undead ink

My vampire Gerard tattoo is finally healed. Never let them take you alive. Never let them take your spirit or your spunk or your wonderful strangeness. Be a fuckin freak and be proud of it.

Done by Courtney Raimondi at Undead Ink (Long Island, New York)

My dad jokingly said to me that because I’m vegan, I eat like a rabbit. Well, that comment stuck with me and I turned that idea into my tribute tattoo!

Submitted By: http://f00lshark.tumblr.com

I’m starting a series of illustrations of various cultures’ mythology. The first one will be, of course, a russian folklore)

Obderiha (rus. “the one who flays”)— an evil spirit of the bathhouse, according to slavic mythology. She is believed to be punishing anyone who forgets about bathhouse ceremony by flaying their skin, pouring boiled water, or killing people with carbon monoxide gas. Oh, and she likes to steal babies if she’s given a chance, btw. If anyone walked from the bathhouse with scratched skin, it was thought that “obderikha was mad at him”. It is believed that she looked like an ugly old lady with long hands, fangs and wide-set eyes.