under a blue light

scientists are cryptids because we

  • are rarely seen in public
  • are a subject of fascination by the public
  • make the world seem more mysterious and strange
  • lay waste to the populations of small animals worldwide
  • come out only under the light of a gibbous moon 
  • are covered in soft blue fur that glows softly under UV lamps 

I was seeing her in neon,
Glowing under the tacky 1980’s lighting.

Seeing her there, in cool blue and haunting violet,
Cotton candy pink bouncing off her eyes.

The trix-yogurt color of a sunset,
All of it soft on her cheeks.

I was seeing her dance,
Watching her sway and swivel her lithe figure through the thick fluorescent air.

Her lips and shoulders and neck all electric,
All aglow like moonlight on a frozen lake.

I was seeing myself finding her amongst the maelstrom,
Holding her bioluminescence to my hips.

Barely grazing the tip of my nervous tongue along the bones fused at the base of her neck,
Pressing my fingers to her carotid artery and feeling her thrumming pulse.

I was seeing me taste her there under the incandescent bulbs.
I was seeing me tell her I love her.


[image description: the covers of Loving Her by Ann Allen Shockley, In the Game by Nikki Baker, Blacker Than Blue (Vampire Sorority Sisters #2) by Rebekah Weatherspoon, Under the Lights (Daylight Falls #2) by Dahlia Adler, Afterworlds by Scott Westerfeld, Otherbound by Corinne Duyvis, Unicorn Tracks by Julia Ember, Lies We Tell Ourselves by Robin Talley, Boyfriends with Girlfriends by Alex Sanchez]

Interracial Lesbian Fiction

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hi!! i havent written anything in a while bc of school starting up again, so forgive me if this is complete shit!! dedicated to amanda bc she loves michael just as much as i do xx (feedback) (masterlist)

“So how was your day?” Michael asked, a groan ripping from his throat as you sunk down on his dick.

“Mhm,” you shrugged, wrapping your arms around his neck. His fingertips dug into the supple skin of your thighs before his hands were moving, palms splaying out against your ass and kneading the skin roughly. You shifted, your fingers toying with the small blonde hairs at the back of his head.

“‘Mhm’?” Michael echoed, lifting an eyebrow. You rotated your hips experimentally, trying to grow accustomed to his size. 

Your blouse was still covering your torso, though the buttons had been unclasped haphazardly, letting your light blue bra peek out from under the material. Michael’s olive green sweater was ruffled, the collar nearly slipping off of his left shoulder, giving you a fabulous view of his pretty, pale neck. His black boxers had pooled at his ankles once you had pushed him down, gripping the back of the couch so that you could lower yourself onto his lap.

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Scheelite from Xuebaoding Mountain, Pingwu County, Sichuan Province, China.  This specimen demonstrates unusual red fluorescence under mid-wave ultraviolet light in pic 1.  Pic 2 shows the specimen under white light with pic 3 showing scheelite’s typical bright blue-white fluorescence under short wave ultraviolet light.  Scheelite is the main ore of tungsten.  Prospectors search for it at night using short wave UV light due to its distinctly bright fluorescence.  


Be careful
when you fall in love
under the light of the moon

Promises made
even betrayed
always forever come true

In the light of the sun
love can come undone
bonds dissolve in the heat

Moonlight, however
stays in your heart forever
melts on your tongue so sweet

Love under the moon
whether it’s late, or it’s soon
will always make you blue

Veronica x Betty: Showtime

Warnings: light smut, swearing
Requested: no

*Veronica’s POV*

“What lipstick do you think is better, the orange red or the blue red?” I asked Kevin. I was getting ready to go on stage with Betty for the Riverdale High talent show and I had to look perfect. Everyone would be looking at me and I had a reputation to maintain. If I screwed up, i’d be ruined.

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so i was playing around with the brightness on photoshop and noticed the pattern on toffee’s very dark shoes that can easily go unnoticed. i looked at various screenshots and you only catch a glimpse of the pattern under the blue light in mewnipendence day. i even tweeted daron to see if she would answer but honestly, even if shoes likes these do exist they, to me, look like upside down spades

Do you think the gems change colors so often on purpose? As in the crewniverse purposely changes their color schemes throughout an episode to mimic how some stones like different if they are getting different levels of light, such as a garnet outside in direct sunlight verse a garnet inside under artificial light, etc. Like the blue/gold dress phenomenon but not as extra.

Their bodies are made of light after all so it would make sense if it responds to different amounts of light, changing color with quantity. Meanwhile, Steven’s human body is relatively stable color wise. But hey, that’s just a thought.

I don’t know if it’s cause I’m tired or of the 30 mins delay, but I was really fucking bored during the flight. Tried to rewatch Dark Knight Rises for the obvious but the headphones suck. The music choices suck. Prague Cemetery is also sucking so far since the narrator goes off pointless tangents too fucking much. I don’t want to know about a recipe for this particular French food whose name I can’t even pronounce, and I don’t fucking care. It’s not like if the zombie apocalypse rolls around or whatever, it’s going to be useful. I want my conspiracy. Stop going off tangents about how food is so much better than sex but you masturbate anyway, I don’t care. Man. Then I at some point I became self-destructive and I remembered someone whom I’m trying to forget and I’m upset again…fuck them. Moving on is so weird.

At least the flying is still great. I’m always passionate about flying. In another life I’d have a small plane and like millions of dollars on my bank accounts and I’d be happy.

Week 28 of the #YearOfStitch : Linen Stitch

Ok get ready…this one is HOT and a little tricky. Once you understand the concept it’s easy to get in the flow. I decided to color code this weeks tutorial since it can be tricky. That said, this stitch looks most like a linen weave if you work it in a single color. 

The photos should help clarify. 

First work the dark blue stitches from top right to the bottom left. 

Then work the next round of stitches from the bottom up (this will make more sense as a strategy when you are working with one color). Come up in the center of the dark blue to create a T shape. Come down under the dark blue stitch.

As you make your way back up, your light blue thread will cover some of your dark blue stitches.

Working back down from the top, you are recreating the same pattern you just did but you are locking this row with the first row (under the light blue vertical stitches).

Work the green from the bottom to the top just like the light blue row

See the pattern? Purple row is just like the red row.

Black row is just like the blue and green row. 

This is how cool it looks in all one color:

Did that work out for you? Fill me in!


anonymous asked:

After everything is done, DiE have taken CBS core and left her in a vegetative state. LK, remorseful for failing to protect her, spend his days taking care of her. //Ruben End//

What looked like a blue orb once gleamed under the light, full of life almost.  Elsword reached out with his sword to block the attacker from approaching the nasod queen, but hitched his breath when a strong electric current traveled through his veins and made it difficult for him to maintain his stamina.  He watched in horror as Add took advantage of throwing him off and ordered his Dynamos to push his weapon away with ease.Reaching an arm out to yell out her name, Elsword cried, “Eve!”

His vision was blinded by the lasers emitted from Eve, with the nasod queen inflicting damage onto Add, but was forced to retreat when the time traveler overwhelmed her with his strength.  Elsword’s throat grew dry when he heard a sharp inhuman cry coming out of Eve’s mouth.  Horror flashed across his eyes as he witnessed Add digging his gloves deep into her forehead and tore off the core.  When the light was gone, Add was gone and so was Eve.  Lying in front of him was Eve with all of the light gone from her eyes.  When he asked if she was ok, no sound came out of her.

Carrying her body back inside, he looked down at her face for signs of life in her, but she remained silent.  Not even his poorly worded apology for not being able to fight Add was enough to get a dry remark out of her as it should have.
Once Elsword found a rest and fetched a few items to keep her warm and safe, he struggled to close his eyes when dread and regret haunted his self-conscious.  Despite the sincere sympathy he received from the group, nothing was enough to take back what has happened.  If he was faster to realize Add was plotting something, this wouldn’t have happened.  What was he thinking allowing Add to go near her when he looked at her like…well, a soulless machine as she was right now.  Was there a chance of her ever regaining her consciousness?  Nobody in the group knew since before, it was Add and Eve who were the experts in this.  Add has disappeared to gods know where and Eve… Elsword placed his hand on her forehead, where the core once was, and cried for the first time since he reunited with his sister.

“I’m sorry,” he whispered.