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All Dad Tips

#1 - Don’t forget to floss every day.

#2 - It’s never too early to invest in a personal IRA. 

#3 - Start building credit as soon as possible.

#4 - Stand up for yourself - don’t let anyone disrespect you. 

#5 - Everyone needs to know how to use power tools. 

#6 - Don’t trust anyone who likes their meat well done. 

#7 - LaserDisc is clearly the superior video format. 

#8 - Drink a full glass of water in the morning to help wake up. 

#9 - Don’t use metal utensils on nonstick frying pans.

#10 - If you’re parking uphill, be sure to turn your tires towards the street. 

#11 - It’s rude to ask people about their mysterious hand tattoos.

#12 - Moving pictures is hands down the best Rush album.

#13 - Buy quality, not quantity.

#14 - Shave with the grain.

#15 - You always have time for a beer with your buds.

#16 - Always use a coat of wax after a wash.

#17 - Nothing can beat reading in print.

#18 - Always carry a pocket knife.

#19 - Use your hips when throwing. 

#20 - Keep your word.

#21 - Eat a lot of broccoli.

#22 - Drinking too much water can cause water intoxication.

#23 - Take care of your health while you’re still young.

#24 - Always help a friend in need.

#25 - Drink plenty of water.

#26 - Exercise regularly and you’ll stay healthy! 

#27 - Don’t eat too close to your bedtime.

#28 - Always check the card reader at ATMs before you swipe. 

#29 - Medicine is not always the best medicine. 

#30 - Always bring a war chest. 

#31 - You’re young, you have your health, now is the time to take risks. 

#32 - You can’t beat the whammy bar. 

#33 - The solo from Kid Charlemagne is the greatest guitar solo ever recorded. 

#34 - Peter Weller actually has a PHD in history.

#35 - It’s called masking tape for a reason.

#36 - Trust no one. 

#37 - If you press the ignition too long you’ll just flood the engine. 

#38 - The extended cut is the only cut worth watching. 

#39 - They really stepped up the production value in Episode V. 

#40 - Managing debt is just part of being an adult. 

#41 - Run through the finish line. 

#42 - What you do, when you don’t have to, will determine where you’ll be when you can’t help it. 

#43 - When lifting weights, use proper form and a full range of motion. 

#44 - Gas is cheaper in the suburbs. 

#45 - Do what you love and the money will come. 

#46 - Do it once, do it right. 

#47 - Don’t skip the corners. 

#48 - Eat plenty of carbs the night before a big game.

#49 - If the police are driving behind you, don’t give them probable cause to pull you over.

#50 - Try to drive in a way where you never have to use your brakes.

#51 - You can save bookmarks directly to your desktop.

#52 - A bird in the hand is better than a bird in the eye. 

#53 - Pet every dog.

#54 - Have you ever read Rich Dad Poor Dad? 

#55 - Liquor before beef, you’re in the clear.

#56 - Go ask your mother.

#57 - If life gives you lemons, parsley, onions, and eggs… make a really nice omelet.

#58 - Practice makes permanent.

#59 - First is the worst, second is the best, third is the one with the hairiest chest.

#60 - Never give up, never remember.

#61 - That quirky lab assistant from NCIS just reminds me of you.

#62 - Whistle while you work.

#63 - Please remember to call us once in a while.

#64 - Get whatever job you want, just make sure it has health insurance.

#65 - Grow your own vegetables. It’s cheaper, I think.

#66 - It’s okay if you don’t come in first, just make sure you have health insurance.

#67 - Try to exercise regularly.

#68 - Sleep is important! Make sure you’re getting enough.

#69 - It’s okay to cry if you’re feeling sad.

#70 - Make sure to sweep under your tent so you don’t sleep on rocks.

#71 - Good tire pressure is essential to optimal mileage.

#72 - The only acceptable time and place for decaf coffee is never and in the trash.

#73 - When changing a tire, make sure to tighten the bolts in a starfish pattern.

#74 - Anyone who tells you that a drink isn’t manly has never known heartache.

#75 - Call someone if you’re thinking about them. They probably want to hear from you.

#76 - If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.

#77 - Don’t smoke.

#78 - Try not to make assumptions about people.

#79 - Don’t trust gas station egg sandwiches.

#80 - Please don’t pirate games.

#81 - It’s better to be early than late.

#82 - Eat a balance meal every day that includes vegetable, fruit, and protein.

#83 - Minimize eating fried foods, candy, and sweets.

#84 - Treat people better than they treat you.

#85 - Be generous and kind to everyone.

#86 - Always try your best at everything.

#87 - Spend less money than you make. 

#88 - Pay your bills early. 

#89 - Look at situations positively. 

#90 - Always try to make others around you happy. 

#91 - Smile as often as you can, it will make others around you feel more comfortable.

#92 - You’re never too busy or important to be kind to others.

Dad Tips from DD:ADDS
  • Dad Tip #1: Don't forget to floss everyday
  • Dad Tip #2: It's never too early to invest in a personal IRA
  • Dad Tip #3: Start building creidt as early as possible
  • Dad Tip #4: Stand up for yourself - don't let anyone disrespect you
  • Dad Tip #5: Everyone needs to know how to use power tools
  • Dad Tip #6: Don't trust anyone who likes their meat well done
  • Dad Tip #7: LaserDisc is clearly the superior video format
  • Dad Tip #8: Drink a full glass of water in the morning to help wake up
  • Dad Tip #9: Don't use metal utensils on nonstick frying pans
  • Dad Tip #10: If you're parking uphill, be sure to turn your tires toward the street
  • Dad Tip #11: It's rude to ask people about their mysterious hand tattoos
  • Dad Tip #12: Moving pictures is hands down the best Rush album
  • Dad Tip #13: Buy quality, not quantity
  • Dad Tip #14: Shave with the grain
  • Dad Tip #15: You always have time for a beer with your buds
  • Dad Tip #16: Always use a coat of wax after wash
  • Dad Tip #17: Nothing can beat reading in print.
  • Dad Tip #18: Always carry a pocket knife
  • Dad Tip #19: Use your hips when throwing
  • Dad Tip #20: Keep your word
  • Dad Tip #21: Eat a lot of broccoli
  • Dad Tip #22: Drinking too much water can cause water intoxication
  • Dad Tip #23: Take care of your health while you're still young
  • Dad Tip #24: Always help a friend in need.
  • Dad Tip #25: Drink plenty of water
  • Dad Tip #26: Exercise regularly and you'll stay healthy!
  • Dad Tip #27: Don't eat too close to your bedtime
  • Dad Tip #28: Always check the card reader at ATMs before you swipe
  • Dad Tip #29: Medicine is not always the best medicine
  • Dad Tip #30: Always bring a war chest
  • Dad Tip #31: You're young, you have your health, now is the time to take risks
  • Dad Tip #32: You can't beat the whammy bar
  • Dad Tip #33: The solo from Kid Charlemagne is the greatest guitar solo ever recorded
  • Dad Tip #34: Peter Weller actually has a PHD in history
  • Dad Tip #35: It's called masking tape for a reason
  • Dad Tip #36: Trust no one
  • Dad Tip #37: If you press the ignition too long you'll just flood the engine
  • Dad Tip #38: The extended cut is the only cut worth watching
  • Dad Tip #39: They really stepped up the production value for Episode V
  • Dad Tip #40: Managing debt is just part of being an adult
  • Dad Tip #41: Run through the finish line
  • Dad Tip #42: What you do, when you don't have to, will determine where you'll be when you can't help it
  • Dad Tip #43: When lifting weights, use proper form and a full range of motion
  • Dad Tip #44: Gas is cheaper in the suburbs
  • Dad Tip #45: Do what you love and the money will come
  • Dad Tip #46: Do it once, do it right
  • Dad Tip #47: Don't skip the corners
  • Dad Tip #48: Eat plenty of carbs the night before a big game
  • Dad Tip #49: If the police are driving behind you, don't give them probable cause to pull you over
  • Dad Tip #50: Try to drive in a way where you never have to use your brakes
  • Dad Tip #51: You can save bookmarks directly to your desktop
  • Dad Tip #52: A bird in the hand is better than a bird in the eye.
  • Dad Tip #53: Pet every dog.
  • Dad Tip #54: Have you ever read Rich Dad Poor Dad?
  • Dad Tip #55: Liquor beforee beef, you're in the clear
  • Dad Tip #56: Go ask your mother
  • Dad Tip #57: If life gives you lemons, parsley, onions, and eggs... make a really nice omelet
  • Dad Tip #58: Practice makes permanent.
  • Dad Tip #59: First is the worst, second is the best, third is the one with the hairiest chest
  • Dad Tip #60: Never give up, never remember
  • Dad Tip #61: That quirky lab assistant from NCIS just reminds me of you
  • Dad Tip #62: Whistle while you work
  • Dad Tip #63: Please remember to call us once in a while
  • Dad Tip #64: Get whatever job you want, just make sure it includes health insurance
  • Dad Tip #65: grow your own vegetables. It's cheaper, I think
  • Dad Tip #66: It's okay if you don't come in first, just make sure you have health insurance
  • Dad Tip #67: Try to exercise regularly
  • Dad Tip #68: Sleep is important! Make sure you're getting enough.
  • Dad Tip #69: It's okay to cry if you're sad
  • Dad Tip #70: Make sure to sweep under your tent so you don't sleep on rocks
  • Dad Tip #71: Good tire pressure is essential to optimal mileage
  • Dad Tip #72: The only acceptable time and place for decaf coffee is never and in the trash
  • Dad Tip #73: When changing a tire, make sure to tighten the bolts in a starfish pattern
  • Dad Tip #74: Anyone who tells you that a drink isn't manly has never known heartache
  • Dad Tip #75: Call someone if you're thinking about them. They probably want to hear from you.
  • Dad Tip #76: If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all
  • Dad Tip #77: Don't smoke
  • Dad Tip #78: Try not to make assumptions about people
  • Dad Tip #79: Don't trust gas station egg sandwiches
  • Dad Tip #81: It's better to be early than latE
  • Dad Tip #82: Eat a balance meal everyday that includes vegetables, fruit and proteins
  • Dad Tip #83: Minimize eating fried foods, candy, and sweets
  • Dad Tip #84: Treat people better than they treat you
  • Dad Tip #85: Be generous and kind to everyone
  • Dad Tip #85: Be generous and kind to everyone
  • Dad Tip #86: Always try your best at everything
  • Dad Tip #87: Spend less money than you make
  • Dad Tip #88: Pay your bills early
  • Dad Tip #89: Look at situations positively
  • Dad Tip #90: Always try to make others around you happy
  • Dad Tip #91: Smile as often as you can, it will make others around you feel more comfortable
  • Dad Tip #92: You're never too busy or important to be kind to others
On The Edge With You (Spencer Reid x Reader)

My first Reid smut! Just an idea that popped in my head. PWP. Spencer Reid x Reader smut. The reader wonders just how Spencer gained his stamina in the bedroom, he shows her just how he gained that skill.

“Spencer, can I ask you something kind of,” You hesitated, “Personal?” You were both on his couch, you lying down with your feet in his lap. It was one of his rare weekends without a case or paperwork. You both opted for a quiet night in after going out to lunch.

“Sure?” He said looking up from his book, a little concerned. “We’ve been together for months Y/N, I hope you know you can ask me anything.”

“How do you last so long in bed?” You blurted out, trying to ignore the heat rising in your cheeks. You didn’t mean for it to sound so accusing. It was a valid question though, just the night before you came three times before Spencer even seemed close to finishing. It got you curious, and even a little worried.

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List of every Dadvice in Dream Daddy

“Don’t forget to floss every day”,
“It’s never too early to invest in a personal IRA”,
“Start building credit as early as possible”,
“Stand up for yourself - don’t let anyone disrespect you”,
“Everyone needs to know how to use power tools”,
“Don’t trust anyone who likes their meat well done”,
“LaserDisc is clearly the superior digital video format”,
“Drink a full glass of water in the morning to help wake up”,
“Don’t use metal utensils on nonstick frying pans”,
“If you’re parking uphill, be sure to turn your tires toward the street”,
“It’s rude to ask people about their mysterious hand tattoos”,
“Moving Pictures is hands down the best Rush album”,
“Buy quality, not quantity”,
“Shave with the grain”,
“You always have time for a beer with your buds”,
“Always use a coat of wax after a wash”,
“Nothing can beat reading in print”,
“Always carry a pocket knife”,
“Use your hips when throwing”,
“Keep your word”,
“Eat a lot of broccoli”,
“Drinking too much water can cause water intoxication”,
“Take care of your health while you’re still young”,
“Always help a friend in need”,
“Drink plenty of water”,
“Exercise regularly and you’ll stay healthy!”,
“Don’t eat too close to your bedtime”,
“Always check the card reader at ATMs before you swipe”,
“Medicine is not always the best medicine”,
“Always bring a war chest”,
“You’re young, you have your health, now is the time to take risks”,
“You can’t beat the whammy bar”,
“The solo from Kid Charlemagne is the greatest guitar solo ever recorded”,
“Peter Weller actually has a PHD in history”,
“It’s called masking tape for a reason”,
“Trust no one”,
“If you press the ignition too long you’ll just flood the engine”,
“The extended cut is the only cut worth watching”,
“They really stepped up the production value in Episode V”,
“Managing debt is just part of being an adult”,
“Run through the finish line”,
“What you do, when you don’t have to, will determine where you’ll be when you can’t help it”,
“When lifting weights, use proper form and a full range of motion”,
“Gas is cheaper in the suburbs”,
“Do what you love and the money will come”,
“Do it once, do it right”,
“Don’t skip the corners”,
“Eat plenty of carbs the night before a big game”,
“If the police are driving behind you, don’t give them probable cause to pull you over”,
“Try to drive in a way where you never have to use your brakes”,
“You can save bookmarks directly to your desktop”,
“A bird in the hand is better than a bird in the eye”,
“Pet every dog”,
“Have you ever read Rich Dad Poor Dad?”,
“Liquor before beef, you’re in the clear”,
“Go ask your mother”,
“If life gives you lemons, parsley, onion, and eggs… make a really nice omelet”,
“Practice makes permanent”,
“First is the worst, second is the best, third is the one with the hairiest chest”,
“Never give up, never remember”,
“That quirky lab assistant from NCIS just reminds me of you”,
“Whistle while you work”,
“Please remember to call us once in  while”,
“Get whatever job you want, just make sure it includes health insurance”,
“Grow your own vegetables. It’s cheaper, I think”,
“It’s okay if you don’t come in first, just make sure you have health insurance”,
“Try to exercise regularly”,
“Sleep is important! Make sure you’re getting enough”,
“It’s okay to cry if you’re feeling sad”,
“Make sure to sweep under your tent so you don’t sleep on rocks”,
“Good tire pressure is essential to optimal mileage”,
“The only acceptable time and place for decaf coffee is never and in the trash”,
“When changing a tire, make sure to tighten the bolts in a starfish pattern”,
“Anyone who tells you that a drink isn’t manly has never known heartache”,
“Call someone if you’re thinking about them. They probably want to hear from you”,
“If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all”,
“Don’t smoke”,
“Try not to make assumptions about people”,
“Don’t trust gas station egg sandwiches”,
“Please don’t pirate games”,
“It’s better to be early than late”,
“Eat a balance meal everyday that includes vegetables, fruit and proteins”,
“Minimize eating fried foods, candy, and sweets”,
“Treat people better than they treat you”,
“Be generous and kind to everyone”,
“Always try your best at everything”,
“Spend less money than you make”,
“Pay your bills early”,
“Look at situations positively”,
“Always try to make others around you happy”,
“Smile as often as you can, it will make others around you feel more comfortable”,
“You’re never too busy or important to be kind to others”

Don’t You Know How To Knock?

Originally posted by namjoonsgurl

Warnings: Adult Content/Smut

“Goodnight, Joonie!” you called as the two of you went to opposite sides of the apartment.

“Goodnight, Y/N”.

A night out with your roommate was just the thing you needed after a long, stressful week. Namjoon was always down for a good time plus you liked going out with him because it warded off unwanted attention from potential creeps. Everyone always just assumed the two of you were together.

At first, you were nervous about your current living situation. When Hoseok told you his friend was looking for a new roommate, you immediately jumped at the opportunity to get out of your shitty apartment.

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aelin  asked:


23. “Let’s make a pillow fort. It’ll be great.”

  • Neil didn’t have much of a childhood 
  • it usually didn’t bother him that much (he didn’t have time to waste feeling sorry about things he couldn’t change) 
  • But every once in a while something would happen that would absolutely blow his mind and he’d get that little kid giddiness 
  • When Neil walks into Matt’s room to find pillows and blankets all over the floor he immediately thought someone trashed Matt’s room
  • He Is Pissed™
  • who tf would do this to matt
  • But then Dan’s head appears from the mess and he’s chill 
  • “Hey, Neil! Check it out!” 
  • Neil walks over to the opening and when he bends down he sees Allison, Renee, and Matt all crowded under the tent of blankets, with an array of sugary snacks to go around
  •  Poor small child Neil was so confused yet so intrigued
  • “It’s a pillow fort!” 
  • And yes, of course it is. 
  • Neil is Amazed. 
  • They all make room for Neil to squeeze inside, and as he’s sitting there, looking around the only think on his mind is I have to build one

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Beach advice
  • Every body is “beach” ready (wear sunscreen)
  • If you are a literal, not-metaphorical, undead, skeleton you are beach ready (wear deck varnish and allow to dry before approaching the water)
  • If you are a vampire or have other solar sensitivities, wear something thick and heavy, apply sunscreen to exposed skin, sit under a tent. Or go at night.
  • Find the salty sea dogs who skulk the bars (juice and/or liquor, depending on the type of beach you are going to) and find out what seafolk lurk around the shallows. You’ll want to bring an offering, and they’ll know what is most appreciated. It has been our experience, when in doubt, flowers are always appreciated.
  • Clean up your area when you leave.

knifefightingbears  asked:

Can you tell us what happens with Buri and Raoul?

They have glorious sex under trees, in tents, in lakes…. In carriages. I think at some point they’ll probably adopt. By the time they’re attached Buri’s getting a little old to have any of her own. It’s not like there aren’t plenty of orphans around.

Bellamy Blake Imagine: Too Stubborn


Prompt: 26-”Come over here and make me.”,
12-”Quit it or I’ll bite.”

Summary: Bellamy and reader have feelings for each other, but are too stubborn to admit it so they instead keep pissing each other. However Octavia and Clarke wouldn’t just let it go and send them on a mission hoping it would force them to admit what they feel for each other.

Word count: 2020

Originally posted by dailyskypeople


“Put it down before you hurt yourself,” I rolled my eyes at the sound of Bellamy’s voice in which I could practically hear him smirking.

“Shut up before I hurt you,” I retorted not bothering to look at him because I knew exactly what I would find, him standing there with folded arms and amused look on his face.

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This Is Us- Chapter 15

Like on A Date?

Catch Up On Previous Chapters Here Chapter 14, Chapter 13, All Chapters

Thank you everyone for comments and questions –for your patience as I learned enough to stop dropping my head to the keyboard in Tumblr ineptitude and most of all for caring about the story enough to want more!

FWIW their first kiss – in rough form–was drafted awhile ago and I couldn’t let go of how that unfolded.

Having Faith popping into my head and demanding her due– to which I agree she is quite entitled– changed the pacing and several of the beats came as surprises to me.

Who knew Jamie was going to invite Claire to Lallybroch (originally he went alone) and who knew she was going to be so damn adorable when she got there?

Readers of this story have stuck with it, cheered it on, loved and at the same time decried the slow burn. You have continued to like the story, to find it funny and sweet, tender and touching and sexy through 33,800+ words of a love story before the first kiss. I’m very grateful for everyone letting it breathe and season so it could take on a life of its own.

For all that this chapter does end the UST, it is in the next chapter that you’ll be appropriately rewarded for all your patience (that is my goal, at any rate).

“How is she doing?” Claire asked as she dropped her keys on the table near the door.

She had been delayed waiting for an open surgical theater. Jamie was the one who came to relieve Mrs. Crooke after work.

Now that Claire was home, he knew he should get going but he didn’t. Jamie was enjoying the sight of her. He’d missed her the past few days, their schedules hadn’t aligned to spend any time together.

Jamie also couldn’t stop thinking of their long weekend at Lallybroch. His mind skipped over dozens of moments.  

Large ones: watching her save the lives of Geneva and Geillis. Geillie had needed an epi shot, which Claire had in her wee kit. And small: stumbling on Claire surrounded by all the bairns in his study, blinds pulled tight, lights off, sitting under a makeshift tent of sheets and blankets, making shadow puppets on a pretend camping trip. And life altering: looking down at his lass, laughing as he pretended he couldn’t reach the candles and the expression of determination on her face when she decided it was up to her to blow them out. The feel of Claire in his arms floating under the fairy lights as he breathlessly waited for that kiss that never was.

He badly wanted to talk with her about it all but sensed they’d both needed a little time to think about things since returning to the city.  

So instead he talked of the mundane, the routine.

“Och, the wee lassie was plumb worn out from feeding the ducks. The new construction around the park started. They are rerouting the foot traffic. Ye have to go through that alley. They havena put in a crosswalk yet so ye need to hold her hand and remind her to look both ways. Oh, and there are all kinds of performances lined up in the park over the next few weeks. She’ll tell you all about it tomorrow I’m sure.”

Jamie started reaching for his coat.

He hesitated though and Claire noticed. She noticed everything about him these days.

She’d been grateful, in a way, that her work schedule had been brutal since their return. She’d hoped it would keep her mind busy, that a little distance would help her think more clearly.  When he was near, he filled her senses completely; but, lately, even when they were apart, Jamie had become her constant companion.

Claire couldn’t stop thinking of the Jamie he’d shown her at Lallybroch. Like an awakening of his soul the second his feet knew they were home. His joyful step taking her through the gardens, inviting her to rootle to her heart’s content, his laugh of delight coming upon her a lost couple of hours later, reaching down to help her up, not caring that her fingers were covered in dirt. Listening to him have a heart to heart with his namesake on the intricacies of clan relations, the importance of tradition, and wee Jamie’s duty to set an example as the first of the next generation of Frasers, no matter that last name was Murray. Stumbling upon him in his mother’s art studio with Kitty and Faith, their hands covered in finger paints and working on what had to be the ugliest group art project she had ever seen. It now hung on her fridge- it’s mustard, brown and gray swirls made her grin every morning.

If she let her mind wander, Claire could feel the heat of his palms gripping her backside. The graceful rhythm of his glide as they danced, his arousal when she pinned him, and the aching need she felt, after that half second where her tongue touched his, to complete their kiss.  

They had somehow crossed a line at Lallybroch. Immersing herself in his world had released something inside of her and she couldn’t contain it, not now, not if he felt the same.

The longer they didn’t talk about it the harder it became to start. It was a risk, and she’d feel foolish if she had misread the situation but unless she was prepared to prod him, they’d be grandparents before he’d make the first move.

Remembering his hesitation, hoping she was right, she inquired,

“Something you wanted to ask me, Jamie?”

She watched as his body relaxed itself a little bit, she hoped in relief.

“Sassenach, would ye–”

Jamie’s ears turned bright red. She flushed herself, her skin itching to touch him.

“Would ye want to have dinner some night?”  

“We have dinner rather often, did you have something special in mind for Faith?” Claire had to be sure she knew what he’d meant, this was too important.

Jamie’s heart was pounding, did she not feel the same? Did she not understand?

.“What do ye think about, I mean…. dinner ….wi’ just the two of us… you and me?”

Jamie’s eyes darted away.  Claire felt her insides quiver and squelched the bubble of laughter that threatened to spill over.

“You and me? Like on a date?” She teased.

Jamie misread her playful tone and suddenly the perils of asking Claire out while they were still learning how to support one another as parents seemed all too real. Had he seriously miscalculated?

Stupid, wee fool!” he thought; he could kick himself. God, the last thing he wanted was to make things awkward for them.

“Och, nevermind, Sassenach, I ken ye think the notion foolish. I’m sorry to have asked. I’ll see you tomorrow night. You’ll come get Faith around 6?”  

He turned and brusquely packed up his belongings, using more energy than necessary in his haste to get out of there before he made more of an ass of himself.

He had the door open when her hand on his arm stopped him.

Claire leaned across his body, brushing her breasts against his forearm as she reached forward closing the door to prevent his leaving.

Jamie wished he hadn’t noticed, distracting before Lallybroch, it was all consuming now. You’ll start aching even before ye can touch her.

Jamie could not look at her, cheeks burning, ears bright red.

Claire got her hands up on both his shoulders and physically turned him then dropped her hands down and reached for both of his. He squeezed them in encouragement, hoping she could salvage the mess that he thought he’d made of it.

“I would like dinner with just the two of us, Jamie.” She told him honestly and he could see she meant it.

“Can you stay a minute so I talk with you about something?” She asked.

“Of course, anything.” That came out in a breath.

Claire guided Jamie to the living room couch and they both sat.  But she picked up his hands again immediately.

“Do you mind…” she held up their joined hands.

Jamie shook his head, he dinna mind a bit.  

“I meant what I said.” She watched him intently. “But I’m also scared.” Claire’s courage abruptly fled and she looked away. This was so much harder than she had imagined.

Could she really tell him her troubled thoughts?

Dinna hide, lass, Jamie thought as he watched her struggle.

He had no idea what to say to her at this moment. He settled for squeezing her hands.

She turned back to him and he saw her draw in a deep breath.  

“After I sent that letter and didn’t hear back from you, I wondered. And then, suddenly your face and name were popping up everywhere with the Slainte launch. But still I heard nothing.”  Claire had been staring at their joined hands but looked up as he made a little sound of distress.

He opened his mouth to remind her why he hadn’t, but she released a hand and shot her fingers to his lips to quiet him.

Jamie groaned softly, it could have been a further sound of entreaty on his part but he knew the truth of it– his was in pure reaction to the frisson of heat that shot down his spine with her intimate touch.

“I know, Jamie, you don’t have to say it.  But I wanted you to understand why I–” She was looking at their hands, not meeting his eyes.

“I thought you didn’t want to get involved, that you might not have wanted anything to do with Faith or perhaps you thought I was being opportunistic because of the timing. And Faith, well, having spent time with her, you can see…..I knew if her father would only give her a  chance, just get to know her, he’d love her, too. I think Frank might have, if he’d just waited a bit.”

At this Jamie could not help a derogatory mmphm conveying his judgment of Frank’s actions. Claire’s lips tightened briefly then she continued.

“But he wouldn’t. I was powerless in that situation. I couldn’t say anything to convince Frank to give us a chance. So before I met you, when you were a name on a piece of paper, I tried my best in the letter to explain to it to that, James Fraser, whoever he was, hoping if I used my words to paint a picture of what she was like and if he knew I wasn’t the kind of person who would make it difficult, then that man, her biological father, would want to meet her.  But he never called. I built up a negative opinion of him –that unknown, faceless Mr. Fraser because I was heartbroken for Faith. First Frank and then, I couldn’t help but think….” She blinked hard and didn’t look at him.  

Jamie grabbed her hand which hadn’t reconnected to his and held it hard against his thumping chest. But waited her out, wanting to hear everything she needed to say.

“I told myself that it didn’t matter, what happened with Frank. He didn’t want us and I told myself that I didn’t need him. When Mr. James Fraser never called, I told myself that was fine, too. I didn’t need him either, I didn’t need anybody. I’d done fine on my own. We’d just soldier on as we had done all along.”

Claire’s voice grew soft, hesitant.

“But then…. Jamie, I discovered–” she sighed, out with it, Beauchamp, she mentally cajoled herself.  

“I haven’t had anybody to share this with.” Claire made a grand circling gesture with her hand meaning to encompass all of it, learning how to be Faith’s mother, raising her on her own.

“I could have been content, you know.”

She looked up sharply, almost glaring, defiance in her tone. Not knowing what else to do, he nodded in agreement.

“I could have continued to fool myself into imagining I was ok on my own…. until that James Fraser ended up being you. Everything changed when you came into Faith’s life.” She admitted.

Jamie could not remain silent. “Sassenach, I came into your life, too.”

“I know. That’s it, exactly.”

Tears gathered at the corners of her eyes, as if the truth of the statement made her heart break.  

Would he never, ever be on solid ground with this woman? Jamie thought as every muscle in his body seized in sympathy with his churning wame.   

“Jamie, I didn’t know, before I met you, I had no idea. I watch you day by day falling more in love with Faith.”

A grunt of acknowledgement from him.

“I am overjoyed for her and for you. Jenny and Ian, the kids, even Fergus and Murtagh knowing them now, I–”

Oh God, Claire thought, am I really going to confess this?

“It’s alright, Sassenach, whatever it is, say it.” Jamie encouraged.

“Oh, Jamie, I envy you. If Faith does something you have a whole phone book of family to share it with. Then they will tell you all about you or one of their kids at that age. Lallybroch.” The word drawn out on a sigh of longing he felt in his bones.

“Ever since being there I realize what is it to belong not just to a family but to a place, to a people, a way of life that goes back generations. No one in my life knew my family or remembers me from Faith’s age. I didn’t really understand just how…alone I had been until…”

Claire paused to try and gather her thoughts. Jamie made a sound of distress. But she shook her head forestalling anything he might say.

“I didn’t have anyone to call, not in that way. But now there is you.”

Aye, there is me, and I’m not going anywhere.

Her eyes locked on his.  “Your clan, your family, Lallybroch will always be there for Faith and I am so grateful for that but right now, for this time I have you, too and you…. Oh Jamie, you always take my calls and ask questions.”

Jamie, unable to stop himself, moved so he could cradle her face in his large, warm hand, moving his fingers back to cup her behind her ear.

“You cannot imagine– I cannot tell you— how different it is. You make me feel….”

Claire cleared her throat, took in a breath and looked him dead in the eye. “I know it’s selfish of me but now that I know what it is to have it, I’m….I don’t– want to be so alone again.”

Claire couldn’t hold his gaze, she acted as if she had revealed a painfully shameful secret.   

He was overwhelmed, feeling so much love of her and for her. It wasn’t only Faith he was falling for day by day; and he could feel himself fall a little harder as she exposed the bruising on her heart.

Then she swung her focus back to him and Jamie was spellbound, he didn’t dare blink.

“But on top of being selfish, Jamie. I’m greedy too. For even though I know what I risk, when I look at you, I- I burn Jamie. For a little while I told myself that what I felt was just our connection as Faith’s parents. Then I told myself my feelings were those of a friend. But that isn’t true. There is another feeling that comes up from this place inside of me and suddenly I don’t care what could be lost. It’s a wave of heat rolling inside me and I can only think how much I want to throw myself into the flames.”

Jamie watched it all play over her face– the fear and the hope, the desire which seemed to flare between them the instant they saw each other.

Helpless, Jamie called her to him, called her as his body demanded, as her body ached for him to do. The deprivation of weeks welled up and spilled over.  Emotions brutal and gentle, all mixed up inside him, and the only thing he knew was that he needed to take her pain into him and give her all the tenderness that filled his heart.

He hovered over her lips and flicked his tongue in and out, along the edge of her lip, feeling its softness as he lowered his mouth onto hers. She sighed as their lips slid over one another’s and their tongues met in hesitation.

Jamie moaned, an embarrassingly loud noise of gratitude that transmitted its longing to her core. No longer gentle, he poured all the desire he felt for her into that kiss. His senses rejoiced as Claire met him with equal need. She set his whole body tingling.

She made a sound like a hitching sob as her fingers wrapped tightly in his hair. The slight tug of pain answering lower down his body had him groaning in response. He changed the angle of his head and deepened the kiss.

Tongues no longer uncertain but joyfully exploring one another.  The smack of their lips almost as erotic and their breathy moans. She made that noise deep in the back of her throat again, it was making him desperate.  

She pressed her whole body harder to him, his hands splayed across her back urging her to rub more of herself against him. He needed– oh God! How he needed. The sounds she made enflamed him. His only thought: more more more.  

He felt her hands spasm in his hair as she gripped him harder. He’d never been this in sync with anyone. It was hard to say who was leading anymore. They were moving together, anticipating, meeting, joining, moving apart, thrusting back together. Jesus, what would it be like to have her naked and panting against him with those wee noises she was making?

Starting as comfort, it would end as something else entirely.

But some shred of recognition remained and he knew they couldn’t leave the conversation where it ended. He needed her to know she was safe with him, that he would protect her heart.

On a groan he pushed her back from him.  Dazed confusion in golden eyes as she slowly came back to awareness.

“Lass, if ye continue wi’ that, I’ll no be able to stop.” His voice impossibly husky.  “And as much as I want to carry on wi’ it, we need to figure this out before it goes any further.” He was breathing hard, so was she.

Claire nodded in shaky agreement.  She moved off his lap with an increasingly awkward awareness that let him know that, like him, she’d had no idea she’d been sitting in it and grinding up against him. His body wanted her right back where she had been but his mind was thankful that she had broken contact. He waited a moment for his blood to cool so he could gather his thoughts.  

When he was ready, he turned his body to face her and reached out for the hands she placed in his. She nodded in encouragement. 

He smiled at her, he couldn’t help it, for the joy of being well understood.

“Sassenach, I ken yer scarrit, but ye needn’t be. There’s the two of us now.” His eyes raced over her face, unable to stop looking at her.

The intensity of his feelings had nothing to do with Faith. Yet, everything they did impacted her so she needed to be their guiding light.

“Do ye think we can strike a bargain, the two of us?” He asked, feeling his way slowly. She nodded.

“I dinna know where this, what lies between us, will lead, but I feel it too. God, ye must ken that much?”

She smiled at that as Jamie pressed her hand hard to his heart. It was beating very fast, almost kicking her palm in its intensity.

“I am thankful you feel like ye can talk of such matters wi’ me.” He kissed her hand as he held it. “I hope I am always the first person you want to call and I will always make the time to talk to you. Always.”

Claire saw something shift in his eyes, a look of resolve came over his expression.

“Claire, I make you a vow and to a Scot a vow is no’ just words, ‘tis a sacred oath and I’d ask ye to do the same if ye feel ye can.”

Claire nodded and he continued.

“Faith is the blood of our blood and bone of our bone. Can we pledge that we will remember her and do honor to one another as her parents? That when it comes to our lass, we will help each other be the best parents she can have? For whether you and I are together, she will be ours together ‘til our lives shall be done.” The intensity of his stare gave truth to his promise.

“Oh yes, yes I agree!” Claire breathed, relieved because he did understand.

Jamie dove in for a hard, hot kiss that melted her insides and left her dizzy.

“Thank you, Claire.” Jamie kissed her hands still held in his and gave a small relieved chuckle.

“Sassenach,” he said leveling a look of pure desire at her, “by chance do you ken if Mrs. Crooke can babysit Friday night?”

Insistence (Finn Balor x Reader drabble)

A/N: Hey lovelies! This was a drabble request from this prompt list with the line “16. Where are your clothes?” by anon! In all fairness, this is smut for the sake of smut, it’s really not as fluffy as my other drabbles, but I have a feeling y’all will forgive me! I turned myself on writing this, no lies. 

Warnings: Smut, smut without plot, oral sex, secret relationship.

Word count: 1566

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Seated at a picnic table under a tent just a few feet away from me was a group of “old-timers” - black gay men whose average age was about 65- who were talking about their gay lives “back in the day.” Between the laughs and lies, grins and guffaws, tears and testimonies, were glimpses  into remarkable lives: these were living archives of faces, places, events, deaths, births, past sins, and sex. I was spellbound, captivated by these stories in the same way I had been when I was a child listening to the stories of my grandmother. The difference, however, was that unlike my grandmother’s stories, which validated by family and black history, the stories that these men told validated my black and queer history. At that moment, I knew that I would some day write a book that documented these stories.
—  E. Patrick Johnson, Sweet Tea: Black Gay Men of the South, an Oral History

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Hi sweet! Drarry, 20? :D

CAPI. Why do you leave the best prompts that somehow end up with me wanting to write novellas? This is so much longer than a mini-fic, I’m sorry! Also, I kinda want to continue this, damn you (I love you) <33333

This one is rated NC-17! Explicit sexual content ahoy!

Draco growled and threw his broomstick on the ground. He couldn’t believe it happened again. He was a brilliant Seeker—why could he never manage to catch the Snitch before Potter? They’d been neck and neck, as usual, but Potter was just a little quicker, just a little better.

“Whoa, Malfoy, it was just a friendly game. It wasn’t even official, since we can’t play for our house teams anymore. Don’t take it so hard,” Potter said when he landed next to him, still holding the golden ball in his hand.

The delicate wings were furling around Potter’s fingers like they were caressing them lovingly, like it had returned to an old lover. Draco’s lip curled in disgust. He sneered at Potter and spun away from him, stomping towards the locker room.

“Bollocks, Potter. Every game is a chance to prove yourself the better player,” Draco spat over his shoulder. “Something I’m sure you’ve always taken advantage of. You’ve never played a friendly game in your life, I’d bet.”

“Jesus, Malfoy,” Potter said, sounding exasperated. He jogged to catch up to Draco as he strode away from the pitch.

Draco slammed the door to the locker room open when he reached it, relishing the way it clattered against the tiled wall. In the late summer heat, it always felt sweltering in there. The atmosphere charms always went wonky and made everything smell faintly of moldy shin guards. Leather was definitely not meant to smell that way.

Potter followed in after him, making Draco pull up short. “This is the Slytherin locker room, you blind tosser.”

“Calm down,” Potter said, holding up his palms. “It’s a closer walk to yours than to mine. Can’t I just shower here? I’m supposed to meet up with Luna and Neville for lunch, so I figured I would use yours so I could meet them in time.”

“Shower in—are you off your bloody Hippogriff? No, go shower in your own team locker room!” Draco panicked at the thought of Potter in the same room as him—naked and wet—and nearly spiraled into madness.

“Relax, for Merlin’s sake. You haven’t got anything I haven’t seen before, you shirty prat. Look, I’ll use the one on the end, and you can use the one all the way down the row. Sound fair?” Potter asked, already pulling off his kit.

Draco didn’t squeak at that. Nope. Not at all.

He clutched his robes tighter around himself, just for something to hold onto, and skirted the wall of lockers to avoid crossing paths with Potter, who was still stripping. He was down to just his tight Quidditch trousers now. Merlin, they looked like they were painted on to his meaty thighs. Draco’s mouth flooded with saliva at the sight of him—sweaty and shirtless, a dark dusting of chest hair curling across his pecs and leading in a trail down to the button on his trousers—and, Salazar’s knickers, Draco could vividly picture where that trail led.

He caught himself staring and whirled around, coughing weakly to clear his throat. He could hear Potter shucking his shin guards and toeing off his boots. Fuck, he thought, not good, not good, need to get in the shower before he sees that I’m hard. Draco was on the verge of a monumental panic. Potter couldn’t know. He could never find out how he felt. It was one thing to be on vaguely…civil terms with him, but it was completely another to be pining after him when he was never going to go for Draco. Not after what they’d both been through. Not after everything.

He knew what he wanted could never happen. It would only exist in his imagination when he was curled up in bed at night, his bed hangings firmly spelled shut and silenced so that no one could hear him crying out Potter’s name as he spilled over his hand.

Merlin’s saggy balls, he was a fucking mess. Well, like that was even news.

Draco snorted to himself as he edged his way along the wall to the shower furthest from the one Potter was going to use. He could silently admit to himself how excited he was at the prospect of being naked in the same room as Potter, with Potter only being a row of shower stalls away from him. It was a scenario right out of his favourite rotation of wank fantasies. Too bad this one wouldn’t go like those always went. This shower wouldn’t end with Potter fucking him against the wall, or vice versa—he wasn’t picky. But no matter, because this was just going to be a shower between lads who occasionally play Seeker’s games while they work putting their destroyed school back together again.

Potter coughed, catching his attention. Draco froze, afraid to turn around, because surely Potter must be nude by now. His breathing sped up at the thought, his mind racing with vivid ideas of what Potter must look like without a stitch on. He’d put on so much muscle working on the castle over the summer, filling out with broad shoulders and strong biceps. He wasn’t bulky, still a perfectly lithe Seeker’s build, but he no longer looked like the half-starved young boy he was just four months ago.

“You must be narked off if you won’t even answer me. It was just a game Malfoy, we play them all the time. Merlin, if it’ll make you happy, I’ll throw the next one and let you win. Alright?” Potter was so fucking earnest and bloody noble. Draco hated him.

No he didn’t. God, he was such a mess.

“I didn’t hear you,” Draco said acidly. He slowly began to remove his robes at the edge of his shower stall, taking care to meticulously fold them, even though the House Elves would launder them as soon as he put them back in his dormitory.

“I asked if you wanted to join us for lunch. Luna and Neville and me,” Potter said.

Draco was silent as he unlaced his boots. Finally, he answered, “No, thank you.”

“Alright, suit yourself. I just figured you’d rather not be on your own again for lunch,” Potter said easily, like he invited him for lunch every day, like they were mates. “It’s not like you haven’t been around them before. You work together with Luna all the time, and you’ve helped Nev restore the Potion’s ingredients stock for Pomfrey.”

“I said no, Potter,” Draco said wearily. He didn’t want to be around Potter’s friends.

Being around Lovegood was hard enough, she was always twittering on about something or other—how to find someone to talk to about everything, for the most part. She was bloody exhausting. He liked when they fed the Thestrals, though. They didn’t seem to judge him like other volunteers did.

It wasn’t even like he was sentenced to help; he just decided it was what he needed to do after the Wizengamot cleared his name. With Potter’s helpful testimony, of course. Bloody Pensieves. As if Draco wanted his failures to be on record at the Ministry for everyone to see.

Draco sighed and turned on the shower. He could hear Potter’s running, too. The tiled room was beginning to fill with steam.

Draco stepped in after casting a furtive glance around to make sure Potter wasn’t looking at him naked and let the warm water cascade over him, washing away the grime from the day and the sweat from flying. He hummed under his breath and let the water push his hair into his face when he tipped his head down.

After a moment Draco blinked the water droplets from his eyes and pushed his hair back, tilting his head to listen.

Potter was fucking singing in the shower.

His heart lurched and he had to put a hand against the wall to steady himself. He was a damn goner. He put his other hand over his heart, like he was a bloody maiden from one of Pansy’s harlequin novels feeling faint.

Draco grumbled under his breath and turned his face back into the spray to tune Potter out.

He could barely resist ignoring his erection any longer, letting his long fingers skate over his wet skin and through the damp patch of curls surrounding it before he gripped it loosely.

He could be quiet. He would get away with this.


When Harry rinsed the last of the shampoo and soap suds from his body he turned off the shower and stepped out, shaking his head like a dog to throw off the water droplets clinging to his hair. He hesitated when he could still hear Malfoy’s shower going.

Part of him was desperate to go peek, but he knew that wouldn’t be right. Malfoy probably took his wand into the shower and would hex him for it.

“I’m off then, Malfoy. See you later,” he called over the rush of water.

He paused and waited for an answer, frowning when he didn’t get one. He didn’t want to leave Malfoy alone in the showers, though, so he inched closer to his shower. He wrapped a towel around himself, using a second one to scrub at his hair. He was sure it would be standing on end no matter what when he was done with it.

Harry froze when he was close enough to hear the rhythmic sound of skin on skin, squelching and smacking under the sound of the water. Oh.

He bit his lip, flushing hot in a way that had nothing to do with coming out of the shower. Malfoy was wanking! A rush of excitement ran through Harry at the thought of him touching himself while Harry was none the wiser taking a shower down the row of stalls from him. His prick twitched under his towel.

Maybe Malfoy had a bit of Gryffindor in him after all, Harry mused.

He desperately wanted to peek, to see what Malfoy would look like tugging on his cock, his skin rosy pink from the heat of the shower and arousal. Harry bit down hard on his tongue to contain the sound that threatened to fight its way out of his throat at the thought. His cock was swelling quickly under his towel, tenting it obscenely. Harry put a palm over himself in an effort to try to hide it, and it made him want to snort because he was being ridiculous.

Malfoy made a sound then, barely loud enough to be heard over the rush of the shower, but Harry caught it. He swayed closer, pressing his back flat against the partition separating them, his ears listening carefully for any sound Malfoy made.

“Potter,” Malfoy muttered.

Harry’s heart skipped a beat. He thought that Malfoy knew he was there. He couldn’t decide whether that was a good thing or not. But a moment later, Malfoy said something else that made his heart beat wildly, made all of his blood rush south to his cock.

“Like that, Potter, yes,” Malfoy moaned faintly. “Please. Please touch me.”

Oh my god, Harry thought as arousal crashed through him. Malfoy wasn’t just wanking in the shower. He was wanking while he thought about Harry. He choked back a groan of his own and pressed the heel of his palm harder against his prick.

Harry could hear the sound of Malfoy’s hand speeding up and he held his breath. How close was Malfoy? Was Harry going to get to hear him come?

Oh fuck, he thought, he’s going to fucking kill me if he catches me listening.

Harry’s mind whirled with thoughts. He wished he had his Invisibility Cloak there with him so he could hide. He chewed on his lip and decided to risk a wandless Accio to Summon his wand. It zipped to his hand, the wood smacking mutedly against his palm. Harry hastily cast a Disillusionment Charm on himself and held his breath as he listened to Malfoy wank.

He was talking again, and getting louder—perhaps because he thought Harry really had left when he said he would. Harry closed his eyes and loosened his towel so he could palm his dick, hissing through his teeth quietly as he played with his sensitive foreskin.

“Oh, fuck, Potter. Need you. Want to fuck you,” Malfoy begged.

Harry’s breath left him in a rush before he remembered that he was supposed to be quiet. He covered his mouth with his free hand, wand and all. He tried to keep his breathing even

“Want you so much,” Malfoy whined. “So close.”

Harry needed to see him. He would surely die if he couldn’t see what Malfoy looked like at that exact moment. He gathered all the courage he could muster and peeked around the corner of the shower stall.

Christ, Malfoy was a beautiful sight. The water was streaming over him, running down his body in rivulets and leaving drops of water dotting his body. His chest and face were just as flushed as Harry pictured he would be, all pink and warm—he had to grip the base of his cock to keep from coming at that alone. His eyes drifted lower and watched in aroused awe as he saw Malfoy’s hand flying over his cock. The tip was swollen and ruddy, glistening with water and pre-come. Malfoy’s face—God, his face. He looked amazing, his expression scrunched up in ecstasy as he touched himself with Harry’s name on his lips, begging the imaginary him to touch him.

Harry wanted him more than he had wanted anything in his life in that moment.

He blinked, startled, when Malfoy cried out sharply, his whole body arching as he came up on his toes. With one final stroke he came, murmuring his name and painting the tiles with ropes of come that streaked down the wall in sticky globs until it mingled in the swirl of water and suds on the floor. Malfoy keened as he worked his hand slowly over his spent cock, milking all of his come out until he slumped and staggered, catching himself on the wall. He was panting, his chest heaving with each ragged breath. Harry was going to die or blow his load right there and give himself away.

It took every bit of his willpower, but he dragged himself away from the perfect picture Malfoy made while he was still distracted and hazy from his orgasm. He waited, hiding in the stall next to Malfoy’s, until he was dressed and gone, touching himself with the lightest of strokes to keep himself on the edge.

When Malfoy left, Harry wasted no time fucking his fist with little finesse, focused on coming with the memory of Malfoy fresh in his mind. He let his wand clatter to the ground. Harry whined as he fucked his fist dry, the friction almost too rough for him, but he didn’t care—all he could think of was the things Malfoy had uttered that he wasn’t supposed to hear. The secrets he was unknowingly confessing to Harry. His toes curled as he tipped over the edge, his cock throbbing as he shot his come against the opposite wall, just on the other side of where Malfoy had spilled his. Harry groaned under his breath and rocked his hips, pushing his cock into his hand as his own come stuck to his fingers and coated his pulsing dick.

When he was spent he sagged back against the wall, panting and staring up at the ceiling. Now that he knew, he’d never look at Malfoy the same.

Harry licked his lips and cast a hasty Cleaning Charm, not bothering with another shower. He was going to be late to meet Luna and Neville for lunch.

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Decrepit Paperback

Anon Request: I love your writing can you please do one where Seb and Bucky both exist in the same universe and the reader is dating one of them but hangs out with the other. Then the one she’s dating gets jealous and ends with fluff?? Random idea I had and I couldn’t get it out if my head.

Warnings: some language, jealous!Bucky, fluffy fluff

Tags: @yourgayonlinemom, @broken-pieces, @bubblyanarocks3, @yessy2012

Bucky grumbled as he walked out of the hotel’s bathroom wearing just his swimming trunks and a pair of flip-flops. His long dark hair was tied into a bun yet small strands fell in front of his eyes, only adding to his irritation. (Y/N) giggled at the beach going appearance of her boyfriend. Unconsciously, a pouting face fell across his lips which caused (Y/N)’s laughter to turn into sympathetic hugging.

Bucky hated the beach. Oddly enough, spending so many years in the tundra and in cryo lead to a strange, psychological phenomenon where he feels safer during the winter months. Everyone would have expected Bucky to be the most excited about the short vacation to Florida, but his disdain for beaches and the ocean had yet to subside. His complaints were always the same: too salty, too sandy, and too many people. (Y/N) knew that somewhere deep down Bucky was still afraid of his mind betraying him and did not want to be burdened with the responsibility of the HYDRA controlled Winter Soldier.

When it was announced that some of the Avengers were planning a small getaway, Bucky was reluctant to agree to anything. Staying in the tower and completing missions was about all he felt energized enough to do until he met (Y/N). She had been working with Coulson as an agent of SHIELD when he introduced her to Sharon Carter who immediately decided to bring her to Steve and Natasha offering little explanation to secure her a spot on the team. After getting to know everyone, it was apparent that (Y/N) felt the most comfortable around Bucky and he wasted no time in ensuring his happiness with her, even if that meant he had to go to Florida for some stupid trip to the beach.

“Buck,” (Y/N) sighed while wrapping her arms around his neck. “You don’t have to come if you don’t want to.” Her voice was delicate and reminded him of dandelion seeds floating through the wind.

“I know,” he grumbled and dropped his arms around her waist.

“I know how much you hate beaches and all things fun,” she teased while twirling a strand of his hair and the tucking it behind his ear. “And if you’re worried about me, Steve and Sam will be there; they’ll make sure I’m safe.”

“Just because I don’t want to do something doesn’t mean I wouldn’t do it for you,” Bucky replied and lowered his lips to hers.

“I love you, Bucky,” she said, gazing up at him as a knock sounded at their door and Sam barged in.

“Let’s go love birds! Your makeup session is cutting into my beach time!” (Y/N) and Bucky both rolled their eyes at Sam’s demanding presence and took one another’s hand as they followed Sam to the lobby. The walk to the beach was hardly longer than a block, which gave Bucky a limited amount of time to complain.

“Who chose Florida anyway?” he asked as a gnat buzzed around his head and a mosquito landed on his neck. He hurried to help Sam and Steve pitch their awning tent as Natasha, Wanda, and (Y/N) unfolded lawn chairs and laid towels out along the white sand.

“The actors,” Wanda responded as she fell into a lawn chair as soon as the boys finished securing the tent. Bucky’s lips pursed and his eyes focused on (Y/N) with deadly precision. She was lying on a towel, her eyes closed, relaxing to the sound of rolling waves and she looked so peaceful. In the distance, as he had expected to see at some point, emerged two figures bearing a striking resemblance to himself and Steve: the actors who were going to be portraying them in an upcoming film regarding the Avengers post-Sokovia Accords.

Bucky quickly squatted to the ground and laid himself out beside (Y/N), making sure their bodies were close enough so that others would get the hint that they were together. As he noticed Chris and Sebastian getting closer, Bucky propped himself up by his hands and leaned over (Y/N), pecking her on the lips with soft and possessive kisses. Ever since he met the actor who would be attempting to portray him, Bucky hadn’t been sure if he was playing offense or defense. Sebastian had shown up one day at the compound, wanting to sit down and get to know Bucky in order to accurately present him to the public. Bucky distinctly remembered telling him he’d never be able to understand what he went through with HYDRA, and stormed away, leaving the actor confused and relatively disappointed. (Y/N), being the kind and compassionate person she is, hurried to apologize and explain Bucky’s behavior to the actor, stating that he sometimes can’t even tell her what’s going on because it’s too painful to say out loud. After that, (Y/N) became Sebastian’s go-to on all things James Buchanan Barnes, but Bucky saw their interactions as something much more than platonic on Sebastian’s end.

“Buck,” (Y/N) muttered through the smile on her face and his lips as they continued to graze against hers. “We can’t do it here,” she whispered into his ear so quietly he could hardly hear her. As soon as her words registered, his face flushed.

“I wasn’t getting at that, but if someone wants to get dirty,” he suggested while sighing back into her ear so low it was as if they were just breathing against one another.

“Sorry we’re late,” Chris’s voice called out.

“Hey guys,” Sam called out leading the others to acknowledging the two actors’ presence with a collection of ‘hellos.’

“Hey, (Y/N),” Sebastian said as he stood as the edge of her towel.

“Hey Seb! Glad you could make it,” she smiled in return as Bucky flopped onto his back and stared at the tent in an attempt to control his frustration.

“Who could pass up such a great opportunity?” Sebastian smiled. He had been hopeful (Y/N) could get Bucky to come on the trip so that he could finally get some face time with him before Sebastian had to start filming, but Bucky was becoming more and moe livid as the context of (Y/N) and Sebastian’s conversation remained unknown to him. “Mind if I set up here?” he asked as he gestured to the ground beside her.

“Fine by me,” she said in return with nothing more than a hint of kindness but all Bucky heard was a sultry siren’s voice calling Sebastian closer to her while subsequently forgetting Bucky’s existence. Sebastian laid out his towel and tore his shirt from his body before lying down. Slowly, he leaned over to (Y/N) and began to whisper.

“So when do you think–”

“Maybe tonight if we can sneak away,” (Y/N) said, cutting him off. Bucky could feel his fists tightening and quickly grumbled.

“I’m going to swim,” he stated before sharply rising from his spot tossing his shirt onto the towel, and stomping toward the sand, not quickly enough to ignore Sebastian’s comment asking ‘can he get that thing wet?’ Everything Sebastian or (Y/N) said, Bucky misinterpreted more than sarcasm is through text. On one level of consciousness, he knew he was overreacting. He trusted (Y/N) with his life and knew she’d never deliberately do something to make him so uncomfortable, but on the other, he hadn’t taken too kindly to Sebastian since he arrived.

Bucky wadded out into the ocean waist deep and allowed the waves to crash against him, hoping they would wash away his anger and unnecessary hatred. Slowly, he turned to face the group he’d come with only to see that (Y/N) and Sebastian had disappeared. “Fuck no,” Bucky grumbled to himself as he tried to hurry back to shore. He made it a few paces toward the beach before he felt someone’s arms around his shoulders. (Y/N) had snuck into the ocean behind Bucky and was waiting for her chance to jump onto his back, but Bucky had turned too quickly and now her legs were wrapped around his waist but they were facing one another.

“Hello there, soldier,” she cooed before placing a kiss on his lips. Immediately, she could feel his lips quiver beneath hers and knew something was wrong. “Buck, what happened?”

“Sebastian happened,” he growled as he tried to escape her grasp. He knew he shouldn’t be mad at (Y/N) but he wanted nothing more than to be furious.

“What?” she asked with a dumbfounded look on her face.

“Don’t look at me like I’m crazy, (Y/N),” he begged. “I see how often you two are together. I notice that you spend a lot of time with him–more than any other one of your friends.”

“Buck,” she sighed. “I love you.”

“Then prove it,” he demanded, knowing that had he had the chance to calm himself down he wouldn’t be sounding so harsh and irrational, yet he was still not able to control his tone. “It’s him or me, (Y/N),” Bucky stated firmly. At his words, (Y/N) sank from his body and gracefully stood in the sand as waves slapped against her body.

“You can’t do that to me,” she stated.

“Because you’d chose him!? Why? What is it that makes Sebastian so special?” he asked, his voice getting softer but his tone sharper. “Is it because he’s more toned and less thick than I am? Do you think he’s funnier?”

“Bucky,” she sighed as the ocean water began to mix with the small tears threatening to fall.

“Is it because you think he’s better looking than me?”

“Bucky stop,” she begged while reaching for his left arm.

“Or is it because of this,” he snarled while holding up the arm her hands gently rested on. “That’s it, he’s not some monster.” At his last accusation, (Y/N) lost her patience. Torn between crying and screaming at Bucky, she allowed the waves to carry her back to the sandy shore where, thankfully, only Sebastian remained under the tent. Seeing her from afar, he noticed her eyes were red and instantly tried to joke about closing her eyes when she goes underwater, but as she got closer, he could see her jaw clenched and her eyes puffy.

“What’s wrong?” he quickly asked her, rising from a vacant lawn chair and walking closer to her. She knew that Bucky would no doubt be watching to either subside his worries or justify his jealousy.

“Bucky,” she stammered before catching her composure and looking Sebastian dead in the eye. “Bucky thinks this is more than professional or platonic,” she continued. “He thinks we’re trying to develop something and he’s being erratic. Can you please explain what’s going on?”

“Yeah, of course,” Sebastian said and then glanced over (Y/N)’s shoulder toward the gleaming metal in the sea. “I’d offer you a hug but given the situation–”

“It would be best to mend things with him first,” she completed.

Bucky groaned louder than before as he noticed Sebastian entering the water and making his way toward him. Bucky knew he had been harsh on Sebastian the first day they met and had intended to apologize for his actions, but since that day he’d been forced to sit by and watch his girlfriend fall for another man and by that point, his apology would be worthless since he still wanted to knock Sebastian’s teeth out.

“What do you want?” he grumbled as Sebastian approached.

“To talk,” Sebastian stated. “(Y/N) explained what was going on.”

“And you’re here to cover your ass?”

“No,” Sebastian stated sharply, “I’m here to explain what’s been going on between us.” Bucky’s heart sank at Sebastian’s words but his ears perked up like a dog hearing a whistle. “(Y/N) is crazy in love with you. I’ve never met a person so devoted to and supportive of their partner the way she is to you. The only reason she and I are close in any way is because I’ve been going to her to figure out the best way to play you on screen. I would never imagine trying to take her from you because that’s impossible! There is nothing I could ever offer her that would break her from you and I would never try. (Y/N) is my friend and just that. Yes I care about her, but like I would if I had a sister. You’re the person she cares most about, the one she’d drop anything for, and the one she has so much pride in.”

Bucky was floored in Sebastian’s response and quickly glanced toward the beach, hoping to catch a glimpse of the woman who drove him crazy. 

“Based on what she’s told me, she’s not going anywhere, Buck. She believes too much in the good in you to do anything to betray your trust. If you don’t believe me, just talk to her. She was nearly in tears at the thought of you thinking she’d cheat on you.” His words caught Bucky’s attention.

“Sh-she was crying?” Bucky asked softly.

“Almost,” Sebastian replied just barely audible for Bucky to hear him as he trudged through the waves and toward (Y/N), dry sand clinging to his legs as he ran to her side.

“(Y/N),” Bucky sighed as he threw himself on the towel beside hers. Quickly, she wiped away any evidence of her sorrow and faced him only to see his bright, big, blue eyes filled with regret. Without thinking, he pulled her onto his lap and wrapped his arms around her. “I should have known better,” he whispered into her ear through her sandy and salty hair. “I know you love me, darling. I know you would never cheat on me, I just…he’s the complete version of me, the one that hasn’t been damaged physically or mentally. I’m just a crumpled, decrepit, paperback book that’s falling apart at the spine whereas he’s bound in leather and has golden leafs for pages.”

“Buck, you’ve seen my book collection,” she chastised, “you should know which one of those I prefer.”

“I know but it’s hard to believe you’d choose me and my baggage over the simple life you deserve,” Bucky sighed against her neck as his chin rested on her shoulder.

“Simple is overrated,” she said and turned her head so that she stared at his chest. “You know I like a good challenge and one I’ve been prepared to take on is taming the Winter Soldier.” Bucky leaned his head away from her and stared into her eyes.

“Well when we get back to the hotel, I hope you’re up for the challenge, because I’m not known to go down easy,” he teased with a wink.

“I wouldn’t have it any other way,” she shot back, prompting Bucky to press his lips against hers and kiss her like it was the first time their lips had met one another’s.