undella bay

Greetings, one and all of Undella Bay! It is I! The one! The only! Ji-Ji, finally making a splash and a wave with the human wreck himself, Green Oak! Somehow, in a roundabout way, I managed to stick him back with one of the original three in his trio of Pokemon Group RP alongside Wes; I’m very happy about that! That being said, you may notice that he has had activity from other groups in the past — just don’t mind the mess if you would!

I’d like to propose a starter call, capping at 5 max! If you do happen to like Green’s starter, I will go ahead and message you for plotting and planning, so please have your messaging system open and available for use!

Green is a muse of a different shade than many portrayals I find of him (yes, pun entirely intended), so I hope you guys come to enjoy the way I portray this lovable goof! I can’t wait to show him off to you all!

Good evening everybody!

This should be fun; after all, my previous two Muses belonged to different groups at one point (for Green, it looks like Undella Bay was take 3 for him!), but that doesn’t stand for my latest green boi

Curtis is brand-new and fresh off the press, ready to shyly fish through the day, or spend his time in the spotlight! I hope you guys like him!

That being said, I’m gonna be proposing a Starter Call, and I’ll cap at 5 max once more! If we’ve had a chance to talk previously, there’s no need to like this post. You guys will get added in on top of the five I made the call for!

I hope you guys like my talkative dork (if his massive bio is anything to go off of)!!