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sjadnfgdfhjkj ok i’m joking here’s your annoying jin stan with the second follow forever!!! its my blog’s first anniversary and for the last year i’ve met here so many beautiful people, i know i haven’t talked to all of you but i really apreciate you!! thank you for making this year so amazing!!! and i’m sorry for excluding some of my mutuals, feel free to deck me in the face 

special shout out to my homies:

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@yoonjisungsgf thanks for everything, quality memes and notes and shit, i wouldn’t survive this year without u  💞 💞 💞

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side note: i know some of you follow my svt sideblog, i just remade it into a separate blog so now you can find me at @wongyuhan​ this is a shameless promo i’m sorry i’m like this

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The Five Elements of a Good Novel Pitch

If you guys haven’t heard about the Book Doctors, then what have you been doing with your writing life allow me to educate you.
David Henry Sterry and Arielle Ekstut are a husband and wife couple who work closely with NaNoWriMo and are the authors of a fantastic book titled “The Essential Guide to Getting Your Book Published.” (get it and read it, it’s fabulous) These two wonderful people just did a YouTube livestream (it’s two hours long, watch it here) and at the tail end of it, David Sterry mentions the five elements of a really solid pitch…

  1. Research: Make sure that any facts you use in your pitch (as a hook or that are relevant to your novel) are accurate. It sounds like common sense, but you might be surprised how so many details can get overlooked. Unfortunately, pitches are all about detail. Suffice it to say, if you’re writing a medical thriller, then you’ll want to have intimate knowledge of medical procedures.
  2. Connection / Networking: One of the things that surprised me about pitching a novel is the “resume” part of a pitch. I thought that pitching was all about selling your book, but you have to sell yourself, too. If a well-known author has praised your book, mention that! If you’re writing a book for middle schoolers titled “How to Be A Loser 101″ then throw in a mention of how you were a loser for years and years (humor and connection. Double whammy). If you’re like me and you don’t have any credentials relevant to your story, then this humorous route may be the way to go.
  3. Writing: A pitch should be under 250 words. Every word needs to count, needs to be chosen, needs to be the best word to sell your book and yourself. You need to take time, slow down, and really think. 250 is a lot less than it sounds, so try not to get discouraged and keep at it until you feel that you’ve really summarized the essence of your book.
    *Note: pitches for sci-fi and fantasy novels can be a little bit longer because they tend to need more buildup and explanation, but don’t go over 300. Just don’t.
  4. Perseverance: Writing the right pitch can take a long time. Heck, it took the Book Doctors months to come up with theirs, but now they can recite it in sync, with hand motions (skip to 2:01:38 to see it!). Condensing an entire novel down to 250 words is hard, even without considering that those 250 are supposed to convey why your book needs to be published. But take it one step at a time, and most importantly…
  5. Have fun with it! We all know that joy and passion should permeate our work, and that should be no different when it comes to your pitch. Let your pitch have style and humor and voice and cliffhangers, just like your book does.

Keeping all these elements in mind when you’re writing your novel pitch can be really helpful. And if you hit a wall? Step back, take a breath. Use your resources (like the Book Doctor’s video here or their book “The Essential Guide to Getting Your Book Published”). 
And if you want to, send me your pitches! I’m not professional, but I’d love to hear about your guys’s books. Tag me in a post or send them to me in a message and I’ll help if I can! 

Salad for lunch today. 🍅🌱🍋🌶 Despite being a large volume of food (at least it is for me), salads are low in calories as long as you keep oil and fatty toppings to a minimum. This salad including the dressing is under 250 calories so I’ll definitely need to eat more fruit! 😄🍇🍊 Fresh dressing is in the mug, the same recipe as yesterday: tomatoes, red bell pepper, celery, ginger, garlic, sesame seeds, lemon juice. 👅💦


Lookbook: Gold’s day off

I mostly love Rumple’s Storybrooke style on the show. Menswear isn’t my main point of interest when it comes to fashion, but Robert Carlyle wears those suits incredibly well. So @jackabelle73 suggested a casual look for Mr. Gold, and I’ve got to say, this was hard. It was hard to imagine him in anything casual at all. I can picture Bobby in board shorts and a tank top, but Gold? Not so much.

But I got to thinking about it more and remembered that Rumple was a spinner, and a highly skilled one at that. So I started focusing on button-down shirts you might or might not wear with a suit. Rumple would appreciate quality materials, no matter how dressed up he is.

Here we have linen, seersucker, and even one flocked example of a menswear staple. They have simple, classic details, done extraordinarily well. Most are plain, but some have subtle patterns.

And because Rumple is a guy who can create his own gold reserve, these are all high-end. I don’t think there’s a shirt here under $250. These come mostly from Italian designers like Zegna and Ferragamo (although one Tom Ford snuck in). After all, what’s the use of being practically immortal and having nigh-on limitless wealth and power if you can’t lounge around in Armani?

Previous lookbooks: Belle, Emma, Snow, Hook, Zelena, David, Emma’s wedding, post-pregnancy Snow

I finally found the scale, so I’ll be weighing in tomorrow. I know I’m within 20 pounds of my HW, and I feel like an ABSOLUTE failure. So here is what I’m thinking:

I’d like to get back under 250 by the end of September. I was just SO MUCH more happy and comfortable below 250. Then we can make goals about going lower. The lowest I’ve been on this fitness journey was 232.8. So obviously I’d like to get back there and beyond… but let’s stick with this weight grouping for now. 

I do best when I’m weighing in every day because otherwise I make excuses. I need to see the effects and fluctuations. I know it’s not always healthy for everyone, but if I’ve learned anything - me living in the dark is NOT the best for right now. 

I’ve been eating my oatmeal + fruit for the past few breakfasts, though! And we just went grocery shopping, so eating at home is a lot easier. I’ve also been consistently tracking again. So I’ve just gotta figure out where we’re standing with the numbers. 


The 5-50 for time: 5 movements 50 reps each straight through - Complete 50 reps of Push Ups - 50 Squats - 50 Shin Huggers - 50 Split Jumps - 50 Wall Touches -complete all 250 reps under 5 minutes if possible. I took me 4:18 second to finish -tag me at #jeremyscottfitness if you give this a go! #47daytransformation #workoutmotivation #fitnessmotivation #workout #workouts #fitness #fitfam #personaltrainer #health #fitspo #fitspiration #scottsdale #arizona #phoenix #az #86400 #menshealth #womenshealth #reebok (at Spire Health Club)

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erisintheclouds  asked:

hey! i love ur blog a lot & i know u have some aussie mods so i was wondering if u could help me? do u know of any physical places to buy stim toys in aus? specifically tangles, squishies, chewies, & textured (bumpy/rigid) things? alternatively, do u have any good online shops/links that ship to aus?

Thank you so much for the compliment! Yes, we can absolutely help. Mod Rainbow and I (Mod K.A.) are both Aussie and invested in trying to make stim toys more accessible for Aussies - part of the reason I started this blog was because few people at the time were talking about places Aussies could buy stim toys that didn’t involve dollar conversion and international shipping costs.

We tag by country of toy origin (not countries to which toys ship) so you might wish to check out our Australia tag for locally-sourced toys. We’re now up to twenty pages of posts! Note that I am Victorian (regional Western Victoria, close to Melbourne) so that a lot of my resources tend to skew Victorian. Mod Rainbow is based in QLD, and I’ll ask them to add to the post if they have any local offline sources that I haven’t covered.

But, to answer your question more specifically, I’ll go by store and list the things they sell. Links below go to that store’s tag or a post featuring that item. Please note that it might be worth checking on the store’s tag, as all these stores stock many more stimmy things that don’t quite meet your brief for the toys you’re after - everything from bouncy balls and poppers to wooden puzzles and bubble wands.

Also note that dollar stores right now are stocking spinners and knock-off fidget cubes as well as the usual range of hedge balls/hedge creatures, bouncy balls and knock-off slinkies. There’s lots of things available in the toy, stationery and party sections, often for inexpensive prices.

First, offline (or offline and webstore) Australian stores:


(Store locations: Australia-wide, mostly on the East Coast.)

Mind Games

(Store locations: Victoria, Tasmania, QLD)

  • Tangles: $10 AUD for Tangle Jr and Tangle Jr Textured

Queen Victoria Market

(Located in the Melbourne CBD, Victoria.)


(Store locations: Melbourne and Sydney.)


(Store locations: Australia-wide. Also allows online purchasing.)

Sensory Oasis for Kids

(North Altona, Melbourne. Also allows online purchasing with flat-rate shipping in Australia for $9.95 AUD.)


(Store locations: Australia-wide. Some items for sale online.)

  • Mini Snake Puzzle: $7 AUD (often on sale at 2 for $7 AUD)
  • Large Snake Puzzle: $14 AUD (often on sale for $7 AUD
  • Serpent Puzzle: $14 AUD (often on sale for $7 AUD. Note: not available online, but I have still seen these available in offline stores).


(Store locations: Australia wide, mostly on the East Coast.)

Second, Australia-based webstores:

Sister Sensory

Source for: Chewables, Tangles, Fidgets

No shipping price listed on their website, so it seems they calculate based on weight.

The Therapy Store

Source for: Chewables, Tangles, Fidgets

No shipping price listed on their website, so it seems they calculate based on weight. 


Source for: Chewables, Tangles, Fidgets

Shipping is calculated based on the value of your order. $0-$25 is $8.25 AUD shipping; $25-$50 is $14 AUD. I do not recommend this as a good way of determining shipping, since it’s possible via this metric to purchase two chew pendants, which are light, and pay $14 AUD to ship both when they’d both fit in Australia Post’s under 250 gram weight bracket.

Third, international sources:


Source for: Chewables

Despite being located in the US, I really recommend Stimtastic as a source for chewables. This is because Australian stim toy/OT stores only tend to stock Chewigem and ARK Therapeutic chewables, which are usually priced around $20-$22 AUD plus shipping (usually around $10 AUD … thanks, Australia Post). Stimtastic’s chewables are $10 USD or less, so even by the time you pay dollar conversion and international shipping, you’re still often saving money. Depending on the chewable in question, sometimes you can even get two items for the same price as one purchased here in Australia.

(Because of issues of weight, there’s other items that I wouldn’t purchase from Stimtastic and would try to source here in Australia instead, but the chewables are too well priced not to purchase from this store, even with international shipping. Plus the shipping is quick!)


Source for: Squishies

Most things have free standard international shipping. Despite shipping from China, I’ve had everything I’ve purchased so far arrive in three weeks or less. There’s a range of squishies available here, from only a few dollars each to $10 AUD and more for the larger, higher quality squishies. Not paying shipping makes their offerings that much more affordable and I’ve had no problems with the items I’ve bought.


Source for: Squishies, Tangles, Spinners, Knock-off Fidget Cubes

A great many of these things also have free standard international shipping from China, Hong Kong, the Philippines. Please note that quality varies widely and most of these things (especially the cheaper free shipping options) are knock-offs. (Check out this post of mine about the knock-off eBay Tangles: they work just like a Tangle Creations-packaged Tangle, but they’re lighter, looser and clickier.) For stimmers without a lot of money, though, these things are well worth checking out, especially if you don’t mind something clickier and louder (fidget cubes particularly).

If you need more help with finding sources closer to your state, please let us know. I’ve probably forgotten something, but my wrist is starting to hurt so I’ll end this one here! Being Victorian, I have more resources than many other Australian stimmers, but availability varies so widely from state to state, at times it’s like being in another country. I know a lot of what I take for granted just isn’t available elsewhere.

- Mod K.A.

CHOI SEUNG-HYUN (T.O.P.) small/medium, HQ gif hunt

hello! under the cut are 350+ gifs of choi seung-hyun (aka. T.O.P of BIGBANG) from various music videos, interviews and films. some gifs have been cropped/resized. there are a few smoking gifs, gun gifs and some with blood, injuries, and violence. NONE of these gifs are made by me; all the credits go to their makers! if you own any of these gifs and would like me to take them down, please send a message. otherwise, please LIKE/REBLOG if this was helpful, and enjoy c:

                 update at the end (18/01/15)

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#SmoothieSunday - Treat yourself to a tasty smoothie under 250 calories! Try it our yourself and tag @TonicWeightLossSurgery in your creations on social media!

Cleansing Detox Juice

150 ml Cranberry Juice

100 ml Pomegranate juice

100 ml Apple juice

Squeeze of Lime juice


pomegranate arils (seeds)

Ice Cubes

Total Calories - 173

Place ice cubes into your favourite glass and pour over juices, swirling with straw. Add Pomegranate arils and strawberries. Enjoy!

#SoupSunday - Treat yourself to a tasty soup under 250 calories! Try it our yourself and tag @TonicWeightLossSurgery in your creations!

Super Green Broccoli and Kale


½ Tablespoon Olive/Rapeseed/Coconut oil

30g Onion, chopped

25g Carrots, chopped

1 Large Crushed Garlic clove

225g Broccoli

550ml of Vegetable stock

Handful of Kale, chopped

Salt & Pepper


In a large pan heat the olive oil at medium heat.

Add the onion and carrots, stir and lower the heat, cooking until soft (roughly 2 minutes).

Add garlic, stir and cook for 1 minute. Add the broccoli, stir and cook for 2 minutes.

Add the stock and simmer for 15 - 20 minutes until the broccoli is tender.

Next add the kale and cook until wilted.

Remove from the heat, and allow to cool for 5 minutes.

Blend until smooth. Return the mixture to the pan and gently heat for 5 minutes.

Season to taste, serve and enjoy!