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Sometimes I have a reoccurring dream where i’m standing on a lake full of frozen flowers at night.

Also today I was surprised that this blog has suddenly gotten a lot of attention because one of my illustrations was placed under staff picks (0_0), so thank you so much for your support! it’s really appreciated! (i’ll try to post more from now on).

Imagine Danny Williams and Steve McGarrett finding Jason after Under the Red Hood, he’s injured and tired and came to a place where vigilantes weren’t known and he could rest in peace. 

Imagine Steve seeing this kid kicking a gang’s ass and seeing how good he is but also how dangerous he is. 

Imagine him approaching the kid but Jason is so scared and jumpy after the Joker and Batman that he almost bolts when Steve gets close to him. 

Imagine Steve trying to calm him down like he’s a wild animal and gets a good look and seeing that he really is just a kid and no kid should be able to move like this and then he sees the bandages. 

Imagine Steve calling Danny and telling him to come down here because he could use a little fatherly help. 

Imagine Danny being so confused but driving to meet his partner and seeing him stare down this kid who looks like he’s about two seconds from running straight down the other end of the alley. 

Imagine Danny trying to get the kid to talk but he just can’t and the kid won’t say and word and then Grace jumps out of the car and Steven & Danny completely forgot they were supposed to have her to her Mother’s house by now but they can’t just leave this kid. 

Imagine Grace just walking right up to Jason despite Steve and Danny telling her not to get too close to him and she just stares at him while he stares back because he doesn’t know what to do.

Imagine her looking at him and seeing how tired he looks and how he’s just barely standing up because he’s exhausted and hungry. So she just tells him her name and that he should be more careful because he looks sick. 

Imagine Jason telling little Grace that he is sick and that he’s been sick for a really long time. 

Imagine Grace asking him where his parents are but he just tells her that he doesn’t have a family waiting for him. 

Imagine Grace going over and hugging Jay because that’s not right and she couldn’t imagine life without her two dads and her mother. 

Imagine Jason just freezing because how long has it been since someone hugged him. 

Imagine Steve and Danny getting ready to run over and have their guns pulled out because no one hurts their baby but then Jason just slowly brings his arms up and hugs her back and they see his shoulders shaking a bit and the sight kinda breaks their hearts a bit. 

Imagine Jason just hugging this little girl who came up to him with no fear and trying to remember how long it has been since anyone has ever asked him if he was okay and he just loses it, falls down to his knees with this precious girl to his chest because he can’t take it anymore. 

Imagine Grace just hugging Jason because she sees how sad he is and she knows her daddys save people so maybe she can save someone too! 

Imagine Jason holding her for so long that he cries himself to sleep and Grace just looks over at Danny and Steve to ask if they can keep him. 

anonymous asked:

Now that I've heard ur Zane headcanons I want to hear ur Kai headcanons if that's okay.

Ofc it’s okay!!

When Kai was still a blacksmith he and Nya actually had multiple jobs in order to make enough money for a living. They worked at takeout places, convenience stores, etc.

He likes rlly spicy dresses and makeup (especially eyeliner).

He’s Thai and has a light Thai accent.

He hasn’t picked up a book in years.

He has, like, 20 different social medias but only uses one of them lmao.

He’s the kind of guy who becomes overly obsessed w smthn in under 0.6 seconds.

He wanted to be a firefighter when he was little (I love my irony y’know).

He gets jealous easily (ya’ll knew that) and will try to outshine everybody bc of it.

Nya can pick him up, even if he’s older.

His favorite animal is never the same for a whole day.

The Aides, or shrine, at the centre of the office block on the far side of the headquarters building, where the regimental standards were preserved and kept on display, Saalburg Roman Fort, Limes Germanicus, Germania (Germany)  Photo by Carole Raddato, 2012 via Flickr. (X) Licensed under Creative Commons 2.0. 

The administrative center of each Roman fort was known as the Principia. The central room of the Principia was the aedes, or regimental shrine, in which the standards and religious images of the unit were kept. 

The standards, especially the aquila (the eagle symbol of Jupiter Capitolinus), the manus (a hand, symbolizing the sacramentum, the soldier’s oath of service), and the imago (the portrait of the Emperor) were regarded as sacred objects, each possessing their own guardian spirit or genii

Each year, on January 1 (the date was changed to January 3 during the 3rd century C.E.) the soldiers of the Roman Army assembled before the standards of their unit to renew their sacred oath of service: to obey the commands of the Emperor, to never desert the service by flight or fear, and to never leave the ranks except to seek a weapon, strike a foe, or to save a comrade.

Today, when many people are making resolutions for 2017, I invite you to think about the importance of the mos maiorum, the virtues most admired by the ancient Romans, in your own life: 

Fides (trustworthiness and reliability) 

Pietas (devotion to household and country)

Religio (fulfilling obligations to the gods)

Disciplina (education, training, and self-control)

Gravitas (dignity in adversity)

Constantia (perseverance)

Virtus (knowing the difference between right and wrong)

Dignitas (worthiness, doing the right thing)

Auctoritas (public service - including military/public safety, civic service - including holding a political office and informing others of political and social issues, and teaching - including mentoring and volunteering with youth groups).

People have asked my thoughts on the Evil Queen, so I decided I’d post one comprehensive document:

While I’m admittedly a Regina fan, the Evil Queen as a Big Bad’s just not doing it for me. Television shows need dramatic tension to propel a storyline forward. And frankly, the EQ’s just not a malevolent enough villain anymore to provide it. Going on spa dates with Zelena? Making out with Rumple? Please. The Evil Queen is more campy than scary. She’s just so extra at this point and that’s not how a season’s Big Bad should feel. Yes, she placed Snowing under Sleeping Curse 2.0, but it’s all a little been here, done that.

And maybe that’s the essential trouble with her character. A&E are basically repeating a variation of the season one storyline that we’ve moved past. The EQ was fascinating and a legitimate threat in S1-2, but it’s season six now. The show should be progressing forward, not going backward. Without that forward motion, the show lacks the necessary tension, and runs the risk of becoming flat or worst of all trite.

Another mistake was not realizing that what made S1′s EQ interesting was the combination of both the dark and the light. That internal struggle Regina fought between her dueling impulses, much the same as the Snow Queen or Rumple. That’s what makes OUAT’s villains fascinating, and dare I say, more terrifying. Those layers are essential and splitting the EQ from Regina removed them transforming the EQ into nothing more than a cartoon.

All that being said, I’ve still enjoyed most of 6A. When it comes to ensemble television shows, I’m a firm believer in reveling in what you like, while ignoring what you don’t. And my love for these characters (particularly CS) outweighs any present criticisms I may have. 


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