. I smirked"Nah, only that your superman outfit consisted of your moms tights, a dress, and a towel for a cape" I winked at him and giggled. Scott smiled but it disappeared. “Scott are ok?” He answered me flatly “I’m fine”. We just continued on with dinner, eating the food when it came. As we got up to leave, I slipped on my jacket and grabbed scotts hand. He seemed worse than before and I took notice to his red tinted eyes. “Scott?” He didn’t answer but just held my hand and pulled me out of the restraunt. Once we were walking in the parking lot, I began speaking. “Was it a supernatural creature? was there someone like you? Did someone try and speak to you, do the-” Scott cut me off by pushing me against my car door. He looked up at me, his red eyes burning holes in mine. “No” He growled “it was the guys in the back who thought no one could hear what they said about your cute, short , little dress.” I blushed at what he said. “Scot-” He just cut me off “Guess they took no notice into that you’re mine” His hands slid up from the back of my thighs and to the curve of my ass. He gave a little squeeze “mine” He growled before slamming his lips to mine. The kiss was needy and rough. I let out a moan as his tongue claimed it’s dominance in my mouth. On of his hands slide up to my hips and pulled me closer. I opened my eyes when his lips left mine and began peppering my jawline with kisses. I moan quickly and tried pulling him closer when he found my sweet spot. He smirked against my neck and pulled away from me fully leaving me confused. He walked towards his bike and looked back at me “Meet me at mine” He just winked and kept walking. I hurried into my car and followed scott to his. As soon as I got out he grabbed my wrist and pulled to and in his house. He closed the door and pressed my back against it. I broke away from the heated kiss and asked “What about your mom?” He smirked and pulled up the stairs “Hospital” We reached his room and he picked me up and pinned me against the wall. He roughly kissed my neck leaving marks “Do you know how hard it was for me to listen to those jerks say that stuff about you? And you’re wearing this little dress. Did you mean to tease me like that” He smirked you at me, I just panted “N-no” He chuckled and walked us both from the wall. His hands trailed up my back to the top of the zipper and pulled it down. H grabbed one of the soulder straps and kissed my bare shoulder. He pushed both straps down my arms making them fall to the floor. He let out a groan “No bra, your are my little tease” He winked and tossed me onto the bed. I blushed feeling fully exsposed under his gaze. He just smirked and slowly slife off his jacket and pulled his shirt off. Both of us had already kicked our shoes off in the doorway so he no trouble unbuttoning his pants and sliding them off. He leaned on the bed, hands on either side of me and trailed light pecks from my neck, over my chest , and to the edge of my panties. He smirked and hovered over me leaning in for another kiss. His hips grinded against mine cause me to whine against his lips wanting more. “Do you want me to baby” I nodded furiously. He smiled and said “I didn’t haer an answer” I blushed “Scott please, just do me already” I said with exasperation. He laughed “As you wish princess” He leaned down a placed a kisses on my thighs as he slid off my panties. He rested on top of me and got a condom out of his night stand. I kissed and sucked on his neck while he fumbled with the packet. I slid my hands down to cup him through his boxers and slid them down his hips with my feet. “Shit” He mumbled as he slid on the condom and positioned himself near my enterance. He teased me with his head “What are you baby?” I whined and said “Yours” My mouth opened in a silent 'O’ as his pushed in all the way and rocked his hips slowly. “Fuck” I moaned “Scott faster please” He held himself up above me and began rocking his hips faster against mine. I couldn’t stop the moans that left me, that only seemed to encourge scott to go faster. “Scott ooh” He looked into my eyes with his now alpha red ones. Scott groaned and tucked his head in the croak of my neck biting on the skin there. I felt myself getcloser to the edge. He sensed it and reached one hand down and rubbed my clit in quick circles. “Shit scott I’m-” I moaned out “Me to fuck” He groaned. Hearing how turned on he was brought me over the edge. I let out a string of moans and crys as I tightened around him. His eyes closed and he thrusted a few more times before reaching is edge. He pulled out when we had both rode out our orgasms.Scott got up and threw away the condom and laid back on the bed next to me. I curled up to his side as he grabbed his sheet and pulled half way up our bodies. I smiled lazly at him and kissed his jaw. His arms wrapped around me and pulled me closer.“G'night” he muttered sofly and kissed my forhead.


I walked out of Ap Bio with Lydia. “Oh by the way, thanks for the extra cloths” I winked. She just smirked and said “I’m always right” We sat down with the rest of the pack at our usual lunch table. Stiles looked straight me as I sat down with an unreadble expression. “Y/N…I found this contact on scotts phone.” He handed me the phone and I blushed. “I’m sorry Y/N, I never thought scott would be-” “Stiles what are you talking about” I said confused by his meaning. “The contact name it’s not your name so I thought-” Stiles paused and looked at me wide eyed “oh wait you’re oh I didn’t know um ok never mind” Stiles blushed and went back to his water bottle. I laughed right as scott showed up. “Stiles did you take my phone, I couldn’t find it” Scott said while sitting next to me. I giggled “Here babe” Scott smiled and pecked on the cheek. I leaned over and whispered to him. “I like my new contact name” I looked at him and winked before talking to lydia. Scott smiled widly “Stiles says gross"Stiles commented and shoved a handful of grapes in his mouth.

-Scotts POV- I walked from lunch and into hitory and began reading the chapter we were assigned when my phone buzzed.

-See you at the pack meeting tonight-My little tease

Scott smiled and put his phone away when a grape hit him on the side of his head. “gross” he heard stiles mumble.

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