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As we all know, TDE has made a huge leap and a name for themselves in the rap game these past couple of years. Kendrick has broken into mainstream and is loved from coast to coast. However, this post is NOT ABOUT KENDRICK. In fact, this post is intended for the one who probably goes the most unnoticed in the group…….. Ab-Soul.

This ¼ of the Black Hippy group is definitely not receiving the credit that he should, and his latest album is evident as to why it is true. Control System consists of heavy conspiracy theorized themes that forces you into a thought-provoking coma that questions our government, online piracy, even the Bohemian Grove (wayyy too long of a story to get into now). This album is an addicting drug seeping into the veins of listeners. This addiction not only makes the listener want more of the music, but to seek the answers to Ab’s questions and forces you to break free from those systems of control.

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Colton Morgan remix of Jordan’s part from DAE. Check it out and order a copy of the original part and full movie at underdawgs.bigcartel.com!


Thank you Troll and Jeffy Gabrick for an amazing time. New edit and hopefully more to come by the end of the month!


We couldn’t be happier to be involved with this project. Check out the teaser for the new Under Dawgs movie “D.A.E" 


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Riders: Jesse Gouveia and many more.

Last year was so much fun we saved this edit to rekindle the hype from where we left off! Les get it!
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Song: “You Are Dissolved” by Jane Weaver

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