undead boy

Understanding Emo Bands

Fall Out Boy: you can’t

Neon Trees: not considered an emo band despite being loved by many emos

Black Veil Brides: Andy Biersack and friends

My Chemical Romance: we don’t talk about this.

Sleeping With Sirens: the lead singer is a male

Pierce The Veil: this lead singer is also a male

Bring Me The Horizon: you only ever hear about them from your one friend who likes them

Imagine Dragons: an emo band that emos don’t listen to

Evanescence: they have that song that everyone knows but people still get the name wrong

In This Moment: Maria Brink

Avenged Sevenfold: they have that song about zombie sex

The Pretty Reckless: Cindy Lou Who

Shinedown: you either know that one song or you know all the songs.

Seether: their name is everywhere but you rarely actually hear their music

KoRn: corn jokes

Nickelback: hated so much that many emos refuse to call them an emo band

Falling In Reverse: they’re the band with that album cover where the tongue looks like a gross pickle

Linkin Park: meme

Marilyn Manson: this is the emo’s Jesus

Green Day: Boulevard Of Broken Dreams

Three Days Grace: taken over by creepypasta

Hollywood Undead: also taken over by creepypasta

Bullet For My Valentine: you like them but don’t know the names of any of their songs

The Killers: that blue coloured album with the buildings and the sky has Mr Brightside on it

My vampire Gerard tattoo is finally healed. Never let them take you alive. Never let them take your spirit or your spunk or your wonderful strangeness. Be a fuckin freak and be proud of it.


“You were supposed to be dead.”

The boy cast him a sardonic little smile at that, eyes glittering like sapphires. “You sound disappointed.”

“No.” Laurent was anything but disappointed, watching that tiny, beautiful boy float around the room, a dandelion seed caught in the wind. “Just…” Laurent was at a loss for words, turning in the chair at his desk, watching, watching.

The spirit, the apparition, the undead boy before him smirked, mocking and too familiar, even in the unfamiliar territory of Laurent’s shared bedroom in the Akielon palace. “Cat got your tongue?” Even his voice was perfect, an exact match to the boy who simply couldn’t be alive.

“You could say that.”

The boy’s eyes, blue as anything, rolled. “You really thought I was dead, didn’t you?”

“I did.” It hurt to admit it.

“That was just some local boy’s head, did you know?” Nicaise sounded almost proud, throwing himself down on the massive bed. The silk sheets, a bright, lovely blue, suited him far better than the dirty white chiton he wore. His feet were blistered and bare, his pretty hands calloused, his nails ragged. Laurent cursed himself for being unable to protect him. “The soldiers figured by the time they found you, his head would look enough like mine to get their point across.”

“And where were you?” A bit unsteady, Laurent stood, moving to stand beside the bed, eyes downcast, and Nicaise met his gaze, blue on blue, arrogant. Just like old times. “Did you run off?”

“Of course I did.” Nicaise shifted a bit when Laurent sat beside him, and he placed his hands on his stomach. Laurent tried not to stare at them, at the callouses and the dirt beneath his nails. It was unfitting. “You didn’t really believe some stupid old man could outsmart me, did you?”

For a long moment, Laurent was silent. Then, carefully he said, “You know he’s gone now, don’t you? He’s dead.”

“I know.” Nicaise sounded pleased, his pretty mouth quirking up at one side, though there was something almost regretful in his eyes. “I saw his head on a pike when I entered the city.”

“He’s not going to hurt you anymore.”

Though he nodded, Nicaise said nothing. He did nothing to fight when Laurent’s hand came to rest against his hair, carding through chestnut curls. They were greasy, in need of washing and cutting. Laurent would see it done.

“I’m going to protect you, Nicaise.”

Nicaise’s eyes, bluer than the summer sky outside, rolled again. “I don’t need you to protect me.” There was something choked in his voice, his eyes wide and wet and focusing on anything that wasn’t Laurent.

Laurent fought back a smile. “I know.” It was mostly true. Nicaise was tough. He could take care of himself. He’d made it all the way from Arles to Ios on his own. He’d carved a niche for himself at a royal’s side in a knife-studded court despite his youth. He was a survivor. “But I’m going to protect you just the same.”

If you stay just know I’ll love you, if you leave just know I’ll miss you, and when you’re gone just know I’ll always remember you.

They never saw us coming // a Halloween playlist: 

Bottle and a Gun - Hollywood Undead // Fairly Local - Twenty One Pilots // Dollhouse - Melanie Martinez // Sarcasm - Get Scared // The Hills - The Weeknd // I’m So Sorry - Imagine Dragons // Hit and Run - LOLO // My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark - Fall Out Boy // Mama - My Chemical Romance // You’re So Dark - Arctic Monkeys // W.D.Y.W.F.M? - The Neighbourhood // Miss Jackson - Panic! At The Disco // Small Cuts - The Brobecks // I Put A Spell On You - Annie Lennox // Puppeteer - MAX // Blank Space - I Prevail // The Greatest Show Unearthed - Creature Feature // Haunting - Halsey // You’re So Creepy - Ghost Town // Thriller - Micheal Jackson 

{listen here}