under bridge troll

girls who can’t put on nail polish right so they paint their whole fingers and walk around with green and blue hands


girls who apply lipstick onto their entire face from forehead to chin to look like an open wound


girls who cut their hair into tonsures and wear monks’ robes in public and flog their hides with a cat o’nine tails on the street


girls who live under the bridge like trolls and haven’t seen a human face in 56 years and have grown full beards


Someone mentioned this term in a lower post where I was being harassed for refusing to argue with someone who I think is an obvious alt-right troll. I’d never heard of it before so off to urban dictionary I ran and man… It’s right on.

You do not have to engage with people like this. You don’t owe every person in your path an explanation.

This happened to me around Christmas. A guy messaged me, called me a dumb bitch, etc. I didn’t engaged with him because, why would I? He kept messaging me demanding why I didn’t respond. Citing his language to me I asked why would I want to.

He said he’d apologize if I would debate with him and answer his questions. I tried debating with him on and off for about a day. Finally it was Christmas Eve and I just realized I was getting no where so I told him that we had to agree to disagree. That angered him and said I’d promised I’d answer his questions. I’d felt like I had as best I could.

I told him again I was done.

He immediately took back his apology, resumed his insults, and essentially said that since I wouldn’t endlessly defend my case I was worthless and everything I said was worthless.

I realized then this whole conversation has been a mistake. He was willing to swear at and insult me and only apologize and show respect if I did everything he said no questions.

That was not respect and it was my mistake for not recognizing it earlier.

I’ll say again… You don’t owe everyone in your path an explanation. If you do decide to engage someone it can be on your terms.

Your worth and your beliefs don’t have to be validated by every troll under the bridge.

Walking on eggshells.. or onion skins.

I know most bananas think these anti Onision blogs are just some sad lonely haters living under bridges in our troll caves, but I really hope they take a good long look at what he’s done to that ex-patron he felt the need to dox and call mentally retarded.

She wasn’t attacking him. She wasn’t a hater. She was paying five dollars a month to him. She was a fan and liked him enough to give her money to him and was merely trying to help him understand WHY some people might have taken his words in a different way.
She still agreed with him, she was on HIS side.

And yet.. we see how he responded.

So let this be a lesson little bananas! You better be very very careful with Master Gregory the almighty onion king. You better tippy toe around that sensitive little (HA..little..) ego of his. Don’t you dare try to explain anything to his all-knowing mind! Or else YOU COULD BE NEXT! and suddenly you’re being mocked and bullied on twitter by him and all his ~TrUe FAnS~

But seriously.. do you think it’s okay or healthy to have to walk on eggshells with your little YouTube idol? This is a grown man letting people MUCH younger than himself set him off into spiraling rage rants on twitter. Do other youtubers treat their fans this way? Especially PAYING fans? Just think about it for a bit. That’s all I’m really asking. Critical thinking is a big part of learning and growing. Y'all should try it out sometimes. 👍

Pittsburgh Gothic
  • You’re waiting for the 61D. A 61A goes past. A 61A goes past. A 61A goes past. A 61A goes past. 
  • The closer you get to the Squirrel Hill tunnel, the slower everything moves. Cars. People. Particles. It’s cold. Oh god, you’re so cold. 
  • It was raining this morning, now it’s sunny outside. You check the thermometer, and it reads sixty. Better salt your sidewalk, gonna snow tonight.
  • You dropped a rock in that pothole on Brookline, and waited to hear it hit the bottom. You’re still waiting.
  • The sidewalk is getting steeper and steeper. Now there’s stairs. You climb and climb and climb. Look, a mountain goat. 
  • Your GPS tells you to take a sharp right to stay on Forbes. Your GPS tells you to take a slight left to stay on Forbes. Your GPS tells you to hit the man in the suit to stay on Forbes. Hit the man. Hit him. 
  • No one goes to Carlow University.
  • Bleeding? Buildings don’t bleed, don’t be silly. That’s just the steel rusting.
  • An orange sign just ahead of you reads “End Road Work.” You laugh, and see another sign. “Please. Please, I have children. End it.”
  • They built a bridge under the bridge to keep the bridge from falling on the other bridge under that bridge. The trolls are confused. Where can they live?
  • Someone said that if you fall in the Mon, when you climb out, your skin will peel off. Ridiculous. No one escapes the Mon. 
  • You’re trying to get home, but every single street is a one way that takes your further and further away. Where is home? What is home? 
  • They say the steel mills poisoned the air and killed the sky. Is that why it weeps? Whenever thunder roars, you swear you can hear a sob. 
  • A man is stabbed with a bottle outside the bar, and ichor the color of tar drips from between his fingers, flecked with gleaming yellow. He bleeds black and gold. The gutters overflow with black and gold. Steelers going to the superbowl.
  • You woke up and found U P M C etched into your wrist. You went to UPMC physician, and he sent you to UPMC Shadyside. They checked you out and said it’s nothing serious. Good thing you have UPMC healthcare, could have been pricey otherwise. 
  • The guy at Phipps laughs when you ask him what they use for fertilizer and shows you big bins of mulch in the back. Pitt students keep disappearing. The bins are never empty for long. 
  • The treasure map reads “Turn left at the big church, then go straight till you see a PNC.” Thirty souls set out to find it, each took a different path. None returned. 
Trollhunters Gem AU - Cracked

Summary: Jim’s gemstone is cracked during the Battle of the Bridges, and he throws any semblance of humanity to the wind in order to finish the fight

Toby had watched as it happened.

When Jim was locked in combat with Bular under the bridge, the troll had picked him up and slammed him, gem-first, against one of the beams. The effect had been immediate. Jim’s entire body had flickered upon impact, a clear sign that his gem had been damaged.

They were too far away to help. They had only been able to watch as the Lapis Lazuli that had been chosen as Trollhunter struggled to fight off the vicious Gumm-Gumm, and watch they did. They saw as Jim out-maneuvered his enemy, stabbing him in the chest and sending him plummeting through burning sunlight and into the canal. Jim was victorious, but the ominous flickering of his form reminded them that he hadn’t emerged unscathed.

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MBTI Types as Fictional Creatures

Since INFPs are usually seen as the fairytale, daydreaming types, I figured I would use my knowledge of fantasy creatures and make a list that proves all the types can be mythical creatures, Enjoy!
*Note: Obviously not to be taken seriously. Just wanted to make it clear this is a joke. In addition, there are a lot of creatures out there and it’s almost 11pm where I live and I’m kind of tired, so the list is kind of short. Ya’ll can reblog and add unto the list if you want.

Fi-doms (INFP+ISFP) - Fairies/Pixies, Unicorns, Mermaids, Sirens, those cute creatures no one takes seriously until it’s too late.
Te-doms (ESTJ+ENTJ) - Manicore, Dragons, Griffins, Hydra, big scary creatures that need to be conquered.
Ti-doms (INTP+ISTP) - Sphinx, Trolls (under bridges), the creatures that give the riddles or are extremely wise.
Fe-doms (ESFJ+ENFJ) - Mythical gods/goddesses (let’s get it straight, they either help you or manipulate you. ex: Zeus, Hera and the entire greek family) plus genies.
Ni-doms (INFJ+INTJ) - Graeae, Oracles, creatures that know what the future holds.
Se-doms (ESTP+ESFP) - Redcaps, Minotaurs, Werewolves, Vampires, creatures that can definitely kill you. 
Si-doms (ISFJ+ISTJ) - Leshy, Nymphs/Satyr, guardians of nature.
Ne-doms (ENTP+ENFP) - Kitsune, Púca, Kelpie, Shapeshifters in general.


i wasnt going to say anything but were here it happened and i cant stop thinking about homestuck so im sorry just let this happen (apologies to those the readmore wont work on)

i was into homestuck in 2009 you guys. i remember lurking in the threads about whether or not the trolls were actual under-the-bridge trolls, aliens, or just a group of weird otherkin anonymous-analogues harassing the kids for no reason.

i remember when the midnight crew thing was just a pointless filler episode that i wanted to be over so we could get back to the bullshit!

like when they were revealed to be honest to god fucking aliens people went nuts! it was unbelievable. it changed the game. fuck. god. i think i may genuinely have screamed? i dont even know how to fcking describe it except that the volume with which i discussed it with a friend disgusted my twin so much she didnt speak to me for a day and a half.

the karkat headcanons! when he got stabbed and the blood was flashing rainbows there were people genuinely like “FUCK YOU I TOLD YOU HE HAD RAINBOW BLOOD SUCK IT” and then when he just had “fucking ordinary blood? what the fuck” it was kind of a surprise. i dont know if anybody had red blood as a theory. nobody i knew did i was totally banking on grey blood myself so i cant talk.

anyway. cant stop thinking about it. now its over. i think my old laptop has my trollsona on it somewhere. i should probably burn it.

If Only

Chapter One

I’m trying out a Zootopia story that I came up with. it’s my first attempt at writing a fanfic so you’ll have to forgive the messy structure and all that other stuff. I don’t think anyone else has a story quite like this one, though some may be similar, there’s simply no way to tell. Anyhow, here we go. 


As the sun drifted slowly but surely over the horizon, the great city of Zootopia began to awake from its nighttime slumber; if you’d consider any city to be truly asleep during the night, that is. It has been just over a month since Nicholas Wilde moved in with his ZPD partner, best friend, and mate, Judy Hopps. Or to put it more accurately, they had both moved into one apartment that could fit more than just her small bed, nightstand, and desk.

This apartment was much larger in comparison, enough to house a bed fit for two, a couch, coffee table, and a television. It had a small kitchen and an even smaller bathroom. It was home sweet home; especially for Nick, who had been living partly under a bridge like a troll, and having sleepovers with Finnick in has van for the better part of his life. Judy appreciated the additional living space as well. Having grown up with around three hundred siblings, it had always been a rarity to have her own space.

When Nick opened his eyes, he was startled to see a cute little bunny staring back at him. Her eyes widened quickly as she realized he’d caught her in the act of watching him sleep, again. Nick relaxed as he put on his signature smirk that he knew she loved so much. His voice still sounding slow and groggy as it always did in the morning.

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Why… you got.. this man, with all this money, soon to be fame, and power. He got body, personality, AND LINED UP HAIR. And you give into this vaccum throat, wannabe Andy Warhol, baggy eyed, drugged out, under the bridge TROLL 😣. I’m not havin it. So disrespectful. I can see the crumbs from his gluten free wheat bagel still left in his beard. Fuck outta here nigga. You done fucked up. 😐 ✋

INTP Rant #1
  • Person: Hi!
  • Me: Hello. (Ne activates) Blah blah blah?
  • Person: Blah blah.
  • Me: Oh, blah blah blah (Fe)... blah (Ne follow-up)?
  • Person: Blah blah blah, blah blah blah, blah blah blah, blah blah blah, ... blah, blah blah blah...NONSTOP
  • Me: (Thinking: Oh Dear GOD, what did I begin? Why won't you shut up? I've surely given you body language signs that you're boring now... stop talking, please stop talking! Zoning out in 3... 2...)
  • Person: ... Blah blah, blaaaah, blah blah blah, ...
  • Me: Mmm hm... (nod, nod, not make eye contact) x repeat
  • [At the end]
  • Person: Let's talk again!
  • Me: Sure. (Thinking: NO WAY IN HELL, PAL.)

Every time I see a list of “kinds of witches” I just wanna reblog it and finish it with “here a witch, there a witch, everywhere a witch witch”

Then I think that would probably be rude so I don’t do it.

anonymous asked:

everytime u go on these tl;dr rants .. that i will never read. a yes or no would do. thx and cheers for typing but soz

You sent your message, nought but little words
you’d strung together like semantic beads.
To think the message prudent was absurd; 
in honesty, it gave me pain to read.

But nonetheless, I feel that it deserves
at least a short response, albeit terse,
so rest assured, you have not hit a nerve - 
I just can’t miss a chance for caustic verse.

Those string-strung words are beads of irritation.
I fear our friendship will not come to pass.
So, like those other beads of recreation,
kindly shove that lexis up your arse.