undead pokemon


As someone who loves and is utterly fascinated undead, necromancy and everything involving it I of course have ideas for a pokemon type for Undead. 
This is the fakemon legendary ideas i’ve had and stuff, as well as zombie pokemon info. Is all written under this little readmore here

If you can take the time please read it trought!
If you would like to use any ideas please ask me first!

I wouldnt mind feedback on this either as so far its mostly ideas!

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Ghost Pokemon: my favorite types of pokemon besides the mighty ground type.  Undead pokemon designs are always cool, they’re reliable in battle, and the thought of pokemon afterlife makes the world seem that much bigger.

The first ghost I ever encountered in Red and Blue is one of the most memorable: HAUNTER

I chose Haunter over the other 2 of the family mostly because its design is the most distinct.  It actually looks like a ghost, rather than an ecto ball of gas or shadow demon.  Plus, since it only evolves with trading, my Hall of Fame usually had Haunter.