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and thanks so much to all of you guys for following me and sticking around and making my time on the tumblr dot com the most enjoyable part of my day most of the time. you guys are all the coolest and i love all of you and i wanna pull you in for a group hug sometimes but only if you are comfortable with that. (except for a select few, like izzy, who is probably allergic to fun and therefore hugs and can stay in her basketball anime corner.)

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He's panting softly, fingers curling into Superman sheets, and Wally swears he only came over to play Mario Kart. Instead, he's getting his brain sucked out through his dick and he - /hnnh/. Wally pushes up into the wet heat of Dick's soft mouth, flushing all the way down his chest. His teeth dig into his bottom lip, cutting through skin when Dick eagerly bobs his head. It's a first time thing, he's no pro - teeth occasionally grazing his skin - but damn if Dick doesn't try to swallow him down.

oh my

bless you

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favorite hey arnold episodes:

  1. “Helga On the Couch”
  2. “What’s Opera, Arnold?”
  3. “Grandpa’s Sister" 
  4. "Egg Story”
  5. “Grandpa’s Packard”

things i used to love about community:

  1. the jokes were so intelligent and snarky and sharp back before it started to rely on cinematic meta stuff and spoofing everything. like, that was the most authentic part of the show for me, was the humor. that, and—
  2. the characters were never really used as a punchline. none of them. sure, they were all a bunch of losers, and they embarrassed themselves sometimes, but they were treated with integrity and their mistakes were examined movingly and they all had wonderful hidden depths, like, all of them. before they became caricatures of the very stereotypes they were written to defy, they were so human and so great and so lovable and i miss that.
  3. THE MINOR CHARACTERS. leonard, garrett, magnitude, vicki, neil, that cop who was the only cop who ever showed up anywhere in greendale apparently.
  4. i used to like chang? i used to like chang a lot until they made him into a giant joke. season 1 chang was a gift to us all. 
  5. the realistically messy but still strangely effortless character development and how it came not only from each other but from the character themselves. lessons were learned, people grew. until it was all…. totally nega ted…… gggrrr

i miss community SO MUCH, like, REGULARLY

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a super cute girlfriend with a nice smile, who happens to enjoy kissing his freckles. A girlfriend who enjoys letting off steam by crashing the previously mentioned parties. Cool, whatever, he can deal. Artemis is mostly just a giggly drunk anyways. Until she's not - she's had one too many and thinks singing A Whole New World and simultaneously palming his freckled man candy in public would be cool. It's not and it's time to get her home. He's a good boy, his mama raised him right, and that s

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situation was just blinking trouble. Thank the lord or /whoever/, she doesn't put up a fight because in all honesty, Wally bleeds hormones. It wouldn't have taken him much to convince himself that only letting her rub one out for him wouldn't be so bad. She does laugh at him and slur something about blowjobs and funny looking penises and his ears have never burned that red before in his life.

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It's the dumbest thing ever. Wally is willing to swear by that, and he can't stop the way his face twists up because he's totally just - no, is the only word for it. They're all at the age where sneaking out and going to parties was totally reasonable. And, okay, booze and making out on a pile of purses and coats is just like situational glitter. But he got over that shit just as soon as he realized he couldn't hold a buzz if his life depended on it. Naturally, he'd avoid parties - but he's got