under appreciated sons


  Ubbe the Under Appreciated Son/Brother ★(◠‿◕✿)

My dearest wife (@travisfimmelislife) is insistent on freaking Ivar and Bjorn *gags*

Seriously, Ubbe is like where its at guys and gals. Like the most normal out of all those crazy spawns of Ragnar’s! Or as “normal” someone with half Ragnar’s genetics could be.

  • Takes care of the other brothers; even spoiled Ivar ⇎_⇎
  • Gets along with his stepbrother because there’s no reason to have a beef
  • Knows his mother was a bitch and his father basically ditched them
  • Marrying a former slave cause they actually like each other
  • Deals with everyones shit, including Ragnar’s 
  • Cheek bones to die for and/or sit on 
  • Is the frick fracking sexiest; Just look at him!

NSFW thoughts go through my head every time I see this man. Jordan Patrick Smith is waaaaay under appreciated. Totes another sexy Australian just like that Travis dude. 

                                  Ubbe is bae (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ

Me:*has promotion exams and CXC English and Math exams which are a BIG DEAL where I live*
*does a shitty motivation poster for my under appreciated son*