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I’m not just talking about race stereotypes by the way.


Everyday a person gets judged by what they wear or what they listen to.

You’re weird if..

You’re not a Blonde, but you listen to Country

You’re not Black, but you listen to rap/r&b Music

You’re not Punk Rock, but you listen to rock music.

You’re a Guy, but you listen to Justin Bieber or One Direction.

If you don’t fit into your “correct” category or genre of music you’re most likely to get that one sentence “Why do you listen to them? You’re (blonde,white,black,a guy,etc.).”

What people don’t know that music is music ,no matter what genre, is made for fun and to make people happy. If a person listens to certain music because it fits the mood then who cares. A white person can listen to rap/r&b music just like a black person can listen to country/rock music. NO this isn’t just for them. I mean all races. Bullying or talking about someone because they don’t fit into a music category is..

Clothing/lifestyle Has to fit your race?

So another thing similar to what I said before is what you wear or how you live.

Stereotypical people say..

If you’re white you live in a big house

If your something other than white you live in small houses or you’re homeless.

If you’re White you wear uggs, blue jeans, flannels, combat boots, beanies, Nike shorts, Nike shoes, Under Armour and “real” things.

If you’re Black you wear Jordan’s, basketball jerseys, short shorts, pencil skirts, snapbacks, and “fake” things.

If you’re Asian you wear knee long skirts with button ups. you wear flats with your hair up all the time.

I know a lot of people who wear these things but don’t fit in their “stereotype” category and I hear people whisper “What is he/she wearing?“ 

A lot of people get teased because of that.

Political View

Another thing is politics..

Every person other than black assumes black people will pick a black president even if it didn’t fit their political category and vice versa.

Everyone is going to vote on whoever they think will make the country a better place. Not based on race that’ll be very stupid.

You can’t just assume that every black person voted for Obama. Last time I checked Scarlett Johansson isn’t black.

You can’t Just assume that every white person voted for Romney. There are some black Republicans.

You can’t just go up to a person and argue with them about how they are only voting for so and so because of their race.

That was my mini rant I guess.

Don’t try to start stuff.

If you look at the world through stereotypes..


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chibiesque  asked:

You wrote that you was almost mugged in Lola. What happend? O.O

I shouldn’t really call it an almost mugging, it was more like a…self-fakeout, it was a whole…thing. 

Our hotel we were staying at was being renovated, occasionally literally while we were in it (my colleagues, some of them, had people show up at their hotel room doors with new desks to install in the rooms) and that meant the gym in the building was closed. They had reciprocal privileges with a hotel down the street, so I wasn’t super fussed, I just got up at ass of dawn as usual, threw on my gym clothes, grabbed my bag, went out and down the block and around the corner, and did my morning run in the other gym.

My bag, which I had bought specially for the trip, has a strap with a card pocket in it for you to stash your ID and cash and stuff in. This will be important later.

Anyway, I did my little run and then gathered my stuff and left, but it was now past the ass of dawn and people were awake and on the street, including a profoundly mentally ill man who decided to get in my face about the headkerchief I was wearing. 

So there’s me, in like, under armour and running shoes, and there’s this dude, who is blocking my way and I’m thinking maybe trying to extract money from me. And it’s not like I make a habit of shoving people who clearly aren’t quite all there. But I am in the habit of shoving would-be muggers, because this isn’t my first time at the “let’s stand in his way and see if that freaks him out” rodeo. 

Yes, I know it’s stupid, I have stupid instincts.

Anyway, he clearly wasn’t going to let me pass him, and I didn’t know if he was trying to get me to give him my wallet or if he was just super defensive about headkerchiefs, so I went in for the shove. And once I shoved him he immediately backed the hell off and walked away, and I decided a little more running wouldn’t hurt and ran the rest of the way back to the hotel. 

Sooooo I’m in the hotel lobby, all sweaty and amped up, and I reach into the card pocket on the strap of my bag, and it’s a) open and b) empty.

Cue panic; did the dude pick my pocket while I was shoving him? Or did someone get into the card pocket while I was in the gym? (I had left my bag alone at one point to go to the bathroom because IDK if this happens to you guys but going running sometimes, you know, loosens stuff up.) Was it creepy weird guy at the gym who tried to make small talk while I was running with headphones in? Wouldn’t he have taken my phone and tablet too, though? Was it the dude I had to shove? OH GOD. 

But I know me. And I know that usually if I think I have lost something it’s that I actually did not have it in the first place.

So I went to the front desk and asked if I could get a card to get into my room because I didn’t have it with me, and she asked for ID, and I was like I DON’T HAVE THAT EITHER, and she could see I was kinda panicked, so after I confirmed the address on the card that I booked the room with she let me have another keycard. And I raced up to my room and busted in and there were all my ID and credit and keycards, safe and sound, lying on the desk in the room ON TOP OF A NOTE I WROTE TO MYSELF READING “DON’T FORGET THESE WHEN YOU GO TO THE GYM.” 

So yeah, I got into a brief fight with a homeless person and mugged myself, basically.