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5) Under appreciated song?

oh now this one is hard because I love every song and I’m sure everyone else does too.

I feel like “That Would Be Enough” is pretty under appreciated though. It’s a lovely song sung by Eliza and brings back “Look around at how lucky we are to be alive right now”, a line I really love. It also starts with Eliza saying she wants to be in the narrative and is an amazing contradiction in “Burn” (one of my personal favorites of the musical). 

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Munday ask 1,2,5 &7 please :3

Favorite song overall?

OM g it’s gotta be a tie between Helpless and Satisfied. On one hand, Eliza is adorable. On the other, RENEE CAN RAP LIKE HELL.

Song you (gasp) skip sometimes?

*sweats* Usually it’s Say No to This or the Reynolds Pamphlet-

Under appreciated song?

Ok get ready for this.


First song to make you cry?

Fuckin easy. It was Stay Alive (Reprise), the ending still gets me EVERYTIME

Hamilton Song Asks

1) Favorite overall song?
2) Song you (gasp) skip sometimes?
3) Favorite Schuyler song?
4) Favorite Burr song?
5) Under appreciated song?
6) Character who’s songs you listen to more than others?
7) First song to make you cry?
8) Song that made you cry the most?
9) Song that you listen to on repeat all the time?
10) Most motivating song?
11) Favorite lyric (11+song)?
12) Song you relate to the most?
13) Lyric that took you a long time to figure out what they were saying?
14) Song that unsettled you the most?
15) Song you forget most?
16) Song you (try to) sing the most?
17) First song you heard?
18) Favorite King George song?
19) Favorite Act I song?
20) Favorite Act II song?
21) Favorite recurring musical theme?
22) Story of Tonight or Story of Tonight (reprise)?
23) Stay Alive or Stay Alive (reprise)?
24) Favorite song title?
25) Song you want to marry?
26) Are you listening to the soundtrack right now? Which song?


We’ve been typecast // we play losers who keep falling in love with the wrong ones


under appreciated films challenge - favourite song
when you believe (the prince of egypt)

there can be miracles when you believe
though hope is frail it’s hard to kill
who knows what miracles you can achieve?
you will when you believe


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Hamilton Song Ask: 5) Favorite Under appreciated song?

I’m completely in love with “Aaron Burr, Sir”, I can sing all the parts and have attempted to do them all at once in more than one occasion 😬

I specially love it because by learning it I think I understood how rimming works in English

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: Hurricane from Hamilton is such an under appreciated song. It shows us Hamilton and his vulnerability. He believes his writing to be his way out of everything and that leads him to doing the wrong thing. It shows us how writing is a constant in Hamilton's fast-pace life and until the Reynolds Pamphlet, it never failed to catapult him towards success. In some ways it even shows us his scars, such as when he talks about his mother. Then there's the lyric, "I picked up a pen, I wrote my own deliverance." How do people not appreciate this song more? The lyrics and orchestrations are so breathtakingly beautiful yet somehow people still say they dislike it.