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Leah. 20 years old. I’m into the occult and magick. I play 8 instruments and speak 7 languages. Talent, much? Jk. Looking for friends so hmu 💘💘

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Johanna Döbereiner (1924-2000) is a Brazilian agronomist, and a pioneer in soil biology. Her work was rewarded with the 1989 Unesco Science Prize, and the Brazilian Order of Scientific Merit.

Her work focused on bacteria that could be useful for soil in her native country. She encouraged a reliance on soybean varieties that depended on biological nitrogen fixation, which helped boost production and meant that thousands of people could access healthy and affordable food. Under her guidance, Brazil became the world’s second-largest producer of soy.


hey, I’m Teresa 💋!
15 || MX || Lesbian
First time doing this and I’m basically looking for new people to talk with or maybe something more, I’m down for whatever tho! I love late night conversations and cuddles if you want to know more about me hmu. I hope all of you guys have an amazing New Years Eve, may the New Year bring you joy and love.

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7.62x51mm chambered main battle rifle that has it’s origins in Belgium but was also produced under license in Brazil, Israel, Great Britain, South Africa, Australia to name a few. Often referred to as the “Right Arm of the Free World”, a nickname established by non-Com Bloc nations. The FAL and it’s variants can still be found in service today within South America, Africa and the Middle East. (GRH)

dana | 15 | lesbian | new zealand

hey! looking for friends and maybe something more if you live close enough and if you’re a pretty cool person! i’ve submitted on here a few times and met some amazing people. if you can make me laugh then you’re a keeper! hmu x

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❤ Madame. Seventeen. Wv. Single

Hello lovelies ! 💕🙈 I’m an aspiring anesthesiologist who is really into the universe.
I’m looking for a beautiful girl who I can spoil and give the world too !

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Hi I’m Jordan but I go by Jayden. ;p
I’m trans (ftm) and Sapiosexual
I’m very down to earth, energetic, fun and loving.
If you wanna chat w/me message me on here or kik or snapchat me
Kik: jordanleigh0233
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