∑=MC^2 [Spencer Reid x Reader]

Requested by anon: “Could you do the anything you write on your skin appears on you your soulmates skin au with Reid”

A/N: I wasn’t too sure on what this AU was but I had it explained. I also made it so that names and places of living wouldn’t work because that would be to easy lol.


You didn’t really understand the whole, write on your skin and it shows up on your soulmate’s skin thing. There were limits to it and rules. Knowing that you couldn’t put down your name or where you are because it wouldn’t show on their skin.

But what you also didn’t understand was what the hell your soulmate was constantly writing on his arm or hand. So many math equations and book references. Often times people would look at it and ask what the writing was, you’d simply answer “I guess my soulmate’s a math nerd?”

Not knowing how incredibly right you were.

You’re a simple grad student. Studying to become a psychiatrist, wanting nothing more than to help people. So all this writing on your arm was a bit distracting. Did your soulmate not know about the bond? Or just not have the time to find paper?

Who knows at this point, right now you were just trying to decipher what all of it was.

Sitting in a coffee shop you stared at your arm. Examining every piece of information. Letting out a huff at the undecipherable letters and numbers, except for the formula ∑=MC^2 which you recognized from senior year physics.

Giving up you clicked the power button on your computer. The screen lighting up before turning back off again. “What the hell?” you mumbled jamming the button a couple of times. “Shit” running your hands through your hair. “No, my resume. I didn’t save it.” groaning to nobody in particular. 

“Fear not!” a voice said from beside you. It startling you. “Oh god” holding your hand to your chest. “Sorry I didn’t mean to scare you” A blonde woman said smiling. “I just saw you having computer troubles and I know my way around a motherboard so may I?” she gestured to your computer.

“Have at it” you pushed it toward her.

Shocked when witnessing her having it up and running within a few clicks. “What? How’d you?” reaching and moving the touch pad. Immediately saving your resume on the page. “Thank you so much! You just saved my future”

“No problem, I’m Penelope by the way” she held a hand out to you. “[F/n]” taking it while introducing yourself. Though her eyes widened at the mathematical equations and information on your arm. “Whoa” she said but soon recognized the handwriting. 

“Oh my god you need to come with me!” She began to smile excitedly. “Um okaay?” you said before grabbing your things and following her. Luckily not having any other plans that day.

Not expecting to end up inside the FBI building. “Am I allowed to be in here?” asking while following her through a hallway, to a pair of double glass doors.

“Yes, as long as you’re with me. I think.” Penelope said excitedly.

“Good morning princess” A man said coming over to you both. “Not now chocolate thunder I need to find Reid.” she held a finger to him while passing. “Um ouch” he commented catching up to you “I’m sorry who are you?” smiling at you.

“Uh [F/n], Penelope saved my computer, and told me I had to come with her here now. I’m just as confused as you are” you shrugged and he laughed. “Well that’s Garcia for ya. I’m SSA Derek Morgan, nice to meet you” offering you a hand.

“Likewise” shaking it in return. Walking into the bullpen Penelope yelled “REID!” startling you again. Damn she’s good at that.

A man looked up from his book to see the woman running over to him. “Come here” she pushed him toward you. “[F/n] meet Spencer, Spencer [F/n]” she quickly introduced you.

He smiled at you awkwardly, as you gave a simple “Hi” the other members in the area just watching confused.

“Uhh Garcia what’s going on?” Another blonde haired woman asked from her desk.

“J.J. Shh, [F/n] and Spencer are going to compare arms!” She turned back to the both of you. “COMPARE ARMS!” she yelled.

You pulled up your sleeve to reveal the writing on it. Spencer’s eyes widened before he did the same. “Boom soulmates! You’re welcome” she cheered as everyone, including you and Spencer, just stared shocked.

“Uhh” you said looking down at your arm. “Alright then. Just a few questions. What the hell is going on? What the hell is written on my arm? Are you some kind of Einstein or something? And do you want to get dinner this weekend?” your rapid tone disorienting a few of the profilers.

He processed your words for a moment before answering “Honestly couldn’t tell you. It’s a series of equations used from a case we just solved. I have an eidetic memory but that’s what some people say. And yes I would like to.”

You smiled, “Well glad that’s cleared up”

“I am as well. I look forward to getting to know you better” He smiled. Surprising all of his co-workers with his calmness.

“Did Reid just get a date?” Morgan looked at the other members confused before back at the pair of you. “Oh it’s the end times” Rossi commented before the whole team nodded.

Even a room full of profilers couldn’t decipher what just happened.

“Mad Dog and Puppy” English Translation

Here it is. I apologize for the delay, but various circumstances got in the way. Anyway, I hope you enjoy!

From Haikyuu!! Light Novel 6, Chapter “Mad Dog and Puppy” written by Kiyoko Hoshi with illustrations by Haruichi Furudate.

Introductory page 

Attached illustration on page 129:

Mad Dog and Puppy

One fine holiday in fall, there was a man standing in a convenience store nearby Aoba Jousai High School. The guy, wearing a volleyball jersey, walked out as the opening and closing door made an electronic sound. The man’s name is Kyoutani Kentarou, a second-year member in Aoba Jousai High’s volleyball club.

Kyoutani tore the wrapping of the chicken—chicken is his favorite food—that he took out of the convenience store bag before sinking his teeth into it, making an audible noise; this was how he walked toward school. The volleyball club took Mondays off. Practice starts morning today, which is a Sunday.

Kyoutani had not attended the club for quite a while since the middle of his first year due to various circumstances, though he has been recently thrown into the spotlight for coming back after being recalled by Oikawa, the team captain.

At the preliminary round of the Inter-High Miyagi Finals in June, Aoba Jousai suffered defeat at the hands of Shiratorizawa Academy, the invincible champions. It was necessary to regroup and reorganize the currently completed team in order to clear themselves of the disgrace come the next Spring High School competition, move on from second place and aim for the Nationals. What they wanted to strengthen in particular was their offense. The fighting strength that served to be the trigger of that was Kyoutani, whom Oikawa jokingly called “Mad Dog.”

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That’s My Job - Mitch Rapp [Smut]

Author: @writing-obrien 

Character(s): Mitch Rapp/Reader

Word Count: 11770 (yeah, you saw right. Eleven thousand, seven hundred & seventy).

Notes: Here is the long awaited Mitch fic, it got super long and I had to reign myself in because otherwise this would be closer to 20k words. Seriously. We have fingering, public sex, object penetration, oral (both receiving), squirting, over-stimulation, spanking, bondage, restriction, dirty-talk, denied orgasm, multiple orgasm, daddy kink, public kink. Proofread by Steffy who’s been giving me all the support during this and she slike my entire reason for not giving up right now, so thank you. @dumbass-stilinski ❤️

Originally posted by gladersmaze

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bad | 04

 He was the cliché bad boy. He was the guy you couldn’t stand. He was the handsome, hot kid who made girls go weak in the knees. He was a brat. You had never liked him one bit, but you had also never gotten involved with anything concerning him. Until one day, when you were in the wrong place, at the wrong time.

Originally posted by mvssmedia

MEMBER: jeon jungkook x reader (ft. kim taehyung)

GENRE: romance, future smut, badboy!jungkook

WORDS: 3 155

WARNINGS: cussing, mature

01 | 02 | 03 | 04 | 05 | 06 | 07 | 08coming soon ↠ 

A/N: this part’s kinda weird. it’s more of a build-up chapter. there might end up being about 8 parts lol. thank yOU FOR 900, OMG

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Draco Malfoy:

- Last picture on Instagram: (7:55am this morning) Harry, dressed in nothing but low rise sweatpants, standing in their kitchen cuddling their grumpy, fluffy white Persian cat, smiling into its fur. Caption: “Look at how disgustingly adorable both my cuties are, look at them.. 😎 ” followed by half a million hashtags including ‘#Bae, #KittyLove, #SaintPotter and #LookAtHisHipBones.

- Last Snapchat sent to Harry: (6:35pm this evening) Double-picture snap 1) Picture of a rack of lacy red bras. Caption: “Pansy forced me to go lingerie shopping with her FML”. 2) Himself in a changing room wearing the shirt he wore to work that morning, the satin tie and a lacy green thong, his back turned to display his arse, looking over his shoulder at the mirror. Caption: “I don’t hate how this looks. Thoughts?” [Harry screenshots it.]

- Last Snapchat received from Harry: (6:40pm this evening) An undecipherable, blurred image with just a part of Harry’s shoe visible. Caption: “MOTHER OF MERLIN, I JUST RAN OUT OF A MEETING TO GO HIDE MY BONER, YOU TOSSER.” followed by an IM on the chat window - “Buy that fucking thong, Draco, buy it right now.”

- Last link shared on Facebook: (4:18pm this evening) Ten Gorgeous Destinations to Consider For Your Next Holiday. Caption: “Harry Potter, pick a date, we’re going to Hawaii.”
Harry - Just say when, baby.
Draco - What the fuck have I told you about calling me that in public?
Harry - I dunno, call you that more often?
Draco - Please go away.
Harry - But I love you!
Draco - I will unfriend you. And block you.
Pansy - Would you two get a room?
Harry - We have a whole flat, Parkinson.
Narcissa - Draco are you in Hawaii
Draco: No, Mother, I’m very much still in London.
Narcissa: Ok wear sunblock even under your swimwear or you will burn
Ron: This is officially the best thing ever.

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Professor Kwon: Chapter III

Genre: Teacher AU, Smut, Fluff, Angst.

Word Count: 3,460

Chapter: 3/?

Pairing: G-Dragon x Reader

Warnings: Once again, there won’t be any until like the 4th chapter ;)) Please hold on until then bbs.

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“You know Y/N, I must admit you’re improving. It appears my warning has gotten through that dull head of yours”, Mr. Kwon paced back and forth slowly in front of my desk as he spoke.

“With all due respect sir, I do believe my head is not dull and that I am improving at my own will. Not because you told me to do so,” I bit back.


Suddenly, Mr. Kwon’s hands slammed down on the surface of the wooden desk. His body lurched forward slightly and his gaze captured my own.

“What? Just because you wrote one decent paper, you think you have the power to question my authority?” he glowered at me and I shivered with a sickening mixture of anger and annoyance. “You will have to do a lot more than whine about your autonomy before I think of you as anything more than a subpar student”.

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The Pawns And The Kings

Part 1 Part 2Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8

Originally posted by bangtanbtsmut

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Type: Smut

Plot:  The reader is kidnapped, left alone in utter darkness. Once the day of her auctioning comes, she’s given to the head of one of the worlds most powerful gangs, Jungkook. She was nothing but a gift to him. But her little soul turns out to have the power to turn the tides in the worlds angriest ocean. And it turns out, Jungkook isn’t the only man whom eyes have settled upon her.

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❧ h.js | reverse

Originally posted by pocketskies

pairing; seventeen joshua x reader

genre; fluff, angst :p

synopsis; soulmates have a timer on them that shows when one party is gonna meet the other. however, as a idol, joshua has been made to avoid that.

word count; 2.6k words

notes; first scenario after my mini hiatus !! hope you all have been doing well <3

You lay peacefully on your pillow, the moonlight subtly passing through your blinds as it cast soft shadows in your bedroom. It was 2am in the morning, and you were still wide awake, lying on your side under the covers as your hands were snug under your pillow and head.

Lots of things were running through your mind — all of them revolving around the topic of your soulmate, questioning the law of the timer embedded in your skin; and everyone else’s.

The timer on your forearm displayed a timing in the format of days to hours to minutes and to seconds. It was something that would gradually fade into view as one grows older, and is usually solid by the time he/she is a mere eleven years old. And at the age of thirteen, the timer starts it’s countdown in dull, dark red colors. You saw it on other people’s arms, the adults — when their timer hits zeros, it glows a bright color which differs from person to person. Only the 2 soulmates would have the exact same shade of the glowing timer.

In school, it was a big thing to all of you who just had had the timer started. Everyone would compare their own timings, and then joke about who would get married at a old age, or who would find their soulmate when they are still young.

But you never knew a a situation where the timer would travel backwards in time would happen.

It wasn’t just once; it wasn’t just twice; it happened more than ten times, if you had counted correctly — and you were nineteen now.

Like everyone else, you would get beyond excited whenever you see that your timer is closing down to 00:00:00:00, and would intentionally dress nice if you had plans to go out that day. But the timer never got to those numbers. The closest that it ever got to was 00:00:04:39; which had just happened that day.

And it had stopped there — and the numbers reversed, going backwards. The timer started counting up the number line and the time increased, until it reached the number it was at now — 11:06:28:43.

“11 days, 6 hours, 28 minutes, 43 seconds,” your mutter silently to yourself as the seconds go by painfully slowly. You stare at the numbers. It made you upset because you had lots of theories in your mind for the reason of why the timer would act like that; one of them being the fact that your soulmate is intentionally avoiding you.

You let out a loud sigh as you shoved your arm back under the pillow, squeezing your eyes shut as you tried to get some sleep.

10 days passed by faster than you thought; you were starting to get really tired of the whole soulmate thing. Why did you have to let a stupid timer bring down your mood so much? It wasn’t something you can control, so why not just let it be?

You sat in front of your desk, your elbow propped onto your table, twirling your pen as you stared blankly at your math paper which you did not understand a single word of.

Your phone suddenly vibrates abruptly on your tabletop, and you jolt up, your train of thoughts interrupted. You glanced at the caller ID — it was Kura, your best friend — and picked up the call.

“What’s up?” you asked, putting your pen down on top of your worksheets as you leaned back onto your chair. You had to pull the phone away from your ears for a bit as Kura blabbered undecipherable words into the phone.

“God, slow down!” you said, laughing. “Start from the top.”

“CLEAR YOUR SCHEDULE TOMORROW!” she exclaimed, and you frowned in puzzlement.

“I mean, I don’t have anything on my schedule for tomorrow currently, but what’s going on?”

“I GOT AN EXTRA TICKET!” she screamed again, which made you even more confused.

“What ticket?” you asked, getting a little annoyed at how she was being so brief.

“Seventeen! Seventeen!” she repeated a few times. “Seventeen’s concert! Diamond Edge!”

You widen your eyes for a second, then raised an eyebrow. A free concert sounds like a huge event, and although you knew Seventeen, you weren’t much of a big fan.

“So you’re saying I can go to their concert for free?” you probed, still a little suspicious.

“YES!” she exclaimed. “WITH ME!”

You laughed again at how hyped up she was, then remembered. Your eyes travelled down to your arm — 01:05:49:30.

One day.

“Hey, Kura, um…” you trailed off. “The timer says it’s tomorrow… I don’t think I can go.”

Kura rolls her eyes. “Who cares about the timer? It has been going backwards for countless times now, hasn’t it? It probably will happen again tomorrow, Just let it be and come to the concert!”

You thought about it; Kura was right. You shouldn’t let this refrain you from going out to have fun. Besides, if your soulmate was indeed avoiding you on purpose, you weren’t going to try and chase after him. You had more pride than that.

“Alright then,” you agreed. “I’ll see you tomorrow.”

The next day, you and Kura met outside the convention hall where the concert was going to take place. You two had arrived 2 hours earlier, and as expected, the place was already swarmed with passionate fans holding banners and lightsticks. 

What surprised you was that your timer was counting down accordingly. It read 00:02:17:30 — you were simply wearing a loose crop tee with jeans, so the timer was exposed. You lifted your arm towards Kura. 

“Look,” you muttered. She raised an eyebrow.

“The concert starts in 2 hours…” she said, and smirked, nudging you. “Your soulmate is probably a fan too.”

You pressed your lips together. It’s not like you were against it, but having a boyfriend who was a fan of a boy group you knew well sounded a little different from what you expected.

You shook your head off the thought. “The timer’s probably gonna go backwards later. I don’t wanna care.”

Kura grinned. “That’s the spirit!”

She herself was tired of seeing you heartbroken whenever your timer restarts, so she supported you in ignoring the timer. 

An hour and 30 minutes later, the gates to the convention hall opened, and everyone rushed in to look for their seats. 

Kura and you had gotten the Category 1 tickets, which means you two were going to be standing right below the stage. 

The fans were pretty polite and no one pushed their way in; that made you smile. You had heard of rude, impatient fans in other countries that had resulted in injured parties. It was very unpleasant. 

You and Kura stand at the front, staring at the stage and trying to peek backstage once in a while to spot the members, but only caught a glimpse of their managers.

Meanwhile, backstage…

“It says 8 minutes, Joshua!” Manager James raises his voice. “8 minutes! You all are going up in 8 minutes according to schedule!”

Instead of breaking out in a wide smile like most people would do as their timer nears zero, Joshua ends up instinctively hiding his arm behind his body. Manager James’ loud voice caused the other members to look over to Joshua, whose head was hung low. 

“What can I do about it?” Joshua muttered, not rudely, but his fists clenches behind him. S.Coups caught sight of that. 

“What can you do about it?” Manager James parrots angrily. He lets out an frustrated grunt and calls for Joshua’s stylist. 

“Get him some long sleeves, and cover up the timer with foundation or something. Make sure that it isn’t seen by the other fans.” 

Joshua’s stylist quickly nods and does what she was told. Joshua turns away, letting out a heavy breath as he blinked multiple times to force his hot tears back in. 

S.Coups pats him reassuringly on the shoulder. “It’ll be alright.”

Joshua was not happy. He was mad. He didn’t understand why he had to be restricted from meeting his soulmate. So many times, he had to walk in the opposite direction of where he was heading because the timer was nearing its zeros. He had to cancel plans and his company made up excuses of him being unwell, when he was just locked up in the dorms so he would have no chance of meeting his soulmate outside.

That was how the timer was forced to backtrack. 

This time, he knew they couldn’t stop him from going out to perform, because it would’ve been too last minute. He knew the timer was going to stop during the concert — he had calculated the hours — and he hid the timer from his managers on purpose; so they wouldn’t know.

Joshua’s stylist pats on thick foundation onto his forearm, blending it out to cover his timer before handing him a long-sleeved outfit to change into, but he didn’t care about that — he knew if the timer ends and glows, it would definitely show through the foundation and clothing fabric. 

“It won’t go backwards this time,” Joshua says softly, only loud enough for the members around him to hear. “I won’t let it.”

Jeonghan nods encouragingly — he hated seeing Joshua upset, full of self-blame after the timer goes back because of him.

“We’ll do what we can, don’t worry,” Seungkwan whispers quietly, shooting Joshua a cheeky wink, making him break out in a smile. 

“Seventeen, please prepare at the stands!” the coordinator calls out, and all 13 of them hastily make their way to the backstage. Manager James shoots Joshua a warning look, which translates to “Make sure you know what to do.”.

Joshua couldn’t read his timer anymore — he couldn’t read the numbers through the foundation even if he pushed his sleeves up.

The MC calls Seventeen onstage, and together with loud screams and cheers from the fans, the 13 of them goes up, with Joshua last in line. 

The moment he steps onstage, a tingling sensation spreads through his arm, and he looks down. 

It was glowing.

A beautiful, lilac-purple color.

Your arm tingles. You thought it was merely someone else’s arm brushing past you, until you realize — that’s not how it’s supposed to feel like. 

You look down and widen your eyes. Your timer. 

The numbers 00:00:00:00 were emitting a soft but piercing purple glow, and you immediately snap your head up, frantically looking around — looking everywhere around you but on the stage.

“Y/N!” Kura exclaims, grabbing your arm. 

“I know, I’m looking!” you shout back, not looking towards her. You were going to cry, you were desperate.

“No, that’s not what I mean! Look!” she shouts again, louder this time, and you turned to her. 

“What!?” you snapped, annoyed. She was pointing at something on the stage, and you follow the path of where her finger was directed towards — and immediately saw.

“J-Joshua…?” you mumbled in confusion. His arm was emitting the same purple glow, but it was obviously muffled.

Joshua’s eyes were wildly scanning through the crowd, and it landed on you. The both of you just stare at each other for a mere second, before he looks away. 

Your mind went into a state of frenzy and confusion. He looked away. HE LOOKED AWAY. 

“Joshua! Would you like to say a few words before you start on your first performance?” the MC asks, and all eyes turn to Joshua, whose arm was now naturally behind his back, hiding the timer well — but the members already know.

“I’m honored to be able to perform here in such a huge arena for all of you! I hope you all have fun today!” he speaks cheerily, and your jaw drops. He didn’t acknowledge you at all — and he was smiling?

As the MC continues speaking, while everyone else was distracted, you catch sight of S.Coups, who was beside Joshua and near the side of the stage, taking a few more steps to where the stage curtains were, and pull a security guard towards him. He whispers something into the guard’s ear, and the guard nods before disappearing backstage.

A few moments later, before you could do anything else, two guards approach you from the other side of the barricade separating you and the stage, and pushes open the barricade a little before pulling you out by your arms.

“What are you doing?!” you exclaim as they lead you through the cleared pathway to somewhere unknown.

“Keep it down,” one of the guards said. “The leader of that group told us to do this.”

“S.Coups? Seungcheol?” you questioned, but they didn’t answer. They just led you out of the arena, down a couple of hallways, and into a plain room which resembled a waiting room. Then they left you alone in there. 

You plopped down into the couch heavily, head in your hands, as tears started trickling down your cheeks. 

Joshua was your soulmate. You didn’t care that he was an idol — you couldn’t believe that he actually completely ignored you even though you had raised your glowing arm for him to see. You confirmed that your theories were right — the timer had been going backwards because of his intentions to avoid you. What now, they were gonna lock you in here? Until the concert ends so they can just dump you in the streets? And make sure you and Joshua never meet? What kind of—


The door opens, and with puffy eyes, you snap your head upwards.

You immediately recognized the brunette. Joshua was panting heavily, as if he had just sprinted here.

“Joshua—” you start, but he just takes 2 big strides towards you, his arms wrapping securely around your petite frame. 

“I’m so sorry,” he said, his voice thick, and you could hear the guilt lining his voice. “I’m so sorry, I’m so so sorry.”

The fact that you two were meeting for the first time didn’t occur at all; your tears were just flowing onto his shoulders. 

He strokes your hair a few times, and you two let go. When the both of you saw each other’s red, puffy eyes and messy looks, a chuckle breaks out.

Joshua wipes your tears away with his thumb. “Don’t cry.”

“You didn’t acknowledge me!” you exclaim accusingly, although in reality you no longer blamed him. It seemed like he was forced to do what he did. 

“The company,” he explains. “They don’t allow me to do that. That’s why the timer has been doing that thing of resetting itself. I’ve been prevented from meeting you.”

You pressed your lips together, your eyes dropping to the now faded timer on your arm, your thumb gently grazing it. “You have no idea how hurt I was when it happened.”

Joshua lets out a sigh. “I was, too.”

The thought of the times where you saw your timer backtrack flashed in your mind, and made new tears flood your eyes. 

“No no no,” Joshua quickly says, tucking a strand of hair behind your ear. “Hey, don’t think of that anymore, I’m so sorry.”

You shake your head. Your emotions were mixed right now, but you were happy. 

“Look at me, will you?” Joshua murmurs, and you slowly do. He smiles when your eyes meet. 

“Pretty,” he says softly, making you smile in embarrassment. Holding your chin gently with his thumb and index finger, he moves closer to you, and your lips meet. 

blacksunxo  asked:

hi mishi! i love you and your writing so much. do you mind writing new-york-november-college-au with will catching a cold and mike fussing all over him? thanks!!

AHHH I love you too! that means so much!! and this prompt is so cute, i’m happy to do it! they’re about 19-20 here, still in college, in new york to visit jonathan… i love writing college byeler lol

“No hospitals,” Will tells him when Mike takes the thermometer out of his mouth. He’s so congested though it comes out as some undecipherable mumble and Mike stares at him incredulously.

“You’ve got a fever of 102. We should go to the doctor,” he says, rolling his eyes when Will whines out a loud “nooooooo” and buries himself under the covers. They’re in New York for the week, visiting Jonathan, but their flight had gotten delayed in Chicago and Will got sick from there, and it’s been a day since they landed but here they are in their hotel room, a mountain of used tissues around Will’s bed while Mike’s been snoozing on the couch. “Seriously, Will come on.”

“I just need rest,” Will’s voice is muffled and Mike has to ask him to repeat himself twice before he emerges from the covers, looking indignant. In any other circumstance, Mike would coo - with his bright red nose, flushed cheeks, and watery eyes, Will looks so cute. But Mike is far too concerned about his health to care about how cute he looks - much, anyways. In some way, Mike Wheeler is always thinking about how cute Will Byers is.

“Alright then,” Mike says as he rises. “You’re going to sleep and I’m going to go out and grab some soup and meds for you. Understood, Byers?”

“Sir yes sir, Captain Wheeler,” Will answers back cheekily. Mike wags a scolding finger at him as he exits. 

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pairing: lee jooheon | reader
genre: best friends to lovers au / fluff
word count: 6,312
description: three times (okay, four) you didn’t mean to say you were his girlfriend… and you certainly didn’t mean to like it so much the last time either. 
author’s note: this was an impulse write… thank @jungnoir. honestly just thank her for most of my on the spot pieces. also, thank this for the inspiration as well! also… also, i dedicate this piece to @yongceo <3 

Originally posted by lostinmonstax

Incident #1:

“For the last time, Jooheon, you can’t just mix up bedroom and bathroom.” You pinch the bridge of your nose, releasing a deep sigh.

He exasperates, eyes going wide by a few centimeters and voice getting increasingly louder, “Why not?! What’s so bad about that?”

You stare him in disbelief before letting go of your suitcase so you can reach over with your free hand that isn’t preoccupied with a carry-on bag just to give him a proper smack on the arm.  

He releases a string of curses and whines that you hear only the half of as a flock of bodies pass between the two of you. As per usual, the airport is still busy as ever with people running all over the place alongside suitcases and other fellow people who might’ve forgotten the exact time of a flight or other notions of the sort. Somewhere in the mix, warbled music and announcements over flights intermingle causing most of the mess.

Traveling in itself is a pain so you can understand the pandemonium.

All things considered, one has to be prepared, well-equipped with their clothing and other toiletries, not to mention making sure they have all the other necessities such as monetary expenses and room and board. There’s a whole new aspect to flying somewhere and situating yourself away from home. And although you’re frustrated with Jooheon over his lack of understanding in the one damn language you’ll both need -English- you can be a little sympathetic with the guy.

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The Mistake (Bonus #6) - Stiles Stilinski

Author: @were-cheetah-stiles

Title: “The One Where Stiles Uses Some Spanish He Learned From Derek”

Author’s Note: Just more sex. I am, ahem, a bad person? They left Vegas after this Bonus Part. This was the end of Part 6.5. This idea really cracked me up though. Also, I had to protect Parrish. #ParrishDeservesTheBest

#1 - #2 - #3 - #4 - #5 - #6 - #7 - #8 - The Mistake Masterlist

Originally posted by tess453

Y/n gripped onto the side of the bed, pulling more of the blankets off and letting them fall onto Stiles’ legs. She threw her head back and moaned as she felt his hands move up her torso to grab at her breasts. “Oh my god.” She groaned as he pinched at her nipples with force. 

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Date the thing you swear you see out of the corner of your eye at 2AM. Date the smile that spreads wide in the top right corner of your room without a face. Hold out your hand into the inky blackness like a peace offering and wait until you feel his wide claws press into your wrist. Offer him your throw pillow and let him embrace your flesh while you try to do the same with his undecipherable form. Let him tell you bedtime stories that will only keep you awake until sunrise, when he vapourizes.

Teddy is twelve the first time Ginny decides to speak her mind about a decision Andromeda had made for him. She often didn’t agree with the way the older woman raised the boy Ginny saw as a brother to her children, but usually let it lie. 

This time, though, she found she couldn’t, and was currently having a rather loud row with her in the Potter’s kitchen. 

“You can’t expect him to act like that!” Ginny shouted, and Harry, in the next room, groaned. He didn’t like fighting in his house, hadn’t fought with anyone since he was a teenager. Ginny was the most firey person he knew, though, so more than a few arguments tended to get heated in his earshot. 

“I can expect him to act however I think is appropriate for a child his age, Ginevra!” Andromeda shouted back, and Harry was glad none of the children were inside the house to hear this. 

“He’s a child! And I can’t stand to watch the way you -” 

“Don’t talk about him like he’s your son -” Andromeda interupted, but a roar from Ginny cut her off in return. “He might not be my blood, but he’s as good as!” 

Stunned, but unsure why, Harry had to stand up and leave. He wasn’t sure why those words - he’s as good as - made him feel like he was made of styrofoam all of a sudden, but there was something associated with them that brought a storm of emotional to the undecipherable forefront of his mind. He’s as good as. 

Molly. Grimmauld Place. Sirius. 

Teddy obviously wasn’t the same as Harry, he wasn’t a spectre who didn’t quite belong anywhere, he had a home - he had two - and Harry knows this, why does it feel like fate has brought the two war orphans together again? He hopes Ginny wins the fight - he won’t be able to stand hearing her talk it over again later if she loses, he knows he won’t. 

He’s as good as. 

Friends With Benefits -Dylan O'Brien (Part Two) [Smut]

Author: @writing-obrien 

Character(S): Dylan O'Brien/Reader, Tyler Posey/Reader

Word Count: 4753

Notes: Finally here, I’m sorry for y'all who waited a long time. Here it is though. And not much to say I’m just filling the space blah blah also thanks to Steff for proofreading for me like a babe because honestly I’m too lazy have I filled enough space to seem educated and important yet but hey who even reads these notes anyway I sure as hell know it’s none of you guys you sinful fuckers are straight into the smut anyway I mean what even happen to punctuation like who’s punctuation don’t know her my cats breath smells like fish he’s sat on my chest holy fuck I can’t breath.

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How odd (Ethan x FemReader) short tickle fluff

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(A/n): I’m posting a story wow

Summary: Massage turns into a tickle fight

Warnings: Intense fluff?


Sometimes, work sucked. Just as a general haul. Be it school work, office work… YouTube work? Everything. It was easy to have anything pile up on you and make you feel like shit. Emotionally and physically.

Today- sadly- was one of those fair days.

You had a meeting about God knows what; three hours of undecipherable rambling that you knew you weren’t getting back. A soild waste of breath, daylight, and space in your schedule.

We have all have these days.

Though you pressed through, in one piece or another, and managed to make it back home at the end of it all. You were almost ready to call up either Mark or Tyler because you felt drunk on exhaustion. But, a prayer let you drive in peace.

As soon as the door was shut behind you when you entered the shared home, a thick sigh droned out of your mouth. It sank low and hung heavy in the air.

Hobbling to the nearest couch seemed almost impossible. After you were able to kick free your shoes, that is.

But once you threw yourself face first upon it’s surface- everything was right with the world. Your aches and worries didn’t slip through your skin like you had hoped, but they were generously numbed.

Your eyelids fluttered shut and quiet consumed you.

That was just moments before you heard a murmur of movement somewhere from around you.

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two sisters

title sorta from @youngbloodbuzz‘s playlist, listen and cry with me

She can’t remember the last time her apartment was this quiet.

(She’s used to dimpled smiles when the door opens. To entwined fingers as they enter together. She’s used to her sister snorting into her ice cream, of light snores when Kara’s face presses awkwardly against the couch as she sleeps.

She’s used to a home now. It had always been Kara’s apartment, or oh, even the DEO, but never her own. This, this feels likes hers.

When it’s with them, but now? Not so much.)

Kara had promised to come soon. Her eyes stern- so stern in place of the usual happy brightness she always pictures her sister with- when she looked up to the sky and said she was going to look for their father.

(It felt too much like a vow.

Like making her promise to live a full life. Like wanting her to live life on her own terms. Every time, without her sister, without Kara.

It felt too permanent, too fast when Kara shot up in the sky after saving them.)

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Malice (M)

Drabble game request: Hoseok + The Neighbourhood - #icanteven | for anon

Character / Genre: Jung Hoseok x reader | smut, angst | 2,550 words

I can’t even, I can’t even believe what you did to me

You can’t even, you can’t even say I’m overreacting

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i'm here || isaac lahey

word count: 2392

warnings: loss of power

request:  Can I request an Isaac imagine… Isaac is in love with the reader who’s a witch and during the Nemeton she was also taken with Chris and she lost her powers and he comforts her. She moves in with Scott to help cope and she has nightmares about it about her not being able to do anything and he helps her get through eventually kissing her toes lo with her panic attack about it. Sorry if it doesn’t make any sense

author’s note: this has been posted before but was deleted, so now i am reposting it! enjoy! all the witch stuff is inspired by bonnie bennett from the vampire diaries!

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By the cover {Part 1}

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Pairing: Taeyong x Reader

Warnings: Smuty smut. 

Word counting: 2.819

Summary: Just when you thought you have learned every person in your school’s life patterns, you find someone else. 

[pt.2]  [pt.3]

There are two rules dictated by everyone’s freshmen year self. Number one: Don’t piss seniors off or you are dead. Number two: Be cool or you are dead.

Of course, that is just a stupid mindset but is the only thing in our minds when we are young. Luckily, you haven’t had to do much when you reached high school or pit effort to stick out. One step inside the halls and you were automatically crowned as a popular person. No, is not that you are this full of yourself but it’s just what happens when you are known as Johnny Seo’s best friend. Exactly, Johnny and you have been friends since kindergarten because your parents worked together. He was pretty, he knew how to act cool and he was the foreigner mysterious student. He didn’t need anything else to have almost all the girls letting sighs out for him when he walked around. He was popular and you hanged with him so you were popular in extension.

And like this, you pretty much accommodated on the “popular girl” kind of life; your own bubble of comfort and pretending. Inside this bubble laces with people formed a royalty class without a way to stop it. Untouchable kids, that’s what you became, untouchable and hella elitist. Because even if at first it’s just a stupid game for children, growing inside it is dangerous and easy at the same time.

Well, easy, at least for the freshman and sophomore year.  In the junior year things started getting wilder. Two words: Oh Sehun. He was a senior, the most popular kid of them all, a blonde tall and handsome model with a golden booty who also could buy everyone’s ass with his parent’s money. Somehow Johnny befriended him and the complicated web of contacts made you befriend him too. And everything went uphill like a fucking rollercoaster. Parties, reunions, more parties, betrayals, spite and, of course, love affairs.

You never wanted to enter the flinging mess but shit changed in the moment that Kim Yugyeom broke up with you to seek after other chicks. The bastard! And what did you do? Like an Untouchable Kid, like everyone that grew up in such a way, you showed everyone, and especially him, that you didn’t care. One after another you noted the boys that you made fall for you in a list. Oh, if you only made them fall… you used them like tissues and threw them after it. Is not that you were the school hoe but they were enough to get yourself the “heartbreaker” title, which was good because if you are a heartbreaker you are not a heartbroken.

Oh Sehun was finally retained in 12th grade so when you became a senior he was still there and in your class, indeed. That was the cherry on top when talking about danger. Suddenly, and without you noticing, you are immersed in a delirium of excess. Why? You only want to have fun, damn, you are 18! As soon as Sehun’s parents left for a business trip his house filled up with people dancing, making out and being too close of an ethylic intoxication for their age. You know… High School stuff.

You are there, cool kids’ protocol followed from head to toes. With a pink dress tight enough to make your curves be seen, lashes longer than your skirt and a red cup in your hand containing whichever booze Sehun bought in the nearest market. The plans of what you can do over the night are being examined by you carefully while Johnny stands by your side checking one by one the numerous assistants to the party. Judging by the look upon his face you can say that he hasn’t find something fun to do yet in the crowded mess.

-Let me ask again. What are we celebrating today?- he asks raising his voice over the noise and the music

-Jaehyun’s birthday?

-Jahyun’s birthday?

-Or maybe… Taeil’s birthday?

-Humm… i’ll go with that one. Did Jaehyun even come?

-He sure did, don’t you heard the rumor about he dating Rosé?- Rosé is a princess. Everybody loves her since she is smart and pretty and she was voted to be in charge of the students council by an absurd mayory- I’m sure it’s true and she is here so he must be here too i guess.

-Rosé with Jaehyun? That’s a power couple. I ship it.

-Yeah, they look like a movie romance- you take a ship of your verbiage before continuing- And Lee Taeyong is there too so Jaehyun is definitely here, they are best friends.

You turn around to mix the bitter taste of the alcohol in your cup with whatever you have in hand. But otherwise, Johnny keep his attention on the young man sitting on the couch. Blueberries juice? You roll your eyes, it is so typical of Sehun to buy something so over sweetened. You don’t think about it too much and pour it in the cup because it can’t taste worst than the cheap gin you are drinking.

-Don’t you think Taeyong is too boring?

-Boring?- you echo returning to your place by Johnny’s side with your drink in your hand - No i don’t think he is boring

-Nah, Y/N, look at him. He is sitting right there quietly. In a party!- you nail your eyes on the pink haired boy

-But do you really think he is boring? A boy with that appearance can’t be boring, it’s like written on the manual- Johnny arches his eyebrows

-Excuse me, i think i just heard you insinuating that Lee Taeyong is your type

-He is not my type, I’m just pointing that he is handsome- Johnny dramatically starts shaking you by the arm emitting a drowned fanboying sound

-You are not serious!

-Tsk- you blurt out- what are you doing i’m not a 15-years-old madly in love, i said he is handsome

-Handsome?- he wrinkles his nose- Maybe, but he looks like he has never broken a plate. You like cuties? Cute boys?

-I don’t think he is as cute as he looks, Johnny.

And it is true. A person who has the possibility of entering Sehun’s parties can’t be just innocent for various reasons. Lee Taeyong built a layer of mystery around himself when he came to High School last year. As cliché as it is, he was the transfer student and just a few people got to be close to him and see what he is up to. Of course, nor Johnny or you were that people.

-Listen, you know what would be funny?

-I think i’ll regret to ask but: what?

-If you tried to hit on Taeyong. I would prove to you that he is boring

-You are not hearing how stupid you sound?

-Oh my … you may commit a homicide!- Johnny keep mocking him -He might die of embarrassment, Y/N!!   

-Johnny stfu. I’m not hitting on him what are you saying?

-Just as a joke, have sense of humour!

-No. A million times no. Why don’t you hit on him if that looks so funny to you?- he arches an eyebrow again

-He doesn’t look like he liked the D’s. Get it Y/N, he is from the basket team, the gay team in our school is the baseball team… duh!- he starts pissing you off with a friendly tone

-Imma knock you down, Mr. Seo

-Key, calm down- he laughs together with you- Let’s find Jeffrey i wanna ask him if he is sleeping with Rosé?

-Why so interested?

-I like Jisoo and they are friends, you know… things come easy

-Really? Jisoo?

-She looks like a kitten


And as well as the rumors are saying, you find Jaehyun flying around Rosé. She is looking as flawlessly as she tends to do, chatting and dancing at equal amounts but the first one seems to have a bit less of tolerance against alcohol that he wants to show. He is standing perfectly straight but judging by the way his sleeves are rolled up and that he is brushing his hair back nervously you would say that his ship is going into a storm, in terms of balance.

-Hey, Jae, how is it going? I find you kinda… heated- Jaehyun laughs welcoming you and Johnny into the conversation

-Listen, is not me, the fucking Sehun always with his stupid blueberries liquor. You know if you mix sugar with alcohol shit gets pretty real sooner.

-I told him “buy tonic”. Did he listen? He never does- the three of you laugh for a while until Johnny decides to ask The Question- Talking about candies… what is it with the president, huuuh?

-Rosie?- Jaehyun’s lips slightly reflect a smile which already makes you confirm every theory you had

-Yeah… Rosie- says Johnny mimicking Jaehyun’s sugar coated tone- Girlfriend or hook-up?

-Johnny i told you to not ask him like that!- you scold him hitting on his arm and making the other boy laugh- Sorry Jaehyun…

-It’s ok, it’s ok… she is a girlfriend, Johnny

-Congrats or something? She is really pretty

This goes followed by some short explanation of a romantic scenario with Rosé as main character but Johnny has already found out what he wanted, therefore, he is not listening. He makes an expression that is, in part, undecipherable, but the way he grins to himself and quietly takes a long ship from his cup makes the other boy suspicious even if he is half drunk to register it.

-Oh boy, what is that face about?

-Isn’t your Rosie a friend with Jisoo, the one from the school choir?

-Mmm…I guess? That one? - Jaehyun turns his attention to his girlfriend who is now dancing alone with some friends and points to a brunette small woman. Your bestie nods already implying what he wanted to say with a smirk- You are interested in her?


-I don’t know, she is a bit like… classy, i don’t think she wants to…- he directs a look to Johnny gesturing over him with his hands- …that

You burst into laughter at how fast Johnny’s expression changed as his hopes slightly dropped. And honestly Jaehyun is laughing hard too, probably the half of that laugh is just because of how drunk he is and not because of the joke but who cares at that point, you aren’t sober either.

-Hey!- the tall silhouette of an almost 2 meters tall boy makes a sudden appearance by your side.

Rowoon Kim, more known as the handsome face of the basketball team. He is a kind, apacible guy from the 3rd grade but he keeps being as eye-candy for the girls as the others. The tall tanned boy leans on the wall with a wide smile, holding a couple of bowls with a lot of folded papers inside that makes you die of curiosity.

-Hey Rowoon!- you salute him cheerfully- Want to join? We were about to roast Johnny

-Hyung, what did you do now?

-Nothing, they are just shaming me. Wassup with that?- Johnny points at the crystal bowls asking what everyone was thinking

-This?- he says making the papers move inside the recipients- Well, Sehun has the worst ideas so he asked me to make people put their names in this to do a Super Lotto Show.

- Lotto? What is the price then?- you say curious

-7 minutes in Paradise


-One plate for the girls and one for the boys. Then a paper is chosen from each bowl and the winners get a ticket to Paradise a.k.a the closet

-Sehun has the best ideas- Johnny blurts out with a grin understanding the system

You also perfectly catch the idea that is running in Sehun’s machiavellian mind. If you want to keep your reputation as a king of hosts and parties you may want to make people talk about such parties for at least a week. And you need to put sauce on them to make that happen. The fuel of making a memorable party is the gossiping, after all.

-People call a Paradise the first thing they see, nowadays- exclaims Rosé with a humorous tone joining the conversation

-President! let me tell you that a real man can make a paradise out of any place

-Johnny cut it out- says Jaehyun who is already hugging his girlfriend

-Well, guys, do you want to play?

-Sure- Johnny doesn’t need more time to write his name with a clear handwriting and put it inside the bowl under the amused look of Rowoon- Tell me, president, are any of your friends participating?

-Nayeon, Jisoo and our Jennie- there is an exchange of mischievous looks between the three present boys and a small chuckle from your side

-Jaehyun?- continues Rowoon dissimulating

-I don’t think so

-And i guess Rosé doesn’t want to play, either, for equal reasons…-the girl shakes his head- Y/N?

-Yeah, i don’t know…

-C'mon, it can be fun- He encourages you- I put my name too because what can i lose?


-Ohg- Johnny grunts and, taking a paper, he writes down your name fast and ads a little heart by its side as if he wants to make everyone believe that was written by yourself. And then he shoves the paper into the bowl mixing it with the thick amount of names and losing it forever- There you go


-What? Imma quote your words before we came here: “I’m in the mood for an epic party, i’m wearing this skirt i bought for 40 bucks i'ma slay!”

-I didn’t say that. Not the last part

- “Johnny put my name in the goblet of fiyaaaah”

-Okay whatever- you say amused handing him your empty cup- But please refill that, just in case our names came out together i need to be at least a bit drunk

-Bish!- you blow him a sarcastic kiss and watch him go to fill the cups under the persistent and funny eyes of Rowoon who murmurs something about seeing you later and disappear into the crowd to collect people’s names.

The poor boy has caught the burden of helping Sehun around for one night which must be tiring and mostly annoying.

Until 12pm the party can be resumed with three words which are dancing, drinking and talking. Jaehyun endured it well all night and kept his “i’m a manly man and i’m not affected by alcohol” facade but he suddenly hits rock bottom with the ethanol level on his blood and he practically carries Rosé to the dancefloor to get lost in the mass of moving bodies. The most probable thing is that they won’t come back in at least one hour and that they are going to spend some quality time somewhere they consider a good emplacement. But this is something that none of you give importance to.

It’s only midnight and the party is decaying inside your group of friends due to the high number of cups you have downed. And you know it when you see Johnny bet with Taeil who of them two can reach the highest note while singing “My heart will go on”. Thankfully, the prince party Sehun makes his entrance in the room and gathers everyone’s attention before they have time to start screaming.

To be honest it’s the first time you see him since the night started, no matter if it is his own fucking house. He walks to the center of the room and with a click of his fingers the music’s volume drops to a soft background music and the DJ hangs him a microphone. He taps it a couple of times doing a not necessary but very flamboyant mic check.

-Goodnight people. I hope everyone is having the time of their lives- the noise of people cheering sounds loud- As you see i prepared a game with all my heart because Jesus knows i love to play- people in the crowd giggle to the comment and cheer again-  Good luck to everyone. Now Rowoon, honey, can you make the honours? We need an innocent hand

The junior quickly mixes the papers and pulls out one from the bowl marked with a pink sticker. The note is ripped off fast from his hand by the oldest. He unfolds it and giving everyone their spoon of expectation tapping the mic again.

- “Y/n  Y/l/n. Heart”- you half smile at the calling and wave your hand towards the host who waves back understanding your presence. Johnny’s attention comes back to you jiggling- She is a very pretty friend of mine, people, lets see who is the lucky guy. Rowoon please.

Again the same process with the paper and the incertidumbre and this time you can say it’s worth it because you almost choke at Sehun’s voice.

-”Lee Taeyong”

Professor Kwon: Chapter IV

Genre: Teacher AU, Smut, Fluff, Angst.

Word Count: 3,119

Chapter: 4/?

Pairing: G-Dragon x Reader

Warnings: I know I said there was gonna be smut here but I changed how I’m going to plan my chapters so you’re just gonna have to hold on until then ;))

Originally posted by ohmy-jiyong

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