undead again

I have a few things to talk about as a former Hollywood Undead fan. I was BLIND to how disrespectful and problematic the songs and the member themselves are and now as I’m looking back on it, I’m glad I left. They have homophobic slurs on EVERY SINGLE ALBUM. Not just one album, all of them. Also one, but possibly more, of the members is an avid Trump supporter and that shows how anti-LGBT+ he really is, and as well he is against Black Lives Matter and that doesn’t roll in my book. Da Kurlzz is a toxic person and the band in general are problematic. this is the ONLY time I will post my own thing of hate into ANY fanbase because you guys really need to hear me out. I’m a gay and transgender boy and honestly, their songs make me cringe every time I hear that slur. please hear my plea, you can be fans of them all you want, you guys just need to hear this from the side of a former fan who has honestly left because of the problematic actions of the band.