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I’ve been meaning to draw the entire Touhou cast for a while now but doing it chronologically is too daunting. It might have something to do with the fact that there’s over 100 characters… In an attempt to circumvent this I’m gonna jump around and see how far I get!

Starting with UFO since it’s one of my favourite installments, definitely top 3 at least. The soundtrack is solid, the cast is cute, and it’s the first game in the series proper that I played (discounting the fighters and some fan-games). Good times.

Part of the Touhou chibi project!

  • Touhou 06: The vampire bitch fucked the sun.
  • Touhou 07: The ghost bitch fucked the spring.
  • Touhou 7.5: The honry bitch fucked the parties.
  • Touhou 08: The space bitch fucked the moon.
  • Touhou 09: The death bitch fucked her job.
  • Touhou 9.5: The tengu bitch fucked everyone.
  • Touhou 10: The god bitch fucked the mountain.
  • Touhou 10.5: The angel bitch fucked weather.
  • Touhou 11: The god bitch fucked a crow.
  • Touhou 12: The god bitch fucked buddhism.
  • Touhou 12.3: The god bitch fucked with science.
  • Touhou 12.5: The tengu bitch fucks news.
  • Touhou 12.8: The fairy bitch fucked bitches.
  • Touhou 13: The god bitch fucked taoism.
  • Touhou 13.5: The mask bitch fucked hope.
  • Touhou 14: The reverse bitch fucked society.
  • Touhou 14.3: The reverse bitch fucked again.
  • Touhou 14.5: The psychic bitch fucked Gensokyo.
  • Touhou 15: The god bitch fucked the moon.

More music!