undead boy

Understanding Emo Bands

Fall Out Boy: you can’t

Neon Trees: not considered an emo band despite being loved by many emos

Black Veil Brides: Andy Biersack and friends

My Chemical Romance: we don’t talk about this.

Sleeping With Sirens: the lead singer is a male

Pierce The Veil: this lead singer is also a male

Bring Me The Horizon: you only ever hear about them from your one friend who likes them

Imagine Dragons: an emo band that emos don’t listen to

Evanescence: they have that song that everyone knows but people still get the name wrong

In This Moment: Maria Brink

Avenged Sevenfold: they have that song about zombie sex

The Pretty Reckless: Cindy Lou Who

Shinedown: you either know that one song or you know all the songs.

Seether: their name is everywhere but you rarely actually hear their music

KoRn: corn jokes

Nickelback: hated so much that many emos refuse to call them an emo band

Falling In Reverse: they’re the band with that album cover where the tongue looks like a gross pickle

Linkin Park: meme

Marilyn Manson: this is the emo’s Jesus

Green Day: Boulevard Of Broken Dreams

Three Days Grace: taken over by creepypasta

Hollywood Undead: also taken over by creepypasta

Bullet For My Valentine: you like them but don’t know the names of any of their songs

The Killers: that blue coloured album with the buildings and the sky has Mr Brightside on it

My vampire Gerard tattoo is finally healed. Never let them take you alive. Never let them take your spirit or your spunk or your wonderful strangeness. Be a fuckin freak and be proud of it.

The last one of my current commissions done for @general-grey!
And it’s Caspiron! Ya boy!
Good boy and best boy. Real sunbro.
Fully prepared for jolly cooperation!

It was a pleasure to work on this piece and especially with you!
Thank you very, very much for commissioning me and I hope both you and Casp will have a lot of great days.

Praise the Sun!
\ [T] /

If you stay just know I’ll love you, if you leave just know I’ll miss you, and when you’re gone just know I’ll always remember you.

FINALLY. Ten thoughts about IT

10. Richie’s dick jokes are often and always necessary.

9. Updating to the 80’s was a genius choice.

8. The creatures are my new love. The headless boy. Undead Georgie. The leper. Giga-Pennywise. And Judith, dear sweet bleeding Christ.

7. I’m going to blaspheme: Skarsgard is the better Pennywise, if only because he was given more to work with and better effects.

6. The interactions between Bev and Ben are so freaking sweet.


4. Somehow the new Henry Bowers is even more grating than his predecessor. This is not a bad thing.

3. The fear feels real in the Losers’ Club, and so does the love.

2. I love the dance. I am not ashamed.

1. Richie: “You punched me, made me walk through shitty water, dragged me through a crackhouse, and now…” *Casually draws baseball bat* “…I’m gonna have to kill this fucking clown.” HEART. EYES.