undead sollux

anonymous asked:

dear necropaths: Alternia has undead zombies right? Are there any ghosts that saw themselves become zombies?

Aradia: Yes!
Aradia: Those are the lucky ones.
Aradia: You know how most undead are, you know, basically trolls plus fungus?
Aradia: They aren’t all DEAD as such. Most of them aren’t dead in a way that sets loose a ghost.
Aradia: A few of the less horrific varieties cause brain death early on and you get a ghost trailing after an undead in horrified fascination, but mostly…
Aradia: You get the ghost when you kill the undead.
Aradia: Generally a hysterically screaming ghost trying to claw themself open to “get it out”.
Aradia: Psychics – necropaths and purple-types especially, but zoopaths and midblue-types to some extent – can often… fling themselves out of their bodies, before the undead is destroyed.
Aradia: They still end up hysterical, but not quite as bad.

Sollux: You think that’s fun, try hearing an imminently deceased undead.
Sollux: You’ve got a weirdly hypnotic FEED SPREAD SUN SPREAD SURVIVE-FOR-NOW SPREAD on repeat, sometimes in a duet with sustained screaming or whimpering.