the scary part about new fob music is that it could drop any time. fob shot, edited and released the mskwyditd video in three days. but on the other hand we are still waiting for the sequel to a little less sixteen candles

types of fob blogs
  • the newbie: very kind, just looking for friends and fun. so much love. so many questions. so much passion for everything fob related
  • the aesthetique fan: mostly aesthetic posts. but when it's not an aesthetic post, it's probably news about fob with all caps in the tags
  • the sinner: sin blog. multiple theories about ships. most of their involved discourse is about top/bottom placements of band members.
  • the casual fan: just here to enjoy the music and members and some funny posts. pretty chill
  • the artist: completely drama free blog. chill person who is very kind and open to sharing tips for making art, a true blessing. everyone knows them. almost astral beings
  • the hype blog: they are often always talking in caps and using the popular Lingo™. kinda extra. not much drama makes it onto their blog. they are the hypemen of fob blogs. chaotic good. everyone generally likes them. very funny and very nice people
  • the Meme blogger: their text posts are iconique and they usually have many followers. can either be chaotic evil or chaotic neutral.
  • the senior blogger: tired. they've come this far, they won't back out. none of the drama is new to them. usually nice to all the newbies. they have some of the best info and stories. true neutral. chill people who just want some sleep
  • the semi fob blogger: you can't tell wether they are a fan blog or not. you're not going to ask
  • the editor: everyone knows them for their amazing edits. lots of followers and very friendly. u want to b them
  • the bitter blogger: they claim to have been been there since the beginning. their favorite record is tttyg. they want "old fall out boy back". they fill the tags with negativity. they make up their own rules about what makes you a real fan or not.