The Revered Omega

I am a sucker for the headcanon / AU of a Revered Omega where the Omega is seen as some delgacy and should be treated like royalty.

  • These AU’s tend to have a low precentage of Omegas in their world.
  • Omegas would never be allowed to go anywehre without a Beta or Alpha accompanying them.
  • They tend to not be allowed jobs unless it’s family related.
  • Being mated to an Omega is an honor!
  • Suiters would shower them with gifts.
  • Parents tend to arrange their Omega child’s marriage.
  • These Omegas are usually not allowed to do any sports.
  • They probably tend private schools or are home schooled.
  • Their life is usually controlled by a parent figure.
  • These Omegas tend to be shy and soft spoken.
  • They can also be undeceive or uncaring of what to decide when given choices. Like, “Why should it matter? You’ll end up making the final decision anyways.”

But, I also like the idea of a Reverd Omega who is outspoken and a handful

  • They would always be running off to go see what is in a shop’s window.
  • Their Beta or Alpha care-taker is always sighing. Their job isn’t boring.
  • These Omega are always making new friends, no matter the dynamic.
  • They don’t like their dynamic stop them from wanting to work or doing activities that make them break a sweat.
  • Totally the type to sneak out of the house with their friends. Then they get grounded for two weeks.
  • They beg their parent’s to go to a public school.
  • They dress themselves, they start trends.
  • Some Alphas or Betas see this Omega as un-mate-able because this Omega is outspoken and not stereotypically submissive.
  • Arranged marriage? They think not!
roasting the signs

Aries: Y'all are selfish and only care about yourselves. You don’t care about the consequences of your actions and how your horrible shitty decisions effect others. You’re immature and verbally assault others when they anger you. Grow up!
Taurus: Stop being so stubborn and greedy!!! Y'all give your unwanted opinion and advice on everything…. newsflash nobody asked. You act like you’re professional geniuses on every subject that exists but everything that comes out of your mouth is pure shit.
Gemini: You’re so undeceive and unpredictable in the worst way possible. You’re always changing your mind about things and people which makes you look deceitful and untrusting. Stop being so inconstant and flighty.
Cancer: You’re soooooo sensitive. Nothing is that serious so stop taking everything to heart. Y'all always act like the victim in every situation and spend your time moping around and wanting everyone to feel bad for you. Stop begging for reassurance and whining when you don’t get it.
Leo: y'all are so vain and egotistical. You’re not better than anyone so calm down with that. Don’t assume everyone envies you and wants to be led by you. Your constant need for attention is obnoxious and narcissistic.
Virgo: You’re so uptight… let shit go. Y'all act like anything that disrupts your boring and lame routine is the end of the world. If everything is not done your way you’ll annoy everyone into doing it.
Libra: Stop trying to please everyone. You need validation for everything you do which annoys everyone around you. Your desire to be liked and popular pushes the people who actually care about you away. You have no backbone and can never make a design unless 1887339 people validate you.
Scorpio: y'all are so PETTYYYYY!!!!!! You enjoy watching other people suffer bc it makes you feel powerful and will you will literally do ANYTHING for attention. You’re so shady and can’t be trusted.
Sagittarius: You’re always changing things about yourself to fit in. Y'all are empty on the inside and so superficial its crazy. you’re detached and stubborn which makes you look clueless and obnoxious.
Capricorn: Y'all are boring and use others to try to succeed in life because you aren’t capable of doing it yourself. You think your always right and sooo self centered. It’s exhausting to be around you as you’re always changing your boring personality to make others like you.
Aquarius: You try way toooo hard. You want others to think you’re interesting and different. Y'all use your ‘uniqueness’ to cover up the fact you’re just aloof and disconnected in all your personal relationships. You act generous and thoughtful when in reality you don’t care about anyone.
Pisces: WAkE UP! Ya’ll are always stuck in your own world and you’re never mentally anywhere. You’re always lost and in a constant state of chaos. You have a hard time dealing with the real world which can push others away. Because you’re always stuck in your fantasy world, you’re always making people wait for you which is tiring af.

Intervention for Winn

“Okay, okay, yes, Lyra and I were there last night, but her brother’s safe and sound now, so no art thievery, I swear, we just – ”

“Whoa Winn, slow down. I don’t know where you and Lyra were after your Guardian stint last night and I really don’t want to. That’s not why I’m calling.”


“Yeah. But I do have donuts for you, if you… I kind of… I need to talk to you… alone… I mean, I’m sorry, you and Lyra probably have plans – ”

“Name the time and place, my favorite pool shark, and I’ll be there.”

“You gotta stop calling me that.”

“You love it.”

“Do we wanna go back to the public undecency you and Lyra apparently got up to last night?”

“Time and place, Maggie. Uh, Detective Sawyer.”

“8 o'clock. The bar okay for you?”

“Only if we can shoot some pool, my favorite… um… girlfriend of Alex’s…”

“Sure, Winn. Sure.”

She hangs up and she glances at Alex and James and Kara.

“Still not sure why you guys wanted me to be the one to call him.”

“You’re new, Maggie. If you say you want to see him without his girlfriend, he’ll come. He likes you and he doesn’t want to get off on the wrong foot with you.”

“Because he’s scared of me?”

“Yes, babe. You’re terrifying.”

James and Kara snort, and Alex and Maggie glare teasingly.

“You’re sure Brian’s information’s accurate?” Kara asks one more time.

One more time because Winn is happy, and Winn is giddy, and she doesn’t want to take that from him.

Or, worse, have him turn away from all of them because he’s offended by their intervention.

“Winn might be more scared of your sister than he is of me, but I’ve got fear down to Brian’s boots. He might be a little… odd. But his intel’s never failed me before.”

James sighs and rubs his hand over his face.

“It’s not hard to believe, Kara. I mean, I wish it were, but… you should have seen Lyra go after that boy at the liquor store. He was just a kid, you know, and it was like she had no empathy.”

Maggie sighs and Alex twitches. Maggie takes her hand, because she knows that Alex, of all people, understands Lyra’s tendency to go overboard. To cause pain, and to enjoy it. And they’re working on it together. Slowly. Excrutiatingly.

They’re pretty quiet until 8 o'clock rolls around and Winn strolls into the bar.

His brow furrows immediately, and he points to each of his friends in turn.

“Is this an ambush, Sawyer? I thought it was gonna be just you and me, mano a mano, shooting shots and shooting pool and – ”

“Stop talking and sit, Schott,” Alex cuts him off, and Kara leans over to tone Alex down.

He obeys, silently, staring at James.

“What’s this about, man?”

James clears his throat and folds his hands on the table. He adjusts in his seat and he glances at Kara and he looks back at Winn and he takes a deep breath.

“Winn, man, listen. I haven’t felt… I haven’t felt like I’ve had a brother since Clark. But you, Winn? You’re my brother. And I love that you’re happy, and you deserve that, man, you deserve it so much. But Winn, you’re such a nice guy that it… it can be easy for people to take advantage of you.”

“Like Kara. With Mon-el,” Maggie supplies gently, and Kara nods while holding Alex’s hand across the table.

“But we had an intervention for Kara about Mon-el, it… wait…” Winn looks around and almost stands back up, but James takes one shoulder and Maggie takes another, and they gently, very gently, push him back down to sit. “Is this an… intervention? About Lyra? Because I talked to her, James, and I told you, if you don’t want her on team Guardian, she won’t be, I talked to her – ”

“Yeah, and she apparently broke a glass and did a lot of screaming and accusing you of calling her crazy, Winn,” Kara says, her eyes soft, her voice almost softer.

Winn looks at each of them in turn, stammering.

“She’s… she’s passionate, okay? She just wants to help, and she felt like I was calling her crazy and telling her she wasn’t worth it – ”

“But that’s not what you were telling her, man. And even if you were – to break a glass like that? To yell at you like that?”

“Dude, my sister has superpowers. If she broke every glass she came across when she’d be angry, we… Winn, she’s gotta have more control than that. It’s abusive, dude, she can’t – ”

“Oh, right, Alex, and you can talk about control, and abuse, Miss Get Me a Wrench.”

Alex almost stands, the shadows behind her eyes bursting into flame. Kara and Maggie still her with their hands, their whispers, and James stills Winn with his own.

“Alright, alright! I’m sorry, Alex, that was out of line, I didn’t… I’m sorry, I just… got defensive, I… I’m sorry, Alex.”

“You’re not wrong,” she mutters, like she’d rather admit anything else in the world. “But it just makes me get it even more, Winn. It wouldn’t be acceptable if I carried that… rage… into my relationship with Maggie. Hell, it’s apparently not even acceptable when I carry it into the DEO. So dude, I get it. I sympathize with Lyra, I do. But Winn, she can’t treat you like that. She can’t. It’s not okay.”

His eyes bore into Alex’s for a long, long, long moment. Maggie and Kara exchange a tense glance, and James keeps his eyes focused on his brother.

“But I think I might love her.”

Kara stands and crosses to Winn’s side of the table, kneeling next to him and pulling him into a soft hug. “I know. And I’m so sorry, Winn. But that’s the thing. About you. And, I guess, about me. We love so hard and forgive so easily that it’s almost impossible to see when we’re being treated badly. And you don’t deserve it, Winn. You don’t.”

“You’re all not… mad at me?”


“Absolutely not!”


“Dude, why would we be mad at you?”

“Because I’m stupid, apparently, I’m just… stupid.”

“You’re not. You’re not stupid, Winn. Your kindness is… it’s beautiful, man. But you gotta look out for yourself. And sometimes you forget to, or don’t know you deserve to, so…”

“So you have your family to help get you there.”

“Family, huh, Kara?” he looks down at her, his lips twisting into a soft smile.

“Family,” she confirms, and Winn doesn’t remember ever feeling this loved. This cared for. This… home.

Androgynous Descriptions of Alexander Hamilton

Trying to compile a list of all the times Hamilton’s contemporaries or early biographers described him in or portrayed him as acting in particularly feminine or androgynous ways, positive or pejorative:

He was under middle size; thin in person, but remarkably erect and dignified in his deportment. His hair was turned back from his forehead, powdered, and collected in a club behind. His complexion was exceedingly fair, and varying from this only by the almost feminine rosiness of his cheeks. His might be considered, as to figure and color, an uncommonly handsome face. When at rest, it had rather a severe and thoughtful expression; but when engaged in conversation, it easily assumed an attractive smile.

- William Sullivan

Hamilton has a very boyish, giddy manner, and Scotch-Irish people could well call him a “skite.“

- William Maclay

He’ll, all at once, start from his chair, / Twirl his whip and sing an air, / Dance, to show his grace and shape, / Brisk and sprightly as an—Ape. / To the glass he often goes, / There adjusts his stock and clothes, / Meets his image with a glance, / Of the sweetest complaisance.

- New York Journal

Although I read with tranquility and suffered to pass without animadversion in silent contempt the base insinuations of vanity and a hundred lies besides published in a pamphlet against me by an insolent coxcomb who rarely dined in good company, where there was good wine, without getting silly and vaporing about his administration like a young girl about her brilliants and trinkets, yet I lose all patience when I think of a bastard brat of a Scotch pedlar daring to threaten to undeceive the world in their judgment of Washington by writing an history of his battles and campaigns.

- John Adams

Hamilton had no more gratitude than a Cat. If you give a hungry famished Cat a slice of meat, she will not accept it as a Gift; she will snatch at it by Force, and express in her countenance and air, that she is under no obligation to you; that she got it by her own cunning and activity, and that you are a fool for giving it to her.

- John Adams

Burr, though not one of the fomenters of the American Revolution, had been one of its officers, and every opportunity which Hamilton improved Burr had possessed in an equal degree. He, like Hamilton, had been awhile on the staff of Washington; he, like Hamilton, had the benefit of the society of the Schuyler family, in his early military days, but he made no honorable impression there. Burr, for no public services whatever, except as one of the earliest heroes of the Albany lobby, was sent to Philadelphia as United States Senator, and when Hamilton lost his political power, Mr. Burr reached the second station in the country. Yet, in the lapse of days, how insignificant appears the effigy of Burr beside this symmetrical, almost girlish engine of thought, intercourse and public science. 

- G.W.P. Custis, Katherine Baxter’s Godchild of Washington

In the intercourse of these martial youths [Hamilton and Laurens], who have been styled "the Knights of the Revolution,” there was a deep fondness of friendship, which approached the tenderness of feminine attachment.

- John Church Hamilton, Life of Alexander Hamilton

His temper was as sportive as it was kind. An eminent Presbyterian clergyman from New England was introduced to him, when on a visit to New York. On his return, his friend said, “Well, you have seen Hamilton—you have seen the great man.” “I cannot tell you about his greatness,” the Divine answered, “but he was as playful as a kitten.”

- John Church Hamilton, Life of Alexander Hamilton

There was something almost feminine in Hamilton’s gentleness and concern for the comfort and happiness of other people.

- Allan McLane Hamilton, The Intimate Life of Alexander Hamilton

His attachments were strangely assorted, but, as a rule, were very deep, very affectionate, and very lasting; and, as is usually the case, the less brilliant and more sober-minded friends were those that remained loyal and unselfishly devoted to him until the end, and did more for his family after his death than any of the others. It may be said that they were divided into two categories: those that were drawn to him by his humorous and almost feminine traits, which were coupled with a fascinating culture and a flow of spirits that almost bubbled over; and others, who had been engaged with him in the war, and in his legal practice, and the many public affairs which were so vital at the time. These really loved him for his great intellectual gifts and his absolute sense of justice.

- Allan McLane Hamilton, The Intimate Life of Alexander Hamilton


The “otter thing” part 13.

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Family (Jacob Frye)

*Warning: Very Lengthy! 3144 words. Lengthy…*

London’s usual gray blanket of clouds were replaced with a soothing baby blue sky and the sun’s warm rays gracing your skin. The gentle breeze ruffled your dark admiral gray skirt of your fitted dress. The smell of iron and coal was heavy in the air, making your nose scrunch up in displeasure, yet some part of you did not mind the smell as it was a usual occurrence around the city of London. Your (H/T) (H/C) hair became slightly disheveled as you continued your mid day walk through the crowded, busy streets of London. The throngs of people seemed to be endless as you and Evie, your sister-in-law and close friend, made your way to Henry’s bookshop. It had felt good to leave that fast paced train for once and get some air.

Evie stood near to your side, watching people carefully go around you as you waddled through the streets. Her piercing blue gaze drifting to your bulging abdomen every five minutes, silently checking your bump for any physical damage. You cradled your bump as men, women, and urchins gave you small smiles; your instinct was to return the kind gesture.

“(Y/N), you do not look the slightest bit comfortable. I can fetch us a carriage and when we get to Henry’s bookshop, you can rest inside it while I talk with Henry,” Her hands took a soft grip on your forearm, making you stop walking, “I promise that the conversation will not last long and I can soon get you back on the train to get some more rest, if you would like.” Her voice was filled with concern as she eyed you up and down.

Your feet were swollen and your lower back ached from the constant pressure on your small feet, but you continued to walking. The gentle breeze suddenly started to chill your clothed skin; it only added to what the baby was contributing too. Just a couple minutes ago, you were basking in the warm sunlight, now your whole body was cold to the touch, all because of your baby. You would not admit it out loud, but fetching a carriage sounded delightful, but you barely got use your feet anymore since you had found out you were pregnant due to Jacob’s protective orders.

“Oh Evie, that is very kind of you, but Jacob has me resting way too much and this walk is giving me the fresh air I need. Henry’s bookshop is only a couple more blocks north of here, I think I can survive until then.” You caressed your bump through your clothing as you gave her a gentle smile.

“I am slightly cold. I do not know how you are fairing with this gentle breeze, but may I possibly borrow your coat? This child is turning my body temperature.” She gave you a big grin and quickly took off her long coat and draped on your shoulders. It was warm and her scent of flowers surrounded you. “Thank you”

“You are welcome. Jacob will murder me if he was to hear that you and your child are not being treated kindly,” She let out a slight chuckle as she started to move, “I can tell you that Jacob’s brashness lessened and he has become more meek ever since you had told him that you are expecting his child. I can not tell if it will become a curse or a blessing.” Evie spoke her true thoughts about you and Jacob expecting your first child together.

“Jacob has become more meek, I can not argue that, but it must certainly benefit you both when it comes to more cautious missions. He has expressed his fears of becoming a father to me and I can understand them completely; they are no different than my fears of becoming a mother. He has told me that he wants to give our child every little thing in the world that he never had.” Your voice grew quiet as you felt slight pressure on the crown of your belly, making you stop.

“What is wrong? Is it the baby? Are you alright?” Evie’s blue eyes grew wide as you rubbed the area.

“The baby was just moving around to get comfortable. The space inside is no doubtingly getting smaller and It should be any day that we will get to meet them,” You smiled as you started to walk again, “Just curious, Where is Jacob? I thought he would be accompanying us?” You pulled the coat tighter against your frame, trying to capture any heat radiating off your body.

“He will meet us at the bookshop with Henry, from what i have been told they had some other important matters to attend to. They might be waiting for us.” She smiled at you as you returned it.

“You Know, I have never thought much of it at first but do you and Jacob have some names picked out?” Evie was curious to see how you and Jacob would name your first child.

“Well now that you brought it up, we did decide on a selective group of names for both parties. I wanted to use your name if you do not mind. I think your name is so beautiful. For the boy’s name, we decided it would be Daniel, but it might change due to my undeceive mind.” You shrugged your shoulders as you looked at Evie with a grin.

“Of course you can use my name! I thought I was going to have to convince you with chocolates and trips to the theater. I also adore the name Daniel, how did you come up with that one?” She questioned as you both turned the corner.

“Well I had this friend - ” A single gunshot rang through your ears and pain erupted throughout your baby bump. Your hand quickly ran over the area; your hands felt warm and sticky as you saw your crimson blood cover your small hands. People nearby screamed with terror as the fled from the scene while other stayed in their spot due to shock. You became unbalanced and you legs had given out under you; Evie caught you just in time before you made impact of the cobble stone street. She quickly laid you out with your head placed gently in her lap as you cradled your bleeding bump.

You saw the culprit. He was younger man, maybe in his late twenties, standing a couple feet in front of you with a sliver revolver in his left hand. He wore blighter’s colors and bore the Templar insignia on a band on his right arm. His dull gray eyes made contact with your pain-stricken (E/C) eyes and terror was evident in both of your eyes. He dropped his revolver and slowly back away in fear as he had realized what he had done.

“I-I thought it was the assassin. I-I did not mean to.” He stared at the two of you on the wet, cold stone street and right before he was going to run for his life, Evie quickly took it from him with one quick flick of her wrist; The man had collapsed backwards into a small puddle, motionless. She let out a fretful cry as she turned her attention back to you. You let out your first cry of pain.

“Eve - Evie. Help… Help me…” You rasped out as you did your best to apply pressure to your wound and stop the blood from flowing out. Your body grew stiff as you felt your baby’s rapid movements inside you; it only added to the physical pain your were experiencing at the moment.

“(Y/N), you are going to be alright, you hear me? Just hand in there for me and Jacob, okay? Tell me more about what you think about your baby.” She applied pressure to your belly, but blood kept oozing from it. You could hear her heart thumping in her chest as she slightly leaned over you. You were trying your best to keep calm, but nothing was working.

“Well I-I can picture Jacob playing wi-with our baby - I think it will be a girl, but Jacob hopes for a boy - wearing his top hat. Oh I just know J-Jacob will be a great father, despite his fears… Oh lord!” You grabbed Evie’s forearms and squeezed as hard as you could, you just wanted to get rid of the pain you were feeling. Evie’s eyes met yours and she momentarily froze. You wanted your baby to be okay and if that means that you would have to die, then so be it.

“Please (Y/N), just hold still. Try not to move as much.” She looked down at your face and then at her bloodied hands on your bump. Your blood stained her hands and your dress. Evie looked into the small crowd that had formed around the two of you. She spotted to urchins and called them over quickly.

“You boy, run to a bookshop at least three blocks north from here and look for two men: Jacob Frye and Henry Green. You are to deliver the news of his wife and child and bring them here immediately,” She quickly ushered him away and turned to the girl that stood quietly, “I need you to help me keep her calm.” Evie hugged your upper body closer to hers.

“(Y/N), Jacob is soon going to be here, do not worry.”

“My baby, Evie, My baby!”

“I know (Y/N), I know.”

“(Y/N) is your name, am i right miss?” The urchin girl spoke up as she studied your facial expressions. She scanned your belly seeing your deep crimson blood being soaked up in the fabric of your dress and Evie’s coat.

“Yes… that is my name. Wh-what is yours, child?” You tried your best to mask your pain with a half-hearted smile.

“Audrey. I must say that your name is quiet pretty.” She grabbed your bloody hand and gave it a gentle squeeze.

“Thank you.” You groaned out as you were beginning to feel tired. Your vision was fading black at the edges as you did your best to fight it.

“(Y/N), please stay with us. What are you planning on naming your child? I am sure it is a fancy name.” The urchin girl stared up at Evie with a worried expression. Evie looked down to see your eyes barely open.

“I am… I am trying… Jacob… Tell him…” You did your best to stay awake, but you couldn’t. You didn’t find the strength to finish your sentence before everything went black. ________________________________________________

“Squeeze my hand if you can hear me.”

You did what the voice asked and you squeezed as hard as you possibly could. Pain lingered on your abdomen, but it wasn’t as severe as it was when you were shot. Your body ached all over and was cold to the touch, but that was from the blood loss. Blankets covered your body to keep you warm. You fluttered your eyes open to see Jacob’s hazel irises staring right at you.

“(Y/N).” His voice was raspy and his eyes were slightly puffy. His top hat sat on the window sill, leaving his deep brown disheveled in the natural light. His big paw-like hand engulfed yours and had a firm grip on it. A gentle smile replaced his frown when he caught a glimpse of your eyes.

“Jacob?” Your voice was hoarse, it was painful to speak. Your mouth dropped open. Jacob’s smile grew as your face stood like that.

“(Y/N), love, please close your mouth. We both don’t want your beautiful face to stay like that, do we?” He chuckled as you closed your mouth and smiled at him. You could tell he had been crying, that was something he never really did. You took your hand to rest it on your stomach, but as you went to rest it, it only felt air. Your eyes looked at your once bulging belly to see it flat with a little hump in it’s place. Worry and fear began to run through your body.

“Our baby. Jacob, d-did our baby make it? Where is our baby?” Your wide eyes scanned the room for any type of proof that your baby made it, but there wasn’t a trace. Jacob’s smile slightly faded and tears formed in his eyes. Your pain faded as your instinct to look for your child made you stronger; you threw the blankets off of your legs and sat up, ignoring the increased pain in your abdomen. Your eyes turned back to Jacob’s as you saw him shed a couple of tears.

“Jacob… o-our baby…” You began to sob and Jacob quickly took you into his warm embrace. His smell of stale alcohol and leather comforted you, but not enough to make you find peace. You buried your face into the crook of his neck, balling up the fabric of his long coat in your fists.

“She’s fine. (Y/N), we have ourselves a baby girl.” He pulled away to look you in the eyes. His smiled returned and a steady stream of tears trailed from his eyes. You smiled through your tears and punched him in the arm.

“That was for not telling me right away! Where is she?” You looked around the room once more - nothing. “Evie and Henry have her. Let me bring them in here.” Jacob rose from his chair and left the room and soon returned with a peach colored blanket in his arms and Evie and Henry trailed behind him.

Your whole body froze as you watched Jacob cradle the little babe in his arms. He gently rocked her back and forth - he looked like a pure natural father to you. A big goofy grin graced his lips as he held out his pinky finger for her to grab. A little chubby hand reached out from the blanket and latched onto his finger. A smile formed on your lips as you turned to Henry and Evie.

“Evie, its nice to see you again. Come here.” You motioned her over and she quickly came to your side, greeting you in a warm tight hug. “Henry, nice to see you too.” You gave Henry the same treatment as you gave Evie.

“Oh, (Y/N), thank god you are alright. I told you were going to be alright.” She smiled at you and rubbed your shoulder.

“May I ask, what exactly happened. An urchin told me that something terrible happened to you.” Jacob spoke slightly above a whisper while he rocked his baby to sleep.

“A bloody Blighter came to kill me and shot (Y/N) thinking it was me. He must have gotten thrown off by my coat. She was wearing it because she was cold.” Evie explained, getting a little angry at herself as she thought more about it.

“Well, what happened to me? And that little urchin girl, Audrey?” You looked between Evie and Jacob, Jacob was half aware of the conversation at hand, he was too busy being marveled at his daughter’s beauty, but he answered,

“Me and Henry reached you and you were unconscious and bleeding out. Me and Henry carried you to a carriage and got you to the nearest doctor. We saved the baby first and closed you up just in time. The doctor said it was a miracle you both survived. That happened two days ago.” He stared at Evie then adverted his gaze to you.

“I was out for two days?” You questioned them as they only nodded in response. You let out a heavy sigh and turned your gaze to the little babe in Jacob’s arms.

“Can I hold her?” You asked shyly as Jacob looked up at you. He looked down at the girl and them back at you. It looked as if he was hesitant to give her up.

“You most certainly can.” He walked over and placed her gently in your arms. You adjusted your arms so that she molded right into them.

Your eyes scanned over her the little babe’s features. Her hair was dark just like Jacob’s; as you looked more closely, you saw more of Jacob than yourself. The only thing that your baby had inherited from you was your pink plump lips and long black eyelashes.

“She looks just like you, Jacob,” Your voice was hushed, “She got her father’s handsome looks.” A smile found its way to your lips as you looked at everyone.

“I know, that’s why she is astonishing; she has my good looks that no one can deny,” He looked down at you, “Don’t frown, love, She does have your breath-taking eyes and long eyelashes, and i shouldn’t forget your plump lips.” His whole demeanor had changed. He looked so upset, but when he saw you hold your daughter, he felt complete.

“I know she will have admirers. I fell prey to your looks as well, but i also fell prey to your rantipole antics, as well.” The baby stirred in her sleep, but never opened up her eyes.

“She’s beautiful.” Tears formed in your (E/C) eyes as you placed a gentle kiss on her forehead.

“What are we going to name her?” Jacob sat in the chair next to your bed, waiting for your answer.

“Audrey. That’s her name, Audrey Frye.” You turned to Jacob and motioned for him to lean in. You meet Jacob’s lips with your own; it was tender and sweet.

“Evie, Henry, come here. We are all family here.” You spoke to them as the quietly approached you and Jacob. The hugged each other and came down to hug you and Jacob.

“We are family, nothing will ever change us.” Evie spoke as everyone came closer to one another.

You couldn’t believe that these people who surrounded you were in your life to stay and they care for you, and for that you were entirely grateful. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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You have squeezed yourself into the span of a lifetime and the volume of a body, and thus created the innumerable conflicts of life and death. Have your being outside this body of birth and death and all your problems will be solved. They exist because you believe yourself born to die. Undeceive yourself and be free. You are not a person. —_Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

Being the source of both, the Self is beyond both knowledge and power. The observable is in the mind. The nature of the Self is pure awareness, pure witnessing, unaffected by the presence or absence of knowledge or liking.

Have your being outside this body of birth and death and all your problems will be solved. They exist because you believe yourself born to die. Undeceive yourself and be free. You are not a person.

-Nisargardatta Maharaj


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What people think of me

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Cockroaches/bugs in general and failing

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A good sense of humour, cute smiles, kindness

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Get into a good college, have a stable job, be able to earn enough money to live comfortably and get gifts for my family and friends, have a profession that I’ll enjoy

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Apples, peaches, my ds, the frog game, & calligraphy

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Undeceiveness, very little self control, worries too much, perfectionism, shyness, & procrastination

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My friends, my family, chow chows, Seventeen, lo-fi, lemonade, & Yotsuba &!

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Richter x Oz Sorcerer where they hate each other but slowly in love? With Richter in denial but he cannot stop himself from thinking about Oz Sorcerer

A party of four… Isn’t that the best feeling ever?

Not to Richter. The angel had only accepted teaming up with others because Knight Emperor had wanted to do so, and he knew he had to remain by the swordsman’s side at all costs to protect him.

The other two members of the team were Centurion and Oz Sorcerer. Oh god, how he loathed the latter. Knight Emperor and Centurion were calm and composed; the kind of people he appreciated and could be around and even, what he considered “getting along with”. In other words, fighting together yet keeping them at a distance. But Oz Sorcerer, she was entirely different.Not only was she loud, mischievous and disrespectful, she fought using that one thing he despised so much: dark magic.

“Put on more clothes. You look terribly undecent.”

“I didn’t choose these clothes, so mind your own business!”
“Don’t yell at me.”

“I’ll do if I want to!”

More than once had they lashed out at each other, and it was Centurion and KE’s job to pull them apart before it got bloody.

“Stop insulting each other, it isn’t going to get you anywhere!” Chung would exclaim, reaching for his belt to pull out a rubber grenade.

“We have to work together, not against each other!” KE added to his friend’s comment, standing between the angel and the witch.

Normally, once they had gotten to that point, Richter would stop fighting and would simply walk away, not saying another word, while Aisha started screaming at the two boys, telling them it was all Ain’s fault.

That only serves as more proof to highlight how entirely different these two individuals were.

Richter’s hate for the sorcerer was so strong that she was always on his mind. He often thought about the several ways he could talk down on her, or to get her to obey him for once. Of course, nobody else knew about this; it was all inside his head. He thought about her more and more, to the point where he developed what some would call an obsession.

And god, he hated himself for it.

When in dungeons, though, this rivalry between Ain and Aisha could get very problematic. Richter and Oz Sorcerer refused to acknowledge one another as teammates and didn’t work together at all, no matter how many times Chung and Elsword tried to talk them into it. He’d keep glancing back at her, but it was only to glare at her as a reminder of his hatred.

“One day,” Centurion would always say, raising a finger and closing his eyes. “Elsword and I will be defeated, and then whether we fail or complete our mission will depend on you. Think about that.”

Neither of them ever did.

And, as KE and Centurion had been fearing for a long, long time, that day came.

The swordsman and tactician lay defeated on the floor, the damage done to them leaving them incapacitated; the angel wished his brother were there to heal them, but mostly, he was mad. At himself, for letting this happen to them. At Aisha, for being reckless. Elsword and Chung had sacrificed themselves for her because she ran right into the trap set up for them. Aisha stared at the two defeated teenagers on the floor, then at Richter, her eyes wide.

Oh god, she was in so much trouble.

Richter glared down at her dangerously, his posture tenser than usually. Yes. He wanted to punish her so badly. But at the same time, he was conflicted.

He didn’t want to let another teammate be defeated. Elsword wouldn’t want that.

Or was it really for Elsword…?

He turned away from her and started advancing. She was free to follow, but he wasn’t going to beg to her.

A sizzling sound filled his ears and Richted found himself staring straight at a fireball flying in their direction. He felt Oz bumping into him; there was no time to push her away and avoid the danger himself, too. So, instead of that, he pulled her behind him and created a sacred shield around them, keeping the danger out until the fire had completely dissolved into nothing. He looked back down at Aisha, who helplessly held onto him and was looking right back at him.

The angel slowly lowered his hands.

“I want you to stay close to me. One step out of the line and I will punish you.” He turned to her and looked down on the girl. She nodded sheepishly, still gripping onto his clothes. Ain looked ahead again and sighed.

“Let’s do it together. For them.” He started making his way deeper into the dungeon, for once accepting Aisha’s presence.

Who knew he’d never stop accepting it again…

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Looking up Skywalker/Solo family trees made me sad because all of them seem to stop at Ben Skywalker, therefore dismissing the BEST Skywalker dudes in the EU really ?? The ginger dude who whore the most undecent v-necks in the galaxy. The biker dude with a handlebar moustache who rescued kittens and made prostethics for the disabled. The pirate dude who was about nothing but space drugs and surfer hair !! what about thOSE

Yall great

The amount of people who have reblogged the dumb gummy lamas is undecent but thanks to all the new followers I’ve just passed the 2000 so now a friend (diane-truc.tumblr.com) owes me a macaron :>
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Benedict wears the “Cool to be kind” silicone bracelet.

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The skin is what we have deeper, it has been said.

The skin is the human shell, the fragile, elastic and sensitive surface, the only organ with access to the outside world. We’re in here, each one in his body. The skin does not. It is giving face to the world, and covering ours. The skin is that it records the marks of life, that holds the sun that finds us when we walk the streets. It is she who feels cold and pain when we pick up from our parents’ age. It is in her that I undeceive messages to those who see me naked. Nu aliás is what the skin does not let us be. White, brown, black, depigmented, indifferent to the world, the skin surrounds us like a foreskin covering who we are, dosing what we feel or what we actually touch.

No one will dive (but not more) into our skin. The skin is shallow for those who see from the outside, deep for those who feel inside. It’s the skin that tells you it hurts. It itches, it burns, it cracks …

I said, it has been said, the skin is what we have deeper and more intimate. The skin is the man’s clothing. It is our rock biography that, little by little, life, god and the devil (which has already been called Seven Peles) write with sweat, blood and tears. All the time, day after day, a fold, a wrinkle or a scar is tattooed to our skin, even if we do not realize it. The skin makes us feel and perceive the world. This vile world, this dog world, this world that scalp and caress people’s skin. The skin stores stories, the skin keeps loves and grudges. It is in the skin that deeply dive all the teeth and claws of the passing time without our notice, but the skin is demarcated.

The skin, it deep, deep and we sink into it.

Have your being outside this body of birth and death and all your problems will be solved. They exist because you believe yourself born to die. Undeceive yourself and be free. You are not a person.
—  Nisargadatta Maharaj

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