under command of magic

Anubis was the guardian of all kinds of magical secrets. In the Papyrus Jumilhac, he appears as the leader of the armed followers of Horus. His ferocity is a match for the violence of Seth. In magical texts of a similar date, Anubis is named as ‘Lord of the Bau’. Whole battalions of messenger demons are under his command. In the magical papyri dating to Roman times, Anubis acts as the main enforcer of curses. The gracious deities of the cult temples are scarcely recognizable in the pitiless gods and goddesses encountered in everyday magic. (…) A story in Papyrus Jumilhac (c. 300 BC) explains the custom by relating how Seth once turned himself into a panther after attacking the body of Osiris. Anubis captured and branded the panther, creating the leopard’s spots. The jackal god decreed that leopard skins should be worn by priests in memory of his victory over Seth.
—  Geraldine Pinch

Topi’s Daily Card #1022: Hapatra, Vizier of Poisons

With Amonkhet being a -1/-1 set, Hapatra is the newest commander that loves to deal with those type of counters.  Not only is she cheap at only two mana for a 2/2 creature, she wants to go down early so she can work her magic.  MAking her unblockable gives you snakes, and any -1/-1 counter added to a creature makes one more snake. Wither, proliferate, tons of cool cards and options lay open to you with this new commander, and it’s really cool to see the different builds. Some things can lead to total blowouts like a Necroskitter or even something like Black Sun’s Zenith.  Hapatra leads to so many cool plays, and the addition of older -1/-1 counter cards makes this deck really exciting for me to play.  I’ll be building her eventually, it’s just a matter of time before my opponents are buried under snakes and -1/-1 counters.   

Jervis Tetch x Female Reader - Tick Tock (Part 1) (Rated M)

I based this off a submission from @kinkygothamconfessions

I’m not sure if I like what I’ve written so feedback would be appreciated! If it’s liked I will write Part 2!

Jervis takes a shining to you at one of his performances and follows you home.

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Warning- No sex/smut in this part but dark contents, sexual fantasy, dark fantasy, STALKING, general creeping

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Crown Princes of YA, in Conversation
  • Maxon Schreave (The Selection): It's so hard when your father has unrealistic expectations of you and the girl you're in love with can help but break all the laws and be incredibly frustating.
  • Prince Kai (TLC): I feel that. The girl of my dreams is a fugitive who just fled the country and is now considered an interplanetary terrorist.
  • Maxon Schreave: That's rough buddy.
  • Prine Kai: But wait, now she's decided to kidnap me from my own wedding and the whole world has descended into war.
  • Maxon Schreave: *sweating* Oh, um, well... *turns to Dorian* how about you?
  • Dorian Havilliard (TOG): The first girl I felt seriously about broke up with me and fell in love with my best friend. My father just beheaded my last girlfriend who I loved very much in front of my eyes and now he's forced me into servitude under the command of a magical collar that makes me forget my own name.
  • Maxon Schreave: Oh well.. my father beat me before he died and I got to marry the girl of my dreams and live happily ever after.
  • Prince Kai: *halfheartedly* That's rough, buddy.
Commander of the Week

Jori En, Ruin Diver 

I thought i’d try and build a deck around Jori En this week as I have recently received an awesome promotional copy. It has been a while since I last played an Izzet deck. She isn’t the best Izzet commander at 2/3 for 3 mana, but she’s cheaply costed and she has a pretty good ability if the deck has lots of cheap spells. I thought I might try for a more aggressive build, though i’m not sure how well it will work.

Cheap Spells 

I thought that lots of cheap spells that draw us cards or allow us to loot would be the way to go here. Cards like Reach Through Mists, Serum Visions and Preordain are all one mana draw spells that we can quite easily stack to trigger Jori En’s ability. See Beyond, Tormenting Voice, Wild Guess and Magmatic Insight are also cheap but cost a little more in terms of mana or additional costs.  

What are you looking for?

This deck will also have lots of Scrying, for reasons we will look at in the next segment. There are many ways to sift through the top cards of your library, I much prefer scrying over that overpriced divining top thing that everyone loves so much, because it allows you to put cards you don’t need on the bottom rather than just recycling the same three cards. Creatures like Thassa, God of the Sea and Geist of the Archives allow you to scry 1 every turn allowing you to trigger certain abilities and dump the top card on the bottom if you don’t need it. Omenspeaker and Augury Owl both allow you to scry a bit further upon entry and Prognostic Sphinx allows you to scry 4 whenever it hits someone. My favorite though is Eyes of the Watcher allowing you to pay an additional 1 whenever you cast an instant or sorcery to scry 2. You should be able to find what you are looking for.

Advantages of Scrying and Chain-Casting

I’ve noticed that there are quite a few creatures or enchantments that get a buzz whenever you cast an instant or sorcery or scry. I’ve always wanted to give it a try in commander. Cards like Flamespeaker Adept and Knowledge and Power both trigger when you scry gaining a power boost or allowing you to deal additional damage to a player. Nivix Cyclops, Wee Dragonauts, Mercurial Geists and Kiln Fiend all get large power boosts whenever an instant or sorcery is cast allowing some silly combat tricks and these cheap spells are going to help us with these. 

You can’t catch me 

Anything that grants evasion en masse is going to be very useful here. Cards like Teleportal, Glaring Spotlight, Archetype of Imagination and Thassa, God of the Sea can potentially deal massive damage to your opponents, just charge those creatures up with spells and let ‘em have it. Mizzix’s Mastery is also very good here because you get to cast all of those awesome spells again for free if you can pay the overload cost. Keranos, God of Storms is also a great alternative commander if you find Jori too weak. I also realize that life-gain decks may be a problem here, Leyline of Punishment can fix that though preventing any life gain and fog abilities. 

And Finally… 

Lands could include Temple of Epiphany, Mikokoro, Center of the Sea, Reliquary Tower and Desolate Lighthouse. I have no idea how well this deck will work in a multiplayer setting. It could be quite effective in a french game though. I do hope you find this article both helpful and fun and until next time, Happy Deck Building

This Pewdiepie bullshit needs to stop

Pewdiepie (Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg) is the top dog of Youtube with over 50 million subscribers. People waste time just to leak how much money he makes.

When he first started, Pewdiepie played games - but today he regularly admits that back then he forced himself to be over-energetic & obnoxious, and pretended to like games more than he really did (including games he hated.)

Today, Pewdiepie just posts whatever he fucking wants, and even his trashiest and shittiest videos (by his own admission) manage 3 mil+ views per video.

If Pewds someday ends up reading this, 1. don’t look at anything else on my account 2. your girlfriend is adorable and 3. Do you mind if I call you Felix?

Shut up meatball I’m calling you Felix




into the bullshit

Every now and again, some morons with an agenda, or a news outlet seeing a name that will draw clicks, throw wild and sometimes slanderous claims at Felix because of trivial shit he said on Youtube. (Or, if he didn’t, they’ll make something up.)

And true to form, here’s this stupid shit stinking up my Tumblr dashboard:

Okay, that’s your abusive and self-defeating spin on it, now here’s the reality:

1) Illustrating something is not supporting it

Felix is not a very serious person. He’s Swedish and he lives in the UK. Asking him to treat something with solemn respect may as well be done in Klingon for all he’ll be able to understand it.

And to a not very serious person, the best way they can comment on current events, or even show they recognize that they exist, is to make it a joke.

So yes, Felix has been making Nazi / Jew jokes throughout his videos probably because of the blatant Nazism surrounding Trump’s presidency.

That is because Felix is an entertainer, not a political commentator.

Just like funnyguys are entertainers who agreed to do it.

It doesn’t make any of them part of the neo-Nazi movement, because in context any reasonable person can recognize the sentiment is not hostile.

2) Marginals aren’t mindless animals

What you must understand about SJW white knights is that they are condescending and hypocritical: At the same time they’re trying to champion an “oppressed” people, they are openly & passively dehumanizing them.

The red-underlined portions of the above post excerpts heavily imply that funnyguys, solely because they are not white, are under magical whip & collar, unable to refuse massa’s command.

(Fake feminists do the same thing to women who aren’t their kind of woman.)

Indeed that’s not the case. Felix feels “only partially responsible” because, lo and behold, at least three people had key input in this scenario, ergo three people are responsible, ergo any one of them is only partially responsible.

  • Pewdiepie submitted a troll request to funnyguys.
  • The two or more members of funnyguys, who clearly know English, accepted this request, performed it, and posted it to their Fiverr account.

With the sole exception of the Personal Jesus, every single other service Felix attempted to commission turned him down.

The crazy jungle men didn’t.

3) Don’t fucking lie to condescend

Bullshit, you’re making a massive crybaby drama-fest about it and trying to link it to real-world cases of armed violence against the Jewish.

That’s pretty goddamn relevant. Stop throwing words around just because they mean bad things so they must apply to people you don’t like.

Be honest - if you know what that is.

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Witches Of Moonlight Falls (Season 5); Part 207}
— Unsights Unseen Now Seen —
Clouds of magical blue mists enwrap the witches mind with a vision of unsights seen - a premonition. Beatrice has received many premonitions lately but this is a past premonition… What can she see? It seems that Belinda’s daughter is in the hands of evil. The premonition hasn’t revealed Barbara’s location but It sure has helped as now Beatrice can see who has taken her the witch who once scorned them was behind the kidnapping. DOREEN CALIENTE – Their greatest nemesis, the supreme witch and queen of hell. Red hair and lips to strike fear into any supernaturals heart and Barbara under her command. Beatrice is able to break the magical slumber, her eyes still closed she manages to speak.
Beatrice: “ I … know who has your… daughter Liam and Belinda: Doreen!!!!! ”


The Anansi II, full proper name being Kwaku Anansi.

The four-eyed eight-eyed, magical space whale of magicalness under command of one Shaula Serket, as seen during the events of Sights on Heaven.

Because fuck you, space whales are cool.

Somewhere out there in the vastness of the void, Eridan is screaming in outrage.

…I have mentioned Shaula is consecrated to Light, right?

Bottom one is transparent, for all your space whale needs.