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Let's face it, I'm not sure anyone will take Kino seriously after everything that the fandom does to him *eyes the power bottom Kino post*

kino is ridiculous all on his own without the fandom helping him. for example:

sakamaki cd: ayato is struggling with a stifling sense of responsibility and he felt so unsupported and badgered that he literally blew the whole house up with the powers that he doesnt want and doesnt know how to use

mukami cd: eden, a place that is very special to the mukamis, and yui, a PERSON that is very important to the mukamis, are both under attack and they’re willing to risk life and limb to protect all that they have left

tsukinami cd: the entire tsukinami family is dying, all hope is lost for the founder race, all the tsukinamis can care about is going out with a bang and making sure that they save face with each other as they’re dying

kino cd: kino drops his phone in the bathtub

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should we feel bad for gloating at the tjlc people?? I don't think we should because they've been pretty bad to us right??

attacking them under their posts or send them anons is rude and wrong but like being happy bc johnlock didn’t happen isnt lmao

Imagine proving your powers to Wong and Doctor Strange

- Stephen’s POV -

Y/N was never the one to keep her mouth shut under any ones criticism, and after Wong once again attempted to comment about her abilities her words spilled like poison off her tongue, much to his surprise.

The situation was quite terrible to begin with, the sanctum was one again under attack this time by an unknown yet seemingly evil force. And guaranteed both wanted to help their prides clashed together like icebergs. 

- ‘’ Y/N listen to me’’ - Wong said attempting to sound strict in order to defend his ego -’’ I understand that you want to help but it’s simply too dangerous, you are walking into your own grave.’’

- ‘’ Don’t you dare tell me what to do.’’ - She yelled proudly whilst twisting her head like a snake ready to spit more venom, as I simply stood back waiting for the outcome of this battle, feeling more powerless by the second. 

- ‘’YN’’ - Wong shouted once again - ‘’ child you are powerless. ‘’ 

- ‘’POWERLESS?? You think I’m POWERLESS??’’ - she snapped with rage causing both Wong and I to take a step back.

- ‘’ I mean I hate to interrupt this but someone has to come with me emmediately so would you please make up your minds?’’ - I tried to speak softly, soothing the tensions between the two people at war.

Y/N glared at me with a cold and stabbing gaze before flashing a sinister smile at Wong.

-’’ I’ll show you powerless.’’ - she said calmly, almost laughing at our terror filled expression .

At the snip of her fingers a seemingly invisible force struck my work table and it dragged itself towards us at an alarming pace, as if it was weightless. I managed to shield us with magic just before it was about to run us over. 

- ‘’ I told you.’’ - Y/N interrupted our confusion, with sattisfaction ringing in her voice.

- ‘’ Alright let’s go then we’ll discuss this later. ‘’- I said somewhat proudly, feeling more secure accompanied with her powers. 

We took off to battle leaving Wong behind in his confusion.

I feel like tumblr users go on pages-long tirades against injustices that are not even happening sometimes lmao like it’s cool you want to defend something but maybe try to apply it to something that’s actually under attack


The Native American people are real superheroes. They took a stand and fight for their rights on their own land at Standing rock. Indigenous people have been surviving police brutality for months to save clean water and environment. They were under attack and suffered from cold and injuries. They were even forced to eat thanksgiving dinner on top of a sacred burial site.  

This is insane. And Bernie Sanders knows. And he stands there, like one of them, drawing attention of the government and the media. 

#NoDapl #StandingRock #BernieSandrs

This special weapon is called Splashdown. An Inkling who activates it will jump into into the air and then strike the ground, sending an explosion of ink onto nearby players and surfaces. This special weapon can also be activated mid-Super Jump, creating an explosion of ink upon landing. This technique may be very useful when coming to the aid of a teammate who is under attack.


Yoo Youngjae’s Birthday Countdown - Day 3

C is for Confidence

lemme be serious rite quick

trans people who choose or simply desire to socially, legally, and/or medically transition in any way face the brunt of structural oppression that trans people shoulder on all levels of society. in terms of access to medicine, housing, health care, employment, and every institution that is necessary for survival. they have needs that are constantly under attack via barriers in state & national legislature and denied to them based on a lack of economic security that generally afflicts trans people, not to mention the unwillingness that said institutions have towards ensuring trans people can function with utmost health and wellness. it’s jus #fax only. transness accounts for a beautiful array of existences that all deserve to be free of forced normativity, but not everyone experiences the same kind of strife because of it. our differences cannot and should not be collapsed to present some mythical, utopian sameness and we need to address our different issues with care, practicality, and consideration. any trans politics that neglects this cannot be geared toward liberation.

The picture is from “Aleppo -Syria”.

No words for this. The world sits and watches as mass exterminations once again stain our history, reminding us of our arrogance, regret, and cowardice.

Where is Muslim leadership on this? Where is the UN? Where is anyone? The world has forgotten Aleppo, but history will remember us all, and it will not be kind.

“Syrian pro-government forces have been entering homes in eastern Aleppo and killing those inside, including women and children, the UN says.

The UN’s human rights office said it had reliable evidence that in four areas 82 civilians were shot on sight.
Meanwhile, the UN children’s agency cited a doctor as saying a building housing as many as 100 unaccompanied children was under heavy attack.

Rebels, who have held east Aleppo for four years, are on the brink of defeat.”


Grianan of Aileach, Ireland

The Grianan of Aileach is an Iron Age stone fortress in Inishowen in County Donegal. It was occupied from about 800 BC until about 1200 AD. According to legend, it was built by the renowned Kind Daghda of the Tuatha de Danann. Supposedly, the king’s son Aeah was buried in the center of the fortress.

The fort was the seat of the Kingdom of Aileach, who ruled much of Ulster at the time. It was razed once by Vikings, and Murtaigh O’Brien, Kind of Munster finished the job in 1191. It was restored to its current state in the 19th century.

The actual purpose of the place is somewhat of a mystery.  Ring forts and hill forts were often used to contain cattle, and served as a defense when under attack. But the size and grandeur of the place leads most to believe it also had a special governmental purpose. In addition, there are theories that the word Gianana means sunny place, and that it also served as a sun temple.

Yknow, the thing about Mass Effect, for all its flaws and problematic moments and issues that bioware really needs to work on, they got one thing down. Emotion. I’ve never played a game so packed with emotion as Mass Effect is. Yeah we all bitch about the ending of Mass Effect 3, we all point out the sexist moments, we all discuss where Bioware needs to grow. But I think a majority of us will remember the shocking moment of seeing the Collector base for the first time. We find friends in this rag-tag band our Shepard brings together. We’ll all hold our breath as Joker hobbles through a Normandy under attack. We agonize over who we left behind on Virmire. We cried when characters we came to know left us, and we cheered when a cure for all Krogan fell upon Tuchanka. We were sad, happy, angry, desperate, hopeful, and passionate right alongside these characters we came to know so well. And don’t tell me a huge-ass grin didn’t appear on your face when that damn Thresher Maw took out that Reaper. You can point out as many flaws as you want with the games, we all talk about it; but in the end, Mass Effect isn’t just a game. It’s a feeling, an emotion, an energy that I have personally never felt in any other video game ever. It is passion, plain and simple. And I just find that to be so damn important, when something can make you feel as if a part of your own soul is right there along for the ride. 

Idk that’s just so beautiful to me and it’s why Mass Effect will always be my favorite series of games regardless of the flaws it possesses. 

This makes so much sense to me personality-wise?

Ransom’s so high strung and Nursey values chill; even though they occasionally share eyerolls over White Nonsense, Nursey honestly wants to be more like Holster–smiling, obviously enjoying himself, confident in his weird interests and strident in his niche opinions. Ransom cares too obviously for Nursey’s comfort.

Dex sees Ransom having a panic attack under a table and crawls in beside him, knees tucked up to his chest.  Ransom looks at him. “If I don’t ace this class my parents will be so disappointed in me.”

“Bro,” Dex says, and offers him a fist to bump.


94% of hate crimes against South Asians motivated by anti-Muslim sentiment, report says

  • The South Asian Americans Leading Together published a report on Wednesday documenting hate violence against South Asian, Arab, Middle Eastern, Sikh, Hindu and Muslim communities from November 2015 to November 2016. 
  • SAALT reported 207 instances of hate violence and xenophobic political rhetoric.
  • That’s an alarming 34% increase within less than one-third of the time covered in their 2011-2014 report Under Suspicion, Under Attack.
  • The new report found:
  • 140 incidents of hate violence of which 94% were influenced by anti-Muslim sentiment.
  • 67 instances of xenophobic political rhetoric used by key political figures and presidential candidates; 1 in 5 of these documented comments were by President-elect Donald Trump. 
  • 96% of all incidents of xenophobic political rhetoric were motivated by anti-Muslim sentiment.
  • A total of 196 incidents, or 95%, of all documented hate violence and xenophobic political rhetoric were motivated by anti-Muslim sentiment. Read more

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