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Hey, lately a lot of people have come to me very distraught over having not made anything with their lives. They’ll often be very early 20s or younger and be very upset they don’t have amazing careers or haven’t done anything with their lives. I’m here to remind you this life tip


But Heather, you’re an adult with a career, you won’t understand. Worry not, I’m here to make you all feel better about your life situations. My family is poor. I had to pay for art school out of pocket and I’m still paying off student loans. I’ve had to work since I was 16 and worked customer service and food service full time while going to college full time. I graduated late and took 2 extra years to wrap up college. And when I graduated it was in the middle of the big recession. And because I wanted to be an artist, my career path was much different than everyone else’s I knew.

While I worked at Starbucks for almost 10 years I watched as all my friends and coworkers moved onto better jobs that had to do with what they went to school for. So I got to work at Starbucks with a BFA and felt like my life was going nowhere. But thanks to freelancing, I was eventually able to leave Starbucks. At age 28. And I’ve only been working full time with a career I wanted the past few years. So if there’s anyone on the planet that knows your struggles, it’s me.

The point of my story is it’s okay to not be successful yet. Success isn’t going to come to you easily. Stop pressuring yourselves to be amazing prodigies with incredible careers by the time you’re 21. To be honest, it’s super unlikely it’s going to happen. Take your time and keep working towards your goals, you’re only hurting yourselves by comparing yourselves to 1 in a million success stories. And there’s absolutely no shame in working customer service or food service to make ends meet while you’re on your way there. It’s not the end of the world if you’re 18 years old and not famous.

So Griffin McElroy was selected as one of Forbes’ 30 under 30 and I just want everyone to appreciate the photo of him on the article

Here it is as it appears in a tweet. It’s a big bussinessy type deal so you’re probably expecting the rest of the pic is just him smiling normal with a nice button down or something. Well.. here’s the full pic:

Conclusion: I love this good good Forbes boy


‘Forbes’ 30 Under 30 members wrote an open letter to Trump denouncing the Muslim ban

  • Sixty-six members from current and past Forbes’ 30 Under 30 lists, an annual list of influential entrepreneurs and game changers under the age of 30, signed an open letter addressed to Trump condemning his latest Muslim travel ban.
  • The letter, obtained by Mic, called Trump’s executive order on immigration "unjustified, illogical and discriminatory.“
  • "We view this executive order as unjustified, illogical and discriminatory — it targets minorities, immigrants and Muslims,” the letter read. “We fear that these actions put our peaceful future in jeopardy.”
  • “We come from many countries, faiths and backgrounds. Many of us are American. Some of us are immigrants who travelled across the globe to resettle in America for a better future, and to have equal rights. Some of us are citizens of other nations speaking up because know that the U.S. has a crucial role to play as a global leader on human rights.” Read more (3/9/17 1:21 PM)

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the most pure hp headcanons imho

harry: ex-auror, healer at st. mungos, specializing in pediatric care, bisexual as hell
hermione: defense attorney mostly dealing with magical creature, squib, and muggleborn cases, hasn’t stepped foot in the ministry in years, 3rd year in a row witch weekly’s most successful under 30
ron: stay at home dad, loves his hot wife, took time out before getting married to visit charlie on the range and has a nasty burn because of it, thinks it’s cool and shows it off whenever he’s drunk
ginny: harpies chaser, lesbian with a cute gf, probably has a full back tattoo
draco: has written like 5 books on potion brewing and antidotes, spends too much time in his home office, wears reading glasses, still gay

David: “…Is there an intellectual element [to music]?”

Mica: “I try not to think too hard, just ever in anything… I’d be dead if things didn’t move me and music is magic. That’s what my dad says as well. Its like, you think you can know everything about it or you think you can know a lot about it but you don’t really ever know anything about it and things will surprise you. Its down to how people express themselves and whats going on around you at the time and stuff like that. There’s no right or wrongs in there. I think intellectualizing music is too much, its quite boring. I think though, if you want to learn an instrument, if you want to learn music, I mean, a lot of learning you can do is by listening and if you’re just taking part in it and by playing.”

- Mica Levi, DP/30 interview