under a tooth

  • Leo: You’re the most awesome person I’ve ever met! Well, second.
  • Jason: Right, first being you.
  • Leo: No, actually, it’s this guy I know who lives in something called “the mirror”.

Coming Home - Spencer Reid x Reader

Summary: Spencer gets released from prison and comes home to the reader and their daughter.

Y/N - Your name

Y/D/N - Your daughter’s name

Word Count: 1,169

Author’s Note: Sorry I’ve been gone for almost two weeks :( I went on vacation with my friend and then came back to so much make up work and ap testing. Hopefully you guys don’t hate me, here’s this! :)

It had been weeks since the three of you were together, hell, it had been two weeks alone since you visited him in there. Spencer looked absolutely horrible when you did, bruises aligned his jaw and he had a black eye that stuck out like a sore thumb.

It was obvious he was going out of his mind in that place when he snapped saying that he was capable of murder, even though you knew it wasn’t true. You worried about him almost every second after that moment and just wanted him to come home, but you couldn’t show your daughter how scared you really were.

She asked almost every night when daddy would be coming home and lately you were running out of excuses, but telling a seven year old what was really going on was just not an option.

Your thoughts ate you alive most nights, but you couldn’t stop blaming yourself until you would eventually fall asleep.

*phone vibrates*

It was four a.m when this was going on and you were usually passed out until at least seven, nothing was waking you up tonight.

After four missed calls, they gave up.

Once the sunshine hit the curtains Y/D/N came running in your room and hopped right next to you in bed. She seemed to always be full of energy in the mornings, which wasn’t a good thing on weekends.

“Mommy! Mommy!” Y/D/N was pushing you a little by now trying to get you up.

“What? I’m awake..” your eyes hadn’t opened because you were determined to get a few more hours of sleep. It was Saturday anyway, you had nowhere to be.

Y/D/N let out a loud sigh that made you open your eyes and laugh.

“Oh we’re pouting now, are we?”

Y/D/N nodded and crawled under the covers next to you. Her hair was long enough to be put into a tiny ponytail but it never seemed to stay tamed, especially after sleeping. Once she had turned four it was apparent she had gotten her daddies hazel eyes, which wasn’t a problem until now, when all you could see was him while looking at her.

“Someone was knocking at the door a few minutes ago but you and daddy told me not to answer to strangers, but I think they gave up.”

You looked at Y/D/N with confusion, it was 7 a.m, who was at the house this early? Oh no. What if something happened to Spencer? You jumped up and searched for your phone that was scattered somewhere in your sheets.

Four missed calls from Emily Prentiss. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.

You didn’t even bother putting a sweatshirt over Spencer’s old t-shirt and walked as fast as you could to the front door. If something happened, you had no idea what you were going to do.

The peephole wasn’t even a thought before you yanked the door open to see Spencer standing there.

You were completely frozen seeing him, shock completely took over your body. This wasn’t real. You felt tears rolling down your cheeks but couldn’t move. For all the times you’d dreamed this, you never thought it would come true.


His voice felt like home, something that hadn’t been the same since he was gone. Relief washed over you but before you could get a word out Y/D/N came running past you and latched onto Spencer’s legs.

“Daddy! You’re home!” Y/D/N’s smile was as big as could be, as was his.

“I missed you so much goober.” you watched as Spencer kneel down and hug Y/D/N.

“I missed you too, I lost a tooth!” Y/D/N took a step back and smiled showing the hole inside her mouth. Spencer’s mouth dropped playing along as if it was the coolest thing he’s ever seen.

“No way! Wow, did you put your tooth under your pillow for the tooth fairy?”

“Yes, mommy helped me and I got five bucks the next morning!” Y/D/N pointed at you and giggled as Spence looked up at you.

“Well isn’t that awesome! Hey Y/D/N, wanna go get me some water while I talk to mom?”

She nodded and ran into the kitchen.

“I uh, um..” you tried saying something, anything really, but you had no idea what to say.

Spencer stepped towards you nodding, understanding everything that was going on in your mind. He knew you like the back of his hand, surprises were not your thing.

The height difference between you two was perfect for him to kiss the top of your head. You loved this, especially when you would get stressed.

“I’m sorry.. I’m so sorry Spence.” you mumbled as your face was scrunched against his shirt, which smelled of faded cologne.

Spencer looked down at you confused, “You’re sorry? Baby, what do you have to be sorry about?”

“All of this is my fault, I never should’ve let you go across the border, especially alone.”

Before he could react to what you just said Y/D/N came running back in with the glass of water. You backed out of his arms and watched as your daughter and husband talked.

Spencer kept looking over at you to make sure you were okay and flashed a couple smiles until you got up to go to the bathroom, or just sit in there.

After a few minutes a light knock came on the door,”Y/N, could I come in?”

You quietly sighed saying yes and unlocked the door. You sat back down on the side of the tub as he walked in, staring at the floor once he shut the door behind him.

“Can we talk?”

You nodded, “About what?”

“About you feeling guilty, because you shouldn’t.. At all. I was going even if you hadn’t agreed Y/N. None of this was your fault.”

“Okay.” you mumbled so low that he could barely hear you.

“Y/N.. please look at me.”

You shook your head and wiped the tears that had fallen. Spencer bent down and took your hands in his.

“Baby..” his voice cracked, “please?”

You squeezed his hands then looked up for your eyes to meet, Spencer gave a slight smile as you realized how badly you missed his touch. Those puppy dog eyes were all you needed right now.

“What do you need me to do so you’ll feel safe again Y/N?.”

“I just.. I can’t lose you again.”

“You’ll never lose me Y/N.”Spencer leaned in and placed a kiss on your forehead still holding your hands.

You smiled at those words, “Good.”

Spencer leaned back and glimpsed at your shirt and messy hair smiling, “You’re beautiful Y/N but I think that shirt is pretty awesome too.”

You blushed and shoved his shoulder, “You’re too sweet to me Spence, but you know I always steal your shirts.”

“That’s okay, you wear them better than I ever did.”

yknow one time, when i was little, i put a tooth under my pillow knowing that the tooth fairy didn’t exist without telling my parents, and i still got money the next day and honestly it fucks me up to this day. like. why did my parents feel up under my pillow during the night not knowing there was anything under there

The Healthiest Chocolate Chip Cookie Ever

The perfect chocolate chip cookie recipe for anyone who is diabetic, gluten intolerant — or both.

Ava’s Chocolate Chip Cookies

Yields: 20 cookies


½ cup unsalted organic almond butter (homemade or Living Tree Community Foods Organic Roasted Almond Butter)
2 tablespoons unsweetened applesauce
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
1 tablespoons honey
1/3 cup almond flour
½ cup cooked quinoa
1 tablespoons hemp seeds
1/3 cup bittersweet mini chocolate chips

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
Place all of the ingredients in a large bowl, mix and scoop out with a spoon onto a prepared baking sheet. Bake for 20 – 25 minutes. Let cool.
Enjoy with a big glass of unsweetened almond milk!
Nutritional information (Per Serving: 1 cookie): Calories: 80, Total Sugars: 3 g, Total Fat: 5 g, Saturated Fat: 1 g, Cholesterol: 0 mg, Protein: 2 g, Carbohydrate: 8 g, Dietary Fiber: 1 g, Sodium: 0 mg


Child starters
  • "What did you learn today?"
  • "Have you finished your homework?"
  • "How old are you now?"
  • "What do you want to be when you grow up?"
  • "Put it under your pillow for the Tooth Fairy."
  • "Because I said so!"
  • "As long as you're under my roof, you'll live by my rules"
  • "You're grounded"
  • "Don't you use that tone with me"
  • "Beds are not made for jumping on!"
  • "You'll understand when you're older"
  • "Have you brushed your teeth?"
  • "Bed time"
  • "Do you want a bedtime story?"
  • "Did you have a bad dream?"
  • "Where are your parents?"
  • "Are you being bullied?"
  • "Go to your room"

as jason will always be latino in my heart, the first time hes around to hear about damian losing a tooth, he spends twenty three minutes (damian and duke keep track) fighting with dick about it, as dick insists damian has to leave it under his pillow for the tooth fairy, and jason is like “the fuck he will, damian you need to leave it for el ratón pérez, trust me on this”

Tooth (Blurb)

“Daddy! Dadddyyy! Help!”

Harry jumped from his seat in the living room and jogged down the hallway toward the sound of his daughter’s cries, worried that she had fallen or broken something and was hurt. He finally found her in the bathroom, standing on her little step stool and examining her face in the mirror with a very worried look on her face.

“What is it? What’s wrong?” Harry asked, rushing to her side and squatting down so he could see her better. He didn’t see any blood or bruises or cause for concern, but the look on her face worried him.

“Daddy, something’s wrong with my tooth,” she said, turning to him with her mouth open slightly and one finger pressing into her gum.

Harry frowned and moved her hand away from her mouth so he could have a look. Everything looked normal to him, except that one of her bottom front teeth seemed to be on a bit of an angle. He finally realized what was going on and grinned, feeling his heart slow down a bit.

“Looks like you have your first loose tooth,” he said, standing up again.

This explanation didn’t seem to sooth his little girl as she looked up at him with wide, terrified eyes, before turning back to the mirror and opening her mouth to look again.

“I was just brushing my teeth, daddy! I promise! An’ then it started wiggling; I didn’t mean to make it loose!”

Harry chuckled and knelt down again, reaching out to smooth his daughter’s hair back.

“No, it’s okay, love,” he said, “When you’re little like this, you’re supposed to have loose teeth. It just means that your big teeth are trying to grow in and they have to push the little ones out of the way. That tooth is going to fall out pretty soon.”

She seemed completely frightened by the idea.

“Nooo, daddy! I don’t want it to fall out!”

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@0netype spotted a hint ages ago in the lost comic so I offered to draw anything they wanted, which was Fell!Bro fluff

…. HEH. I’ll be drawing more of this.. SO MUCH MORE.

Until Tomorrow

For @athiefandhisqueen who requested a little Dimples Queen in which Roland calls Regina his mom.

Before they left for the Underworld, Regina had given him an enchanted mirror–a way to keep in touch, she’d told him. And on the day, he’d packed up all this things–the day he’d plucked a feather off one of his father’s arrows to give to her–he made sure the mirror was tucked safely in his knapsack. That day, he hadn’t been able to say goodbye–but that was okay, he reminded himself, he had the mirror and he’d see her again.

For those first few days after he’d returned to the Enchanted Forest with the Merry Men, he’d checked the mirror constantly–but she was never there. The glass was on her dressing table, looking up at the ceiling; and it was all but forgotten. And then, one day, he’d heard her voice–it was quiet and faint, and she sounded sad, but he found himself running toward his tent–toward the mirror–and calling out her name. He said it again and again, louder and louder as he tapped on the glass–and then, he heard her whisper his name.

Anticipation bubbled up in his chest and his eyes grew teary, and when she picked up the mirror, he offered her an eager smile. He told her he missed her and he told her about how he spent his days; he asked about Henry and the little sister he’d nicknamed Peanut, and confessed he missed his room at her house. By the time he ran out of things to tell her, it was dark and his eyelids were growing heavy–and she sighed a little, and told him it was time for bed.

He’d tried to protest–just as he always had–but she shook her head, and told him he needed to get some sleep. Her smile brightened then, and she told him they’d do this again–and this time, they wouldn’t wait so long.


“Tomorrow,” she’d agreed, and he’d giggled a little as kissed two of her fingers and then pressed them to the mirror, wishing him sweet dreams and reminding him that she loved him.

He’d returned the sentiment as she struggled against a yawn, and reluctantly, he’d tucked the mirror back into this knapsack for safe keeping. And then, when the next day came, just as she’d promised, she was there. Day after day after day, she was there.

“I lost a tooth,” he told her, pointing to the empty space behind his bottom lip. “It didn’t even hurt.”

A soft grin tugs on to her lips. “Did you save it?” Roland nods, and she laughs as his tongue pokes through the space where his tooth had been just hours before. “Because you know, if you save it and you put it under your pillow, the Tooth Fairy will come while you’re sleeping and replace it with coins… and probably a lot of glitter that you’ll never get off of your pillow”

“Mooooom,” Roland says as a laugh erupts from him. “That’s not true.” Her face changes then–her eyes widening and her smile fading–and suddenly his laugh halts as he realizes what he’s said. “Oh,” he murmurs as his cheeks flush. “I… didn’t mean to… um…”

“It’s okay,” she cuts in as she bats her a finger over her eye, wiping away a tear before it can fall. “You can call me that… if you want to.” He smiles sheepishly and nods. “Because, I’d like it if you did.”

“I… I wish you could visit,” he murmurs.

“I do, too, sweetheart,” she tells him as her smile returns. “And who knows, maybe one day soon, we’ll figure out a way for that to happen.”

“I don’t know…”

“Hey,” she cuts in, her voice firm as she looks him directly in the eye. “Stranger things have happened.”

“That’s true,” he says as a smile tugs up at the corner of his mouth–a smile that grows in confidence as it spreads–because if there’s one thing he knows for certain, it’s that Regina–his mom–doesn’t give up on the people she loves. His smile brightens and he nods because even though he can’t fathom a way that he might ever see her again–truly see her in person–he knows that she loves him an awful lot, and that love is the most powerful magic of all.

Essays in Existentialism: Heart

Greys Anatomy. Izzie and Denny. Clexa version. Clarke is doctor/intern. Lexa is heart patient.

“But do you ever wear a shirt?” 

The blonde on the bench didn’t even flinch at the noise and intrusion in the locker room. Instead, she just groaned and rolled her shoulders, before massaging the stiffness that settled in her neck. The entirety of her night in surgery rested between her shoulder blades, slept snug in her muscles and pulled them tightly. 

“Like you mind it.” 

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ROTG Head Canon 02

Jack’s parents taught him to read and write, and with 300 years to kill, he put those skills to good use. He’s read a massive amount, read through entire library systems, and in the course of that, taught himself many, many languages.

The languages he didn’t learn through reading, he learned through listening. He plays with children all over the world, even if they didn’t play with him, and he picked up their languages along the way.

North figures out pretty quickly that Jack knows Russian because Jack laughs at the terrible jokes North mutters under his breath.

Tooth is surprised to learn Jack speaks Hindi, but he just shrugs. There are kids in Inidia, why wouldn’t he speak their language.

The most surprising language Jack knows though is Yetish, and he keeps that one a secret for a while because he thinks it’s funny to listen in on what the Yeti are saying without them knowing. Once they find out, the Yeti tease him about having a funny accent, which, of course, only makes Jack exaggerate the accent more.

Niece (2): Tom x Black Reader

Part 2 of Niece. Reader’s 5 year old niece stays with her and Tom. Tom takes to her and is wrapped around her little finger. 

You woke up and expected two strong arms to be wrapped around you, but instead you rolled over to an empty space. “Tom?” You paused and heard a high-pitched giggle. You smiled and got out of bed. You walked in the living room and screamed, “THOMAS!” His head popped out from the pillow fort, “Yes love?”

“Don’t love me! This living room is a mess!”, “Calm down babe. Jade wanted to make a pillow fort!” He smiled. “Auntie!” Your niece ran to you and gave you a hug, “Do you like it? Uncle T made it so you can live in it too!” She smiled. “What happened to you tooth?” You bent down and saw she had a big gap. “Her tooth was loose so she woke me up! I promised her if she didn’t cry when I pulled it out, we could make the fort and go out for pizza today.” Tom shrugged. Your heart melted at how amazing he was with her. “I guess I can’t be mad at that. So, where is your tooth?”

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anonymous asked:

My mom has saved a lot of my baby teeth. She's oddly sentimental like that. I could probably snag a couple?

my mother saved my teeth too but she won’t give them back on account of having “paid” for them under the guise of being tooth-fairy. 

More Billy Batson headcanons

- Billy really likes lightening storms. He hated them before but after his powers they put him at ease. The lightening is always lowkey attracted to him and the atmosphere around him is electric and tingly and makes his hair is always on end. But it resonates with the magic inside and makes him feel powerful even as Billy.

- The magic it takes to transform into Captain Marvel starts to drain on Billy after a while. He doesn’t notice as Cap, but the bigger the fights with or longer periods spent as in his alter ego, the more exhausted and achy Billy feels after. The magic draws energy from his soul, his very being. It wears him out. It’s only noticeable after he stays in his magical form for 6+ hours.

- While in his human form, Billy cannot use any of Captain Marvel’s magic, It’s there but unless he transforms, he’s just human. But! As a human he has a much, much higher affinity for learning magic because he has this incredibly powerful magic bound to his soul. At some point in his early teens, he decides it would be good for him to learn some basic magic as himself. He trains a bit with Zatanna and other magic users and while it comes very easy to him, he never really practices it and doesn’t use it all that much. He prefers doing stuff on his own.

- Billy was orphaned at age 4 and kicked out of his house by his uncle shortly after. He bounced between a caring, but ultimately weary and run down orphanage and a few foster homes for the next few years. He usually got thrown out of the foster homes because Billy was “"aggressive”“ for defending weaker kids and didn’t conform to the foster parents’ grateful standards. Decided around age 7/8 that he’d had enough and went to streets, mostly just hid and searched for work/food. Got his powers around age 9, inducted into the League as Marvel around age 10, his identity was revealed a little less than a year later when he’s 11.

- Billy almost always knows what’s going down in Fawcett City. He’s developed a network of homeless kids/adults who trust him and will usually give Billy information because he’s nice/gets them food whenever possible (and not just because he needs info, Billy generally gives away most of the money/food he earns only keeping enough to survive). In fact, Billy is so good with getting information out of the city’s homeless and getting a read on the city, other Leaguer’s will "rent” his services. Let him crash at your place with a little food and in a few days, he’ll know the ins and outs of your homeless population. They’ve uncovered many an evil plot before it occurred because Billy knew how to talk to people. The Leaguer jokingly calls them his “Irregulars”. But Billy doesn’t work for free, if you use his services, you’ll be giving as big a donation as you can afford to your city’s homeless. Billy figures he’s getting info from them, they might as well benefit.

- The League wants to help out when they find out about Billy but he refuses to most of the help. He only accepts what he needs to survive and only when he really needs it. He claims it isn’t fair for all the other homeless kids who don’t have the powers and friends that he has. So he stays in his abandoned building and works three jobs to make money. But the League puts their foot down that he must go to school (with Clark/Diana using aliases as “foster parents” in case there’s a problem) and he must come to the Watchtower/someone’s house when the temperature drops below a certain level and there’s a chance he might freeze to death.

- Billy loses one of his last baby teeth while hanging at the Watchtower and doesn’t understand why everyone is freaking out. He’d told he needs to put it under his pillow and the tooth fairy will come. He rolls his eyes but does it anyway and wakes up to find the equivalent of $100,000 in cash, checks and stones/metals. He returns it with an annoyed face. Diana holds onto the tooth cause it’s cute, Bruce puts all the money into a trust for Billy’s future.

- On average, Billy can only sleep for about 2-4 hours of sleep at a time. He’s living in an abandoned building slightly out of the way. The perfect stow-away for runaways and the homeless. Billy has learned to be paranoid and vigilant and awake at the slightest noise either due to animals, screams for help, or people breaking into his building for a place to sleep or, worse, to steal his meager possessions. Billy will usually let people stay one night but he needs the privacy as Captain Marvel. This lack of sleep really wears Billy down and it becomes noticeable. The League intervenes and puts up quiet interventions to keep people out, giving Billy his privacy and, finally, a decent night’s sleep.

- Despite being a kid, Billy actually takes pretty good care of himself and his surroundings. He’s not perfect but he very rarely leaves messes or indulges in a lot of junk food. He knows he’s too thin and not getting all the nutrients he needs so he tries to eat as healthy as possible. He hates greens but he knows they’re good for him. Plus he’s used to having so little, he treats all his possessions and everyone else’s with great respect. He’s homeless but not a slob, he always keeps his area clean. They love when Marvel’s on monitor duty, he doesn’t leave a mess and things are usually straightened up a little.

- Before his identity was discovered, Billy was working 3, sometimes more, jobs on and off into order to earn scraps of money for food and essentials. He didn’t go to school and instead worked all day and spent his free time at the Library trying to keep up on his studies. He only kept a fraction of his earnings, he drops off most at his former orphanage to feed the other kids and the rest he hands out to people in need. Almost every homeless persona has received money/food from Billy at some point. He only keeps enough he needs to survive which is usually not enough. The League intervenes, makes him go to school and gives him a small stipend so he can always get a proper meal. He still works when he can and most of that money he gives away

-  Billy is one of those people who when he gets sleepy gets really honest. Like just word vomit all the things he’s hiding, as both Captain Marvel and Billy. When the League is worried about him, they make him stay up a little later and then pump him for information about what’s bothering him. Billy caught on and made sure to never sleep around them. It was a massive breach of trust that took a long time to forgive, but he never forgot and always makes his own bedtimes.

- Bruce started looking into Captain Marvels’ identity only a few months after the Big Red Cheese hit the scene, long before he was considered for the League. There was something off about the magic man and Bruce wanted to know what it was. it took him longer than expected to get any info on the Captain but once he knew, he was not happy to find the hero a homeless little boy. Batman dropped in on him a couple of times, offering to get the kid into a foster home, provide him with a home. Hell Bruce even offered to take him in himself but Billy refused everything. Eventually Bruce recommended and expedited Cap’s acceptance into the League. He couldn’t stop the kid from doing what he believed his right but he’d make sure Billy had back-up.  

Dallas Winston Headcanons

Request: How dally reacts when his little sister looses her first tooth.

a/n- thanks for requesting!

- He wouldn’t know what to do, because of his shitty parents.

- Darry tells him about the tooth fairy, and Dallas decides to try it.

- He does his best to explain the tooth fairy to his little sis, and she agrees to put the tooth under her pillow.

-Dally didn’t have a quarter so he had to slip a $20 under her pillow.

-She knew it was Dally, but pretended to be really excited that the tooth fairy came and insisted that she was going to buy both of them ice-cream.

- Dallas kept the tooth, and couldn’t help but laugh whenever she smiled with the missing front tooth. 

HakYona week. Prompt: (mis)understanding.

When Yona lost her first tooth, Soo-won told her that if she put it under her pillow the tooth fairy would come and leave her a present. Hak teased them both mercilessly about that until Yona started crying and ran away to hide in her room. The next day she showed Hak the copper coin the tooth fairy had left in place of her tooth the night before, and Hak reluctantly admitted that he had been wrong. Joo-doh thought the tooth fairy was a little cheap.

When Yona lost her second tooth, Joo-doh was forced to listen for days afterward about the footprints she had found by her window that absolutely, definitely proved that the tooth fairy was real. Hak told her she was probably right. Joo-doh was pretty sure the tooth fairy was supposed to fly.

When Yona lost her third tooth, she told Joo-doh that she was going to stay up and pretend to be asleep so she could see the tooth fairy and make sure that it wasn’t just her father sneaking into her room at night. The next day she had stories of a mysterious visitor was most definitely NOT her father and who had wings and wore a mask and had bells on their feet that jingled when they walked and had the most hideous spotted robe she had ever seen. Hak said the robe couldn’t have been that hideous. Joo-doh got a little worried.

When Yona lost her fourth tooth, Joo-doh stayed up to try and catch the tooth fairy, who by Yona’s description didn’t sound like someone that should be sneaking in to the princess’s room at night. He waited until he heard the jingle of bells in her room and flung the door open, swords drawn.

Neither Joo-doh nor Hak ever mentioned the tooth fairy again.